Awakening: A Superheroine’s Escape from Mental Domination

Chapter 4: Awakening

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #magic
See spoiler tags : #betrayal

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Awakening

Patricia could barely pay attention to the movie at all.

She was sure that, at one time in her life she would have found it charming. When it was time to decide on the film, Patricia had been too distracted by Clara to have much input, but she wasn’t sure that it would have mattered. Romance, comedy, drama… Could anything hold a candle to Clara? She’s… so… yummy…

The word made Patricia giggle, and luckily it was just as Clara giggled over something happening on screen. There was no reason to suspect the other woman might suddenly realize Patricia’s attraction.

Patricia’s left hand was still resting over the shaft of her partisan, while her right hand rested on her own thigh. Her eyes drifted to Clara’s hair, so blonde and messy in a way that only short hair ever was. The fingers of her right hand twitched, and she hooded her eyes. Being just a little closer wouldn’t be too bad, right…? Just a little touch…?

Hesitantly at first, Patricia lifted her right hand and began to stroke along Clara’s hair. The touch was soft, and delicate, her fingers moving in such precise, soft ways. “Your hair is really soft, Clara… I’ve always really liked it.”

“Mm… thank you…” Clara’s eyes fluttered as she shifted, leaning herself against the taller woman with a sigh. “That feels really nice… I don’t mind if you want to touch it more…”

“Don’t mind… or you want it…?” Patricia’s voice gained a playful edge just barely too soft and gentle to be called mischievous.

“I… want it.” Clara blushed, shifting more of her weight to rest against her friend. The large bowl of popcorn had long since been emptied, and Patricia’s delicate touch was sending warm tingles across her body.

Patricia’s eyes hooded lower as she continued her gentle touches. Her fingers almost felt like they were moving on their own, tracing shapes that felt both new and familiar. “Then I’ll touch your hair until you’re satisfied. You’ve been such a good hostess, so it’s the least I can do to return the favor… And your hair is just so… soft… so… smooth…”

Clara quivered, her eyes fluttering as a low, quiet mewl teased from her lips. “Ohh… You’re right… It is really… soft… really… smooth… People always like… touching my hair… Mmm, you never did before, but it has been a long time since we’ve seen each other… Mmm…”

The way she’s moving… Mmm does she have any idea just how sexy she is like this…? Brown eyes hooded, slowly moving across Clara’s wiggling, writhing form. Not only was she doing her best to press as close to Patricia as she could, but her hips kept rolling forward. Her thighs kept rubbing together, looking as though they might spread apart at any moment. She was still wearing the same tight jeans she had when Patricia arrived, but the thought of cupping the denim to feel just how warm she was underneath tingled deep inside of Patricia’s libido. It’s so hard to stop myself from just reaching down…

Maybe I shouldn’t stop myself…?

It was so easy for Patricia to convince herself to act. For so long all I’ve been doing is just staring blankly and chanting, or carrying out another woman’s whims… Now there’s something that I want… so I should enjoy it…

Not allowing herself another moment to consider, she finally removed her hand from her polearm and reached for Clara’s chin. The blonde’s eyes were rolled back into her head, too lost in the pleasure of the moment to be ready when Patricia’s lips pressed to hers, and the hand that had been behind Clara’s head moved down to nestle comfortably between her thighs.

Hazel eyes fluttered half open, staring into Patricia’s browns as she pressed her lips more firmly against Clara’s. So soft… so warm… they’re so… perfect… and she’s so warm down here, too…!

Patricia’s hand grasped Clara’s denim-clad crotch, her fingers stroking along the thick fabric in a pattern that the heroine didn’t recognize, but Clara’s moans helped to confirm its efficacy. The heat below her hand only burned hotter, and Clara’s hips began to roll forward so much more insistently than they had before.

When the kiss finally broke, Clara was panting. Her face was flushed. Her eyes were adorably glassy. “P-patricia… I… ohhh… I’m so hot… so… I need you…”

“You need me…?” Patricia purred, her eyes hooding so low. Her fingers never stopped stroking that precise pattern, and Clara’s legs continued to spread further and further apart. “If you need me, then how can I resist showing you just how much I appreciate you… how much I missed you…? You’re so sexy, Clara… so sweet… let me show you how much you mean to me…!”

Their lips met again, Patricia pressing so much more firmly as Clara melted back against the couch, her hips shaking in desperation for more of Patricia’s touch. Her hand grasped at Patricia’s arm as the curly-haired heroine reached for the zipper of her pants, slowly tugging it down. While Clara’s grasp squeezed tighter at Patricia’s arm, she made no attempt to stop her. If anything, the higher arching of her hips helped Patricia’s long, slender fingers make their way under the waistband of her jeans and panties that much more easily.

She’s already so wet… Is that because of how I was touching her, or has she been thinking about me, too…? Patricia purred into Clara’s mouth as her friend moaned more and more loudly, her whole body shaking so dramatically. Her sweater helped to emphasize the way Clara’s every motion made her breasts shake and bounce, becoming more pronounced the longer Patricia’s fingers stroked along her bare flesh. I need to make Clara feel good…!

Clara broke the kiss, panting and gasping for air. Her eyes were crossed, a faint twinge of blue shining around the rim of her eyes. “Ohhh… Pat… Patricia…! That feels… feels so… feels so good…! I’ve never been with another woman, but I… I… I need… need thissss…!”

“Let me give you what you need… I know the perfect way to make you feel so… good…” Patricia’s fingertip traced one final line across Clara’s clit, as a blue-and-white sigil flared to life. Hidden under Clara’s clothing, it was just as invisible as the sigils she’d formed behind Patricia’s head. “This will help me give you the most intense orgasm of your life…!”

“Ohhh yessss… yes, please…!” Clara whimpered, grinding up into Clara’s hand. Her every breath was followed by a whine as her gaze became more and more distant. Looking into Clara’s eyes, it was a simple thing to watch the pleasure overwhelm her brain. It was so simple to watch as her grasp on her own mind fell apart, loosening as the pleasure of Patricia’s fingers and the magic that pulsed through her body became more and more intense.

“Don’t worry, Clara… I want this just as much as you do… maybe even more! It’s going to feel so… so perfect…!” Patricia mashed her lips into Clara’s yet again, savoring both the woman’s eager surrender, and how the other woman’s cry felt inside of her mouth.

Making Clara feel good… It’s so hot… It’s so perfect…! I’ve never made love to another woman by choice before, but it’s so easy to just let these instincts take over… Patricia’s eyes pulsed with blue, as did the runes inscribed along the crescent of her partisan. Runetress taught me so well! All I need to do is just let my fingers move on their own. All I need to do is just surrender… just put all of my focus into making Clara cum…!

As Patricia pressed her lips harder against Clara’s, their tongues rubbing together, her finger tracing over the sigils that adorned her dear friend’s clit, it was so easy for her conscious mind to ignore the flow of magical power that enhanced her touches. It was so easy for her to ignore the memories hidden deep in her mind of Runetress’s fingers over her own, teaching Patricia how to focus the power inside of her partisan to give shape to the same runes that had been placed just above her pussy.

Runetress was the mistress of the runes that bound Patricia.

She had no choice but to obey. Even without understanding what it was that she needed to obey, Patricia was following her owner’s commands to the letter as she flicked Clara’s clit in the precise way to make her eyes cross and her lust stain her jeans. Patricia had been given an order, and she was just as eager to follow it when she knew that consciously as when it was hidden from her.

Just need to make her cum…! Once she cums, then both of us can be so much happier… then our new lives together can truly begin…! Patricia’s mind was full of daydreams of lounging around with her curvaceous lover. She imagined sucking at her breasts, grinding their bodies together, even flying through the night sky together. All the while, her fingers continued to trace the same runes into Clara’s clit, wrapping her owner’s magic around the most vulnerable places in Clara’s mind just as tightly as that same magic sealed Patricia’s submission. We’ll never be alone again… so happy… so close…!

Patricia could feel Clara’s pussy squeezing so tightly around her fingers, and her thighs struggling to open even wider or to clamp tight around her wrist to trap it in place. There were so many signs that it was only a short matter of time before Clara wouldn’t be able to hold out anymore.

Without any awareness of what she was doing, Patricia knew that all she needed was for her friend, and now lover, to cum. With that one final burst of pleasure, all of the obstacles ahead of them would dissolve and they would be happy forever.

“I love you, Clara…!” Patricia moaned the words into Clara’s mouth as her fingers curled, drawing a new shape as she felt Clara beginning to crest over that peak.

“I-I… I love you t-o-oohh… C-clara… I… I… m-my mind… I… I… Nnhhaaaa!” Clara screamed, her eyes crossing before they rolled up into her head. Her once-hazel eyes were glowing a bright blue, and the whites of her eyes throbbed with an unnatural brightness. The sigil floating behind her head pulsed, as did the runes etched against and around her clit.

Patricia smiled so sweetly, her eyes slowly hooding as she watched Clara shake. “We’re going to be… going to be so… so… happy…” Her lips quivered, finding it harder and harder to move the longer she spoke.

Clara was still in the throes of pleasure as Patricia felt it happen. A weight reached out from deep inside of her mind, like chains that she’d forgotten surging out to squeeze around her anew. Though she’d been carrying the weight ever since she left Runetress’s fortress, she’d been just as oblivious to the weight as Clara was to her attraction. There was nothing she could do to stop the feeling of tightness and drowsiness that overcame her so quickly.

Her fingers continued their dance, so carefully tracing the precise shapes of the sigils sealing away Clara’s orgasms just as they had sealed away Patricia’s into a haze of obedience and lust. She didn’t need her mind to function for itself to accomplish her given tasks. All she needed to do was obey.

Runetress’s power was absolute.

“P-patricia…! I can’t… I can’t… P-please… h-help… help… m-me…” Clara’s voice faded, turning quieter and quieter as her shuddering slowly ceased. Her eyes rolled forward, looking just as glassy and lost as the expression Patricia wore. “I can’t… think… I… must… I… cannot… resist… I… Too… soft… can’t… fight… can’t… think… o-ooohhh…!”

Patricia shuddered, each throb of her clit squeezing the chains of blue-and-white sigils tighter and tighter around her mind. It wasn’t long before they were too tight for Patricia to think for herself.

The last spark of individuality and drive faded from Partisan’s eyes as she grasped ahold of her polearm and pulled both herself and Clara to their feet. “Runetress, the mistress of the runes that bind us, summons us home. We must obey. We can’t resist.” Patricia’s voice sounded half asleep. It was almost as if she were far away, or lost in a vivid daydream.

“We can’t resist… We must obey…” Clara echoed Partisan’s words, her own gaze every bit as distant. Her pants were tight enough to cling to her body, or else they would have fallen to the floor. “We must return… she summons us… her power controls us, compels us…”

“Yesss…!” Partisan moaned as she led Clara out of her home, not bothering to close the door behind them.

A moment later they were in the air, flying home to their owner.

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