All Wrapped Up

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #comic_book #f/f #D/s #dom:female #pov:bottom #sub:female

A fancy party full of rich, influential women is interrupted by the mummy-themed villain Lady Wrap. Can the heroine Knuckledancer stop her, or will she find herself in a bind?

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All Wrapped Up

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses.

The ballroom was filled with some of the most influential movers and shakers of the community. From politicians to businesswomen, entertainers to artists, everyone that had been seen as important in the wider area had been called to the ornately decorated room. Several large golden chandeliers hung from a ceiling decorated with ornate, complicated artwork. The walls were lined with tapestries and statues from all manners of cultures across the globe. It was a sight of pure opulence and indulgence.

Still, all of them were surprised when there was a loud sound of shattering glass. Before they had been spread across the wide open room, sampling fancy wines and tasting expensive hors d’oeuvres. Very quickly at the sound of distress they fled to the corners.

Their only exit was the very source of the sounds, and only a moment later the large double doors that would have aided in their escape were torn from their hinges and thrown in to the room’s vacated center. Screams grew louder as an unusual woman stepped into the room. She wore a serene smile, and an ageless grace that would have been soothing under any other circumstances. As it was, her calm amidst such a worrying situation only made revelers grow more concerned.

A serene expression was not the only thing concerning about the new entrant. Atop her head she wore a golden headband with a cobra reared back. Her hair was shining and black, with several locks wrapped up in bands of gold. Her skin was hidden under a light blue body paint that covered most of her body, looking worn down at her exposed cleavage, her cheekbones, and her shoulders. The makeup over her face was intricate, emphasizing her eyes with black below, and gold between her eyes and her brows.

Much of her body was exposed, but what little she wore looked like interconnected strips of fabric that had once been white, and turned to a faded tan with age. Her breasts were held by little more than a bra’s worth of strips, revealing such deep cleavage and so much of the sides of her breasts. The wraps that hung around her waist seemed to barely cover her in front and behind, while showing enough of her thighs to make it clear she wore nothing underneath.

More strips of cloth wrapped around her forearms, leaving her hands exposed. Her long, elegant fingers were painted gold.

Plates of gold wrapped around an arm just below her shoulder, and on the opposite thigh halfway to her hip. All of the gold she wore glittered and sparkled, making her look extravagant as she was exposed.

“Welcome, one and all, to my grand fete!” The woman grinned, her eyes hooding low. “I am Lady Wrap, and while I am not the woman who invited all of you here tonight, I am now your hostess… and you can now all call me… mommy.” She held out her hands, and the wraps from her arms extended to wrap around the two women who were closest. “I’ll be taking good care of you, so don’t worry! Some of you will be my possessions! Some of you, my daughters! All of you have a place!”

The two women who found themselves the targets of Lady Wrap’s focus found cloth wrapping around their eyes, and then criss-crossing around their bodies to emphasize their breasts, and trapping their arms and legs together. A combination of bondage and mummy-wraps, both women fell to the ground, writhing, arching, and moaning.

Slowly, their moans became less moans of struggle and more moans of pleasure as the wraps binding them crossed between their legs and pulled tight. The cloth over their eyes began to pulse and glow, shining with a golden inner light as mewls dribbled from their lips.

Moment by moment their moans grew more intense, and their struggles became clear attempts to feel more friction as the wraps continued to spread across their bodies. Before long they were both fully cocooned, hidden away, their moans muffled as the wraps formed gags that filled their mouths. The gathered crowd stared with horror as both women stopped struggling altogether, and Lady Wrap stepped closer with her arms held out at her sides. “Mommy is here for all of her daughters, and even if you are merely possessions… a queen must treat her fine possessions well!”

All at once, the wraps binding the two women shattered apart, and the women within were left wearing little more than tiny bikinis made of off-white wraps. Their eyes were a solid gold, and rather than rise to their feet they crawled across the floor, and wrapped their bodies around Lady Wrap’s legs.

With low, desperate moans they pressed their heavy breasts along her legs, and Lady Wrap purred as she reached down to slide her golden nails through their hair. “Good girls… mommy adores both of you, her helpless, mindless little puppets. You exist to serve me, now…”

Seeing what awaited them, the many gathered important women began to panic anew. The long hall filled with screams as they looked for any escapes, and found their only real exit blocked by the source of their fear. All they could do was huddle in the far corners of the large room, trying to stay as far away from the woman as they could. Though there were large vertical windows, they were on the fourth floor. Any attempts to escape would be suicidal.

“Worry not, my subjects! Your mommy loves all of you… and she will carry you kicking and screaming into your new lives!” With deep, low laughter she extended her hands, and bound more women in her inescapable grasp. “My wraps bring not a curse… but the gift of eternal love and devotion! Become my daughters, and know only love and satisfaction! Know only bliss!”

One by one, the women bound by the assaults from Lady Wrap were cocooned in white, struggling like an insect in a spider’s web. The struggles of the bound women slowed, still trembling, but with so much less force. The other women, their bodies all but wholly exposed, continued to grind their bodies against their new owner.

Her adoring slaves stared, their golden eyes open wide, their flesh glistening slick with sweat and trembling. Their nipples poked out against their thin tops, and their pussies soaked through the small, thong-like wraps that perfectly outlined the shapes of their lower lips. They seemed less like women converted to obey, and more like furniture designed to please their owner’s whims.

Before any more of the cloth cocoons could open there was another shattering of glass, and a woman swung into the room as she kicked her way through one of the large windows. She hit the floor of the ballroom rolling, and hopped up to her feet with a cocky grin. “Lady Wrap! I heard you might be crashing the party… care for a dance?”

The woman’s skin was a deep, rich umber, and it glistened across her largely bare, muscular arms and legs. She wore a mask that wrapped around her face, with the two loose strips hanging down past her dark black hair. Her most prominent accessory after the mask was her bulky gloves that ended in a flare at her wrists, the knuckles featuring prominent metal. Her skirt was brass, almost translucent, over a pair of sand-colored shorts that matched her crop top that looked more like a sturdy sports bra than anything else.

“Knuckledancer! I was wondering if I might have the pleasure of your company tonight!” Lady Wrap grinned as she pressed her nails more firmly into the scalps of the women at her feet. Her grin deepened as their moans resonated louder, filling the room with sounds of yearning and pleasure. “I was rather hoping for it. I’d almost imagined you would be one of the women amongst the crowd… but I suppose instead you were merely watching out for them. I suppose I could dance, but only if you’d like me to lead!”

“Sorry, that’s not the kind of dance I was offering! I’m not here to play, I’m here to help set these women free!” Knuckledancer cracked her knuckles, and then moved in a blur. She didn’t head straight for Lady Wrap, and nor did she simply run. Her every movement was a flourish, a dance, a twist, but her speed was superhuman. Even avoiding a bee-line right for her adversary, she closed the distance in a fraction of the time it would have taken a world-class sprinter.

Lady Wrap’s expression remained as serene as it was when she’d first entered. If anything, her eyes merely hooded in delight as the speedy heroine neared her.

At the very moment Knuckledancer reached her opponent, spinning around to catch her with a fist that had started down at her waist and had circled up to above her shoulder, aimed for a blow at the tall woman’s face, she found one of the villain’s victims blocking the path. She had moved so quickly that even with her quick reflexes and careful eye to the situation, she only narrowly managed to withdraw her hand with the metal of her gloves barely brushing the golden-eyed woman’s cheek

Spinning back, the heroine’s deep brown eyes scowled. Not a drop of sweat glistened across her body, and even though she’d moved quicker than should have been possible, her chest rose and fell in a slow, controlled fashion. Her endurance, much like her speed, was beyond what one could reach through the mere act of training.

“Sorry, my dear dancer! I may not raise a hand to stop you from assaulting your queen, but mommy has her ways! My daughters, and possessions, are both connected to me more intimately, and deeply, than you could imagine.” Lady Wrap purred, her midnight-sky blue eyes glittering as her lips, shining a glossy pink, curved into an ever more calmly pleased smile. “You may prostrate yourself before me, and offer yourself without fear of harm. Mommy loves you, Knuckledancer… even if you’ve been such a bad girl…”

Knuckledance’s scowl turned as she examined the room for any route, any advantage, and then her expression shifted as she quickly smirked. “Sorry, Lady, I think I’m going to wrap this up!” The heroine ran not for the villain, but for the wall past her, scaling it with her quick, twirling movements until she was standing horizontally above and behind her. Leaping down, she swung her leg in an arc, prepared to catch the self-styled matriarch from above where none of her slaves could reach.

Pink lips continued to smile, as golden fingers lightly twisted in the air, and wraps surged up to meet the heroine before the blow could connect. She let out a cry of surprise as her boots were both grasped, and she was gently flung some distance away to the ground.

The wraps only held onto her for a brief time, only a short matter of moments, but not without effect. Knuckledancer felt her whole body stiffening, unable to recover in time to roll across the floor as she had upon her entrance. Not only that, but as she lifted herself from the ground, she heard herself yawn before she felt her lips begin to move. Her feet tingled, feeling almost as if they’d fallen asleep, but it was more than a mere soporific effect.

Her legs felt weaker, and even though she could easily rise up to her feet and twirl as was her signature style of movement she felt… sluggish. None of the onlookers hiding away in the corners of the room showed any concern. Her movements were still elegant, still quick, but the heroine herself knew that Lady Wrap had not merely adjusted her trajectory.

It’s like she… sucked the energy right out of me. I’ve never heard of her facing another super… Is this how her powers work when someone has meta traits…? Knuckledancer tried to shake off the feeling, but fluttering her eyes or hopping between her feet like an agile boxer did nothing to clear the feeling of weariness. She didn’t need to sleep, but she wanted to nestle into a nice, soft, warm pillow. Lady Wrap’s voluptuous chest seemed the perfect spot, but no sooner had the thought entered her mind than she began to shake it away, desperate to resist such thoughts even if only for a single moment.

“I did say that I would not raise a hand… but I did not say I would not defend myself. I give you another chance to surrender, dancer.” The blue-painted woman smiled, gesturing to the floor. “Kneel, and I will forgive you. Even if you don’t… mommy promises to never hurt you. She will always cherish you, adore y—”

“Will you please stop talking?!” Knuckledancer spoke once she was already moving, the sound of her voice distorted by the speed at which her body twisted. She moved from one side of the matriarch to the other, and in the last moment slid along the floor, trying to catch the woman’s legs with a sweeping strike of her own. “You just love to hear yourself speak don’t—wh-wha—how?!”

Much faster than before, the cloth from Lady Wrap reached out and enveloped both of the heroine’s feet the very moment they were about to strike, instead of tossing her across the room, she lifted her into the air, holding her upside down.

Lady Wrap smiled, her golden fingers reaching out to graze the heroine’s smooth cheek. “You didn’t think I was cursing you with some form of rot, did you…? I’m your mommy now, dear, not a shambling undead monster. That energy you lost went somewhere… and it went into me.” Her blue eyes hooded lower as the cloth binding Knuckledancer’s feet began to move higher along her legs, pulling them together tight as it reached her knees. “All that I ‘curse’ my lovelies with is passion, and a mother’s embrace! You came alone, which is almost too bad… I have so much adoration to share…!”

Knuckledancer’s eyes widened as she desperately struggled. Putting all of her strength, and all of her speed into moving her legs, she could do nothing to loosen the bonds or to tear them apart. Worse still, as they began to bind around her knees, she could feel that sensation of weakening, softening, tingling, spreading out from her feet.

She yawned again, her eyes beginning to hood before she violently shook her head in an attempt to force herself to stay focused. These bonds are tight, and they’re so strong…! I can’t build up any momentum, and I can’t just tear them apart… this… this is bad…!

“Don’t worry, dancer…” Lady Wrap sighed dreamily as she trailed her finger slowly along the heroine’s nose before tapping the very tip. “I’ll take such good care of you.”

“T-take care of… of… yourself… I…” Knuckledancer’s retort started in her throat as a yell, but the volume soon diminished to that of a whisper as the bonds moved higher, wrapping around her bare thighs. It twisted between them, drawing them ever tighter. “S-stop… Some kind of… fetish… bondage… You’re probably not even… Egyptian…!”

Lady Wrap didn’t humor the heroine with a response, merely smiling so blissfully as another two women broke free from their cocoons, and draped themselves over her arms. One of the women had blazing red hair, her largely bare body dotted with so many freckles. The other was short and slender, her large breasts engulfing the blue-painted arm they pressed against, golden eyes watching Knuckledancer with a gaze that seemed both empty and curious.

Cloth wrapped higher, pressing between Knuckledancer’s thighs. She bit her lip, but the bite was so soft, and not enough to keep her mouth closed as a moan rose up louder than her acerbic remarks. Her shorts were hardly spandex-thin, but the wraps still squeezed so tight that she could feel them conforming to her shape in ways nothing else ever had.

More of her body was tingling with the small, constant pinpricks of numbness that were all too familiar. Another yawn rose up, and try as hard as she might, she could no longer keep her eyes from falling half-shut. She could keep them open, but even that was a struggle as that tingling spread up over her belly, and out across her arms. Her strength was already so drained that she could barely lift her arms, and they hung limp in the air beneath her.

Need… Need to get out of her grasp… need to do… something… Feeling so… Tired… So weak… So… This is… This is baaad… Knuckledancer quivered, her eyes caught on Lady Wrap’s. She tried to make her body swing, to build up movement so she could fling herself at the villain who was making all of the blood rush to her head, but her body wouldn’t cooperate.

No matter how hard she tried to get her body to move in the right ways, she felt like it was made of heavy lead. Even her lips felt too heavy to move, and each breath was a tremendous effort. It didn’t feel like she would suffocate, even as the wraps began to squeeze around her ribs, but she could only draw in enough air with her casual breathing to stay conscious. She couldn’t hope to draw in enough for anything more dramatic.

“You poor thing…” Lady Wrap cooed, both of her hands stroking along the heroine’s cheeks. Knuckledancer tried to pull away, but even without tremendous effort she only managed to look away for a moment before strong, firm hands forced their gazes to meet again. Once the energy was spent, she was more drained than before and every bit as helpless.

Her feet no longer merely tingled with that numb ache. Instead, Knuckledancer could feel a warmth pulsing inside of them. It was soothing, a welcome feeling much like being submerged in a bath after a long day of running back and forth across the city.

Rejuvenating as it was, the feeling did nothing to help her feel more energetic. If anything, the more that feeling spread up along her calves, and tingled across the caps of her knees, Knuckledancer felt more and more like what she needed most of all was a nap. She needed to curl up in the arms of Lady Wrap, to feel herself held so tight and close, and allow herself to recover. She was too sleepy to fight, too drained to put up any real struggle, and the woman’s coos and delicate touches felt so… nice.

She’s a villain, I know that… but she feels so… she’s so… Knuckledancer groaned, her eyes crossing as she felt the wraps squeeze around her breasts, squishing them tight against her chest. Nnnn… C-can’t struggle… so… weak… so… tired… just need… just need to… close my eyes, to…


“Shhh… Shhh…” Lady Wrap purred, a single fingertip pressed to the center of her adversary’s lips. “Mommy is here for you… Mommy will always be here for you.”

Knuckledancer wanted those patronizing words to stoke the flames of anger to give her another surge of strength. She wanted to find some new, deeper wellspring of power to tear herself free of the bonds that held her so incredibly still as she began to feel the cloth wrap along her shoulders, and down along her arms.

Instead, the gentle touch made the tension in her body drain away. She found herself smiling, even as she tried to force herself to scowl. It was horrifying the way her own body was betraying her, the way her own genuine emotions cared more for what Lady Wrap was doing than her own dedication to justice… but none of that mattered. None of her intellectual rationalization could do anything to help her rip free of the dreamlike feeling of soothing, golden warmth tingling across her hips.

Lady Wrap’s touch wasn’t one of a supervillain trying to tear her apart. It was the touch of a mother, rubbing away her worries.

The cloth that wrapped around Knuckledancer’s body even felt less like humiliating bondage, and more like a mother’s embrace. Her arms were soon drawn together, pulled up against her back as cloth wrapped its way up her neck. Her mother, no, Lady Wrap, was holding her so tight. It was so hard to breathe, and her vision was starting to tunnel. The edges were dark and hazy, but what she felt wasn’t fear.

It was desire.

“That’s it, sweetheart… Shhh… Shh… Close your eyes for mommy… Let mommy take all of the bad feelings away… Let mommy wrap you up and show you her love…” Lady Wrap’s voice was such a quiet whisper, but Knuckledancer could hear every sound, every slight inflection, as perfectly as if she were speaking it directly into her mind. “Let me wrap up your mind with my love… and turn you into mommy’s bride… Mommy’s precious little heroine… A possession and a daughter both… reborn not to fight for justice, but to obey her mommy’s every desire, and to fulfill her every wish…”

One final time, Knuckledancer parted her lips in a pitiful attempt to object. She concentrated as hard as she could on how much she wanted to decline, to refuse, to call Lady Wrap’s control what it was instead of the kindness she pretended it to be… but it was meaningless. Her eyes drifted shut, and cloth moved over her chin, over her lips, and then over her nose.

“I’ll see you soon, dear… and when I do, you’ll be mommy’s little slave…”

As the last of the wraps encircled her face, holding her eyes shut, the last of the fight drained from Knuckledancer’s body. Cloth moved over her ears, and she could no longer hear Lady Wrap’s voice. A moment later, she was fully entombed, held in the same cocoon as the other women had been before.

It was impossible, but Knuckledancer could swear she felt a strip of cloth push its way into her ears, and encircle her brain itself. Instead of just one layer, it wrapped again, and again, and again, squeezing tightly around her thoughts. Kept in a state between awake and a dream, she could do nothing but moan as she felt all of the strips of cloth clench around her body, and her mind in equal measure.

Your mommy loves you… and you love your mommy…

The cloth between her legs squeezed tighter, and Knuckledancer let out a muffled moan. So distracted by the cloth squeezing her mind itself, she’d entirely missed the feeling of the golden glow absorbing the fabric of her clothes to make more of those bonds. She could now feel the wraps directly against her bare body, squeezing around her breasts and wedging so tightly between her lower lips. They squeezed around her clit, making her body shake with all of the pitiful strength that remained.

You are your mommy’s pet… your mommy’s bride… you belong to Lady Wrap… There are no desires more important, nothing more important…

Knuckledancer’s mind could no longer rise up to resist the compulsions that pushed their way deeper inside of her. In her mind, she no longer envisioned herself as the strong, unyielding heroine. Instead, she saw herself wearing the same small, exposing strips of white barely covering her chest, and hiding nothing but the bare minimum of her sex while exposing its shape. She envisioned her eyes not as brown, but as the same solid gold of Lady Wrap’s other slaves.

There is nothing more important than pleasing your mommy… serving your mommy… you must be hers… and she must love you…

Groans shook through the wraps as they continued to pulse and glow, the bound heroine shuddering as they pinched at her nipples and grasped ever tighter between her legs. The wrappings inside of her skull squeezed themselves in between every wrinkle of her brain, shrink wrapping it in enchanted mummy wraps that pulsed and glowed with a golden light as it drained away at her great wells of deep, inner strength of will.

Instead of giving her more chances to resist, more of a chance to struggle and break free, her own strength was being used to empower the voice that whispered into her mind as Lady Wrap’s control squeezed ever tighter. Every moment, the power of her own mind was echoing between every feeling of pleasure, reasserting her new truths.

Lady Wrap was her queen, her goddess, her mother. Loving her, worshiping her, adoring her… was it such a small price to pay for the eternal love of a woman so beautiful, so adoring, so wonderful?

Love her… worship her… need her…

Knuckledancer moaned louder and louder as the wraps between her legs enveloped her clit as tightly as they did her brain. All of the wraps pulsed and glowed a deep, rich gold. Her skin tingled, burning from the inside, but not with pain. Passion, pleasure, and bliss shuddered out across every curve, every subtle shape of her body.

White cloth absorbed the heroine’s slick lust, but instead of turning damp it wicked the power of that lust up along her body and dripped it directly over her brain. The heroine shuddered as her own pleasure, her own trembling body’s nectar, was used to marinate her brain.

You exist to be her plaything… You exist as her loving, adoring slave… Nothing matters more than pleasing her… Nothing…!

Golden power infused her body, pushing deeper as the reserves of energy that had once been her own were gifted to her anew. Unlike before, that power was no longer imbuing the heroine with an iron will and an endless reserve of power driving her forward to protect the weak. Instead, it carried another’s will—the will of her goddess.

Love her… need her… adore her… M-mommy… Knuckledancer’s mind was swimming in a sea of lust, and her own recycled vigor. Her hips quivered as she felt the pressure growing more and more intense inside of her.

What had once been anger was now infatuation. Her heart beat so hard and fast in her chest, and it beat not for Knuckledancer. It beat for her mommy, for her goddess, for Lady Wrap.

She struggled inside of her bonds, but not because she wished to escape her grasp. She struggled to taste the friction, to feel her mother’s lustful embrace that possessively squeezed at the strong muscular shape of her body. Her ass clenched as cloth squeezed tight, and her nipples sang as they were twisted by the fabric as it glowed with a brighter and brighter gold.

Must… serve… must… please… must… obey…! Knuckledancer screamed as much as she could with cloth wrapped over and between her lips. Her body shook as much as it could, trembling in her mother’s tight, unyielding embrace. Still dangling from the grasp of her wraps, Knuckledancer’s whole body shook and swayed before she was at last lowered to the floor, the wraps from her goddess’s arms detaching from the cocoon.

When Lady Wrap spoke, she could hear even if her ears were still hidden away under the white. “Arise, my child… arise, and serve…!”

The cloth burst apart in a bright nimbus of golden light. All of the heroine’s former costume was gone, replaced with the same wrappings that covered the other women. She crawled towards her goddess, burying her head under her skirt before she began to greedily lick and suck along her blue-painted slit. No taste had ever been so divine, and her golden eyes quivered as she felt every drop stain her mind with more lust, more devotion, more helpless fealty to the only woman who mattered in the entire world.

Lady Wrap’s hips shook, her hands grasping at the heroine’s strong shoulders. Her nails dug into Knuckledancer’s skin, her breath sharp and trembling as she shuddered into every flick of her tongue, and every powerful suckle. “That’s it, dancer…! Mommy loves you… Mommy adores you… Mommy owns you…!”

Knuckledancer’s thighs clenched tightly around the white fabric between her legs that did nothing but emphasize the shape of her sex. Mommy loves me… Mommy adores me… Mommy owns me…! The words brought her as much pleasure as if they were fingers thrusting between her legs. She moaned as her tongue moved along a path that she did not decide, merely followed mindlessly. Her tongue, much as her body had before, moved quicker than the tongue of any ordinary woman. It almost vibrated in place, the warm, slick texture pressing so firm even as it spread ripples of pleasure so powerfully through the shuddering goddess’s flesh.

“That’s right… Ohhh… Mine… My bride… my love…!” Lady Wrap laughed, her eyes hooding low. All of the remaining guests stared, unable to turn away as their heroine eagerly serviced the scantily clad villain. Her hips even wiggled as she suckled, filling the room with the lewd sight and the distinct sound of a mouth between a woman’s legs. “Show mommy your love…!”

No less obedient, the other four women writhed against Lady Wrap as they pressed their bodies against hers, and squeezed at her hips, at her breasts, at her legs. Though the queen clearly adored every touch, she stood strong and tall. Her voice never once faltered.

She was after all a goddess, and though she savored mortal pleasure she showed no mortal weakness.

“Feel your mother’s love, my pets… feel the devotion of your sister as she brings me pleasure… as she surrenders her power to my divine judgement!” Lady Wrap’s head fell back as she let out a long, loud groan.

Her juices flowed into Knuckledancer’s mouth, staining her face with wet, sticky heat. Rewarded for her efforts, the loyal supplicant suckled harder, her eyes fluttering as they rolled back into her head. Her thighs shuddered and clenched, her hands desperately grasping at her owner’s legs for some stability as the pleasure of granting her goddess an orgasm tore through her in kind.

“Mmm… good girl… now… Rise.”

Knuckledancer did not hesitate. She pulled back from Lady Wrap’s pussy, and slowly rose to her feet. At the softest of touches, she was turned to face the gathered crowd as arms wrapped around her body. A hand clutched at her chin, and lips rested beside her ear. She spoke softly, but in just the right way for the sound to be audible across the ballroom.

“Your heroine is now my devoted bride.” None could look away from her golden eyes, or her strong, athletic body only emphasized by the contrast of the soft white wraps against her skin that rippled across her powerful physique. “Kneel, and let your mommy love you…”

Whimpers rose up again, but Knuckledancer merely smiled as she quivered in her mommy’s embrace. She could feel her love stronger than anything else. She could remember why she had arrived but those concerns seemed silly—even heretical now. Stop Lady Wrap…? Mommy deserves all of the women she can claim… Her eyes hooded low as Knuckledancer quietly moaned. I will do all I can to please her…

Uncertain whimpers and whines echoed through the ballroom, and Lady Wrap simply shined with her peaceful, poised delight.

“So…” The queen purred, her hands coursing over the body of her enslaved rival. “Who would like to kneel next…?”

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