A Long, Sexy Day of Hidden Trigger Fractionation

by Lucerach

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #hypnotic_amnesia #pov:bottom #sub:female #hidden_trigger #hypnotic_language

Hypnokinky girlfriends enjoy an intense, sexy, day-long reconnection with the aid of a powerful hidden trigger and a new, impressive depth for Maya’s mindless toy.

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This story does not mention lactation so I didn’t add that tag, but there is imagery of suckling a nipple to fill the submissive (reader) with healing energy and relaxation. If that sounds too close to something you’re not comfortable with, please be aware.

Written in first person from the perspective of the submissive. Includes trancey, induction language that is not intended to hypnotize the reader, but may do so. This can be read as a standalone story but it is also part of a nonchronological series of stories about these two girlfriends (the reader and Maya) playing within the established and consensual hypnokinky dimension of their relationship.

Walking into my kitchen, I see my girlfriend, Maya near the front door. “You’re not going somewhere, are you?” I ask.

She wraps me up in her arms. “I’m sorry we won’t be spending the day how you expected. But there are too many tasks I want accomplished today.”

I pout, “Nooo. You just survived what was essentially a month from hell at work! I thought I was going to spend all day focusing on you and…” I squeeze her ass, “…your body. I want to give you everything you want.”

My girlfriend and I share some sweet kisses while her hands slide underneath my shirt and trail lightly over my skin. “Oh, sweetheart. I love knowing that you’ve been thinking about giving me everything I want. That’s…” Maya is smirking as she says, “…well, that’s perfect.” She pecks my pout. “I am confident every task I have will get accomplished. And you will have an amazing day.”

“But I wanted to give YOU an amazing day!” I huff.

Maya sounds almost feral when she mumbles, “You will.”

She kisses me so passionately I’m a little slow when she pulls back. Murmuring, I ask, “Will you spend the night with me? After your tasks are accomplished?” The phrase ‘tasks are accomplished’ is odd but that’s the wording she’s using so I may as well adapt.

Maya grins and squeezes my breasts under my shirt, “I promise to spend the night with you.”

I love how often her hands explore under my clothes when we’re having an innocent conversation. I am smiling, but in an instant, my body is frozen, my mind blank. She has just hypnotized me with my hidden trigger. Maya’s thumbs are brushing simultaneously back and forth over my nipples. The stealth and speed of my hidden trigger has enabled us to play all kinds of games. Impressively, I will be unaware I was ever hypnotized, just like I remain unaware her hands are often under my clothes during innocent conversations so that she can drop me with this trigger. When I proposed the idea of a hidden trigger to Maya, I never imagined it would become a seamless tool for controlling me.

SNAP. “Wake.”

Maya pecks my cheek but I grab her face and give her a much more intense kiss. She should know what she’ll be missing today. This last month really was so hectic that we haven’t been as intimate as our usual dynamic. I miss her body. I wanted today to be a reconnection of sorts but I guess that will have to wait.

I’m disappointed that she’s leaving, so I’ll just have to occupy myself in other ways. I turn around, but almost immediately, she wraps her arms around me from behind. She squeezes lovingly before sliding her hands under my shirt and tickling lightly over my skin. I giggle and ask, “Are you teasing me so I’ll forgive you for abandoning me?”

My girlfriend rests her chin on my shoulder and hums quietly, “Oh, my silly sweetie, I told you. You are going to have an amazing day.”

Back-and-forth brushing motions pass across my nipples and my mind goes blank. I am frozen in her arms. Hidden trigger trances put me into the best kind of mindset for absorbing programming while my conscious mind is kept oblivious.

There are many tasks for my dominant’s hypnotically-controlled submissive to accomplish today. She begins programming.

“… … …”


I look around my empty kitchen. Maya left when I wasn’t paying attention, I guess. It’s a bummer she won’t be here but I am confident my girlfriend will get everything she wants today. And at least I’ll get to see her tonight.

I pause for a beat and look down at my shirt. Squeezing my breasts, I think, “These need to be accessible.” Quickly, I strip off my shirt and instantly feel so much better. Smiling to myself, I think that keeping my tits bare and accessible would be a great task to accomplish. Maya should have tasks as good as this one!

I walk to my bedroom to put my shirt away, but when I reach the closet, I notice the tips of my fingers are tingling. The sensation intensifies and I drop the shirt as my hands are pulled straight up above my head toward the ceiling. It’s almost like there are magnets in my fingertips pulling them upward. I look toward the ceiling to figure out what could possibly be causing this weird phenomenon.

Back and forth brushing motions pass over my easily accessible and bare nipples. I am frozen in a tall stretch with my face directed toward the ceiling in an empty stare. I won’t remember being hypnotized or the important programming entering my ears.

“… … …”


My eyes focus and I lower my arms. I’m thinking about how fun it would be to do jumping jacks! What a great idea! I laugh as I move quickly to the more spacious part of my bedroom. This feels so important and fun!

My urgent need to accomplish the ridiculous task distracts me from questioning its absurdity. I start jumping in place and my naked breasts bounce as I count out each jumping jack. Wouldn’t it be funny if jiggling tits made me a perfectly obedient good girl? Wouldn’t it be hilarious if counting got harder and harder the more my breasts bounced? I count out loud and bounce my tits until the sensation of my jiggling titties is too distracting to keep a train of thought.

I’m giggling and jumping. “Number!” I exclaim as I can’t remember those kinds of words. Pretty soon, I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore. My giggles are a good sign though, I think. Right? Yeah! I bring my body to rest in a wide-open starfish pose with a giant smile on my face. I’m just…so here. Panting. Tits free. Happy. Clueless.

Back-and-forth brushing motions pass across the nipples of a perfectly oblivious starfish. Frozen. Blank. Open to programming. Unconsciously obedient. Easily fuckable.

“… … …”


My arms slap down on my thighs. They feel tired, like I’ve been holding them up a long time. I blink and bring my spread-out legs together. There is a lot of noticeable wetness between my thighs but my mind is muddled so I can’t focus on why. I don’t even try figuring out why my shorts are wildly askew on my hips. Just like how they’d look if a hand had been down them. And I barely spend a second wondering why dampness coats my breasts, like they’ve been thoroughly licked and sucked.

I just accept everything and wonder how long my girlfriend has been gone. I look at the clock but I can’t remember when she left. I need to give her everything she wants…this stray thought makes me feel good, so I smile. I’m having a hard time stringing together more complex thoughts than that. I don’t, um…I can’t remember. She hugged me in the kitchen and…here I am.

Well, no matter. I need to give her everything she wants. I blink my eyes hard, trying to establish a bit more control over my thoughts. But then I’m thinking, I bet she would love to fuck me mindless, if she were here. I bet Maya would whisper in my ear about fucking me mindless. About what a desperately obedient good girl I am. How deeply submissive I am to my dominant’s desires. I just…I just want her to fuck me mindless. I want to give her everything she wants.

The very thick fog surrounding me feels so good. I’m safe and sexy when I submit.

My eyes drift to my bed and I walk over, stopping a few feet away. I don’t know what gives me the idea but I bend over and lay my head down. I rest my arms near my head on the bedspread and my breasts hang above the floor. My legs spread until my body is balanced in a comfortable angle. As I’m getting situated, my breasts jiggle. I can’t help giggling and shimmying my chest. Jiggling titties make a perfectly obedient good girl. I am home alone today but I want to become a perfectly obedient good girl. A good girl is sexy…obedient…horny…submissive…

Back-and-forth brushing motions pass over the pert nipples of my swinging tits. Blank and frozen. I don’t register how many tasks I have been accomplishing or that the rapid-fire, overwhelming commands plummeting me down into a deeper and deeper, more and more obedient, completely submissive, deeeep trance is training me for an all new, ultimate depth as I am fucked mindless.

“… … …”


My incredibly heavy eyes open slowly. I try to get my bearings but my head seems kind of…empty. It feels like my body has been bent in this position a long time. I sluggishly push my head and shoulders up from the bed where I have clearly been drooling an embarrassing amount. My pussy and the crotch of my shorts are a soaked mess. I feel like I’ve been fucked to an accomplished task…or…org…orgasms. It’s hard to think straight.

Once I am standing up, my hands glide over my naked chest but the effort to move my hands is exhausting. I try to keep controlling them, but an immense, overpowering heaviness wins and my arms drop and shoulders sag under the weight.

I hear my own voice in my head think, “Compliance is bliss.” I can’t muster the energy to question where the idea came from considering I can barely keep my eyes open.

An enticing pull is tempting me to tumble downward. That’s what I want; I want to sink. Sinking is pleasurable and I need pleasure. Pleasure is obedience, but…I must…have pleasure. I must obey.

There are new phrases in my head and I say one out loud, “Sink swiftly and sleep.” A powerful feeling hits me and my eyes cross and roll back. I mumble the next phrase flowing through my head, “Surrender to deep sleep submission.” My jaw can’t close because it’s too loose and my body sways widely. My mind seems to have disappeared into a white-out that feels like a thick blanket of ecstasy.

Something very powerful has happened but all I feel is euphoria. The words from earlier, “Compliance is bliss,” are a quiet grunt before my body face-plants onto the bed like a felled tree. My body bounces against the mattress and slides clumsily to the floor. This perfectly obedient good girl’s mind is in a new depth of unknowing, pleasurable bliss.


My mind retreats from the euphoric white-out, and I struggle to lift my heavy eyes. My limbs are sprawled chaotically and it isn’t easy, but I manage to get up from the floor. I wander out of the bedroom in a daze. My actions seem pre-determined, and internally, my mind repeats the phrases: Sink swiftly and sleep. Surrender to deep sleep submission. Compliance is bliss.

The small grip my mind has on awareness slips smoothly away as I stumble into the living room.

Sink swiftly and sleep. Surrender to deep sleep submission. Compliance is bliss.

Drool streams down my chin and I fall to my knees. Something isn’t…not here…my body starts crawling. Forward movement continues without conscious engagement.

Sink swiftly and sleep. Surrender to deep sleep submission. Compliance is bliss.

My hands and knees feel soft towels laid on the floor, and I stop crawling. Every action is a task getting accomplished.

Sink swiftly and sleep. Surrender to deep sleep submission. Compliance is bliss.

Raising into a kneel, my ass rests on my heels and my head slowly lowers to my chest.

My mind is in the new depth of ‘deep sleep submission’ and has no idea my dominant has been watching the perfect embodiment of a completely mindless toy getting herself exactly where she needs to be before turning off for her dominant to play as she wishes.

Back-and-forth brushing motions pass over the nipples of a very, very deeply hypnotized mindless toy. A hidden trigger induction is unnecessary at this depth but my dominant is too excited to care.

“… … …”


Eyelids flutter, revealing only the whites of my eyes. My upper body lowers to the floor, propping my ass up in the air. My hands pull my shorts as far down as they can go in this position before my arms rest on the floor. The task of freely offering my cunt and bare ass has been accomplished.

I have no thoughts or questions when hands that aren’t my own pull my shorts past my feet, finally making me naked. I am home alone today. I am not confused when my tits are squeezed roughly and my tight nipples are pulled and flicked mercilessly. My pussy is soaking wet and pure sex is running down my thighs as my ass cheeks get spanked and bitten. Moans of obedience fly out of me, unrestrained, as my pussy is filled and fucked perfectly. I am home alone today. I am not confused when I get possessively fucked. I am a mindless toy. Mindless toys are sex toys.

Back-and-forth brushing motions pass over raw nipples. Frozen and blank. Conquered.

“… … …”


Flirting with wakefulness, my body is sore and I feel like I’ve been fucked thoroughly. My eyes are too heavy to open but I accept everything as I feel it.

Pebbly flesh drags along my lips and I wrap my mouth around it greedily. My hands raise and take hold of the breast attached to the nipple I’m sucking. I want to worship with devotion and purpose. I must serve and please.

My hands are pulled from the soft flesh and locked behind my back. There’s no real, physical restraint but I don’t know that. I accept everything as it happens.

A force presses against my forehead and pushes me back from the plump tit. My eyes are still too heavy to open so I can’t see anything, but I whine and pucker at the air anyway. My tongue licks into empty space, searching, reaching for that supple, perfect breast. I need to serve and please.

Suddenly, the nipple taps the tip of my extended tongue and I frantically suction it into my mouth, groaning in gratitude when it stays. My hands remain firmly locked behind my back because I accept the reality of not being able to move them.

While sucking and nibbling with enthusiasm, soft caresses and calming words rapidly soothe me into a tranquil stupor. I am easy to control. I trust and learn the words flowing into my head. I accept what I am told. I understand now; my body is depleted and worn out. I need healing energy to continue my day. Gently suckling this nipple will fill my body with the healing energy I need. Softly suckling solves any problem.

I find it easy to follow my new lesson. My mouth suckles tenderly while my body recovers. My head rests against the plump, pillowy breast as the healing energy flows through my body and soft, relaxing gentleness carries me to sleep. When the little bit of drool trickling around my soft, submissive lips is accompanied by quiet snores, a restful nap does its job.

When I am roused from the healing session, the nipple slides from my loose lips and a satiating glass of water is carefully poured in my mouth. I smile dreamily when it’s gone because my body is refreshed. I am grateful. Calm. Recovered. Rejuvenated. I am ready to serve and please.

Back-and-forth brushing motions pass over my relaxed nipples. Frozen and blank, my rested body is ready to accomplish more tasks.

“… … …”


Thrusting with purpose, my empty voice pants out, “Mindless toys are sex toys. Mindless toy serves your pussy.”

There’s a harness around my hips and one of my hands is grasping a voluptuous tit swaying from each thrust. A smooth back is before me and my other hand is guiding a sexy, curvy hip as I thrust again and again into the perfect pussy. My hand moves from that flopping breast to a hard, warm clit. Rubbing and penetrating at a relentless pace until there is an eruption of wetness and quaking spasms vibrating against my body.

“Mindless toys are sex toys. Mindless toy serves your pussy,” drones as I hover at the ready. I need to serve and please.

Pushed backward, I fall onto my back and lay still. Staring blankly at the ceiling, I repeat, “Mindless toys are sex toys. Mindless toy serves your pussy.” I am waiting to be used as designed. I need to serve and please.

Gorgeous, naked flesh appears above and a perfectly slick pussy slides down my strap-on. My hands, legs, and hips assist while the perfect pussy builds up into an enthusiastic ride. Because mindless toys can be spellbound ever deeper, the beautifully swaying, bouncing breasts above hypnotize and I am gawping shamelessly, endlessly looping, “Mindless toys are sex toys. Mindless toy serves your pussy.” Chanting submissive, carnal devotion continues until a hand clamps over my mouth. High-pitched moans become a scream of emphatic release and jerking shudders against my pelvis. Somehow the phrase, “Cum for me!” travels through the chaos and triggers an orgasm in me as the heavy breasts smother my face.

Tingling and completely dazed, my mind distantly registers gleeful laughter entering my ears. Hearing joy makes me smile. I can’t think, but I have purpose. I am useful. A mindless toy is a sex toy.

Soft kisses pepper my sweaty skin and the harness is removed. Gentle, stroking hands caress my entire body. Smiling airily with closed eyes, I mumble, “Mindless toys are sex toys. Mindless toy serves your pussy.”

Back-and-forth brushing motions pass over my nipples. I am blank and frozen when a soft, naked body drapes over me in a cuddle. Programming whispers into my ears.

“… … …”


My eyes fly open and I am surging with excited energy! I am standing in my bedroom and Maya is sitting on my bed in front of me. She’s incredibly disheveled and delightfully nude. I must give her orgasms! “I’m so happy you’re here!!” I rush toward her and drop to my knees. Spreading her legs wide open, I press my mouth to her cunt. Her pussy tastes like heaven so I open-mouth kiss every square inch of her sex. I must give her orgasms!

Maya groans and collapses back onto the bed as I worship her clit in the way that always pushes her over the edge quickly. She cums with a demonstrative orgasm and I keep teasing, barely allowing any time for a come-down. I push my fingers inside and I’m so focused I don’t hear her mumble, “mmm, maybe I need a moment…” before she’s emitting escalating, surprised cries into a crescendo of her pussy gushing.

I swirl my tongue and tease her clit to drive her crazy while my fingers rub along her inner wall. She arches her back and her thighs spasm wildly. I am accomplishing the task of multiple orgasms! This has built into something so intense it flashes like a bolt of lightning. Her whole body tenses, and then…nothing. There is a spasmic aftershock but otherwise…stillness.

When I realize her silence is lasting, I take stock of my dominant’s inert state. She may have passed out. Devotedly and delicately, I lap up her wet thighs. I want to gently lavish her with love while she rests. I am extra tender to not overstimulate.

After many minutes, Maya’s legs twitch and close tightly, locking my head between them. She moans and relaxes her thighs before one of her hands weakly gestures my face away.

I sit comfortably on the floor, practically glowing with wide-awake, happy energy while Maya comes back to herself. She’s so wonderful. She deserves all the orgasms in the world.

When my girlfriend pushes herself up, she looks completely wrecked. She’s laughing as she appraises my joyful demeanor. I simply watch and wait before Maya presses my nose like a button and rasps, “What is always true?”

In an act of programmed compliance, I respond easily, “Mindless toy obeys.”

“Perfect,” she replies. “That means your obedience is a reflex. You obey me because obedience is natural. You will sleep deeply when my hand passes across your vision.” She swipes her hand through the air in front of me and my body slumps, my head dropping to my chest. I am deeply hypnotized, just like that.

Maya smirks at the flawless obedience. “Tell me, what is a mindless toy?"

“Mindless toys are sex toys.” The responding voice sounds far away and slow.

“Exactly. What does my mindless toy love to do?”

“Mindless toy serves your pussy.”

“You have done an awful lot of that today. You’ve been an absolutely perfect mindless toy for me. Wait here in this deeply peaceful trance until I return.” Maya shuffles into the bathroom to shower and give herself time to pull herself together. I remain just as she leaves me.  

Later, back-and-forth brushing motions travel across my nipples. I am frozen and blank.

“… … …”


Languid. Heavy. Thick, white-out euphoria surrounds my mind. Cocooning within layers of blissful mindlessness. There are no thoughts and the body of the mindless toy obeys.

It is impossible in this state to retrieve memories of a time when this body wasn’t controlled by my dominant. There are no thoughts and the body of the mindless toy obeys.

It is impossible to remember I spent the whole day smelling Maya. Tasting Maya. Feeling Maya. Fucking Maya. I was alone today. My girlfriend was not here today. There are no thoughts and the body of the mindless toy obeys.

My dominant’s good girl is capable of entering the deepest bliss possible, becoming a truly mindless toy. Mindless toys are a network of pleasure receptors, making them easy to control and train. There are no thoughts and the body of the mindless toy obeys.

There is a map to ‘deep sleep submission’ inside this good girl, accessible only to her dominant. Only under the guidance of her trusted and loving dominant, can her mind be swallowed by ‘deep sleep submission’, a pure state of ecstasy. In this place, there are no thoughts and the body of the mindless toy obeys.

Gentle caresses, sips of water, and comforting, replenishing care on every inch of flesh. A shower. Putting on clothes. Euphoria drugs the mindless toy’s mind while the body of the mindless toy obeys.

All tasks accomplished.

Back-and-forth brushing motions pass over the body’s nipples. An ability to fully wake will be possible once again.

“… … …”


I’m in my kitchen, fully clothed and freshly showered. My body is sore and I’m tired, but in a good way. Something seems…I feel like I’m forgetting…hmm... I give up whatever I’m trying to figure out and start thinking about dinner. Hopefully, my girlfriend will be here soon. I wanted to spend the day with her but she had other plans.

The object of my yearning wraps her arms around me from behind in a hug. “Maya!” I exclaim. “You’re finally home!” I turn around quickly to bury myself in her warm embrace. “I’m so glad you’re here. Did all your tasks get accomplished?”

Maya wears the widest smile, “Oh my god, baby, did they ever! Every task was accomplished perfectly. Everything fell exactly into place. It was amazing.”

I feel extremely happy hearing she had a successful day even though I don’t know what she was doing. We gaze at each other affectionately and I notice she looks relaxed and joyful. This is the healthiest I’ve seen her look in a while. She adds, “It’s a relief when your plans go even better than you’d hoped.”

I smile, “I totally know what you mean.”

Maya smirks and squints, “Do you?”

I tilt my head at the odd question. “Of course, I do,” I laugh.

“How was your day?” She asks with an elevated curiosity.

“I had an amazing day!”

She smiles and pecks my lips. “I knew you would. What did you do?”

“I gave you everything you wanted.” Uh. Hm. Why did I say that?

She chuckles and asks, “And what else did you do?”

“I accomplished every task.” I furrow my brow because this is weird. “Um.” What did I do today? I can’t think of anything concrete from my day. Maya is watching me, so I smile at her again and settle on, “I had an amazing day.”

She pecks my lips again and my well-trained subconscious keeps me from caring why I only know what I should know and forget what I need to forget.

Maya caresses my cheek and comments, “Well, I have to say, you sound exactly like a perfectly programmed good girl.”

I lean into her touch and feel no need to ask why she said that. Unconscious obedience is a powerful guide.

I suggest we make dinner together and afterward we can cuddle on the couch. I remind her I had planned to spend the day taking care of her because of her crazy month at work finally coming to an end. I was hoping for a sexy reunion, so to speak.

Maya hums thoughtfully and raises both hands to caress my cheeks. It’s such a gentle and soft gesture. She doesn’t say anything before softly running her fingers around my forehead and down my nose. Her fingertips lightly dance over my face and along the edge of my ears. I’m surprised that my eyes droop low right away and my jaw relaxes. I slip into a quiet and receptive state and my arms around her waist slide limply to my sides. My mind is already soft and I feel submissive to my perfect dominant.

Maya’s gentle touches are hypnotic when I’m heavily fractionated, but I haven’t been hypnotized today so this overwhelming effect is unexpected.

I am still and loose as she begins lightly licking my neck, dropping little kisses in the wake of her tongue. Her soft mouth is unyielding and one of her hands slides under my shirt to tickle my breasts lightly. Combining gentle arousal with deep relaxation is her trademark and I am helplessly under her control.

My dominant begins quietly murmuring and my brain absorbs the words easily. I’m smiling in a dreamy haze and promise, “Mindless toy obeys,” for some reason. I have no explanation for how a day alone can turn me into an easy-to-manipulate submissive.

Maya tilts my head so that she can get a good look at my hypnotized expression. Her voice is gentle, “Well, would you look at that, mindless toy. You floated away so easily, baby.”

My eyes close heavily and I can’t believe drool is already trickling over the edge of my lip. This is extreme for my first trance of the day.

Maya chuckles. “You simply cannot resist my trances, sweetie.”


My dominant sounds confident and soothing, “I have total control. Only I can do this to you.”

“…only…you,” mumbles from my slack lips.

“Yes. You only know what you should know and forget what you need to forget.”

“…forget.” There’s a pleasurable cloud blocking me from any memories from my day.

“Sink swiftly and sleep.”

Everything disappears into a white-out…

“Surrender to deep sleep submission. Compliance is bliss.”

My dominant is holding my slack body against her while my empty head rests under her chin. I am, once again, in the deepest level possible. I only sense bliss and euphoria.

“What a powerful, new depth we’ve reached together, good girl. We’ll keep practicing your path to ‘deep sleep submission.’ And before you know it, a day of fractionation and programming won’t be necessary. It will become easier and easier to fall into the ecstasy drugging you right now. Thank you, good girl, for giving me a whole day of play where the specifics remain locked in your subconscious. We will both benefit from what we’ve achieved today.”

My dominant suspects I’ll need all day tomorrow, in addition to tonight’s full night of genuine sleep, to be my normal, wakeful self again. There is going to be a lot of aftercare on the agenda but she’s not ready to give up control yet. She takes a moment to think to herself. This has been an eventful day and she wants to bask in its success as much as possible.

“Okay. Your mind is in ‘deep sleep submission’ so your body will obey without thinking. Stand on your own strength.”

My body gets its form back and stands up straight.

“Perfectly done, mindless toy. You will remain this deep until I give permission to fall asleep later tonight. When the non-hypnotized version of you wakes tomorrow morning, you will only remember that at some point today, we had sex, just like you wanted us to. You won’t remember all the various ways we fucked or all the hypnosis I used to play with your body. But you will know we had sex and that’s all you need to know. You only know what you should know and forget what you need to forget. When you wake as yourself tomorrow morning, we will have a relaxing day filled with nourishment and care and wakefulness. But for now, your mind remains in ‘deep sleep submission’. I created this euphoric paradise just for you.”

Maya gently places kisses all over my face. She’s feeling emotional and grateful. Not only did this day go perfectly, but I willingly signed up for it. A combination of hidden trigger fractionation, thoughtful programming, and sex dismantled Maya’s girlfriend into…well, this.

“Open your eyes.”

My eyelids raise and reveal an empty, unfocused gaze. Maya wiggles her fingers in front of me but I don’t blink or track the movement. Carefully, my dominant leads my body into the living room. I don’t have any conscious sense of what is happening. My insides are on an endless loop of mesmerized euphoria.

“Lay here on the couch. Stay here while I make us dinner.”

Maya lays the limp hands of my body across my stomach and gently lowers my eyelids. This is the most ‘hypnotically blissed out’ she’s ever seen me. A bit awed by what we’ve accomplished, she sits on the edge of the couch and takes stock.

Glancing at my chest, Maya sees the slight protrusion of nipples through my thin top. She smirks at her partners in crime, the highly effective hidden triggers. Teasing her fingertips over the peaks, she watches as they tighten into pointy crests under my shirt. Glancing at my face, she sees it remains passive under the command of ‘deep sleep submission.’

My girlfriend has standing consent to play with my breasts whenever she wants, so she decides to delay dinner to fondle. Submissive playthings are meant to be played with, after all.

She pulls my shirt upward before nibbling on one of my breasts. She’s reminded of many hours ago when I stood in a frozen starfish pose while her mouth made out with my chest. Leaning back, she twists and pulls on my nipples and watches my lack of outward reaction.

Maya leans in to my ear and whispers, “Deep sleep submission has intense orgasms. Cum for me.”

My lips separate and Maya watches small, twitching movements give away the deeply internal, mental orgasm that is erupting inside me.

She traces my ear with the tip of her finger before saying, “Beautiful mindless toy. Cum for me.”

Watching closely, she revels in the quiver of my muscles as another burst goes off inside my obedient mind.

Satisfied, she stands up and leaves my shirt bunched above my chest. She practically skips back to the kitchen on a high, ready to start an evening of tenderness for her deeply enthralled toy. Tomorrow’s aftercare won’t involve any hypnosis, but tonight? She’s going to keep her mindless toy bathed in bliss.

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