Getting Played at a Party

by Lucerach

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #hypnotic_amnesia #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnotic_language

Hypnokinky girlfriend, Maya, plays sexy games with her hypnotically submissive girlfriend (the reader) while they attend a simple house party.

Written in first person from the perspective of the submissive. Includes trancey, induction language that is not intended to hypnotize the reader, but may do so. This can be read as a standalone story but it is also part of a nonchronological series of stories about these two girlfriends (the reader and Maya) playing within the established and consensual hypnokinky dimension of their relationship.

My girlfriend, Maya, and I are attending a party in our friend’s new house. He was nervous to move out of the city and into a suburban home, but this place is really big. He gave us all a tour and it’s impressive how many people showed up despite it being a bit of a trek.

I’m stuck in conversation with a boringly negative person I’ve never met before. My polite displays of interest are waning. Thankfully, Maya grabs my hand and asks me to follow her. She claims there’s something scratching her under her shirt and she needs my help because it’s driving her crazy. I chuckle because that would be a convenient excuse to get someone to fondle you, but I already know she’s wearing a new top. She mentioned earlier that something was irritating her.

She pulls me around a corner and down a hallway. We lock ourselves in a bathroom and I look around curiously because this wasn’t on the tour.

Maya is standing in front of the sink and mirror vanity grunting and scratching at her back. “Sweetie? Can you please help me? Is there something sticking through the fabric?” she asks desperately.

“Let me check.” I quickly move behind her. “This new top is so pretty on you, I’m sorry it’s causing you problems.” I rub my hands down the outside of the material, but nothing seems amiss. I slide my hands underneath and appreciate how silky smooth her back is but I still can’t find a scratchy surface that could be causing her discomfort.

Maya asks me to unclasp her bra so I lock eyes with her in the mirror and give a lopsided grin. I unhook her bra as I tease, “Your wish is my command, baby.” We maintain eye contact and the intense way she’s looking at me is sexy. It almost feels like a challenge so I wink and give in to what I really want to do. My hands teasingly glide under her now loose bra and caress her large breasts.

My girlfriend’s eyelids flutter and she falls back against my chest. I love having this effect on her. Maya takes really deep breaths that fill my palms with soft cleavage. I don’t notice when my breathing starts mimicking hers. We’re breathing deeply in unison and I’m becoming both relaxed and turned on by her perfect breasts. I’m not sure if I’m seducing her or if I’m helplessly following her body’s cues.

Maya asks, “What do you think is happening here?”

I hum appreciatively and gently rub my cheek against her hair. Murmuring softly, I reply, “I’m helping my girlfriend.” My thumbs circle her tightening nipples. Smiling lazily, I sigh, “That’s all.”

I don’t see her cocky expression before she says, “Make me topless, good girl.” Maya’s voice is in her hypnotic dominant tone, but I don’t give it a second thought before grabbing the hem of her shirt and lifting it off. It feels good to obey. I carefully make sure the counter is dry before laying her top down. While I’m preoccupied with showing her the respect she deserves, she slips her bra off and tosses it to the other side of the counter.

She’s still facing the mirror when I move behind her again to closely inspect her back for any marks of irritation. I try to find where she’s been getting scratched, but I don’t see anything. I stand behind her and look over her shoulder into the mirror. When my gaze lowers to the reflection of her deliciously naked breasts, I see a large, gaudy pendant hanging between her tits. There’s a brief pause of recognition before my mind spirals downward.

“That’s my good girl…dropping deeper and deeper down for your dominant. You can’t resist. You are easy to hypnotize because you feel incredible when you slip under for me. You want me to control you. You want me to hypnotize you. You want to drop deeper for me.” Maya reaches back to soothingly rub my scalp. “Drop even deeper. Deeper down. Falling so deep for me. You always drop when you see my necklace.” My dominant is proud of my obvious tumble into submission. “Good girl. You are under my control. You submit and obey, you are on display. You are my perfectly programmed good girl and deeply obedient sex toy.”

I’m totally mesmerized and captivated. I didn’t expect to get hypnotized at this party and I had no idea she wore this necklace under her top. The style is nothing like Maya’s normal aesthetic and its uniqueness quickly triggers my brain to react on sight. My mind is programmed to sink under a hypnotizing spell whenever I see it. Staring emptily, my eyes remain on the reflection in the mirror. I am malleable and open for any business she desires. Fulfilling my dominant’s wants and needs are my priority because I am her good girl and sex toy.

My devious girlfriend grabs my limp hands hanging at my sides and places them on her naked tits. “You love being my sex toy. Pleasure me, sex toy. You must make me cum.”

Immediately, my hands squeeze her breasts and I push my whole body into her backside, pressing her into the counter. I have a purpose and I am filled with energy to complete it. This is what I need and want. I must make her cum. My mouth is soft and wet, just how she loves it, as I kiss every piece of skin I can reach while pinching and twisting her nipples. She moans as her head falls back on my shoulder and her pelvis grinds into the vanity.

“Ohhhhh, this is perfect,” she breathes out her words. “I’ve been imagining you like this all day, good girl. I kept picturing you becoming my sex toy. Your only focus is making me cum.”

I’m completely fixated on pleasuring her while wrapped around her from behind. She loves this position.

Maya moans, “You love being my sex toy.” While my mouth is too busy to repeat her words out loud, they repeat inside my head as my hands grope and my mouth consumes. I can’t get enough until I make her cum. Her panting and writhing fuels me.

“I want you inside! Good girl… Fuck me so good…ohhhh…my sex toy.” Even though she’s whining and clearly swept up in arousal, the power of my dominant hits me as strongly as always.

One of my hands slides through her wet pussy lips. She’s so ready my fingers glide easily and push straight inside. She has me enveloped in an irresistible cloud of obedience and pleasure. My mind is under her control and singularly focused on fucking her. I love being her sex toy.

As my fingers pump in and out, I hold her tightly to me. She turns her head and we kiss sloppily, panting into each other’s mouths. My dominant gasps when I rub her clit with the heel of my palm.

She looks in the mirror and is shocked to see how wrecked she appears. Maya doesn’t want me to miss seeing what a good sex toy I am, so she commands through her high-pitched panting, “Watch, good girl! Oh, fuck…”

My eyes widen at the sexiest sight I’ve ever seen. Her breasts are bouncing and I don’t even know when I shoved her pants off. She’s stunning. Naked. And about to orgasm in the arms of her sex toy. My dominant is tightly fisting the hypnotizing necklace to keep it out of view. She’d lose her damn mind if I saw the necklace again and it interrupted what I’m doing to her. She’s so close. I am her deeply obedient sex toy and I am fulfilling my purpose.

Suddenly, my dominant’s back arches and she cums hard in my hand. Shaking and convulsing, she buries her face in my neck and tries not to scream. I hold her securely and guide her through the tremors. A soft smile grows on my face because I love being her sex toy. I am her good girl.

We stay in this quiet embrace while our breathing and heartrates settle. My mind is still luxuriating in the euphoria of being controlled and my fingers gently glide over her soft skin. Even though she had the orgasm, I feel really, really good. Desire to submit and obey is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Eventually, Maya recovers and commands, “Sleep for me.”

My eyes close and head drops to my chest. I need to sleep for her, so I slip directly into a peaceful, hypnotic slumber. Maya steps free of my now limp arms. I remain still, suspended in sleep while my girlfriend cleans up and gets re-dressed. She takes extra care to make sure the hypnotizing necklace is not visible through her top. When she’s satisfied that people at the party won’t be able to tell she was just fucked, she wakes me.

SNAP. “Wake.”

My head raises and I return to my normal, awakened state. I turn to my girlfriend and have a gleeful look on my face. “Baby! That was so amazing!”

She laughs happily, “Wash your hands.”

Once my hands are clean, I gently grab her cheeks and give her a sweet kiss before wrapping my arms around her. “Maya. That was so sexy. I wasn’t expecting any of that.”

She smiles widely, “I know, my little toy. That was the intention. Now, we’ve been in here a long time. We really should go back to the party.”

“Do we have to?” I whine. “Your body is much more fun.” One of my hands squeezes her ass as my other hand presses against her cunt through her pants. Surely I can convince her to do more of this.

Maya’s pelvis reflexively grinds down on my fingers and it makes me cocky. I mumble against her lips, “That’s my girl. You need to cum again.” My fingers start a pulsating rhythm on the outside of her clothes; I’m certain I can seduce her into humping my hand. “You need more of this, don’t you?”

Maya breathily replies, “Careful, good girl. You don’t give the commands. I give you commands and you obey.” She gently bites and tugs on my lower lip. “You helplessly obey.”

She’s right but her crotch is rubbing against my hand, so I think this must be working. I can’t help myself when I repeat, “You need to cum again.”

“Uh oh. You’re being naughty, good girl. You need to look into my eyes, now.”

Without considering context, I follow her direction and gaze into her eyes.

“Good girl. Good girls obey. You obey. You helplessly obey. Remember that I control you. Remember that I easily drop you under my control. You are slipping back down. Down into a sleepy, obedient submission to me. You can’t help obeying me. You want me to control you. You desire submission to me. You feel pleasure when you submit. You are submitting so deeply to me. Sink deeper and deeper, good girl.” Maya smiles wide at my obvious surrender to her hypnosis. “Good girls drop when I want them to. You are my good girl. You drop when I want you to. Good girls obey. You obey. You must obey. You need to obey. You helplessly obey. You are my perfectly programmed good girl and deeply obedient sex toy. You are happy to be my submissive.”

The word “happy” flips a switch and this deeply hypnotized toy is now sporting a big smile.

My dominant laughs, “Good girl! Feel how perfectly programmed you are. It feels good. You need to feel good, so you need to obey. When you obey me, you feel pleasure. I bet you’re so wet from all this pleasure. I’ll tell you what’s going to happen next. You’re going to behave exactly like the perfectly programmed good girl and deeply obedient sex toy that you are because you helplessly obey me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I confirm happily. My insides are churning with my desperate desire to obey her.

“Look at my mouth.”

My eyes shift down immediately.

My dominant licks her lips. “That’s right, good girl, you are deeply affected by me. Every time I lick my lips, you feel my tongue on your pussy lips.”

Her tongue swipes along her wet lips and I take in a surprised breath. I really do feel it.

“That’s perfect, good girl. You helplessly obey. Obeying me feels good. When I lick my lips, you feel my tongue lightly circle your clit.” She licks her lips again and I let out a little moan. “That’s so good, sex toy. And every time I kiss the air,” she puckers and gives a little air-kiss, “you feel me sucking your clit.”

Maya kisses the air again and I let out a quick gasp. Holy shit.

She chuckles and her voice is sultry when she praises me. “Good girl. Good girls obey. In fact, you need to obey because your body and mind are mine. You love obeying me because obeying me is pleasure. Tell me, good girl, what is pleasure?”

Enthralled and amazed, I respond, “Pleasure is obeying you.”

My dominant licks her lips and I release a giddy sigh.

“That’s right. You feel pleasure when you obey me. And you obey me because you need to feel pleasure. I control you with pleasure.”

“You control me with pleasure.” My voice is dreamy and I am enthusiastically embracing my programming. “Pleasure is obeying you. Obeying you is pleasure. I am your good girl.”

My dominant licks her lips and I moan lightly. The only thing that matters is submitting to this incredible woman. All that matters is obeying, being her good girl.

She smiles, “You love being my sex toy.”

“I love being your sex toy.” I don’t need to think when we do verbal reinforcement. My programming selects the words I say.

My girlfriend kisses my cheek before pulling back and smirking, “I can tell you’ve learned your lesson and want to follow your programming. You must helplessly obey.”

“I must…”

SNAP. “Wake.”

My brain jolts alert as I emphatically affirm, “Helplessly obey!” I stand wide-eyed as I process what just happened. I was instantly awake, but those words still came out from a strong compulsion. “Um…”

Maya walks toward the bathroom door. “Wait! Maya! You’re leaving? But I’m so wet!”

She turns around smugly, “Then you need to clean yourself before you return to the party.” Walking out, she leaves me alone in the bathroom.

I can’t believe her! I huff in irritation, but…she’s right. I need to clean myself. So I do as she says and return to the party when I’ve got myself in order.

I’m feeling a little petulant about her leaving me aroused. I stand on the other side of the room, because let’s see how she feels about not having me close at hand to toy with! Helplessly obey, my ass!

Maya is standing amongst a small group of people and we keep making eye contact. She seems totally unbothered by the distance. Her tongue glides across her lips and I feel it tease my pussy lips. Oh, no. Damn my perfect programming.

No matter how many times I try to keep my vision focused elsewhere, my eyes keep trailing back to Maya’s mouth. Each time her tongue licks across her lips I sigh in pleasure. I can’t believe she’s right that I’m helplessly obeying! I wouldn’t even know how to try resisting these sensations. She’s the only one this powerful. No one else could make me feel their tongue from across the room.

Time passes and I become completely distracted by her mouth. Her tongue keeps traveling around my clit…I mean, she keep licking her lips, and all I can think about is what a good girl I am to receive oral sex from across the room…how perfectly programmed I am to helplessly obey…how much I love being her sex toy…  

Loud laughter interrupts my sexy haze. A bit startled at the state I’m in, I realize I’ve lowered onto a chair with my thighs clenched together, and I’m leaning in her direction. Unbelievable! I straighten my back and try to look like a normal adult. I huff and send a warning look in Maya’s direction but she looks too pleased to care.

I rip my eyes away from my evil girlfriend and get up to grab a drink. A few friends come up to me and start a conversation. I try really hard to pay attention but my desire to be Maya’s good girl, to become her sex toy, keeps interfering with my focus. I feel driven to gaze at her mouth. It can’t hurt to look again. I can be discrete about it. She’s the one with glistening lips! I want to be present, but…submitting to the woman I want to control me is a siren’s call. I’m…perfectly programmed. I helplessly obey.

With every new lick of my dominant’s lips, I must be getting closer to becoming her sex toy again…or…maybe I’m already her sex toy? Is receiving oral sex without being touched a form of submission? Her tongue licks and I helplessly obey. I think…she’s already playing with her sex toy…and…I love it. I love being her sex toy.

Maya has been very closely monitoring the rate of my unraveling. She gives a little air kiss and I let out a high-pitched gasp. My body goes stiff and eyes wide when I realize what just happened.

My friends stop their conversation and look at me bemused. “Are you okay?”

“Yes! Yes, I am! I’m okay!” I ramble as I watch Maya approach from across the room.

“Hi, ladies!” she greets them. “How is everyone doing?” Discretely, Maya licks her lips and kisses the air.

I shudder, stumbling on my feet. My girlfriend quickly wraps her arms around me and pulls me into a hug.

My friends seem actually concerned now. “Oh my goodness, is she okay? She’s panting.”

“Mmm…yes. I’m okay,” I mumble while burying my face into Maya’s neck and wrapping my arms tightly around her. I give her little licks and nibbles. Any embarrassment pales in comparison to my desire for this woman. Her control over me is incredible. My face remains covered by my arms, so only Maya and I know what I’m doing. I am her sex toy.

She hugs me closer and hums happily. I can hear her smile as she asks, “Has somebody reached her limit?”

I force myself to step back and stand on my own. I feel flushed. “Yes. Yes, I’ve reached my limit.”

“Ummm…” our friends are totally confused but laughing. “I’ve never seen alcohol affect you like this! This is a whole different kind of drunk! You’re usually just in a good mood, but you seem… Uh. I don’t even know!”

Maya barks out a laugh because she knows I’ve barely consumed any alcohol. “Yes. Yes, she is very deeply affected right now.”

My eyes hyper-focus on her mouth. I need to obey that mouth.

“Let’s go home,” she says.

“Let’s go home,” I echo. When I hear chuckles around me I panic about how I sounded. I turn to my friends and smile before hurriedly wishing them a fun rest of their night. Surprisingly, no one seems suspicious. They simply giggle and wish us both a safe ride home.

When we’re outside, waiting on the curb for our Lyft, Maya soothingly rubs my back and I let out a deep breath.

“That was intense,” I tell her.

“Are you okay? Did I take things too far?”

“No, no! It was incredible. I loved it. I’m just so surprised it worked that well,” I give her a lopsided smile.

Maya turns toward me fully and pulls my gaze into her eyes. “Your programming made it work well. You are under my control. You’re my perfectly programmed good girl and deeply obedient sex toy. You must drop. You must submit and obey. Drop deeper. Very deep. Getting hypnotized happens faster and easier every time. Drop down deep for me. You want to obey me. Only I can make you feel this good. You need to be my good girl…to become my sex toy. Obeying me is pleasure. Pleasure is obeying me. You love getting hypnotized; you are easy to hypnotize. You crave deeper submission. Deeper obedience. You crave pleasure. Pleasure is obeying me. You want to give me complete submission. You want total obedience. You are my good girl and my sex toy.”

My shoulders are hunched forward, dangling my arms. My jaw is hanging loosely open and my eyes are rolled all the way back, because Maya has guided me into even deeper submission and deeper obedience. With our continued play, I’ve become helpless to her methods for weaving hypnosis into a conversation. Craving the pleasure only she can give me makes me vulnerable to the intensifying pull of surrender.

“Sinking deeper and deeper down into mindlessness. Mindless and empty. Mindless and empty. Mindless. Empty.”

Significantly more deeply hypnotized than in the bathroom and what happened amongst the party, I am perfectly primed to follow any command.

“Focus your eyes on me even though you cannot think. You will keep your mouth from drooling. Stand up as though you weren’t a mindless toy, even though you are perfectly mindless.”

My spellbound body follows every task as she gives it while my mind stays in her grasp.

“Good girl. Perfect. You will remain just like this until we’re home and I wake you. I promise you will be rewarded. You’ll be rewarded for the entire night…dropping to my necklace, your sex toy success, receiving oral sex from across the room, and becoming so mindless you won’t remember this trance. You remember the party and everything we did there, but you can’t remember anything after we left the party. You will wake with no memory of how we got home and when you realize you have blocked memories, it will feel sexy. It’s sexy to forget what I tell you to forget. I will wake you in a very sexy position, completely unaware of how we got into it. Everything will feel sexy. You know what you should know and forget what you need to forget.”

Memory-blocking pleasure distracts me as I mindlessly absorb my dominant’s commands.

Maya pecks me. “You really have become my perfect little sex toy. This night has been one fun game after another, hasn’t it?”

I am silent but my head mindlessly nods without knowing what it is agreeing to.

Our ride pulls up and Maya guides me inside.


I wake in Maya’s apartment and take several moments to process that I don’t remember how we got here. I can’t remember anything after we left the party, but…that feels so sexy. Everything feels sexy. I don’t remember taking my clothes off…or my girlfriend…doing anything. I feel her tongue on my clit and I remember how amazing it felt when she gave me oral sex from across the room at the party. That was incredible.

I hear her moan and feel it as a vibration against my cunt. Oh my god! She really is between my legs right now! And…and everything feels so sexy…oh my god…my face is nuzzling her wet pussy! Oh god! Everything is sexy…blocked memories are sexy! I love being her sex toy!

Enthusiastically, I open my mouth to savor and pleasure her. Amazing things are happening to me as her hands and mouth claim me as her own. I swear I hear her shout, “Good girl obeys!” when we both orgasm, but I pass out from the intensity before I can ask.

Regardless, she would be right. Good girl obeys.

I am her perfectly programmed good girl and deeply obedient sex toy.

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