A Slut for Christmas

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #christmas #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #contemporary #holiday

Britanny and her friend Rachael never seem to get enough time to hang out, and this would usually be even more true during the holidays. Rachael is doing her best to spend lots of time with Britanny.

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

A Slut for Christmas

“Hey, Rachael!” Britanny smiled as she opened up the door. “It’s really nice of you to stop by. I’ve had something I want you to see.” The hostess motioned into her home, her short red hair bouncing as it perfectly framed her face in an elegant pageboy. The rich, deep color perfectly emphasized the freckles across her tanned skin and her bright, expressive gray eyes.

“I’ve been really busy lately, but it’s always nice to hang out with you when I have the chance. Sorry I can be so busy!” Rachael made her way inside, her long blonde hair swayed in its tied back ponytail as her deep brown eyes drank in her friend’s cozy home. It was hardly a terribly small home, well-decorated with framed posters for various famous films.

Anyone visiting her home for the briefest of time could easily guess that Britanny was a film buff. The two had met at a movie theater a little over a year ago, and after a long conversation of the film and films in general they’d decided to remain in contact.

They might not have talked every week, but at least every two weeks. Even when things were busy and stressful, they typically found an excuse to get together at least once a month. As Christmas got closer, both of them had been distracted. It was nearly halfway through December, but finally both women were free enough for a chance to spend a little time together. Rachael’s relief was visible as she slipped out of her jacket and untied her shoes. Britanny had quickly become an important friend.

With a chuckle Britanny shook her head and guided Rachael into her living room. “I’ve been busy, too! I know your office picks up during the holidays, but my business does too. I might be an independent consultant, but everyone wants to get everything out of the way so they can slack off for the end of the year… But oh—I found something you just need to see!”

“Ooo…!” Rachael grinned as she plopped down onto Britanny’s large, plush couch. Not just a film-buff, but also an avid movie watcher, the couch sat in front of a large plasma screen television. “Something rare? Something lost? Some funny foreign flick?”

“Look, ‘The Batwoman’ might be a largely unknown foreign film from 1968, but it was never lost even if plenty of people might have wished that it was.” Brittany smirked as she grabbed up the remote and flicked on her television. “You get comfy and check out the surprise. I’m going to get myself a drink. I’ get some water for you like always, don’t worry, even if for me I’ll need some soda. Carbonation keeps me going even without the caffeine.”

The blonde giggled, slowly shaking her head. “Whatever you say…! I’ll just… drink in the surprise, I guess! Water should be fine!”

Britanny waved her hand dismissively as she disappeared out of sight.

In front of Rachael the screen remained black only for a few moments longer. After that, what filled the screen wasn’t like any film she’d ever seen before. No logos rose up on the screen, though music did begin to swell from the television and speakers placed all around the room. Surround sound was just another luxury Britanny insisted upon, and all of that sound was angled directly towards where Rachael sat.

She blinked her eyes in confusion as concentric rings began to expand out from the very center of the screen. At first they were a dim gray, but by the time they expanded out of view they were a bright white. Each ring underwent the same process, again, and again, and again.

The music was mostly bass, throbbing through Rachael’s body in a way that felt strangely familiar. Her muscles tingled. Her head felt dizzy. It was easier for her to sink back into the couch than it was to sit up, or to look away. So much confusion rose up in her mind, but it was easier to accept it and hope that if she simply waited a little bit longer everything would come swiftly into focus. Rachael was certain there was some explanation for the strange rings, for the throbbing, pulsing music.

She had no idea what it could be, but it was starting to feel harder to think. That didn’t make it any easier to come to a conclusion about what strange meaning might be found in the movie she watched with hazy, hooded eyes. It was only easier to feel herself sinking deeper into the cushions as her eyes became glassier, and her breath quivered out between heavy lips.

Even wearing a sensible sweater and a thick pair of jeans, it would be impossible to hide Rachael’s curves. Her large breasts rose with each shuddering breath, so brazenly emphasized.

Colors began to twist around the rings as they expanded, pulsing and shining with a rhythm that Rachael was far too lost to decipher. All she could do was sharply gasp as the colors weaved their way through her brain, lowering her defenses without any input at all.

“Stare at the circles.”

A familiar, feminine voice whispered into Rachael’s ears from behind the couch. Rachael was too deeply sunken into the couch to look up. Her mind was too foggy, too weighted down for her to recognize just who it was. All she could do was stare. It was so easy to stare, and it was so difficult to think. Hearing those words made staring even easier, and thinking any other words so much more impossible.

“Watch the way the colors swirl around, and around. Feel them pull you down, Rachael.”

Rachael moaned. So many bright colors reflected in her dark, brown eyes. There was no sign of the intellect that usually dwelt within her gaze.

There was only surrender.

“You’re losing control, Rachael. You’re losing control, and that’s what you want. That’s what you need. You can’t resist.”

“I…” Something about those words triggered a moment’s worry in the sitting blonde. Her eyes twitched. Her lips quivered. Her brow furrowed. So much of her inner will tried to rise up, to argue. “I’m losing control…”

It wasn’t enough to fight those colors.

“Listen, and sink for me.”

“I’m really glad we could meet up for lunch today!” Rachael smiled brightly as she settled down into her seat. Despite being the middle of December, it was still a remarkably warm day. The rest of the month had been colder, but Rachael was more than happy to accept a little out-of-place heat when everything else seemed to be adding more stress to her life. “Glad you were downtown some place I could meet you. I didn’t think independent consulting would bring you down here around noon that much!”

“It usually doesn’t!” Britanny quietly chuckled as she settled down into her own seat with a warm smile across her lips. “But I had some errands to run, and I wanted to spend my lunch with the best conversationalist I could… so I made sure I would be.”

A faint blush rise to Rachael’s cheeks. “You’re too sweet, thank you!” The unseasonable weather meant that Rachael was wearing a professional blouse under a light jacket. Enough buttons were in place to hide the majority of her cleavage, but just enough remained to tease. A small dark spot of skin rested atop her left breast just beside where her own skin cast a shadow over her flesh.

Her golden-blonde hair was still tied back in a long braid. So late in the year her pale skin hardly stood out as unusual, but it was the same creamy pale all year long. Rachael was more likely to stay in and enjoy a quiet time indoors than do anything involving the sun.

Somehow, Britanny looked as if she’d just gotten back from the beach. It mystified Rachael, but she hardly paid it any mind at all.

“I just make time for the important things—like my friend.” Britanny smiled as she pulled out her phone. “Oh, by the way, there’s something I’d like to show you before we start to eat. A friend sent it my way, and I think you’ll just love it.”

“Oooh… Show me! I need to be kept in the loop! I can’t be left out of the latest viral sensations!” Rachael giggled as she reached into her purse to retrieve her phone in kind.

Britanny’s bright gray eyes hooded as she set her phone down on the table. “Sent.”

Excitedly, Rachael tapped at her phone. The message arrived, and she could barely move her finger in the right shape to get past her lock screen. A moment later she was tapping on the message, and then tapping to open the video file attached. She waited eagerly as it downloaded, but then blinked in confusion as it began to play.

“I don’t understand… It’s just a dot—oh, no, it’s a ring…?” Something in Rachael’s eyes softened. The light from her phone flickered in their deep brown surfaces as the dim gray dots expanded again and again into bright, white rings. Her voice grew softer and slower as she spoke. Her eyes began to hood. “Is it… there are… more… of… of… them…? I… I don’t… don’t… get it…? H… help…?”

Rachael’s lips twitched. Her eyes looked like they wanted to flutter, but her lids refused to obscure the show of light playing across her eager pupils. Her forehead was smooth, even as her lips pursed in confusion.

It was just a video of geometric shapes. The same dot would appear, then expand into a ring, and then another dot appeared within that. It was simple, so simple that she should have been frustrated or bored. Instead, the professional woman couldn’t bring herself to look away. She watched as the rings expanded again and again, almost as though they were moving around her, even pulling her inside, down into that center point again and again.

She quickly lost track of how many times the small point at the center of her phone had expanded out into a ring only to be replaced by another. Her shoulders slumped. Her mouth hung open.

Rachael lost track of everything but the shapes on her phone.

“You don’t need to get it, Rachael. It’s not important for you to understand. What’s important for you to do? Is watch.” A woman’s voice surrounded Rachael as she sunk deeper into the rings. It almost sounded like it echoed off of the colors that enveloped the rings, shining colored light into her deep, dark brown eyes. “All you need to do is stare, and open your mind. Open yourself to the circles as the colors swim around them. Open your ears to my words so they can sink deeper inside of your mind. Open yourself up, and let go.”

“Let… go…” Rachael let out a slow sigh as she slumped forward. The only part of her body that remained tense was her hands, instinctively keeping a tight grasp on her phone. Even as the rest of her slackened, body and mind, her hands only faintly shook.

“That’s right. You’re learning how to let go. You’re learning how to surrender. You can’t resist. You can’t struggle. The only thing you can do is sink deeper, and fall further into those pretty, colorful rings.” A warm, feminine sigh coiled around Rachael, making it easier for her to relax. “It feels so calming. So relaxing. There are no worries in the circles. No stresses. No busy December. You want to see just how relaxed you can feel in the tunnel, don’t you…?”

For a moment, Rachael was silent. She couldn’t look away from the tunnel of rings, or even glance at the corners of her phone. It was as though her whole world was trapped in the dark black between the swelling dot and the many bright, colorful rings.

Something about the situation seemed all wrong, but she couldn’t find any choice to object. There was only one word, one answer in her mind.


“Then sink.”

Rachael moaned as she slumped over the table. Her eyes were still pointed right at her phone, but looked as though they were seeing something on the other side.

“Listen, and obey.”

“Isn’t it a little late…?” Rachael blinked, rubbing her eyes as she leaned against the doorway of her apartment. “I think I read my clock as… three am…? Two…? My eyes are a little blurry… I was asleep, and I’m not much of a morning person…”

“I needed to show you something right away.” Britanny smiled smoothly. There wasn’t a trace of concern in her voice. “It couldn’t wait until morning… before you ask.”

Rachael groaned, struggling to make her eyes focus. She was thankful that she didn’t sleep naked, instead wearing an over-sized t-shirt over her sizable chest, and a pair of flannel pajama pants around her sizable hips. “Well… okay. What is it…? I need to work tomorrow, so if you can make it fast, that would be cool. I don’t think my boss would accept me calling in when we’re so busy.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you’re sleeping shortly.” Britanny spoke so confidently as she pulled out her phone, and held the screen only a few short inches away from her friend’s face. “Watch this, Rachael.”

“Watch… what…?” Rachael groaned, her eyes moving with instincts she didn’t know she had towards the dim, gray speck at the center of the screen. “What do you want me to… me to… see…?” Like before, the spot expanded, becoming another bright white ring, only to be followed by another, and another. “I… why is this… so… familiar… why is this… so… relaxing…? I… shouldn’t… don’t… stop…”

The blonde tried to look away, but even as her head moved her eyes remained glued to the center of her friend’s phone. She whimpered, straining to pull herself a way, but it was as though her gaze were physically glued. Nothing she did helped her pull away.

“Sink, Rachael.”

She moaned. The woman’s voice was too forceful, too firm, and she was too smooth and soft. Too weak. That was all it took for her to sink, even before the colors began to curl around the rings.

Rachael was deep inside of the tunnel, mindless and powerless. Her mouth hung open, and her thighs clenched inside of her pajamas. Her nipples rose against her t-shirt.


“That’s right. Sink. Step back into your apartment, and sink.”

Rachael obeyed without hesitation. Soon she was deeper inside of her home and the door was closed, but Rachael couldn’t process those things at all. The colors were too bright inside of her deep, dark, vacant eyes. She was sinking into the tunnel, and losing grasp of everything else. Her mind knew it didn’t need to process the woman stepping behind her.

She just needed to listen, and stare into the screen. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else even felt distantly possible, not anymore.

“Good girl, Rachael. You’re learning how to be such a good girl… while you watch the circles, anyway. It’s not so simple to make you this obedient all the time, but… I’ve still got time… and you just love to fall…” Fingers trailed along her waist before slipping past two bands at once to glide smoothly along the slick lips of her cunt. “You love to see how deep you can sink, how good it can feel to stare into those circles, into those colors… don’t you, Rachael…?”

“Y-yuh… yesss…!” Her moan came out as a hiss, her hips bucking forward to meet Britanny’s fingers as they traced their path along her slit. It wasn’t long before her whole body was shuddering, pressing down into those fingers just like her mind was sinking down into the rings that rose up again and again. “S-so… deep… sink… fall… s-so… relaxed…”

Lips suckled and kissed at her ear. Teeth tugged, and then sank into the tender skin where her neck met her shoulder. Rachael groaned loudly, her eyes remaining helplessly locked on the phone held so close to her eyes.

“Nothing makes you feel as good as the circles make you feel. Nothing is as sexy, as perfect, as sinking into the tunnel. Falling away from your self-control, from your concerns, from your humanity…” Fingers grazed just beside Rachael’s slit, moving so slowly, so deliberately, trained fingers that knew just how to make her howl with pleasure. “You want to lose your free will, and every time you stare into the circles, every time you submit, you lose a little more of yourself. You already can’t resist… May as well keep feeling better and better, right…?”

“Oohhh… ohhh… yuh… yessss…!” Rachael cried out as fingers thrust deep inside of her pussy, curling inside of her to stroke places that no one had ever touched before. She was sinking deeper into the colored rings, and the fingers deep inside of her felt like they were pushing her down faster, harder. “Feeling… better…! Want to feel… better! P-p-puh… please…!”

A hand reached under her top, lifting her breast and flicking at her hard, throbbing nipple. If it weren’t for the rising rings holding her gaze trapped in place, Rachael’s eyes would have rolled back inside of her head while her juices stained her pants and spread down her thighs.

Even as she fell deeper and deeper, so far away from concerns like sleep or her job or the winter holidays, there was always deeper to fall. The fingers between her legs always found some deeper place to stroke. The colors found deeper truths to teach her mind, their familiar patterns dissolving at her mind in ways nothing ever had before. Every color was more intoxicating than alcohol, and more erotic than the most sensual touch. Every moment she spent staring at the rising rings was ecstasy.

“Let go, Rachael. Stop holding back. Stop holding on. Burst all over my fingers, and forget who you are. Forget where you are.” Nails pinched and twisted her nipple so hard Rachael’s voice was little more than a quivering squeak. “Cum, and obey!”


Rachael came, and collapsed down to her knees as Britanny’s hand pulled away.

Rachael quivered as she woke up. She wasn’t the kind of woman who had sex dreams with any frequency, and the one she’d had last night was intense. While it was still clear in her mind she tried to focus on all of the details, but she couldn’t make out the face of her lover. They’d always been in shadow, or behind her. Had she been wearing a collar? Something kept lowering down, wrapping around her…

Sex dreams weren’t common for Rachael, but kinky sex dreams were even rarer. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had one, if she ever had. Even as she lay in bed it was hard to be sure if she’d been in some form of bondage, or if she’d just felt so compelled, so aroused, and so tightly held.

Her lover had handled her roughly, hands squeezing all over her body, teeth and lips and tongue making use of her breasts and her pussy. She was wet, wet enough that she felt the need to clean her sheets.

It was around that moment she realized she’d gone to bed wearing her usual nightclothes only to wake up naked. Her bare skin was grazing the sheets. Her nipples were rising against it, twitching to life as her clit began to quietly hum. She could feel the heat of arousal burning through her sensitive skin, her breath catching as her eyes fluttered back into her head.

With her eyes closed, it was easy to imagine a small point of light expanding out, and drawing her in. The idea was enough to make her quiver, and one of her hands reached own to feel along the inside of her own thigh. Her other reached up, idly squeezing at her breast.

“That’s right, rachael. Sink down. Obey.”

“S-sink… down… O-obey…” Rachael whimpered, but not because of a woman’s voice meaning someone else was in her bed. She whimpered because she was losing control, falling deep down into the rising colorful rings that filled her mind. Her fingers fell limp against her thigh and her breast, quivering as she let out a long, slow moan. “Obey… obey… obey…”

“Mmm… That’s right. Obey.” The sheets were thrown from her body as Rachael continued to chant, and lips wrapped around one of her hard, puffy nipples. Even as the suckling grew more and more intense, drawing sharper and louder cries, Rachael didn’t stop chanting. Her back arched up off of her bed, and her legs spread obediently apart. She continued her mantra, shudders trembling down along her spine. When the mouth finally did pull away from her chest, it was with a wet, loud pop. “You can’t resist. You just want to be brainwashed. You just want to be a helpless, obedient little slut… isn’t that right, Rachael?”

While she waited for her friend’s answer, Britanny’s fingers began to stroke higher and higher along her friend’s thighs. They were already glistening, stained with so much sweat and sex. By the time they reached the petals of Rachael’s sex they were soaked, their every motion directing the undulations of the blonde’s writhing hips.

“O-o… obedient little… obedient little sluttt… yesss…!” Rachael’s voice slurred every sound just as her hips trembled into every touch. Her eyes remained just as tightly closed as if she were trying to keep the colors inside of her mind’s eye.

When she wasn’t struggling to speak, her mouth hung open. Both sets of lips dripped as she sank deeper into the tunnel, obediently yielding herself to the pull of those brighter and brighter rings that her mind was now able to create all on its own. Without her friend’s voice there was no way she would have sank so deeply, or so helplessly, but with it she was entirely defenseless. Her mind was spread open just as wide as her legs.

“The further you fall… the more of yourself you lose…” Britanny’s voice was a low purr, resonating through her fingers as they stroked along Rachael’s lower lips and through her teeth as they teased at Rachael’s nipple, grazing and biting. “You can’t get it back… Every time you sink, you’re losing more of yourself, and those parts are going away, staying away, and you’re changing. You’re becoming less a person… and more a pet. More a toy. That’s what you are more and more every circle, every fall… and you love it. You need it. Say it.”

“I-I…!” Rachael’s voice cracked, falling silent as teeth found her other nipple, and fingers pinched and rolled her aching, throbbing clit. Even through her obedience she couldn’t find the words to speak until she adjusted to the waves of pleasure crashing through her body. “I-I… c-can’t get it back… losing… losing more of myself, and I… I need it… I love it… want it… Ohhh…. Yess… M-more… Want… Want more…!”

“And the more I fuck you…” Britanny’s gray eyes hooded as she pinched Rachael’s clit harder, rubbing endlessly even as Rachael’s breath rasped weakly and her whole body spasmed. “The less of you there is to fuck. You’re less and less Rachael… more and more rachael… more and more a sex toy… a set of holes to fill… a mind that only exists to do what she’s told.”

“Y-yess…! Must obey! Only exists… to do what she’s told…! Oh yesss…!” Rachael could barely breathe. The pleasure was too intense, the stimulation too raw. Her eyes were crossed. Her thighs were endlessly shaking and clenching. Her toes curled.

Rachael existed deep in a void of pleasure, drawn deeper and deeper into a tunnel that promised erotic oblivion. There was no way to pull back, only sink deeper.

She came, screaming until her voice cracked, staining her sheets with so much of her helpless obedience and what little remained of her mind. Britanny didn’t stop, stroking, rolling, biting, and Rachael didn’t stop screaming. She wanted more. She needed more.

She couldn’t resist, and giving in felt so perfect.

“Good morning, Rachael.”

“H-hi… Are you… I don’t… I dreamed about you last night, I think…?” Rachael quivered as she looked up to see Britanny’s face above her. One of her own hands was just about to start stroking between her thighs. Lately, every morning when Rachael woke up she found herself so intensely horny. It wasn’t a problem, but she hadn’t expected Britanny to be in the bed with her.

They were friends, not lovers—or at least that was what Rachael thought. It was hard for her to be sure. Even if the situation felt unexpected, she couldn’t bring herself to react by doing anything more than arching her naked breasts out towards her friend’s wandering gray eyes.

Something about her gaze made Rachael feel so weak, so soft, so… empty. Under her friend’s gaze, Rachael didn’t feel like she should be having any of her own thoughts at all. It felt more appropriate to lay back and writhe under Britanny’s gaze while waiting for any further instruction. Rachael couldn’t remember if she had work, or what day it was. It was so hard to use her brain when Britanny was staring at her tits.

“I have a friend I’d like you to meet.” Britanny smiled softly as she reached a hand down to trace her fingertip around the beauty mark on Rachael’s left breast. The blonde instantly moaned and trembled, her eyes fluttering as she quietly mewled and arched up into her friend’s tan finger. “So you’re going to agree. We’re going to slut you up, and you’re going to come with me. You won’t need to think. You won’t need to do a thing you aren’t told to do. How does that sound?”

“It sounds… sounds… o-ohhhh…” Rachael’s eyes crossed as her friend’s finger idly flicked at her left nipple. “Soo… good…! I don’t… don’t want to think… need to be mindless… obedient...!” Her tongue reached out, wetting her soft pink lips as her thighs squeezed tight around her pussy as it burned with raw need. “Mmm… I’m so horny, Britanny… Horny and… weak…”

Britanny hooded her eyes and nodded as she twisted Rachael’s nipple, holding it as she pulled the half-asleep woman out of her bed. “Good. My friend is going to want you ready to go, and I expect you to be on your best behavior. Understood?”

“Ohhh… y-yes…!” Rachael shuddered, rubbing her breast into Britanny’s arm as she weakly clung to her side. “Whatever you say… thoughtless… nnn… need… want… Ohhh…”

Every word Rachael managed to speak was dripping with lust. Her body rubbed weakly against Britanny’s, her eyes turning just as vacant as they had when she’d stared into her friend’s phone.

Her thighs were already stained with so much lust.

“Maybe I over did it with you… but I think that’s fine. You aren’t really a person anymore… just a fuck toy.” Britanny hooded her eyes. “Let’s get you ready to go.”

Rachael nodded slowly, ready to obey her friend’s every word.

“Merry Christmas!”

Britanny and Rachael spoke at the same time as Laura opened the door. Rachael’s blonde hair was no longer tied back in an elegant braid. Instead, it hung loose around her shoulders, looking messy and tousled. She was dressed in a red tank-top that was straining to contain her breasts. The fabric was thin, and her hard nipples were stretching it with all their might. Around her waist hung a small, black, vinyl skirt. If she moved her leg at all, it would be impossible for anyone to think she was wearing panties. The strappy heels helped, making her legs look that much longer, that much more on display.

“For me…?” Laura grinned. The tall woman’s bright hazel eyes wandered slowly along Rachael’s barely-dressed body, drinking in the sight that would have been more appropriate during the summer, and even then be pushing the boundaries of public decency. With snow visible on the ground behind them, the sight was all the more exotic. “This is the little tart you programmed for me? Come on in, Brit. You’ve earned your cocoa.”

“And the biggest marshmallows you have.” Britanny grinned, moving to lift and squeeze Rachael’s breasts from behind. The blonde groaned, her eyes crossing. She stumbled forward as Britanny walked into Laura’s home. Each step was shaky, shuddering with Britanny’s continued squeezing. “Besides these, anyway. I wouldn’t want to burn your present.”

Laura’s eyes hooded as she moved to close the door, and then moved back around to cup Rachael’s chin. Dull brown eyes gazed up into a pair of predatory hazels, devoid of anything but arousal.

Unfamiliar hands grasped beside Britanny’s, kneading and mauling at her heavy chest. Rachael cried out, her eyes rolling back into her head as she pressed her tits into every groping squeeze. With her eyes closed, she could see the rings expanding, pulling her deeper. She could feel the colors wrapping her up, making her obey. She no longer remembered that she’d come along to meet Rachael’s friend. All that Rachael knew was how horny she was, and how good the hands on her chest felt as they possessively squeezed.

“Merry Christmas, Laura. I got you a slut with nice big tits, a dripping wet pussy, and an ass that looks great covered with claw marks.” Britanny grinned, her eyes meeting Laura’s as she gave the present-woman’s chest another squeeze to emphasize her point with the present’s cry. “If you don’t like her, I’m sure I can get you another one, but you’ll need to wait until after the New Year.”

“Oh… oh don’t you dare…” Laura moved closer, looking for a moment as though she were going to lean in and press her lips to Rachael’s. The blonde didn’t react, her eyes still closed, her body still trembling as yet more rings encircled her mind. “This one is perfect. Want to help me break in my new pet? I’m sure you’ve already explored all there is to see, but…”

“Doing it with you…?” Britanny leaned her lips past Rachael’s cheek to melt them into Laura’s. They held the kiss for a long moment, and when it broke both women grinned. “I’ve been looking forward to it since I saw her ass at the ticket booth…”

Rachael didn’t really remember how she’d ended up naked, or with one woman thrusting a strap-on into her ass from behind while the other licked and sucked at her clit. She also didn’t really care. She was screaming, moaning, and convulsing. That she cared about, but only because it felt so incredibly fucking good.

Everything felt so good.

There was a plug deep inside of her ass, a red glittering jewel staring up at Laura as she thrust the dildo into her new toy again and again. Beneath Rachael, Britanny’s lips were wrapped around her clit, tongue flicking, fingers stroking along her lower lips just on either side of where that strap-on thrust so deep and quick.

Heavy, strong clamps with big swinging weights clung tight to Rachael’s nipples. They hurt, but the weight, the pressure, it all felt so good. Her body was a vessel for sex, and she loved it.

“Merry Christmas, slut!” Laura laughed. One of her hands was slapping and clawing at Rachael’s ass. The other was kneading at her breast, grasping it for the leverage she needed to keep thrusting with such raw, brutal passion.

“M-m-merry Christmas… M-m-mistress…!” Rachael half moaned, half screamed as she came. It didn’t feel like the first time that day, but it was so hard for her to be sure about anything.

She wasn’t really a person anymore, and sex toys didn’t really need to think.

“Merry Christmas, rachael.” Britanny whispered against her friend’s clit before she continued to suck and rub, and Laura continued to thrust.

“Don’t worry, I know a slut isn’t just for Christmas… But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to break in every hole just the same!” Laura’s grin only grew as Rachael fell limp over Britanny. She didn’t stop thrusting even as Rachael was lost in her orgasm. She didn’t stop thrusting as Rachael was so overstimulated all she could do was shake and whimper.

Rachael wasn’t a person anymore, so it didn’t really matter what Laura did. As long as Laura made the most of her new Christmas gift? That was what mattered. As long as Laura was happy with her new toy? That was what mattered.

If Rachael broke because she played too rough, that was fine. It wasn’t likely to happen, but Laura wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to learn just how much fun her new toy could be.

Britanny was such a good lover to think of her so far in advance.

Laura couldn’t possibly think of a better way to spend the holiday.

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