Becoming Dorothy

Chapter 6: Tea Time

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #masturbation #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #dollification #growth #transformation

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 6: Tea Time

“You would like more tea, wouldn’t you, Dorothy?” Bronwen smiled happily as she held up the ornate teapot. Much like the brush she’d used to dye Catherine’s hair, it was a rich pearl-white with golden details finely engraved across its surface. “This is your favorite you’ve ever had, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Bronwen! I would like more tea…” Dorothy smiled. Her eyes were beautifully blank, looking not unlike the eyes of a porcelain doll. “This is my favorite tea. Bronwen makes the best tea.”

“You’re too kind… and here you are…!” Bronwen tipped the pot forward, but nothing filled Dorothy’s cup. That didn’t stop Dorothy from bringing it to her lips and miming a cautious sip once it was “filled” but it served to make the scene’s intentions all the more clear. “You’re such a polite dolly! So pretty, too. I’m so lucky to have a doll like you!”

Dorothy preened, beaming without gaining any intelligence to her eyes. She was speaking more than she had at first, but this was different than being locked away in her room to wait for playtime. A tea party was a dolly’s most sacred of tasks.

She was decoration, and companion. She was confidant, lover, and puppet. None of her actions were anything but a reflection of Bronwen’s desires molded in perfect plastic. Dorothy didn’t feel frustrated or unfulfilled. Her every chance to please her owner was more than she could have asked for if it wouldn’t be presumptuous for a doll to ask for anything at all.

“I’m a good dolly!”

“Yes, yes you are!” Bronwen raised her own empty glass as if in a toast before making the same motion of feigned drinking. Something about the sound she made as she tipped the cup back made it sound as though there really were liquid for her to be swallowing, but the closest of inspections would reveal her cup in every way as empty as when she’d fetched it from her cabinet.

Though she showed no signs of it, Dorothy’s plastic body was burning with arousal. Were she not made of the highest quality plastics her ass would be melting flat to conform to the chair under her.

I’m such a pretty dolly. I’m such a good dolly. All I need to do is smile, be pretty, and pleasant company. It’s so easy to not… worry… about anything else…



Without even slouching in her seat, Dorothy’s consciousness diminished. Bronwen wasn’t addressing her, only sipping at her tea. There was no need for Dorothy to be anything but a decoration, so that’s all she was. Her curvaceous body was on display in the dress Bronwen liked for her the best-red with pink frills, the blue bow around her neck, and two in her hair.

Her lips were a red that matched the rich red of her dress. A simple yet elegant pearl necklace rested around Dorothy’s neck. Her makeup was subtle, almost looking as though it were a way she could look “naturally” simply rolling right out of her doll bed.

“What do you think, Leisha?” Bronwen smiled, turning to another doll sat beside Dorothy. “Isn’t this tea lovely?”

“Yes, Bronwen! The tea is lovely!” Leisha’s face wore the same vacant smile as Dorothy. Her hair fell in large brown ringlets much as Dorothy’s, only they fell much lower down her back. Instead of a red dress she wore a black dress with gold-and-white frills and a matching ribbon tied in a bow around her neck. Soft pink lipstick colored her lips. “Thank you for inviting me!”

“You’re always welcome, Leisha… Dorothy wouldn’t have it any other way!” Bronwen’s eyes hooded, turning from red to yellow as she feigned another sip from an empty cup. “It’s so rare I find two perfect dollies—much less back to back—but Dorothy works much better as part of a set than all alone! You two look so perfect together!”

Both dolls giggled quietly, their plastic skin shimmering, their voices almost sounding mechanically precise.

When Bronwen again raised her teapot, something inside of both dolls again went distant, and the world passed around them. Bronwen was acting out her own little fantasy, and all that they had to do was wait for their next chance to fulfill her desires.

In the meantime they were little different than inanimate dolls.

That was all that either woman could remember being.

For a long time, Bronwen remained silent except for the occasional giggle. She sipped at her empty cup, and she stared at her blank faced dolls as they did the same as though moving on a timer controlled by intricate clockwork tucked away inside of their plastic shells.

“Hmm. You know, I think I’m done with tea.” Bronwen placed her cup back on the tray that contained the teapot, and gestured to the guests of her party. “I think it’s time that we move on, don’t you? After all, I didn’t just invite you here to drink tea all day! That would be so terribly rude of me!”

“You could never be rude, Bronwen!” Leisha insisted, her voice as passionate as her eyes were empty. “We’re here to be your guests.” She placed her cup inside of the tray with an even brighter smile. “Isn’t that right, Dorothy?”

“That’s right, Leisha!” Dorothy placed her cup beside Leisha’s, close enough that their hands brushed on their way back from the tray. “Please, tell us how we can entertain you!”

Bronwen’s eyes hooded.

Most parties were about the hostess entertaining her guests, but nothing was quite ordinary about Bronwen’s tea parties. Though she hosted them frequently enough her guests were so commonly under the impression that they were there to serve her instead.

She would hate to be rude and correct them when it would be so much better to indulge them.

“Oh, why don’t the two of you…” Bronwen stood, lifting the tray from the table and stepping across the room to set it on an empty counter. “Crawl up onto the table and make out? I always love it when you do that, and you both seem to love it, too!”


“Yes, Bronwen!”

“Anything for you!”

They spoke in near perfect unison, moving through their familiar script one phrase at a time. Moaning, agreement, emphasis. That was the rhythm that Bronwen liked, so that was the rhythm they followed.

Neither needed to be told twice, and soon both dolls were crawling up atop the small table. There was plenty of room for the two of them, even more when they sat with one of the other’s knees between their thighs, chests pressed tight, lips locked. Neither pair of plastic lips could reshape as the lips they had before could when they were girlfriends Catherine and Holly, but the sound of hard plastic against hard plastic both at their mouths and between their thighs made Bronwen shudder.

That was what really mattered.

Their hands moved over each other’s fancy dresses, squeezing to reveal the shapes hidden away beneath. Necks moved, lips finding new ways to press together even without the same perfect-seal they’d been capable of once before. The longer they grinded down against the knee between their thighs, the louder and louder their moans became.

Bronwen watched, nibbling on her own lip as her fingers teased the shining ruffles of red that hid away so much of her body. What thoughts lay hidden away behind her hungry red eyes was impossible to know, but both dolls knew she was pleased.

“I’m a good dolly!”

Both dolls moaned the words together, squeezing at the curves of each other’s asses to pull them that much tighter against each other’s knee. Between both of their legs was only a smooth surface, hard plastic that was no more sensitive than their shoulders, but that wasn’t the point. Simulating a show of sex aroused Bronwen, and Bronwen wanted to be aroused. Bronwen wanted to see her dolls playing for her amusement.

Neither doll needed more than that as motivation.

Neither doll questioned for a moment that they would only feel yet greater yearnings as a reward for properly pleasing their owner.

“You two met before I…” Bronwen paused, tapping a finger to her lip as she gave her dolls a chance to interrupt her with a particularly loud moan. “Reintroduced you…? But I don’t think you ever really would have been as close as this—not without my help. You couldn’t really connect without plastic lips. You couldn’t really enjoy grinding together for hours without me making it so you could… so really… you should thank me for giving you both what you really needed to be a couple that can stick together for the long haul!”

The sounds of moans and hard plastic clanking together paused, but only briefly.

“Thank you, Bronwen!”

How the dolls were so perfectly synced wasn’t visible, but they were never even the slightest microsecond away with any sound they intended to speak as one.

“Ahhh! So charming!” Bronwen fell into a flurry of claps before gesturing her dolls to continue. The loud sounds of plastic and pleasure filled the small room, and Bronwen allowed herself a contented sigh. “I have the best dolls! Keeping the two of you together really was the right choice for so many reasons. Not for any of the reasons you thought when I found you on the street, but, you know, nobody’s perfect…

“Until I make them that way!”

Muffled agreement came from the mouths of both dolls, but they knew better than to interrupt their show to agree with something so obvious. Both of them knew that Bronwen was always correct—and so did Bronwen.

They were there to entertain, and it was clear Bronwen was loving every moment of it.

“Mm. Alright, fun’s over.”

Bronwen snapped her fingers. It was a quiet sound, but a sharp one that made both dolls’ eyes open as wide as they could. They didn’t move, frozen in place as they waited for further instructions.


Eyes fell shut.

Heads slumped forward.

Bronwen cackled in delight as she slowly made her way back over to the table. Her hands trailed over the forms of the two dolls, squeezing here or there to savor their perfect, unyielding shapes. “Good Dorothy! Good Leisha! You’re both such amazing dolls, and you give me so much perfect entertainment. You love being pretty for me, performing for me, being blank and obedient and happy just for me, all the time… don’t you…?”

“Yesss Bronwen…” Again, their words filled the air as though they came from one mouth. They even shuddered the exact same way, fingers twitching so similarly from their positions on each other’s asses. “Bronwen is always correct!”

“That’s right… I’m always correct…” Bronwen sighed, swatting one plastic behind, and then the next. Neither woman made a peep, their bodies jostling from the force but not as a reaction to the pleasure it sent burning through their bodies. “And you’re both always my good dolls!”

“I’m a good dolly!”

“The best dollies!” Bronwen giggled, sighing as she trailed a fingertip along one of their exposed necks. “One of the best things about having plastic dollies and not people for pets? No sweat! No icky fluids to clean up! You never ruin your clothes! They might need a little ironing, but you can do that easy… I should probably have the two of you dust later, there are a few bunnies that might be getting dangerous if you don’t… but no worrying about that for now!

“For now…” Lips pressed to one hard plastic neck, and then the other. “I just want to focus on how good you both feel to belong to me. How perfect it feels to be my playthings—my dolls. This is your purpose, and you would do anything, anything to make me happy… Wouldn’t you…?”

Both of them nodded their heads in a nearly limp, powerless way. “Would do… anything… Yesss…”

Bronwen purred, squeezing at hard thighs that threatened to crack before they would bend. “Good… That’s very good. Feeling so good making out for me, making out with me, cleaning the house, laying back in your room, standing in a room, doing… whatever I want… because as long as you’re dolls, all you need to do is what?”


Bronwen shuddered, nodding as she wet her lips again. Something about these dolls in particular always made her mouth feel so very dry and her eyes so very red.

“That’s right! Obey. And it’s so… easy…” She kissed at Dorothy’s ear, whispering in so quietly that Leisha could only barely hear when they weren’t even inches apart. “Easy to let go, to drift, to not need to think, to not need to be, just spacing out, drifting on the feelings of submission… because you’re a submissive to your core, and more than anything else…”

Lips pressed to Leisha’s ear slow and gentle, even if that ear was hard plastic like the rest of Leisha’s body. Bronwen’s sensual, seductive voice was just as quiet as it was before. Dorothy would have needed to strain to hear if Bronwen’s voice wasn’t always amplified to be as booming as that of a goddess that demanded Dorothy listen and obey the smallest of proclamations.

“You want to please, you need to please, and as long as you’re pretty, perfect dollies who do whatever I want them to do you won’t need to worry about, or do, anything else… and that’s just what you want.”

“What I want…”

Both dolls moaned, but they didn’t need to arch as Bronwen rubbed their plastic nipples through their pretty dresses.

“What you want… what you need… but who’s the only one that really matters…?” Bronwen grinned mischievously, so eager to hear the only response she knew the two women could give.

“You’re the one that matters!”

Bronwen shuddered, nodding rapidly before letting out a cutely pitiful squeak.

“Mm…! I love hearing that…! But… but, but…” Bronwen sighed, tapping the tip of Leisha’s nose, and then Dorothy’s. “I feel like going for a walk… so you two can stay here for a few hours, then tidy up the room and put yourself away in your room after, okay? When I come home I expect the whole place spotless, and your minds empty… understood?”

“Yesss… understood…”


She kissed each of her dolls one last time before she began to walk towards the only door leading out of the room. “Have fun, you two!”

When the door closed behind Bronwen, just like any pair of dolls left alone by their owner they lost all sense of time and self. Without Bronwen’s desires to fill them, they simply obeyed, and remained in place. Hours later they would rise, clean, and then sit beside each other in their room.

They couldn’t ask for anything more perfect even if they weren’t dolls who existed only to please.

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