Award Winning Fuck Doll

Chapter 4: Donation to a Worthy Cause

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #celebrity #contemporary #robots #sex_doll
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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Donation to a Worthy Cause

Jadene didn’t remember most of the time she spent being scanned and programmed. It was more useful to Sensual Simulacra if she stayed in her programming mode while they measured her and emptied out every useful memory they could.

Most of what she remembered was being filled, being sucked, and answering so many questions. She remembered masturbating while they recorded her, and being recorded having sex with the prototypes, and with Thea—or Thea dolls.

It was so impossible to tell the difference.

Once all of that was done, she’d been dressed in a teddy-and-stockings look that was just a sized up version of the one the “Thea Doll” had worn to her home. She was guided into a box, a tone chimed, and her mind shut off.

There were no idle, passive thoughts. There were no worries, no concerns—nothing at all. Her programming waited to be reactivated, hidden away in the dark.

When another chime sounded she was standing in the middle of a room, fluttering her eyes as though she were waking from a long sleep. Jadene didn’t know if what she’d been doing counted as sleep. It didn’t matter. She was active, and that meant it was time for her to be used and she needed to act appropriately.

Jadene arched her chest, shifted her weight to stand with her legs shoulder-width apart, and slowly licked her lips. “I’m your Jadene fuck doll, ready to fuck or be fucked by you… or anything else you want! I’m an award-winning actress… that means if you want? We can roleplay! You can give me a script, or you can just give me the roles, the setting…” She purred, rolling her hips as her thighs clenched. “I’m easy. What’s important is that it’s what you want me to be…!”

Sania Wood stared, her pretty blue eyes fluttering as she watched the sexy actress-doll vamp for her. She could even see the black fabric between Jadene’s thighs darken as it stained with lust.

“And that’s...”

“The original.”

Miriam adjusted her glasses as she motioned across Jadene’s curves like she were a show girl emphasizing a new car. Sania’s eyes followed Miriam’s hands, but stayed primarily glued to Jadene’s body barely contained by lacey black.

“You really threw us a fucking curve ball with her, you know. She wasn’t going to be in the initial roll out…” Miriam snorted, flicking a nail at the side of Jadene’s breast. “But then you had to air that interview, and tell her to watch it. It made my job a lot harder. We were planning on taking our time with her… but luckily, everything went off without a hitch.”

“I paid more than enough to have her in my hands… when someone else doesn’t need to rent her for a day.” Sania sighed, her eyes hooding as she lifted both of Jadene’s breasts in her hands.

The “doll” moaned, her eyes rolling back into her head as she arched out into Sania’s  touch. Her nipples stood out against the black, and lust flowed freely down along her thighs. She’d already had a sensitive body before, but everything to do with sex in Jadene’s mind was so much stronger than it had ever been before.

Putting on a show that felt genuine meant Jadene had to enjoy it, love it, live for it.

Every little squeeze of Sania’s hands around her breasts made Jadene shake from head to toe. If she could still think, she would have thought it was so wonderful to be a sex doll so she could be fucked all the time.

But she didn’t think anything at all.

“Jadene. I want us to roleplay with you. How does that sound?”

Miriam raised an eyebrow, and Sania nodded.

“Ohhh… roleplay is hot…! I’m an actress and a fuck doll… so just tell me what you want to play… and I’ll do it…!” Jadene purred, her hands lifting up to squeeze Sania’s hands into her barely clothed breasts. “Any scenario… any situation… Mmm I just want to make sure that fucking me is the best that it can be… I don’t care about anything but your needs and desires…!”

Sania’s nostrils flared. “She really is quite the actress, isn’t she, Miriam? It would be a shame if we didn’t take advantage of that… and I did make your life harder, so… You deserve some fun, too.”

“You’re too kind.” Miriam adjusted her glasses, but made no other move to act.

“Far too kind.” Sania purred, her nails seeking out Jadene’s nipples and pinching them cruelly enough that Jadene’s staccato gasps grew in pitch until her voice cracked and gave way to silence. “You’re going to be Jadene, the sexy, popular, beloved actress that everyone wants to get their hands on, to fuck, to use for their own selfish little ends…”

Every word Sania spoke had Jadene’s heart beating faster, and her thighs clenching harder. It was all she could do to roll her hips and pitifully whimper.

Playing herself was so sexy in such a wrong sort of way.

Obeying taboo things just made Jadene’s pussy burn hotter.

“And I’m going to be the sexy talk show host who paid your own agent into conditioning you into a helplessly obedient little fuck doll who can’t think for herself. Miriam here is going to be that agent.” She gestured to the other woman in the room who only gave a nod in response. “You’re so programmed that even if you know how horrible that is, all you can want is to serve us with your body. You can struggle, but only to make us hotter…

“Because you’re an obedient little fuck doll with no soul.”

Miriam laughed quietly, her eyes hooding low. “Gosh you’re incredibly cold Sania… but I think it sounds like a fun time. I’m in.”

Jadene trembled, her eyes rolled back into her head as though she were struggling to process and understand the complicated game Sania described. Sweat beaded down along her back, and her ass clenched as Miriam reached out to give it a hard swat.

“O-oohhh… S-sania… How… how could you do this to mee…? I…” Jadene’s eyes rolled forward, her lips trembled as she rubbed her hips against Sania’s body. “We weren’t close but you… you brainwashed me, you… you turned me into a helpless sex doll and… and now, even knowing it I… I just want to ask you if you want to suck on my tits, or… or…”

“Yes… We do.” Sania licked her lips slowly. “Present them. Miriam and I both want to suck on your tits. You’re a sex doll, not a person. You can whine with your tits out.”

Whimpering, Jadene strained and shuddered as she both tried to reach for the straps of her lingerie and keep her hands from reaching them at the same time. The struggle only lasted for a few brief moments, and soon she was shakily tugging down and helping her breasts bounce free. “F-fuck…! I can’t… can’t control myself… can’t resist… I need to please you… even if you betrayed me—I’m still a fuck doll…!”

Miriam moved forward at a gesture from Sania, her eyes hooding low as her tongue traced a wet path around one of Jadene’s nipples before latching before sounds of wet, sloppy suckling filled the room.

Jadene moaned, her body jerking forward as she tried to arch away from Miriam’s lips and also reached to stroke at her smooth black hair.

The arousal and terror fighting for dominance in her eyes looked almost real.

“That’s right, Jadene. You’re a fuck doll, and no matter what…? You can never go back to your old life.” Sania reached behind Jadene, grasping a hand full of her ass and digging her nails in deep. Her breath was warm and hot around Jadene’s other nipple as she glanced up towards the actress’s face. “You belong to Sensual Simulacra now. That means you can’t even resist if I tell you to cum from the lips of the women who made you into a toy latching onto your chest.”

“I-I… I’ll find… find a… w-w-a-aaaayyy oooohhh fuuuck…!” Jadene shook, writhing in place as Sania’s lips grasped her nipple. With both of them trapped in a wet, warm mouth there was nothing she could do but arch and shake as the pressure inside of her mounted exponentially faster. “I won’t… won’t cum… won’t cum for you… I won’t obey you… I’ll resist…!”

Her words were full of conviction, but it only took a few moments of lips and teeth and tongues around her nipples before Jadene was screaming and dripping down her thighs.

She looked so defeated, but her moans didn’t stop or suffer for it. Her hands fell on the back of Miriam and Sania’s heads, holding them in place as their every touch forced such intense pleasure through her self.

“I’m… just a fuck doll now… I… exist to obey… to serve… to fuck… I… Ohhh My tits are your playthings, my pussy your… your toy…!” Jadene half sounded like she was sobbing, but that didn’t stop the lust and passion of another orgasm from rolling through her voice. “Fuuuck… nothing has ever been better than this, and I can’t fight it…! I just… exist… to be fucked… to fuck… To… I… Ohhhh…

“Use me…!”

Miriam’s eyes hooded as she continued to suck, her teeth pressing the faintest bit harder to earn a hitch from Jadene’s voice.

Sania pulled back her mouth, licking the taste of Jadene from her lips. “That’s right. You never really had a chance to resist us, or to stop yourself from becoming a thing for women like me to use, to buy, to sell… You’re so much more useful to the world as an empty headed little fuck doll…”

Jadene came again, only held up by her hand on the back of Miriam’s head. Without it, she would have dropped down to her knees.

“Roleplay…” Sania pressed the tip of her finger to the space just between Jadene’s eyes. “Over.”

“Ohhhh…!” Jadene purred, and her eyes fluttered. She was still rolling her hips in rhythm with the suckling of Miriam’s lips but it wasn’t quite as intense anymore. The horror drained from her eyes, and she suddenly looked so much more mindless than before. “That was fun…! We should play again sometime… I’m programmed to remember all of your favorite scenarios, and you can use all of my holes any way you want…! I won’t say no if you want to fill my ass, or fuck my tits, or—”

“On your knees, and get that award-winning face between my legs.” Sania reached down, and a moment later her slacks were falling from her waist and pooling over her feet. “I’m going to be selfish with this one, Miriam, but I’m pretty sure you already sampled the goods more than once.”

Miriam gave a shrug as Jadene kneeling pulled the nipple from her mouth. “It was the most effective way to nudge her along some of the time… and it’s not like you were ever going to get a virgin.”

“Overrated. I don’t want to teach a fuck doll how to fuck, I just… Ohhh…” Sania’s eyes rolled back into her head as her hips surged forward. Jadene’s tongue swirled around her clit, coaxing it from its hood with the most careful movements. “Mnnn… I just want to fuck it…! Why would anyone complain you helped make her a better pussy licker…?”

“Didn’t need to do that.” Miriam grinned. “She got top ranks in muff diving before I ever had her drop to her knees.”

“You don’t… ohhh…” Sania whimpered, her hands tugging at Jadene’s wavy brown hair as she thrust more roughly into her face. “You don’t say…? Mmm… You know, I think I liked her better in… what movie was that where she played a blonde…?”

“Which one…?”

“You think I could watch the plot… when I could be watching a pair of tits like those…?!” Sania screamed, her breath already so quick as so much of her lust flowed down past Jadene’s lips. “Her hair was still wavy… still… still… f-fuck…!”

Sania came, and Jadene came with her. It reinforced her obedience, but it wasn’t as though there was much else in her mind anymore.

She only remembered things that were useful for her to remember.

“I think you just like blondes, if Thea is anything to go by.” Miriam sighed. “But I can’t blame you. Well… See you next month when we have Helen ready..?”

“Mmm…” Sania grinned, nodding as she rubbed herself slowly against Jadene’s face. “You know it.”

Jadene giggled as the women above her laughed.

She didn’t understand, but she knew a good busty sex doll always laughed at everyone’s jokes.

It was the least she could do.

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