Mesmerizing Dashboard Decoration

by Lucerach

Tags: #accidental_hypnosis #dom:female #f/f #hypnotic_language #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnotic_amnesia #induction #self_hypnosis

Hypnokinky girlfriends are on their way to date night when an unexpected dashboard decoration sends the night in a different direction.

This story was inspired by an actual dashboard decoration in a rideshare car. Written in first person from the perspective of the submissive. Includes trancey, induction language that is not intended to hypnotize the reader, but may do so. This can be read as a standalone story but it is also part of a nonchronological series of stories about these two girlfriends (the reader and Maya) playing within the established and consensual hypnokinky dimension of their relationship.

Maya slides across the backseat of our rideshare car as I climb in behind her. We say hello to the driver and I buckle my seatbelt. I’m surprised when my girlfriend moves back to the center seat and holds my hand. I smile at the cuteness of her cuddling next to me for the drive and we share a small peck.

I’m looking out the side windows and appreciating the sunny, pretty day. I look out the front windshield and notice a small object I’ve never seen before on the dashboard. It looks like two, circular rings positioned at slanted angles around a small sphere. I’m trying to figure out what purpose it has and then the rings start spinning around the little ball in the middle. I ask the driver if it is decorative or functional.

He chuckles and explains it’s just a decoration that spins from solar power. As he explains, the rings begin whirling much more quickly. I compliment him on how cool it looks and go back to peering out the window.

We’re riding in silence and I’m trying to watch the cityscape as we drive, but I keep looking back to those rings spinning around the small orb. The movement is drawing my attention. Maya has used a spinning pendant to hypnotize me many times but never anything like this toy. I think my subconscious trusts that pleasure will follow when I watch something spin, which is why my conscious mind is finding it hard not to stare. That’s my theory anyhow.

I have to force my eyes to look away but they keep sliding back, faster each time. It seems silly to feel compelled to watch the rings spinning at fluctuating speeds but I just can’t help it. The design of this dashboard decoration is mesmerizing. And the longer I watch those rings revolving around the orb, the more mesmerizing it becomes.

Resisting the pull to watch is wearing me out, so I give in. There’s no harm in spending the rest of our ride like this. Allowing myself to stare as the rings spin around the sphere is a type of surrender, I suppose, but I choose to dismiss the notion. This is not a big deal. It’s not like I’m hypnotizing myself with a random dashboard decoration while en route to date night with my girlfriend.

By the time Maya starts lightly trailing her fingertips over the inside of my wrist, I feel very relaxed. The muscles in my face are loose and I am blinking slowly. Her fingertips are soothing and it always feels sexy when she plays with my body while I zone out. Hypnotized good girls are deeply obedient sex toys.

The random thought pops into my head and startles me a little. But before I can analyze the meaning or origin, it evaporates into a vapor. Just disintegrates into a mist and I greedily inhale to keep it from escaping. I need to breathe the vapor into my lungs and absorb it deep inside. When I exhale, I relax even deeper and easily move past whatever just happened because I am horny and obedient.  

For a fleeting moment, I consider that I may be getting carried away and perhaps I should look away from the mesmerizing dashboard toy, but I don’t have the power to look at anything else. And my body is too heavy to move. I’m leaning into my girlfriend’s side because I’m too relaxed to sit upright. I can’t muster the willpower to push back against what is happening. I am…hypnotized. Yeah, I can tell. I am definitely hypnotized.

My girlfriend’s soothingly hypnotic voice begins speaking so quietly only I can hear her. “You are my perfectly programmed good girl. You submit and obey. I love that you did this to yourself, sweetie.” The radio is playing but her whispered words capture my full attention. “You are my good girl and you are always safe with me. Good girls are easy to hypnotize when they are safe. Good girls even hypnotize themselves sometimes. It is time to drop totally under my control. You want to surrender completely, good girl. Drop for me.”

My heavy head lands on my dominant’s shoulder after falling barely an inch. I didn’t notice it was already hanging so low over her but I suppose getting yourself mesmerized distracts a person from noticing a lot of things. Perfectly programmed good girls turn themselves into submissive and obedient toys for their dominant.

My whole body is slack and heavy. I’m trying to watch those spinning rings, but my nearly closed eyelids are fluttering and my eyes are rolling out of my control. This lost battle is all I can direct my energy toward.

Quietly and soothingly, Maya whispers again, “Such a good girl. The more you drop for me, the more you want to obey. Good girls drop deeply. Drop deeply for me.”

I feel compelled to keep dropping deeper under my dominant’s control. I can tell I accidentally drifted myself into the kind of trance that my dominant is very good at stepping in and commandeering. My mind and body are hers to play with now.  

Distantly, I do understand that we’re still riding in our rideshare to date night, but not an ounce of my lingering awareness cares. I trust my girlfriend and my need to obey her guides everything to follow. Feeling safe in her presence makes it easy and fun to get hypnotized by accident sometimes.

“My good girl drops deeper down. Down. Deeper and deeper. Submissive and obedient just for me.”

I have fallen into an irresistibly seductive darkness now. I float within my dominant’s hypnotizing sea because she wants me to.

My heavy head slides a little forward from her shoulder and rests on her breast. My hair has fallen in front of my face, hiding the obvious appearance of deep hypnosis. She lifts my loose arm a few inches and lets go. The quiet slap of my hand falling on her thigh tells her how relaxed I am but my mind sends a little thrill of pleasure through me as reward for once again becoming her hypnotized and malleable submissive. My mind and body are hers to play with.

Hypnotized good girls are deeply obedient sex toys.

I take a deep breath, inhaling the evaporated thought into my lungs and absorbing it. I am horny for my dominant. Obedient to only her.

“Good girl. Keep dropping deeper. So deep that your need to obey me intensifies. The deeper you drop, the more you need to obey. Five times deeper. Ten times deeper. Drop one hundred times deeper.”

My dominant’s hand is bracing my head against her chest because I am totally limp. If she removed her hand, only my seatbelt would keep me from sliding face-first into her lap.

My dominant leans into my ear to make sure none of her words are heard by our driver, “Good girl. You are very deeply hypnotized and desperate to obey me. When I say, ‘We have arrived!’ your body will wake but your mind will remain entranced. You will wake so that you are able to function while remaining under my control. You will still be hypnotized, but awake. It’s all too confusing for you to understand, so you simply accept and obey. You have to obey. You want to obey. You need to obey. You must obey.”

The car is pulling over and Maya states firmly and joyfully, “We have arrived!”

My eyes open and I raise my head from where it was resting on her chest. I sit up and look out the window to see the movie theater. I reach through the fog for the door handle. This is how my body would normally function in this situation.

The driver doesn’t seem to pay any attention to us beyond exchanging parting pleasantries. I’m standing in front of the movie theater feeling submissive to Maya and whatever she may direct me to do. When she appears in front of me, she comments, “Our driver deserves a big tip! What a perfectly mesmerizing object to place on his dashboard. I bet he doesn’t even know what it can do to a perfectly programmed good girl just like you.”

I blink dumbly. I’m listening but I’m floating. I just want to obey.

Maya’s tone of voice and cadence shifts, “Look at you, my little enchanted toy. Tonight is going to be fun. We’ll sit in the back row of the theater for added privacy. And I know just the restaurant for later. Not the original plan, but our night has taken a most unexpected, but sexy, turn. Don’t you agree, good girl?”

My head slowly nods in agreement with my eyes rolled back and mouth hanging loosely open. She told me once that people who are conditioned to drop for specific hypnotic voices can be entranced with any words so long as they are spoken in that hypnotizing tone. That same tone talks about whether we should get snacks for the movie. When she says, “My good girl obeys,” and snaps lightly, my eyes focus and I am surprised to see we’re sitting on a bench well off to the side of the theater entrance. I don’t remember walking over here or sitting down. I remember hearing her talking, but her words were just gliding through my mind, unanalyzed.

What a fun and unexpected component to tonight’s date. I give her a sweet kiss and tell her I’m lucky to have a girlfriend who knows how to make me feel this good.

“You’re going to feel even better during the movie,” Maya says seductively.

I lick my lips and shiver. I don’t know what she’s up to but I did tell her earlier today that hypnokink would be welcomed on our date tonight. It was a lucky accident that our rideshare driver had a perfect tool for hypnotizing someone affixed to his dashboard.

I can’t think of the name of the movie we were planning to see and I’m realizing my mind is moving rather slowly right now. “Baby?” I prompt.

“Yes, good girl?”

A little flush of obedient pleasure hits me before I say, “I think…”

“You don’t think,” Maya interrupts. “My good girl has no thoughts. You are empty. Blank. Completely blank. Totally empty. You cannot think.”

I’m just staring forward without any thoughts. For now, I won’t be able to think about what happened on the ride here, what may be about to happen on our date, or what will happen after we get home later. Deep down inside is the ever-present safety I feel when I’m with Maya and that makes me easy to hypnotize, to control.

She directs me into the theater and I follow willingly, emptily, and obediently. When we go into a bathroom stall and she tells me to remove my bra, I do so without a thought. I don’t think anything when she raises my top over my face and sucks on my nipples, coating them with her saliva. She makes them both extra wet before lowering my top. The fabric sticks and it is a perfect, physically stimulating distraction. Wet. Sex. Horny.

When we’re seated in the back row of the dark theater and her hand slides up my shirt, I simply stare blankly forward as she squeezes and rubs. Pinching and pulling on my nipples. The pleasure of my dominant entertaining herself with my tits intermingles with the pleasure of being in a deep, hypnotized obedience. Hypnotized good girls are deeply obedient sex toys.

My chest expands as I deeply inhale the evaporated thought. I am horny. Obedient.

After words are whispered into my ears, I can’t remember what they are. But I wake and look at my very satisfied-looking girlfriend. I smile wide because she’s a naughty dominant and I love her for it.

I focus on the movie and assume our play is suspended until later. It comes as a surprise when every kiss between the characters in the movie sends an intensely sexy and horny wave of desire through me. Before long, I need them to fuck. I NEED the characters to sleep together. Not because I care about the narrative, but because I’m too worked up and I just know I need it. I need release.

When it finally happens, when the characters finally sleep together, a white-hot, hands-free orgasm erupts in my body. My torso is rolling and thrusting and I want to crawl all over my girlfriend, but we’re in a theater and that’s just not possible. I’m punch-drunk and exhausted when the mental orgasm fades. I don’t care about the movie. And I don’t even see the rest of it after my dominant taps me back into deep, hypnotic slumber.  

When we go to dinner after the movie, she takes us to a different restaurant than the one we initially planned. This one is really dark and we’re seated close together in a secluded booth. I chuckle because this place was practically made for her to get away with playing with me. After we order drinks and start looking over the menu, she reminds me that tapping the back of my hand twice is going to hypnotize me instantly and I won’t have any resistance. I suppose I do sort of remember her telling me that earlier. Maybe that’s how she took me out for the end of the movie.

I tell her that despite my healthy respect for her hypnotic prowess, it’s hard not to question whether induction triggers will work all that well when we aren’t in the privacy of our own homes. Even though this booth is dark and secluded, it’s not quite as private as the last row of a movie theater.

She doesn’t respond beyond an amused huff so I go back to perusing the menu. A few seconds later, there are two taps against the back of my hand and my head drops to my chest as my mind plummets down into hypnotized pleasure. My menu remains propped up in front of me, hiding my slumped over form. There’s a quiet snap and I become alert.

I sit upright again and stare at Maya with wide eyes. She smugly remarks, “That’s right, baby. My good girl always obeys.”

I feel a flush of obedience…pleasure…they’re the same thing, and I know I’m in for it. She’s going to make me pay for doubting her.

She does let me enjoy the food but I keep jerking awake. I can’t tell if she’s only fractionating me or if she’s been giving me commands too. I hope I’m holding my own in conversation but I can’t piece many thoughts together. Maya insists I’m making an excellent dinner companion and she looks…well, she looks like she’s trying to be quiet while cumming. I furrow my brow, trying to make sense of it as my hand down her pants keeps sliding through her wet pussy and rubbing her clit.

A soft snap sounds. I focus my already-open eyes and see a beautiful crème brulee in front of us. We cuddle and share the dessert. My whole world is directly in front of me and all I care to focus on.

A soft snap sounds. My eyes open. My body is naked and, well, I’m standing…I look around and realize we’re in Maya’s bedroom. She’s laying nude on her bed, biting her bottom lip.

SNAP. “Wake.”

My mind actually wakes fully this time and I smile wide. What a night! She doesn’t need to say another word before I crawl on the bed. I want to please and serve her. I am awake for the first time in hours and all I want to do is please and serve my girlfriend. My beautiful, hypnotically amazing dominant deserves my devotion.


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