Cult of Depersonalization

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #conditioning #cult #dehumanization #f/f #urban_fantasy #dom:female #sub:female
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Anne has been invited to join a cult that worships a forgotten, forbidden goddess who offers her followers power in exchange for their obedience. Her friend Jamie seems pretty caught up in things but Anne is convinced that she can get that power w/o losing her self in the process

Cult of Depersonalization

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses.

“Like I said… I told High Priestess Reiz all about you, and she was more than happy to welcome you into the organization.” Jamie grinned from ear to ear, her deep blue eyes practically shimmering with excitement. “You’re going to be a big hit.”

Anne smiled, resisting the urge to correct her friend. When a bunch of women gather together to wear robes and chant to some ‘Goddess’ no one’s ever heard of before, you don’t call that an organization. You call that a cult.

“That’s great to hear! I’ve really been looking forward to it!” Anne’s smile shifted into a grin that mirrored Jamie’s, even if her gray eyes made the sight somewhat different, as did her short brown hair in contrast to her friend’s darker shade of brown hair that went much further down her back.

The two had been friends for quite some time, and Anne had never suspected that Jamie was a part of a cult. It hardly seemed possible for cults like this to exist. Organizations that served powerful, ancient gods that could grant their followers boons…

While some might have been concerned, that wasn’t how Anne saw it at all. Someone with a weak personality might need to be concerned, but Anne? She was a tough bitch.

She was sure she’d be fine.

“Alright… here we are…!” Jamie slid out of her car. The night was dark, barely lit by the moon or the stars. Her simple jeans and flannel shirt look was so casual for where they were going. “What do you think?”

Anne followed behind, pushing her door shut behind her as she glanced around. The parking lot had more cars in it than she’d anticipated. The building was almost startlingly unassuming. It was just a simple blue building, and besides its large size, very little about it stood out at all.

Considering no one inside wanted the world at large to know what was happening, that was probably a good thing. “Definitely woulda fooled me! I don’t know many people that would have driven this far out into the woods without knowing something was here, but…”

Jamie laughed, waving her hand to dismiss her friend’s concern as she led the way forward. “You would be surprised! We’ve had people drop by more than once…”

“I’m sure it worked out just fine for everyone involved.” Anne winked, grinning as she adjusted her blouse. She’d dressed nice, in a deep blue silk button-up top, and a matching skirt. Their colors were blue and white. Dressing to impress had seemed like a sound idea when dealing with a cult, even if she wouldn’t be wearing those clothes for long.

“Oh, it did! They’re some of the most devout members of the organization now!” Jamie spoke so sincerely. She never seemed to understand how dark a thing like a cult serving a forbidden goddess was. It seemed like just another social club for her.

Sounds like someone’s already lost herself to an evil cult… Anne resisted the urge to snicker, and just smiled understandingly instead. It’s fine. She brought me here, right…?

Jamie led Anne into their gathering hall, sealing her fate.

“This is part of the initiation, we all had to do it.” Jamie smiled as she reached through various old wooden cupboards for jars of oil. Already, the heady scents in the small room were starting to make Anne dizzy. It wasn’t much larger than about four changing booths at a clothing store, and that included the storage for new robes, and the jars Jamie was handling.

Anne’s cheeks were flushed, but her top was already half unbuttoned. “I know, I know… it just feels a little silly. Do you really need to… anoint me…?”

“If you aren’t properly prepared for your introduction to Matispra she will never accept you.” Still, Jamie spoke as though it was quite ordinary, as though it was a fact of life that everyone knew. “You don’t want to go mad. That’s never a pretty sight.”

“R-right…” Anne nodded, finally tugging off her blouse. Her heavy breasts were still restrained by the white lacey bra she’d worn underneath as she slowly folded her top. “You know, when you say anything while wearing blue velvet robes? It really gives you a lot more authority. Maybe you should wear those to our next office meeting. Kidding, obviously, but…”

Jamie laughed. She did look so different, her form hidden beneath the flowing robes of her goddess. Her blue eyes couldn’t be seen, lost behind the hood. That meant Anne couldn’t be sure if her friend watched her breasts as they bounced free of her bra or not.

Would it be better for me, or worse for me, if the cult wants to fuck me? Anne mentally shrugged, and tried not to feel self-conscious as she slowly lowered her skirt, leaving herself in nothing more than her panties. No one would call her slender, but she was blessed with a body gifted with curves all the way down. Her thighs were smooth and supple, with skin that looked just as soft and smooth as her breasts with their cute pink nipples.

She almost hesitated for a moment before her thumbs hooked under her panties. She’d been naked in front of plenty of other women before, but this was a little bit different. Most of the time she wasn’t stripping down explicitly so another woman could touch her.

“Relax, Anne. I’ve got you, alright?” Jamie gave Anne’s bare shoulders a squeeze. “Just slip those off, kneel, and I’ll anoint you. Matispra is lucky to have a convert like you.”

Anne shyly laughed as she stepped out of her panties, folding them before gently lowering them down into the pile with the rest of her clothes. “Matispra’s… organization… it isn’t some kind of lesbian sex cult, right?”

Jamie laughed as Anne slowly lowered down to her knees. The power differential between them felt dramatic. The robes she wore afforded Jamie anonymity. Anne’s nudity bared her everything. It would have been hard for the kneeling woman to feel any more at her friend’s mercy.

Wet, smooth hands startled Anne, making her shudder and quietly gasp as they rubbed into her skin. The oils weren’t unpleasant. If anything, they felt… amazing. As Jamie spread them along her shoulders, Anne could feel them tingling their way into her every pore, filling the air with a scent she couldn’t name, but somehow it was so familiar. It was almost like cinnamon, but it was too musky for that.

Whatever it was, breathing it in made Anne feel nice, and tempted her to inhale again, just a little longer, just to take in a little more of that calming sweetness. Mmm… maybe being anointed like this isn’t so bad…

“No, we’re not a lesbian sex cult…” Jamie snorted as she coated her hands again, and began to slowly rub along Anne’s bare arms. The oils made her skin glisten, shining in a way that made it look impossibly smooth. “You might like the way this feels, but don’t blame me. If you get turned on, it’s not because I’m seducing you.”

“Whatever you say, hun…” Anne laughed, but the sound was quieter, softer than she’d imagined it would be. It didn’t worry her. That would have been too difficult to feel as that oil dripped down along her back.

The way it tingled, it was easy to feel why it would be part of a ritual for greeting something ancient, forbidden, and divine. The tingling feeling almost felt like it were reaching deeper than just her body. If this cult really could grant her power to affect fate, to change her destiny into something grand, then it only made sense the anointing would feel special.

MMnnnn… Anne shuddered forward as Jamie’s hands began to move over the curves of her breasts. She wasn’t fondling, hardly sparing them any focus, but she was being thorough. Lifting, gently squeezing, it was only a few brief moments, but every small square inch of Anne’s breasts were glistening just as was her back, and her arms. Her nipples stiffened with that warm tingling, but Anne kept herself from letting out more than the quietest of mewls. Almost feels too bad they only need to anoint me once…

It almost felt too bad that they weren’t a sex cult as Jamie’s hands stroked over her belly. Her touch was so delicate, so thorough, and it wasn’t long before her long, skillful fingers were moving over Anne’s thighs. They shuddered apart without any thought from Anne, her eyes hooding lower as she breathed the musky scent deeper and deeper into her nose.

Anne could almost feel it swirling around in her head. The oil over her body almost felt like sweat, as though she’d been moving so much, writhing so much. She was feeling so warm, maybe from the oil, maybe from the ways that Jamie was touching her.

Ohhh… Anne quivered as a finger pressed below her chin, lifting her head. Her eyes could barely focus as she looked up into the darkened hood. She couldn’t see who was wearing it, but she felt so dizzy, almost like she was in a daydream. It was hard to make her eyes focus, and it felt so nice to have her chin lifted, to stare into that darkness…

She couldn’t make out Jamie’s face, but it had to be her. It almost felt like something was moving in that shadow, but it was so hard to be sure…

It’s almost like… Something… swirling… inside of her… inside of me… weak…

“Rise…” The finger under her chin lifted. It was a delicate motion, but all of the oil across Anne’s body tingled as she felt herself lifted as though the woman’s voice commanded marionette strings to pull her from the floor. “It is time for your sanctification. No one is allowed to remember their dedication to Matispra.”

Anne quivered. Had Jamie said anything about that before? It was so hard to remember. Thinking about anything that happened before Jamie’s hands anointed her shoulders was so hard, like it had taken place so long ago.

The oils… did she… drug me…? Even with the worry rising up in her mind, it was muted and soft. It lacked any of the urgency the thought should have had.

Jamie’s oil-slick fingers rubbed along Anne’s face, over her forehead, and Anne’s gray eyes melted shut as she let out a long, slow moan.

“The only word you need to remember, is ‘parere’. That is the only word you need to know.” Jamie moved closer, as her thumb smoothed the oil out across Anne’s face, brushing it away from her lips, and then smoothed it over her forehead where it felt like it dripped and tingled its way down over her brain. “Say it for me, Anne… Repeat.”


“Again…” Jamie rubbed the oils slowly over Anne’s nose. The musky scent was so strong that inhaling left Anne barely able to perceive anything but that smell. Her thighs clenched and shook as the room’s cool air teased across her oil-slick flesh.


“Forget everything else… and meet our goddess…”

Anne couldn’t remember everything that had happened the night before, but she would have been silly to try denying that she hadn’t woke feeling better than she had in years. All of her body felt so loose, like she’d gotten a massage—a real massage, the kind that needed a whole spa resort and oils that cost thousands of dollars on their own. The office was hardly stressful at all.

It was as though she’d been blessed by a forbidden ancient power that was using an organization consisting of women in blue robes to bring her essence back into a world from which she’d been long since banished.

The thought occurred to Anne more than once as she drifted through her day like she’d been given a new lease on life. Every time something went right, she was sure to thank Matispra.

Even if there wasn’t some cosmic horror blessing Anne, it seemed better to be polite.

“I still think it’s a little conspicuous, a big, blue painted building out in the middle of the woods, but… it is growing on me.” Anne hopped out of Jamie’s car. There were so many other cars there, but the robes they wore in the private changing rooms on the way in meant that no one could recognize anyone else.

The people she worked with every day could well be worshipers of Matispra and Anne would never know. Anonymity was necessary. Protecting their path was important.

Jamie just shook her head, chuckling quietly. “Our goddess watches over us. So long as we follow her tenants, and offer her our love, our welcomes, and our rituals… she will not allow harm to come to us here. She may still be weak in our world, but our worship empowers her…”

Empowers her to have a bunch of women meeting together every week, at least. I’m still not feeling that whole ‘cosmic powers to reshape my destiny’ thing yet… Anne’s impatience had built up during the week, but the opportunity was still far too great to pass up. It made sense that initiates weren’t granted divine boons beyond sleeping extraordinarily well, but Anne wanted that power now. The longer it takes, the more chances they have for me to end up a brainwashed thrall of the cult like Jamie!

“We’ve brought her enough converts that while she can’t manifest, she can influence the area directly around the building. Anyone who came here intending to do us harm wouldn’t make it through the front door before they would feel their grasp on reality beginning to slip. We’re safe!” Jamie described Matispra’s protection the same way anyone else might describe the functions of an electric fence protecting a farmer’s crops.

Anne laughed, following close behind her friends as they made their way into the gathering hall. “Hail Matispra, huh?”

“No, Anne.” Jamie sighed, but it was an amused sigh, not one of exasperation. “Parere.”

The word echoed through Anne’s mind, making the inside of her skull feel slick. Her thighs clenched, and her eyes hooded as her mouth shifted, reshaping to form an ‘o’. The whole world felt like it was glistening, shimmering, and the most distinct, musky scent of cinnamon coiled through Anne’s nose…

“Hey!” Jamie’s voice popped the bubble of Anne’s daydream, pulling her back into reality. Her friend was standing in the doorway, holding it open as she motioned inside. “You don’t want to be late, do you? High Priestess Reiz hates when new initiates are late for service.”

Anne squeaked, rushing through the door. “Ack! No! I just had this strange moment where I…” She fluttered her eyes, trying to remember just what had happened.

It had only been a moment ago, but whatever thoughts, whatever fantasy had held her in its grasp seemed long forgotten. Jamie said something, didn’t she…? I… can’t remember…

“You really don’t want to be late!” Jamie’s grasp of her wrist pulled Anne inside.

Outside, there were no sounds, not even crickets. Starlight and moonlight almost seemed forbidden by the blessings of Matispra’s presence.

Anne was still sleeping amazingly all through the next week. Her new ritual seemed to be doing wonders for her energy levels, and her overall mood. Every day she woke up feeling energized, and getting showered and dressed for work was easier than ever. If Matispra was empowered by her worship, then it felt easier to believe that flowed both ways.

She was getting ahead of her deadlines, and even impressing her superiors. There was no sudden understanding of forbidden truths, or any other dark secrets that could drive a woman insane, but Anne wasn’t sure she wanted those sorts of things.

She wanted power, opportunity, and possibility, not… insanity. Gibbering madness was fine for other people, but she had goals.

The next week went even better. It was strange how quickly she was adapting to the idea of driving out with her friend to don cult robes and chant for their goddess’s return. She still didn’t know any other members of the cult—besides the High Priestess Reiz. Her robes were covered with white sigils that looked unlike any language that Anne had ever seen before. She still remained every bit as mysterious, but she was another name. Everyone else was just another follower, another child of Matispra and her many blessings.

While she was grabbing a drink from the water cooler, Anne looked up to see Jamie approaching her. “Hey there! This week is really flying by, isn’t it?” Anne wished there was some code phrase she could use to feel like a cool, hip cultist who practiced all of the right lingo, but Matispra’s teachings spoke of being covert.

There was no secret handshake.

“Oh yeah, it really is!” Jamie grinned. “Parere.”

“Pa… pa… rere…” Anne echoed Jamie’s words, and if her hand hadn’t slipped away from the water cooler she would have overfilled her cup and spilled all over the floor.

No one else was in the break room. It was just Jamie, and Anne. With a sly smile, Jamie moved behind Anne, and trailed a hand up along her leg. A mewl quivered from Anne’s lips as Jamie’s fingers moved past her stockings, teasing along the place where they ended, and all there was to touch was bare skin. “Parere. The only word you need to know. Repeat it, Anne.”

“Paaaa… parer…!” Jamie’s fingers teased higher, stroking right along the edge of Anne’s panties. Her lust was already sinking into them as a scent of cinnamon and a feeling of dazed helplessness was all that Anne could process, all that she could understand.

Where had she heard that word before? Anne couldn’t be sure. It was too hard to remember. No… It was impossible to remember. She was forbidden from those truths.

All that existed was that word, and Anne could do nothing to resist.


Jamie’s fingers delved into Anne’s panties, stroking slowly along her slick, quivering slit. “Good, Anne. Parere. The only word you need to remember. Parere.”

“Paaaa-reeee-reee…!” Anne hissed the word in ecstasy, her whole body shaking from the effort as lust flowed down over Jamie’s hand. She couldn’t stop herself, and it was too hard for her to remember that she should stop herself. All she could do was quiver, her hips bucking, drool shining at the corner of her lip…

“Hey, Anne!” Jamie snapped her fingers in front of Anne’s face.

The sound was so loud, jolting Anne from… What… What was I even thinking…? She looked down to her hand, holding a nearly overflowing cup of water. The breakroom was empty. How long have I… been… Ohhhh…

An aftershock of pleasure shuddered down her spine, and Anne’s eyes hooded as her thighs clenched. She couldn’t remember what had just happened, or what she’d been doing, but she knew that she was drenched. She felt so flush, and her forehead felt like it was absolutely glistening with sweat. Something about the idea of her skin glistening felt good, but Anne wasn’t sure why.

“S-sorry, I… I was… I was just…” Anne shook her head, and quietly laughed as she gave an embarrassed shrug. “I don’t know. At all. Sorry.”

Jamie raised an eyebrow as she looked down to the water cooler. With a sheepish apology, Anne pulled back her cup, and Jamie began to fill her own. “You alright? You’ve been spacing out a lot lately. You’ve been getting plenty of rest, right? Eating right? Our weekend plans rely on you keeping your strength up, you know. It won’t do anyone any good if you burn yourself out.”

“Oh, I’ve been sleeping great…! Amazing, honestly. M—” Anne caught herself a moment too late, her cheeks burning as she sipped at her water to try hiding her shame. “My new workout is really paying off. I feel like I have all this extra energy, like I could take on the whole world!”

Jamie nodded, smiling with those pretty blue eyes that seemed to wander a little more frequently over her friend’s body than they used to. Times like this, it’s a little hard to believe that I didn’t join a lesbian cult, but nothing strange has happened so far…


Anne moaned as that scent of cinnamon, that wet, smooth feeling wrapped around her again. It came on so gradually, so slowly, subtly blocking out the rest of the world besides that word, and how warm she felt, how wet she felt, how perfect Matispra’s love truly was and how Anne could do nothing but listen for more. The word echoed, resonating through her mind.

“Pa… parere…”

“You look much better in stockings.” Jamie gave such a sweet, mischievous smile. “From now on, you’re going to start wearing them on the weekend. And a thong. Parere.”

“Parere…!” Anne moaned, her eyes staring off so distantly, so glassy, as her lips trembled. She had no power to resist, no strength to fight for her own desires that were long forgotten with that one word echoing through the inside of her mind. It was so loud, so loud it drowned out everything else in a near perfect silence.

Giggling, Jamie tapped the tip of Anne’s nose, giving her a faint push. “Anne, you silly goose!”
            “N-nnn…!” Anne fluttered her eyes. Why did they feel so heavy, like she’d just been napping, like she’d been asleep…? She rubbed her lips together, trying to remember what they were talking about. “I… Goose… right… Uhm…” Her cheeks burned such a deep, dark red. “I should be getting back to work…! See you this weekend…?”

“Be seeing you.” Jamie held up her hand, forefinger and thumb together as she gave a wink. “…How have you not seen The Prisoner?”

Anne was flushing, sipping at her nearly empty glass as she stumbled back towards her office. “Sorry, Jamie! Can’t talk! Reports! Important things for the company! You know how it is! Be seeing you!” She wiggled her cup in the air, trying to ignore the wet heat between her legs.

“Dressing up this weekend, huh?” Jamie whistled as Anne slid into her car. She was wearing the same blouse she usually did, and the same skirt… but this time she was wearing stockings. They weren’t especially fancy, but they still emphasized her legs in ways that were impossible to ignore. “I like it.”

Anne blushed as she wiggled into place and pulled the seatbelt snug around herself. “I just… felt… like it would be right? You don’t think the high priestess will mind, do you? I know we’re not supposed to wear anything under our robes but…”

“Matispra is not going to be offended that you made yourself look good.” Jamie laughed as she began to drive. “You look great. Don’t worry about it. How are you feeling?”

I feel like I keep losing chunks of time… But I can’t figure out why… Anne stared out the window, eager to see the sight of the dense woods where the gathering hall was hidden from the rest of the world. But telling you that probably wouldn’t be a good thing. You’re in too deep…

“Oh, I feel fine!” Anne laughed, waving her hand dismissively as she kept her eyes glued outside of the window. “I feel great, really… Nothing to worry about at all. Ready to go! Rea—”


Jamie spoke the word with the most casual flare, as though she were commenting on the weather. There was no hint of malice, or even guile. She spoke the word, and drove.


Anne spoke the word with total abandon. It had become easier for her lips to form the word even when her mind was so distant, so lost. It almost felt as though Matispra herself were guiding Anne, making it easier to speak.

“Spread your legs, and touch yourself. Don’t think, just touch yourself. Moan for me. Don’t be quiet.” Jamie hummed as she took a left turn, adjusting her rear view mirror to find it easier to stare down at her friend as her fingers began to stroke between her legs. She moaned, a low, deep, quivering sound. Her eyes were so blank, so empty. It looked like there were no thoughts in her mind at all. “Good girl! Parere!”

“Pa-pa-pareeereee!” Anne screamed, her fingers thrusting so deep, her hips quivering out to meet them with each thrust. The many repetitions of that word, the many times that she’d surrendered to it, had trained her to sink deeper and further into oblivion every time.

There was no part of her worried about how frantically she was masturbating, her whole body writhing. There was no concern that she was yielding more and more of herself to some kind of twisted lesbian sex cult. Her only concern was obeying the words that felt like they came from the mouth of Matispra herself.

“Cum, and lick your fingers clean. We don’t want to be late. The High Priestess really hates it when people are late…”

“C-c-cumming… y-yes… yes… p-parere… parere…!” Anne screamed as her eyes rolled back into her head and she soaked her fingers. Her pussy quivered, trying to trap them deep inside of her, but Matispra’s call was so much stronger than that of her body. Anne could do nothing to stop herself from sliding her fingers into her own mouth and suckling even as she moaned in afterglow. She could taste that cinnamon in her own cum, and it made her toes curl, her body shake. All she could remember was that word, and there was a serenity in that amnesiac state.

“Try to make yourself as presentable as you can.” Jamie fixed her mirror, glancing behind her. She’d made sure they were the last to arrive every week without being late. Matispra was very important to her. Her mother had been a devotee, and her mother a devotee.

Faith in She From Beyond The Space Between The Stars was in Jamie’s blood, and she took her duties very seriously.

She snapped her fingers in front of Anne’s face the moment her skirt was smoothed out. “You sure you’ll be able to focus during tonight’s service?”

“I…” Anne was flushed. “I’m not… I don’t… I don’t know what’s been happening to me… I just keep having these…” She motioned with her hands, a useless gesture of grasping for the right words that felt just beyond her reach. “But I can’t… I just keep…”

“Would you like me to help?” Jamie reached over, a hand resting on Anne’s thigh. She gently squeezed, a touch that was innocent and supportive. “This happens to people, sometimes. Matispra’s power is great, and mere devotees like ourselves can have a hard time adapting to her blessings. I could help you. I could make tonight… easier for you.”

Anne quivered. Something about the way Jamie said easier made her feel afraid. The gathering hall was so close, but it felt more ominous than it ever had.

Is this something happening because of Matispra…? Is something… am I…

“Please…” Anne’s voice was small, soft, and fearful. “Help me…? I don’t know what’s going on, and I just keep… It’s like… Something happens and I just… I just…”


“Parere…!” Anne screamed, her body arching out, putting her large breasts on display, before she slumped back into the seat with a quiet groan.

Jamie smiled, squeezing her thigh before returning that hand to the wheel of her car. “Don’t worry, Anne.” She licked her lips, savoring the scent of Anne’s pussy in the air. “I’ll take care of you. Everything will be so much easier, soon.”


A finger was below Anne’s chin, lifting her from the floor. She wasn’t wearing her robes. She was naked again, naked besides her stockings. Her nipples were so hard, and her pussy was drooling hot desire down along her thigh. She couldn’t remember where she’d been the moment before.

Wasn’t I… wasn’t I in Jamie’s car…? She was bringing me to the hall… Service… It was important that we… We can’t be late… the High Priestess… Her thoughts were so hazy, so hard to grasp, but it felt more important than ever that she try.

            The woman in front of her wasn’t Jamie. The robes were wrong. The woman’s chest was more pronounced, nearly rivalling Anne’s. Anne felt so helpless at her fingertip.

I don’t… I don’t remember being naked… I don’t… I don’t remember… Have I been forgetting more and more…?

“You have been chosen to be Her voice, to speak only Her words. You will serve Her, Anne. There is only one word you are required to know.” High Priestess Reiz had such a pretty voice. Anne wasn’t sure if it had been pretty to her before, but now, it seemed to glow with a sacred warmth.

She thought back over her time within the organization. She thought over the chants, the robes, the rides into the deep, dark woods to participate in forbidden rituals. One word? Which—

            To her conscious mind it had seemed impossible that only one word could possibly be all she needed. It seemed impossible that she would be able to remember it, amidst so many memories, so many experiences, how could one word stand out?


Even if she didn’t know it, couldn’t remember it, the word was there within her. It found its way to her lips, and her eyes turned glassy just as clearly as if it had been Jamie speaking the word.

“Parere, Anne. Parere. Serve our goddess. Serve Matispra.” High Priestess Reiz cast off her robes, revealing her long, curly blonde hair, her brown eyes, and her naked body. Her skin was pale, milky smooth. She was slender, her frame slight, but her breasts jutted out commandingly at her chest, capped with puffy, pink nipples. “Parere. Serve me, and feel her words overtake you. Parere. Serve me… and feel your lips become Matispra’s.”

“Parere…!” Anne fell to her knees, arms wrapping around Reiz’s legs to grasp at her thighs as her tongue began to move along her slit. Each lick, each suck, each moment of granting her high priestess divine pleasure, Anne felt less that she could only remember Parere, and more that was all that dwelled inside of her.

More words, more power, more presence pushed into Anne, but it was not her own. The gray in her eyes began to dissolve as the black of her pupils stretched out to encompass all of them.

Anne’s memories and her self dripped away as she suckled harder at Reiz’s clit. Her thighs clenched. Her body dripped slick with sweat and lust.

Soon her eyes were black, black like the places between the stars, dark voids that were filled with forbidden wisdom and profane knowledge that demanded surrender and offered nothing but obedience in return. Madness did not overtake Anne, but there was so little left of Anne as Reiz cried out in bliss, and the juices of her lust stained Anne’s face.

“Parere…” Anne moaned, and forgot even that as Matispra’s will subsumed her own.

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