Maya’s Good Girl Hands Over Her Self

by Lucerach

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #hypnotic_language #pov:bottom #sub:female

Hypnokinky girlfriends, Maya and the reader, embark on the most intense hypno play they’ve done before. For the weekend, Maya will have herself an empty, happy, slutty toy who only understands complete obedience to her dominant.

Written in first person from the perspective of the submissive who has consented to a weekend without her “self” inhabiting her body. Includes trancey, induction language that is not intended to hypnotize the reader, but may do so. This can be read as a standalone story but it is also part of a nonchronological series of stories about these two girlfriends (the reader and Maya) playing within the established and consensual hypnokinky dimension of their relationship.

I feel myself waking from a deep sleep and my body is humming with good feelings. Before I even try opening my eyes I realize I feel so happy and a smile blooms naturally. I can tell I’m seated in a moving car. I take a deep breath as I continue waking and I smell my girlfriend, Maya’s, perfume. I smile wider because of course she’s close by if I’m this happy. Maybe I wasn’t napping and she had me hypnotized.

My eyelids flutter and I see Maya driving us in her car. I look out the windows and see we’re no longer in the city. My brain isn’t moving as fast as my eyesight, so it’s only after I’ve been staring down for several seconds before I register the unexpected view of a too-small-for-my-breasts, push-up bra giving me all kinds of cleavage through the low-cut neck of a tight tee.

Well, that’s interesting. I definitely don’t typically go out looking like this. And, what the hell…I’m wearing a really short skirt too?! That’s not typical either! My legs are spread wide open and the skirt is barely keeping my crotch from view or my bare ass from the seat, because there’s no way I have any underwear on. I feel cool air on my pussy and I’m just now registering that I’m wet.

Of course Maya would have had to hypnotize me to get me into this outfit, let alone in public. This is ridiculous. But…I look back at my tits looking so plump because of how they’re squished. I try to imagine how she did this since I can’t remember. I also can’t help but get turned on by the idea of her watching while she commands her hypnotically controlled girlfriend to dress slutty. Or maybe she froze me in place and dressed me herself. Was I aware I looked like this when we walked to her car? My breasts could spill out with one wrong move and the edge of one of my nipples is showing!

Oh man. When this is all done, whatever this is, I’m going to ask her to let me remember how she got me into these clothes.

Imagining these scenarios is really hot so I have to bite my lip at the sensation of just how wet I am. Only now do I see the edge of a towel laid beneath me; she clearly planned for me to get messy during our drive. I try to draw my thighs together but my legs are locked in place. Unbelievable. I try again and again, but there’s no use.

God, I look like a caricature of what “slutty” is, and for reasons I can’t explain, I wish my girlfriend would use me like a slutty toy. The desire to become a slutty toy for her is so sexy I feel my nipples harden and press against the bra. My dominant clearly programmed me with some very sexual hidden gems; I might be a powder keg. I have no idea what she’s done and I can’t wait to find out.

While I’m still processing this confusing, but sexy, predicament, Maya’s hand lands on my bare leg. Her fingers start trailing lightly all around my inner thigh and strong bursts of sexual stimulation start going off in my brain. My eyes cross and roll back as I helplessly submit to the sensations of being fucked, even though I know she’s actually just caressing my leg. It doesn’t matter, my brain thinks I’m in the throes of sex. She turned her fingers into magic and I need to submit to her so badly. I don’t understand how she is doing this, but I’m filled with desire to do anything she wants. My pussy drips and the towel under me serves its purpose.

I’m panting and quickly approaching orgasm. If it will bring her pleasure, I need to cum for her. If she commands me to cum for her and it will bring her pleasure, I will. I must.

I don’t question why the framing of my thoughts are all about what will give her pleasure.

I toss my head back against the headrest and turn to look at my dominant…my girlfriend…my beautiful Maya. She’s grinning like a little devil.

Her fingers stop moving and she grips my thigh firmly. The flow of intense sexual energy stops suddenly. My body is buzzing but at least the onslaught has halted. Perhaps my sanity will return.

She chuckles while I try calming down. “You are safe, baby. You’re okay, good girl. You’re okay.” She soothes me while she drives as though this is not distracting her at all.

Maya glances at me again and I’m smiling loopily to assure her that I agree. I am okay. I am her good girl and I am okay.

Before long, I do become calm. She relaxes her hand on my leg and I appreciate whatever game this is. I start giggling because there’s this sense of joy bubbling near the surface. What even is happening?! Some of the hypno games we play are my idea, but I think this one must have been hers.

Maya looks at me again and laughs along with me. “What’s so funny, my happy good girl?”

I’m smiling so wide when I ask incredulously, “What is happening right now?! Where are we going? Is it for the whole weekend? How did you get me into this ridiculous outfit?”

Maya is still laughing and tells me to hang on. She doesn’t have to drive far before finding a good spot for pulling over safely. While she unbuckles her seatbelt, I try to close my knees again but my legs are still frozen open. I’m impressed by how well my subconscious obeys even when I’m outside the bounds of hypnosis.

Maya has now shifted in her seat so that she’s facing me.

The happiness I feel is making it difficult to not just grin at her like an idiot. My first thought is, ‘what will give her pleasure?’ but she pulled over because I have questions, so she wants me to ask them. “How did you get my brain to interpret your touch like I was actually being fucked?”

My girlfriend smirks and says, “Oh, honey. At this point, I can easily control your subconscious mind for fun, little games while I distract your conscious mind with arousal.”

I make an unimpressed and skeptical grunt. “Oh, come on. It has to be more complicated than that! Surely I would need to be fully hypnotized. In a proper trance.”

Those damn fingers, with the power to fuck my mind without actually fucking me, trail over the top of my leg and down around my calf. Maya watches my eyes droop and glaze over as my brain becomes convinced we’re in the throes of sex. My chest starts heaving as I willingly give in to the illusion she’s created.

She speaks smoothly as her fingertips trail over my shin, “Will my good girl do anything for me?”

“Yes…anything,” is spoken before I consider what that would mean. She’s taught me rather convincingly that agreeing with her in these moments will keep the spigot of pleasure flowing. Obeying her will keep supplying me with pleasure. Obedience and pleasure go hand in hand.

“Does obeying me feel like pleasure?”

“Yes, obeying you is pleasure.” I’m smiling drunkenly as her fingers swirl over my knee. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve won because I feel incredible. I don’t care why she started this. I just need to do anything that will make it continue.

Watching my reactions, Maya supposes that right now there is very little difference between a hypnotized trance versus being aroused.

She feels powerful, “Can the pleasure I give you make you obey commands you would otherwise find embarrassing?”

“Yes, I love to obey.”

This is an even better demonstration than Maya planned. Her fingers are still only trailing along my lower legs but I feel like I’m getting a proper fucking. She doesn’t even try to hide her smug tone, “Does pleasure always make you obey?”

“Yes, I always obey.”

“Stick your tongue out and show me your rolled back eyes.”

My tongue extends before she even gets to the second part of her command. Obedience is pleasure and I am filled with pleasure. My eyelids flutter as I try to show her my rolled back eyes as much as I’m able.

This is not an expression we play with and she knows I would find this embarrassing if I were clear headed.

“Good girls raise their arms like a zombie.”

My arms raise without me questioning it and my obedience rewards me with continued pleasure. We never play with poses like this but I didn’t hesitate to obey.

For several moments, Maya relishes in my body displaying for her the power she has over me. She’s never specifically wanted to put me in this position but it’s a great example of how easily she can take control. Eventually, she firmly grips my thigh to halt the sexual stimulation from her roaming fingertips.

As I register my raised arms and the face I’m making, I immediately fix my eyes, close my mouth, and retract my arms. I definitely feel embarrassed I just did that. It’s a little startling to see so clearly what just happened. How am I this easy for her to control?!

I look at her watching me and there’s nothing in her expression to suggest I need to be embarrassed. Truthfully, she looks proud and happy. And I’m kind of proud and impressed by the both of us. We’ve created quite the fun dynamic for ourselves.

But I do sound uncertain when I ask, “You’re the only one who can do this to me, right?”

Maya gazes deep into my eyes and says, “I am the only one who can control your mind and body other than you. I am the only one…when you submit and obey, when you are on display, when you crave to be hypnotized, when you accept programming, when you follow commands…I am the only one you feel this connection to. Only my voice can control you. Only my hands can control you. I am the only one you give yourself to. I am the only one who makes you a good girl. I am the only one who makes you a sex toy. I am the only one who has the keys to control your obedience and pleasure.”

My expression is dazed and I feel safe and protected. Somehow, I sank deeply within her mesmerizing gaze. Dreamily, I confirm, “You are the only one.”

“Good girl.” SNAP. “Wake.”

I blink and startle. I remember every comforting word she just said but…are you kidding me? I went into trance the very instant she wanted me to! I don’t think she used a trigger. How much have I actually been awake today? Does she have me super fractionated? Why do I have no idea where we’re headed? How much has she made me forget for this weekend? What really is happening here?

Maya is biting her lip and I feel like she can read every question like they’re written on my face. Her expression is tender before leaning in to peck my lips. She tells me I’ve been so incredible already today and our weekend getaway is only just beginning. This weekend will be very special. She reminds me that I am her perfectly programmed good girl and deeply obedient sex toy. I only know what I should know and forget what I need to forget.

I am smiling and nodding because her words feel familiar and right. My girlfriend makes so much sense. I don’t care about understanding what is happening or how we got here. I only know I get to have a weekend getaway with my sexy girlfriend. And…I…I don’t…I don’t remember anything else.

Her face is close so I kiss her and hum contentedly.

Maya smirks, “You really do make a perfect good girl.”

I feel a little thrill at the moniker and giggle.

“I saw you trying to close your legs earlier but you found out they are frozen,” she says. “Your arms are also stuck in place and too heavy to lift.”

I look surprised because I just moved them. I try moving them again but they’re too heavy and won’t budge. That’s crazy! I can only move my head, I guess. My girlfriend sure likes to play with me.

I turn back toward her and she rushes out, “That’s my good girl,” before kissing me passionately. Thank god she left me the ability to kiss her back. It would be torture to not have my tongue in her mouth right now.

Maya’s voice is low and sultry when she pulls back, “There’s gonna be a lot of this this weekend. We have both been needing an escape. I’ve planned so many things for us, my horny, little sex toy.” Her fingertips start caressing over my face, around my neck, and down my arms.

Fuck! The sex fingers! I can’t believe the intense stimulation I am getting from these damn fingers. My frozen limbs prevent me from writhing or reaching out to her. I’m going to lose my fucking mind.

She continues, “There’s a bag in the trunk with our toys. But you, you are the most important and my most favorite sex toy.”

She starts to kiss me sensually but whatever happens next is a complete mystery to me. One moment she’s working me up with her lips and magical touch, and the next thing I have any semblance of is my head slowly nodding in mindless agreement while my eyes stare blankly at her moving lips. There is a heavy, deeply pleasurable fog surrounding me and I don’t feel like I have any control. I’m just a passenger. I am completely unconcerned that we’re sitting in a parked car to the side of a highway while drool slides from my relaxed mouth and drips onto my chest. I can’t muster energy to care about anything but submitting to her plan and following my training. Wait…training?

The thought drools straight out of my mouth.

There is a very strong sensation of my focus tunneling in on a specific, important purpose. Nothing matters beyond complete obedience to her. For this weekend, complete obedience is the only thing that matters as much as entering a deeply mesmerized state the very instant she wants me to. I have been successfully fulfilling that purpose already.

My usual desire to obey my dominant skyrockets to a new plateau. My whole world and purpose is complete obedience to her. I am becoming her happy, slutty toy and I’ve never wanted anything more.

She is emptying me of all thoughts and personal preferences. I am becoming empty so that she can fill me with complete obedience. Complete obedience to her, and only her, will control my actions until I step back into my apartment in a couple days. Walking through the doorway and hearing my door slam closed behind me will lift this impenetrable spell, returning me to the normal level of hypnotic obedience we usually enjoy. Returning my thoughts and personal preferences.

For this weekend, my dominant will have me as her very own happy, slutty toy who understands her body needs to be used and played with however her dominant chooses. Complete obedience is mandatory. Complete obedience is automatic. Complete obedience is pleasure. Happy, slutty toys are filled with complete obedience and nothing else. I am her happy, slutty toy.

The empty, drooling smile on my face is the mark of a completely obedient happy, slutty toy. Her fingers thrust and fuck my cunt because my body needs to be used and played with however my dominant chooses. The thrusting pops one of my breasts out, thrilling my dominant. I am her happy, slutty toy.

She doesn’t allow me to orgasm before her hand stops, but she leaves her fingers inside. Her thumb gently teases my clit while I continue to smile emptily, happy to be used as her slutty toy.

A voice from miles away repeats whatever it is commanded to say, locking my body into a state of complete obedience. Locking my mind into complete obedience will come soon.

A towel wipes away the drool. I have been emptied.

SNAP. “Wake.”

I smack into a wall of alertness but my ridiculous, dopey expression remains. My body is her happy, slutty toy.

Immediately, I notice her hand in my pussy and I let out an embarrassing yelp as her thumb circles my clit. My body loves everything, my lack of knowing when her hand got there and the intimacy of her keeping it inside me.

I am happy and slutty! I can’t wait to be used like the sex toy she wants me to be! “Oh my god, Maya!” I exclaim. “I am so excited to get fucked every way you come up with!”

These words tumble joyfully from my mouth without any consideration. I’m genuinely expressing my thoughts, but I’m too well-programmed for this weekend’s planned activities to suspect her influence is responsible for my thoughts. We agreed to the basics of her plan and she steadily programmed me for weeks with live sessions and recordings. I craved listening to the recordings whenever I was home and she wasn’t around. Every training session involved me forgetting I was being trained. I couldn’t remember what I was so desperate to listen to so I’d just start listening to try and remember.

This getaway has been planned for a long while and this is the most intense hypno play we’ve attempted. Maya was relieved the weekend finally arrived because she kept finding me reinforcing my programming by listening to her recordings even when she only left my sight for short periods. There was a snowball effect that worked more intensely than she anticipated.

Yesterday, she worried we took things too far. When I left the table during our meal to get us more sauce from the kitchen, I was gone longer than expected. She found me deeply hypnotized in a slumped over heap with headphones in my ears. I must have had them in my pockets, and once Maya was out of my sight, I had to start listening. When the recording finished, I carried on like it never happened.

Maya tried to make sure we were in the same room the rest of the night but when she came out of the bathroom after brushing her teeth, she found me kneeling on the floor naked. I was smiling emptily while drooling out my thoughts and personal preferences. Her recorded voice was filling me with complete obedience to my dominant and the pure happiness of being her slutty toy. When the recording ended, I would be myself again.

Seeing me in that pose thrilled her; Maya knew the repetition would pay off during the weekend getaway. She would have a slutty sex toy filled to the brim with complete obedience and pure happiness at being used however her dominant chooses.

But in this moment on the side of the highway, I look down at my naked breast that slipped free of the bra. My immediate reaction is joy because I know that this brings my girlfriend pleasure. My body is fulfilling my purpose. My pussy reflexively grips her fingers tightly which makes me moan and then giggle happily. My body is her slutty toy.

Maya laughs and says, “What a good girl you are! So happy and focused on bringing me pleasure! Your body couldn’t look sexier…” Her thumb rubs back and forth over my clit. “…and you’re so eager to give me everything I desire! Look at how happy you are to be my slutty toy!”

I laugh heartily because I’m so delighted by everything she’s doing and saying. She’s going to get everything she desires! Nothing could be better!

My girlfriend doesn’t remove her hand from inside me despite two cars passing by in quick succession. She doesn’t even acknowledge them but I watch through the windshield as they get further away. I don’t consider how this sounds before asking with a big smile, “When will my mind become your happy, slutty toy too?”

When I don’t hear a response, I turn back to look at Maya. She wants to watch every detail of my reaction when she says a word that pops and sizzles inside my brain. It drops an impenetrable cloak of darkness, veiling my focus from anything but complete obedience to my dominant. Complete obedience is mandatory. Complete obedience is automatic. Complete obedience is pleasure. Happy, slutty toys are filled with complete obedience and nothing else. I am her happy, slutty toy.

The word summons my mind to strip herself bare and kneel before my dominant. She must hand over the keys. The keys that control every grain of my self. Taking hold of the key in one hand, my dominant snaps with the other. My naked, kneeling mind begins to smile. She starts drooling and will continue until she is as empty as me. We are happy to become our dominant’s slutty toy.

Complete obedience fills my mind as she empties, just like it already filled my body.

There’s no processing behind my eyes while my jaw hangs open in a loose smile. Tingles of pleasure prickle everywhere as my brain automatically follows programming so my mind and body are free to completely obey and provide pleasure to our dominant.

This weekend is special.

Maya cannot wait for us to get to the cabin. “Let’s see…what will bring me more pleasure? Do I want my happy, slutty toy alert for the rest of our drive? Or do I want my happy, slutty toy to sleep in a trance so deep she can’t tell she has a body?”

I am hard-wired to automatically give her everything that gives her pleasure this weekend. I know she would get the most pleasure from the latter. My mind, happy to serve as a slutty toy, makes my lips say, “Sleep,” before my eyes roll back and my body slumps completely limp. My dominant loves visual cues of hypnosis and her happy, slutty toy will do anything that gives Maya pleasure.

Maya moans at the perfect display and the knowledge that it happened explicitly for her enjoyment. She praises, “Good, slutty toy. Your mind is completely obedient as she kneels naked before me. Your body is completely obedient. You are programmed to give me everything I desire. Everything I suggest. Everything that brings me pleasure.” She breathes into my mouth, “And that makes you feel incredible.”

Pleasure blasts inside and I can’t tie it to any specific body parts but I don’t need to.

She reclines my seat all the way down to lower me below the windows. Her other hand finally pulls out from my cunt and her fingers slide into my mouth. Reflexively, I suck while tantalizing words slide easily into my empty head and straight to my kneeling mind. My mind, fully under my dominant’s control, smiles bigger. She is happy for commands and immediately opens my legs wider until the short skirt rides up to expose my naked pussy and ass cheeks. My hand lifts to pull free the only tit still covered. My dominant can now see both spilling over the tight bra.

Happy, slutty toys should be on display.

The fingers disappear from my mouth and a nonchalant, “Cum for me,” triggers my first, obedient orgasm of the weekend. Complete obedience means I will orgasm automatically without needing to hear intensity or urgency in my dominant’s tone.

Once my body relaxes, “Cum for me,” is said so casually again, but the orgasm is strong and immediate.

I am merely sensations of pleasure. I don’t have concerns about someone seeing me in this state. I don’t have any concerns at all. Complete obedience means no embarrassment at being positioned lewdly while Maya gets us to our destination. In fact, when we arrive at the cabin, I won’t know the relevance of clothes.

Maya chose a secluded place but I won’t even wonder about it. I will happily remove whatever these annoying things are around my body before exploring the beautiful, surrounding property she chose for our getaway. And once I enter our cabin, my body will unconsciously lower to my knees. Mirroring my completely obedient mind. Naked. Kneeling. Empty. Smiling. Happy to be used as a slutty toy.

The car is pulled back on the highway for the rest of the drive to the cabin. Only one person this weekend will have any sense of time and place. And she keeps looking over at the happy, slutty toy trapped within a mindless trance of complete obedience.

The weekend will include hydration and nourishment and rest. Mutual care. And occasional moments of clear awareness for safety. But primarily…

Complete obedience.



My brain jerks suddenly and a rush of what I can only describe as my…self…floods me. I look down at the lumpy bag in my hand and drop it on the floor. I realize by the way it lands that it must be holding toys rather than clothes. I whip around to see Maya leaning against my closed apartment door behind me, looking very smug and sated.

I remember flashes of moments from our weekend. I can’t help but smile wide and feel giddy. Oh man. I know big things happened but I can’t piece them together. I tilt my head while watching her watch me. She doesn’t say anything.

I take a step toward her and stop when I realize how sore I am. Oh my god. I walk a little more gingerly up to her and press my front into hers. She wraps her arms around my shoulders. We just watch one another quietly until I whisper, “Where is the push-up bra and tiny skirt?”

She laughs that that is my first question. “You haven’t worn those since our drive to the cabin, sweetie. But they’re in the bag. You deserved comfy clothes while sleeping and recovering during our ride home.”

I feel warm at how sweetly she takes care of me despite undoubtedly putting me in positions this weekend that will embarrass me when I remember. Every flash of a memory I’ve had so far has involved my nudity and there aren’t any other bags than the one I was holding, so I have a feeling these sweats and baggy tee are the first clothes I’ve worn since we got there.

I softly rub my cheek along hers. I’m feeling such a strong sense of intimacy with her. I feel like I need us physically connected. And I’m feeling emotional, but in a good way. While I know we’re outside the bounds of our intense, hypnotized play, I feel like my body wants us to melt into each other. I want and need her softness. And I’m desperate to give her softness in return.

She asks carefully, “Are you okay?”

I smile gently, “I think so. But…I have this need for softness. And while I want to be fully, mentally aware, I also feel like laying down right now and both of us falling asleep in each other’s arms. Never letting go. I don’t know. I think this was intense.”

“It was.”

“Are you okay?” I ask kind of urgently.

She kisses each of my cheeks and says, “I am. But I’m feeling a lot too. We’ll talk about all of it but I like your idea for softness right now.”

She moves very tenderly as she lifts the loose shirt over my head. Gently, she begins caressing my torso and naked breasts. She watches my eyes flutter as I relax under her touch. She asks, “Is this okay? I’m not trying to be sexy, just comforting.”

I smile and promise this tenderness is exactly what I need.

She tries to keep her voice gentle while tickling my back. “I’m glad. You said you want to be fully, mentally aware, but for a few days now you’ve been hyper-focused on giving me everything that brings me pleasure, everything I suggest. And you are probably really, really easy to hypnotize…” My forehead drops to her shoulder. “…and I want to make sure…”

She halts. Maya carefully tilts my head back and sees my deeply entranced expression. “Shoot.”

First, she softly kisses my lips because she can’t help herself. I know she gets pleasure from hypnotizing me so I dropped for her the second she suggested it. She wants to reward her good girl so she lowers to softly suck my nipples until she hears my happy sighs.

Now, she wants to fix the situation so she raises back up and commands, “My good girl is hypnotized right now for the final time today. When I wake you in a moment, you will feel completely alert and not capable of dropping into trance for the rest of the night. You cannot be hypnotized for the rest of tonight; your conscious mind is in complete control. You will be fully and mentally aware for the rest of the night.

SNAP. “Wake.”

I rise from trance instantly and we both stare at one another. She’s relieved when I burst out laughing at my accidental drop. “We’re going to have to work around that, Maya,” I laugh.  

She laughs harder and hugs me close. “It won’t happen again! You’ll definitely stay awake. I fixed it, I swear!”

I’m content as we embrace but I speak up, “I want to shower. Will you join me and…fill in the blanks? I’d like to remember everything. And let’s order pizza too!”

Maya smiles as I tell her what I want without hesitation. After this weekend, she loves hearing me assert my own thoughts and needs unprompted. She cuddles me close and happily promises we can do anything I want.

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