The Seed Must Flow

by LeafTilde

Tags: #dom:female #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #scifi #sub:male #corruption #femboy #feminization #gaslighting #masturbation #public_use

Cumthirsty plantgirls femdomming, mind controlling, and gaslighting a guy with pheromonal pollen into turning into a chronically masturbating pervert pet who gets off on shame!

Heads up, this story is a little meaner than my usual fare! There’s a character unsure as to what’s real and what’s a dream, complete with gaslighting. There’s a lot of fluid talk and cum fixation. There’s LOTS of humiliation and exhibitionism. I don’t know what got into me, I just…y’know those people who speak in tongues? It’s like that, I was channeling the divine spirit of my fetishes through my writing.

The Kirayn female raised an eye tendril. “You sure you wanna do this? Three weeks with a ship full of plantgirls?”

Riley bit back a retort. This was the third flunky who had tried to warn him about taking the job offer on the Enveloped Lilac, and he was getting frustrated having to repeat himself.

“Listen, I’m a Class 3 Bioengineer. Fully licensed on heterodox FTL drives, H3 systems, and xenocultural contact. And I’m all paid up on union dues.” He tapped the tablet again, pointing to his credentials, which floated around the top.

The insectoid didn’t look convinced. Though, admittedly, it was difficult to read the facial features of someone with an exoskeleton. He’d spent most of his time in this sector with the Shareeakk, whose combination of flailing pseudolimbs and rapid colour changing carapaces were a little too expressive. Riley was unsure if the Kirayn was deploying dry wit or was just not impressed by his bonafides.

“But you’re a Mammal, right? Why would you want a ride on a Florana ship.”

“What? Mammals can’t ride in plant ships? That’s a bit of an old-fashioned way of thinking.” When she didn’t take his bait, he elaborated. “The Lilac is taking a quicker route back to Earthspace than I can get anywhere else. Three standard weeks versus two standard months. I got my dough. I wanna head back home.”

She pricked a dextrous foretendril on the tablet, scrolling to the left until she found the itinerary. “You sure you wanna spend three ten-days with the greenies? You know the stories.”

He made a face. “I’ve had it on good authority that those are just old scavver’s tales. Plenty of mammalians out here say they’ve worked with Florana and none of them mention turning into braindrained thralls.”

With a long, wet exhale, the last barrier standing between him and his new ship handed the tablet back with an ‘all-clear’ sticker on the file.

“Remember that I warned you.”


With his duffel on his shoulder, he made his way to the airlock. In truth, he’d heard just as many warnings as he’d had people dispelling them. But…if the rumours were true…he had to try it out.

His obsession with the Florana had begun when he’d spotted the most peculiar flower resting in a vase at one of the dive bars on Kulgaara Station. In a room that smelled of stale beer and three species of piss, its walls slowly rotting from neglect and full to the brim of people whose lives had hit the skids, it stood as a singular moment of beauty. He’d stared at it for an hour, breathing in its amazing aroma, before he bothered asking what it was, where it had come from.

Apparently, it had come from a Florana vessel. They grew the things. Not just the flower, but the whole ship! He’d worked on ships with biotech parts before. Shareeakk reactor coolant systems had more in common with cardiopulmonary organs than any power plant he’d ever seen. But the chance to examine a fully grown starship was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

And, he had to admit, there was another reason. If he was being honest, the real reason: he’d heard the Florana were total sluts. Like, always down to fuck, 100% freaks in bed to a woman. Or femme-adjacent subgender. He wasn’t quite sure how it worked, but they seemed to like female pronouns on the whole. And he liked girls. He Really liked girls. So an entire ship full of sexed up plantgirls who were Down To Fuck sounded like a vacation cruise, not a work trip!

The stories about their pollen had given him pause. Apparently, mammalian life had unpredictable reactions to it. Some didn’t notice it at all, some went into full anaphylactic shock…and some became totally subservient pets. And there was no way to tell unless you tested yourself. He had an ace up his sleeve, however.

At the Coreward Departure Lounge, he searched for his gate. Sure enough, there was a gorgeous plantlady standing at the airlock, her cute little button nose buried in a tablet. She wore the skintight and skimpy uniform her kind preferred. Shorts, top, and shoes mostly. Unprofessional to most races, the exposed skin allowed for photosynthesis in proper lighting. Just the thought of being around a space ship of plant nymphos who dressed like that all the time was enough to make him dizzy!

He ducked into a less crowded corner of the Lounge and withdrew a small hypo full of antihistamine. A tech he paid off had told him it’d make him immune to the pollen’s effects. And he’d had enough stored in his bags to make the whole three week journey. That meant three weeks of pure erotic encounters with none of the embarrassing loss of willpower. He’d be a fool not to!

Gathering up his never, he approached the Florana. Outwardly, they appeared to be feminine Humanoids. Standing around 5 feet tall, they sported gorgeous leafy petals in vivid colours instead of hair. This one’s were a vivid purpley blue, like an iris from Earth.

“Hello? I’m the Human who’ll be earning my passage on this trip,” he said, offering a hand. The Florana looked up from her tablet. When she spoke, he couldn’t help but notice both her mouth and tongue were glowing an iridescent green!

“Oh! When I saw your species listed on the manifest, I thought it was a typo. You’re more than welcome! But…” She looked to the left and right, then leaned in theatrically. “You know what effect our pollen has on some of your kind, yes?”

He nodded. “Oh, I’ve no doubt. But I’m strong willed. I can manage.”

She gave him a shake of her head, then took his offered hand. “Well, if you think you’re up to it, welcome aboard! My name’s Nala. Let’s get you settled in!”


The inner airlock dilated, allowing the pair entry into a strange vessel. The walls were organic, almost like leaves grown in a cylindrical shape. On closer inspection, the material was fibrous, and he could feel it pulse when he pressed his hand to it. Growing from the ceiling at regular intervals were these luminous floral ‘bulbs’. Light-flowers, they were descriptively called. He didn’t quite understand the biology of it, but they produced enough pseudo-sunlight for the Florana to passively metabolize instead of an actual star.

“Yes, yes, the walls are alive,” Nala said with a grin, jerking her thumb down the corridor. “You’ll get used to it. She’s no different than one big, floating Florana once you get past the ribbing. It took me a while to not feel your cold metal bulkheads, but that’s all normal for me now.”

Riley nodded absently. It truly was remarkable, but he did his best not to look like a complete bumpkin among his new coworkers. While Nala led, he took a good, long look at her pert ass. Her ‘uniform’ hid very little, and he had to drag his eyes away like drunks out of a bar before he caught him.

“This way’ll take us to your quarters,” she said, taking a curving right turn at a four-way junction. As they rounded the corner, his eyes caught movement down one of the other paths. One Florana had her back against the bulkhead equivalent, her mouth open and gasping for air. A circulation glitch? No! The reason for her breath catching was the fluffy bush of red petals pressed up against her nethers, connected to an entirely different Florana. She was getting eaten out in full view of the rest of the ship!

“It’s rude to stare.”

Riley nearly jumped out of his socks. Nala had joined him, looking down the corridor at the pair of lovers.

“Sorry! I just…I guess I was surprised,” he explained.

“Oh, right. Inhibitions. Very little of those on our ship,” his guide explained. “Is that going to be a problem?”

The Human shook his head so hard it nearly flew off his spine. “No ma’am!”

“Good. Because that’s probably one of the tamer displays you’ll see. And I lied before…staring is encouraged~”


The first days of his voyage were surprisingly mundane, given his expectations. After getting brushed off by the enigmatic Captain Lin, he met some of his new crewmates. They all seemed rather interested in having a Human on board. A good sign, he thought. They’d all been rather playful in their language and banter, but hadn’t quite reciprocated interest in his attempts at flirtation. But given how down to fuck they clearly were, it was only a matter of time before their curiosity got the better of them.

Initially, he took the role of an apprentice to two of the Florana. Nala was the Chief Bioengineer, or at least that was what her rank translated as. He learned the basics of their systems and shadowed her as she went about her regular maintenance. Another Florana, Alina, was the Deckmistress, a mix of Bosun and Quartermaster, managing internal logistics, on-board equipment, as well as maintaining morale. He bounced in between shifts helping them, and in between, he acclimatized himself to his new environs.

The Enveloping Lilac was the strangest ship he’d ever served on, and it took him more time than he was prepared for to get used to operating on a truly living vessel. The rush of air as it ‘breathed’ in and out, the throbbing conduits carrying everything from fresh water to plasma to where it needed to go. And the myriad, all-encompassing scents of living things. Whenever he thought he’d gone noseblind to them, another would appear to take him off his guard, or an old one would resurface.

The antihistamines were lasting, or perhaps they weren’t doing anything at all. He suspected he was simply too mentally strong to be affected by these beautiful plantgirls, but he kept taking them just to be safe.

Still…he’d noticed an uptick in his arousal. Which only made sense on a ship full of beautiful women! Even so, none so far had picked up on his deft, subtle suggestions that they make time with one another. And he knew they were sexually active, because not a day went by when he didn’t ‘accidentally’ find one or two or even three engaged in some extraduty action in public spaces. One time, a pair even fucked in the mess hall while he was eating! The little fruits they served him were delicious, but he barely noticed them going down his gullet while watching a Florana ride the face of her friend on a dinner table.

Hot. He felt hot. He ran off back to his room to rub one out after that, launching thick spurts of seed into his hand in mere moments. Fuck…he could get used to dinner and a show.

His room was more like a little pod, which opened for him to enter and closed when he settled down. Other pods held the lower ranked Florana in the same room, and they left him alone once settled down. He could hear them, though. They often moaned, gasping, as they pleasured themselves long into the night. It was hard to ignore them, and more than once he rubbed one out to their sighs. Just imagining all the hot sex he was going to have soon…it was too much to handle! He settled down into his large, leaf-like blanket and went to sleep. Inhaling, exhaling, each breath bringing in more and more of those wonderful scents.


A week into his cruise and still, no luck with the ladies. Riley was hard at work on the xylem pumps with Nala when he felt that heat rise in his belly again. She was bent over a large, pulsing node, and he felt like if he stared long enough, he could make out the contours of her lower petals. His cock, pressed against his underwear and his body glove, stiffened. This close to the Florana engineer, he worried what this might look like.

“Umm, I might need to take five,” he said, stepping back. The plantgirl craned her neck around to look at him, the worst possible outcome, and clearly noticed his erection.

“Oh, that?” she said, waving it off. “That’s normal. Mammals do that all the time around Florana.”

He nodded, but his cheeks still stung. “Sorry. I’d control it if I could.”

“Why?” she asked, tilting her head. “You’re a healthy Human male. You have urges. Why shrink from them?”

She stood up from her work and pulled up her top, revealing her very, very Humanoid breasts for him. Two dark green orbs topped by rose pink buds. He sputtered some confused syllables, but he didn’t look away.

“I…umm…thank you?” Riley offered.

“Do you think I look pretty?”


“Then don’t be rude. Show me.” She pointed again to his cock, making it very clear she wasn’t being euphemistic or coy. Seemingly unwilling to let it drop, he shrugged and did his best to look like he wasn’t being bullied into this. This is what he wanted, after all!

Well, sort of.

He pulled out his cock, and sure enough, it was throbbing harder than the organ they were working on. He gripped himself and stroked, nervously at first. He was used to being the one in control, but being ordered to do something did have a certain appeal. Before he knew it, he was really getting into it.

“Do you…ngh…do you like Human guys?” he asked.

“Of course. Many species have males, and I love them all. Not all the crew feels the same, mind, but we all understand the appeal of having a powerful, masculine presence like yourself on board. We can smell you, y’know.”

He paused. “What?”

Nala grinned. “Whenever you masturbate, we can smell it on you. It’s obvious. But it’s okay. It’s a compliment, really. Keep stroking.”

Riley nodded shakily and obeyed. His mind awash with all the things he wanted to do to Nala, to the other Florana on the ship. Press his mouth to their folds, rub his hand through their hair-equivalent. And most of all, stuff his fat, throbbing, needy-

His orgasm came about suddenly, shocking even him. A trio of ropes splattered his palm, with the rest dribbled into the tiny puddle while he milked himself to completion. Before he could come down from the orgasmic high, the bioengineer lifted his hand still cupped full of seed for her inspection.

“Hmm…” she mused, poking it with her finger. “You don’t make much of this, do you?”

“Well, I mean,” he began, stumbling over an excuse. Before he could conjure explanation or excuse, she licked the residue off her finger. Her eyes closed, and she audibly moaned.

“Mmm. Haven’t tasted Human in a while. Thanks cutes. So, what say we get back to work?”


His efforts to make himself useful were hindered by the arousal that never seemed to fade entirely. Jerking off felt great, better than normal even! But the heat only ever dropped to a simmer, never fully cooling down like it had before.

He noticed other changes to his body, ones that had nothing to do with his lusts. There weren’t many mirrors or reflective surfaces in the ship, but from what he could glean, he was getting softer. Both in his face and in his general musculature. He hadn’t need to shave more than once in the last week, and what little body hair he had had fluttered away one morning in the communal waterfall shower, a place the Florana liked to congregate in as well as use to clean themselves.

There’d be no hiding his erections there, and while they were polite, he could tell they were noticing. Some were staring. Others giggled and talked quietly amongst themselves. But they didn’t shy away. No inhibitions, he remembered Nala saying. And they were likewise free with showing off their bodies to his eye. They were Humanoid in every way that mattered to his libido, top to bottom.

Alina in particular. Rather than small and pert like Nala, the Deckmistress of the Florana ship was a lovely pear shape. An enormous round bottom and thighs drew his attention even when she was fully clothed. When nude, it was all he could do to keep from pressing his face between her cheeks! Between which, he couldn’t help but notice, were organs similar to the ones he was familiar with. He did note that both holes happened to glow the same bright green as her mouth.

His masturbation increased beyond mere stress relief. It was getting compulsive. He started yearning for it during duty hours, slipping away for minutes at a time to quickly blast ropes in the corridor. Sometimes he got caught, but the Florana didn’t seem to mind. They masturbated too, he rationalized, hand full of spent seed. Why shouldn’t he?

Riley’s normal roster of spankbank favourites morphed in his mind as his shifts wore on, turning into the shapely curves and verdant skin of his coworkers. His college sweetheart’s ruby lips morphed into Nala’s grinning face, asking him to tug his cock for her. His crewmate on the Star’s Destiny who’d let him try anal for the first time, replaced with Alina’s gorgeous rear end awaiting his dick.

In time, Riley stopped worrying about being seen. Why was he imposing his preconceived modesty and shame on others? Whenever he felt the urge, he withdrew his cock and began stroking himself. The first few times he did avoid looking at his crewmates, but their blasé attitude and incredibly attractive bodies left him slack-jawed and needy.

“Fuck,” he said one duty shift, ogling Deckmistress Alina like a true lecher, “You Florana babes are so fucking hot.”

Alina giggled, a musical sound that made his heart pound even faster. “We know, silly. That’s why we enjoy each other’s company so often!”

He nodded dumbly, jerking his fat cock off in full view of the gorgeous green woman. Their tight clothing did more to accentuate, rather than hide, their feminine physiques. Garnish on an incredible dish. And Alina’s plump body was no exception. When he felt the pressure build and his toes curl, he had the forethought to point his prick away from his coworker before splattering his load on the bulkhead.

Nala shook her head. “Next time, just do it on me. Use me as your living, breathing cumrag if you wanna.”

Riley blinked. “Y-you sure?”

Instead of answering directly, she crossed the distance between them, body swaying with a hypnotic rhythm, and slid her finger around his drooling cock. Collecting the dregs of his orgasm, she let it drip from her hand to her surprisingly long, glowing tongue. If he hadn’t just climaxed, he knew he would be rock hard right now.

And in a few minutes, thinking back on what just happened…he was.


Two weeks had passed, and he wondered if something wasn’t getting through the antihistamine shots. He was constantly horny, to a point where not even the omnipresence of attractive women could fully account for his libido’s overstimulated state. He offered himself on several occasions to his coworkers, begging even, but they simply laughed and moved on with their shift. That distance they kept only made them more attractive, which led to even more distraction during his duties.

Small consolation, both Nala and Alina were fine with him using their bodies to catch. Even letting him rub his cock to completion on them. He felt like such a pervert, but that made it all the hotter when he got to spurt his load onto their clothes or their bare skin. He’d tried to turn it into something more, grinding on them after the last drop had drooled onto their bodies, but they skillfully pivoted away. Or worse, made him self-conscious of just what he was doing with a skillful shift of conversation to their assigned task.

Although he wasn’t fucking as much as he’d hoped, this was still more than worth the price of admission! Coming up on the tail end of his scheduled journey, he would regret stepping off the Enveloped Lilac and back around the less accommodating species, including his own.

So it was with a mix of emotions that he found himself called up to the bridge. Excitement at getting the chance to see this illusive woman, the only Florana he’d yet to gawk at. But also fear that she might call him out for his boorish, lecherous behaviour.

Arriving through the transport tube, he entered the bridge with all his bits squared away. They’d given him a similar uniform to their own, but he found the tight fabric constricted him down in the undercarriage region if he wore it too long the way it was intended. He’d taken to having his cock and balls fully unzipped and flopping around most of the time, but for this special occasion, he kept his parts squared away.

“Reporting as ordered!” he piped up cheerfully. The bridge resembled others he’d seen, though the Captain of the vessel rested atop a large stem-like structure rather than sitting in a chair on the same plane as the duty stations. Upon noticing him arrive, the stem descended, allowing Captain Lin to stroll off of it and approach.

She was the tallest Florana on board by far, easily half a foot taller than he was. She looked down at him with an imperious expression, her rose coloured petal hair tied in a severe bun. Her uniform was more elaborate, with epaulets and boots, but nevertheless showed off plenty of skin to consume the ship-board lighting. And her top…her top barely contained a pair of breasts that would, and should, be described as melons in both shape and size.

“Our Human crewmember. I apologize for not greeting you until now. How has your journey been?”

Riley paused, trying to think of anything but her enormous cans. “It’s…uhh…been amazing, Captain ma’am. I’ve seen some incredible things!”

“I bet. I suppose you’ll be seeing more than you bargained for, unfortunately. We’ve been diverted to the Tarugan’s Cluster.”

“W-what?” the Human stammered. That was at least another three weeks away! His antihistamines would be history by then! “That wasn’t what I signed up for!”

“I’m afraid it’s in the contract you signed. Such diversions happen. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I trust you’ll be able to manage your duties? Nala tells me you’ve been very observant during your last few shifts.”

He had no idea what to say. If this is what he was like with his shots, what the heck would be be like without them? He nodded dumbly, and Captain Lin gave him a pat on the head.

“Don’t work too hard, though. I’d hate to see my crew get bored. Who knows what devilry they’d get up to with a Human in their midst?”


The first time he woke up with a Florana around his dick, he was shocked. Not that the crew of attractive women would use him like this, would treat him like a toy to play with. That much was already clear. No, he was surprised by how long it had taken for them to start.

It explained his dreams of late. They all started normal: office jobs, late for class, moments in his past. But they all turned to corrupted, pornographic versions before long. His professor with the tight sweaters bulging out of them until they looked practically obscene. His home town best friend bending over in front of him while she switched comm stations, her ass growing bigger and bigger as he stared. In each, the world was getting more perverted. But so was he.

“Oh! Hi there!” Alina said, popping off his cock when she noticed his fluttering eyelids. “Don’t worry about it, little sprout. You’re just having another dream.”

He blinked. It didn’t look like a dream. But his lungs filled with that strange spicy warmth, and his head grew all foggy.

“A dream?” he asked without any critical thought.

“Yep! Another one about fucking your coworkers. Alina in particular. You want her to suck your little Human cock. Really perverted stuff. In the suncycle, you’re gonna wake up with a big, silly stain in your blanket.”

He nodded. That sounded true. He had a lot of dreams about the Florana. So many…god, he wished he could just fuck them already. He wished just once he could just bend one of them over and-

Riley groaned, looking down to see Alina’s gorgeous lips slurp up his load. But there was no one there. He was alone in his little pod as he shot a truly prodigious wet dream into his covers. Oh no. He really had to get a hold of himself. He drifted off to sleep once more, not even noticing the little slurping noises that the ventilation system made.


Riley was losing control of himself. His shifts were a hazy mess of masturbation and wank fantasies that blended into reality. What little work he was able to get done was double and triple checked by the Florana and told that he needn’t have bothered. That he should stick to what he was good at: stroking off.

He’d already lost dominion over his body. Whatever was happening to him was not just feminizing his form, but it was making his loads impossibly large. He had to drink several glasses of water at every meal just to keep from dehydrating. But to what end? Why was this happening to him?

His dreams were only getting more perverted. Not only were the women all Florana, they were always in a dominant position over him. Even the memories of his real sexual encounters were being subsumed by versions where he was the bottom, getting ridden or used like a living sextoy for the pleasure of his floral partner. He’d moan and writhe and beg to cum. And they’d let him, but only after his orgasm began did he realize it was yet another ludicrously wet dream.

His waking dreams were even more humiliating. He would try to stay on task turning his shift. But then the Florana he was helping would just grab his dick and start jerking him off, or playing with his ass and making him leak precum all over the floor. Inevitably, he’d snap out of his fantasy, and it would be him and him alone who was rubbing up on Alina’s ass while she bent over, or jerking himself off into Nala’s food while she ate. After he came down from his orgasmic high, which only seemed to grow in mind-blanking pleasure with every day, he’d stammer apologies and promises to control himself. But the Florana wouldn’t accept them.

“You’re just a horny Human boy,” they’d say. “You can’t control yourself.”

And eventually…he started to believe them. He’d barely noticed his antihistamine shots had run out, but now, he could tell there were consequences. His loads were enormous. Beyond what should be possible. And he was leaking pre in increasing volumes whenever he was aroused, which was constantly. He barely did any work during his duty shifts. Not that the Florana complained. He felt guilty for not pulling his own weight, and tried to take his concerns to Captain Lin the next chance he got.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” the Captain said when he brought her his request for more solo shifts. “I’ve already had Alina and Nala take over for your duties.”

Riley blanched. “I…what?”

She smiled, but the Human’s eyes were still locked on her enormous, barely contained cleavage. He knew he should be looking away, that it was disrespectful. Especially given that he was naked and obviously, Obviously erect.

“Focus on what you’re good at.” The Captain pressed her face so close to his that he could smell nothing but her floral perfume. “Fucking your fist.”

His hand found his cock. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. She smiled, but did not look away. Not until he spurted his submissive seed onto her thighs. Was this real? Did it matter?


After the first month milestone, Riley was having problems telling his dreams from his waking life. He could have sworn the Florana girls were entering his room every night to suck him off. To drain his balls down their mouth and swallow his spunk. But it all dissolved into a dream. All the depraved sex he THOUGHT he was having always turned out to be him getting lost in his own perverted fantasies. It HAD felt real, but so did the spunky mess cooling around his crotch in the morning.

He still felt ashamed when he masturbated, but he didn’t care anymore. The gorgeous women around him were too sexy, too lustful, too clearly on display for his pleasure that he had to jerk off. He stopped even pretending to work, but he still went on shift duty. Following around each Florana crewmate with his cock in his hand, pleasuring himself at the slightest whim. When he came, he shot on them. Or he smeared his hand with his seed and then rubbed up on their skin like some tainted offering to a primordial goddess. They wanted his cum, he just knew it deep in his soul. They deserved it. Every drop.

One day, the mood of his plantgirl patrons changed. He was in the cargo bay, eyes locked on Alina’s enormous ass as usual. When instead of encouraging his lusts, she scoffed at him.

“Do you mind, pervert?” Alina said. “I’m busy.”

He momentarily stopped stroking. “What?”

She turned to him, spanner in hand. “We’re all getting sick of cleaning up your messes around here. We love a cute boy who can’t control himself, but this is getting pathetic. Don’t you have any shame?”

Shame. Pathetic. He shuddered. Fuck, he did. It felt so fucking humiliating. But it felt too good to stop.

“I…I’m sorry, I’ll try to control myself…” he said, knowing full well he’d fail.

Alina seemed to know that too. She walked over to one of the translucent light-flowers on the wall, plucked it, and rolled it into a kind of sheath. The leaves congealed together, forming a contiguous whole. In its place on the wall, a replacement grew in less than a minute, bathing their little part of the room in its renewed glow.

“Here,” she said, handing it to him. “Use this.”

Riley stared at it, dumbfounded. She demonstrated by wrapping the flower petals around his rock hard erection, where they quickly formed a seal.

“It’s…a condom?” he asked, excitement spilling into his face. Was he going to get to have sex?!

She laughed straight in his blushing face. “Don’t jump the gun, pervert. Use these to catch your juices.”

He shivered, eyes rolling back. Why did degrading talk feel so hot? Why was he getting off to being called a deviant?

“But…” His reasoning failed him, but a single spark of reluctance lit up the blank fog in his brain. “What should I do with them once they’re full?”

The smile the Florana gave belonged on a carnivorous predator, not a plant. “Why, you give them to me or one of the other girls on this ship. And then you tell them, without holding back, just what perverted, disgusting thought or action made you fill it.”

With a strangled moan and without further stimulation, Riley came. His hand shot out to quickly complete the orgasm, but there was no mistaking he’d just climaxed from being made to feel like a disgusting, horny pervert. The condom bloated to the size of a golf ball before he was done, far and away the largest of his loads so far.

“There we go. Guess you don’t have to tell me what made you fill this one,” the derisive temptress said. She peeled the rolled petal condom from his prick and, as if daring him to look away, she upended the loose end into her mouth.

“W-what are you-” he stammered, watching as the plantgirl drained his freshly filled condom to the last drop.

She licked her lips clean before continuing. “You silly boy. I thought you would have figured it out by now. Mammalian semen is our favourite drug! Makes the long, sunless days through the void easier to bear. Hard to get fresh this far on the rim. Luckily, there’s no end to horny Human idiots like you we can lure to be our live-in cumpump.”

He shook his head. “No! That’s…but I thought…I thought I was the one using you!”

Alina shook her head. Then, tapped her chin in a thoughtful pose. “I suppose we’re using each other, in a way. You get to jerk your little dicklet to our beautiful bodies, and we get to drain your seed. But in a more accurate sense, you’re a public use cum fountain for our pleasure. Guess it depends on your perspective, I guess.”

He staggered back. This was another fantasy. It had to be! He slapped himself, the sting bringing his eyes back into focus. But he still saw Alina, her pretty features marred with a viscous glee.

“Did you really think this was your idea in the first place?” she asked, barely holding back her laughter. “The flower in the bar, remember? You were entranced by our pollen before you even let the space station.”

The pollen! Oh, how could he be so naïve? So cocksure! This was his last chance! With adrenaline surging, he raced away from the cargo bay, down the hall, toward the personnel airlock. If he could get to his vac suit, he could save himself. He could filter out the air and breathe free. Think clearly for once in his journey!

The corridors of the Enveloping Lilac seemed to stretch forever as he ran, their shape churning and shifting against his memory. It was as if the ship itself was warping itself! But of course…the living bulkheads. The Lilac was just a large, space-faring Florana in the end. And it was against him. Doors closed, pathways wound to sudden dead ends. He staggered forward, desperate for some sense of sanctuary. The ship bent itself into a maze…and he was the rat.

Weary, out of breath, and sucking it lungfuls of tainted air, he found the door to the airlock. But he wasn’t alone. Standing in front of it, hands behind her back in such a way as to show off her naked chest, was Captain Lin.

“I was afraid of this,” she said, derisively shaking her head. “One last play to escape our lovely pollen. It happens to some Humans. I was surprised to hear it happened to you. I would have thought you appreciated our hospitality.”

“Hospit…you’re turning me into a masturbating pervert!” he shouted. The cards were on the table. Time to see what everybody had.

“True. But it wasn’t all bad for you, was it? You get to be surrounded by the beautiful women you wanted to ogle. You get to touch yourself as often as you want. Your whole life can be filled with feminine forms. Bouncing breasts. Jiggling derrieres. Glistening, wet, slits.”

She turned around and bent over, as if offering herself to him. Finally. Sex! Her glowing green pussy was more beautiful than he ever imagined. A glowing, drooling hole with flower petals for lips. He wanted to get lost in it. He wanted to-

“Ngh…no! This is a trick! One last play at controlling me!”

“Obviously. And it’ll work, too. What are you going to do? Hide in a vac suit for months? How will you jerk your joystick during that time?”

Riley pulled himself away, but like his head was held by rubber bands, it snapped back to face her. Shuddering in complete defeat, he relented. His cock was so hard, so needy. It eagerly spilled precum onto the living deck beneath them. Nothing else mattered. He was finally, Finally going to fuck.

The moment he slid inside, it was over for him. He knew he’d never want to leave this spot, let alone the ship. He thrust with wild abandon, only by wrapping his arms around her did he keep from losing his balance. There was no technique, no consideration for her pleasure. He was lost in his own world of desire, finally sating the ache in his body after weeks of denial.

“Oh god…oh fuck…I can’t believe this…I can’t believe this is really happening!.”

“Oh my dear little sprout,” the Captain said with a smile. “Did you think you were really fucking me? The Captain? This is just another one of your pervert fantasies.”

He opened his mouth to object. To deny her attempt at manipulating his mind. But the drool from his mouth slid out the corner of his mouth. Like he was lying down. Like he was-

Cum poured from his cock freely as he humped his submission into his bedsheets. His leafy blanket reeked of sex by now, but so did he. It felt like a pussy. It squeezed and was warm and dripped like it was a pussy. But he knew, deep down in his heart, that the Captain would never fuck him. He was too far gone. He fucked his ‘partner’ full of his pent-up cream and moaned out in a mixture of exultation and defeat. This was just another one of his seemingly endless, disgusting, perverted wet dreams.

One he hoped he never had to wake up from.


Eight months later, the Enveloped Lilac arrived at its destination on the fringes of Earthspace. A customs functionary hailed the plantship, asking to be presented with a full manifest of its cargo before inspection. One item caught his interest.

“What is this ‘organic seedpump’ you have listed?” the officer asked. “It says in the paperwork it’s both crew and cargo.”

In full vac gear, as per regulations, he still felt a little overdressed. They met on her bridge, and the officer had to avoid staring at the other nearly naked Florana manning the stations around him. The Captain herself was the worst of it; her top barely contained an unrealistic amount of breast-analog. He’d heard of flowers mimicking animal parts to encourage pollination, but this was a little on the nose.

“It’s a cultural thing, sweetie,” Captain Lin said with a light shrug.

“Well could I see it?” he asked, folding his carapaced arms. “Culture or no, we take safety regs seriously around here.”

To his shock, a naked Human stumbled from behind the door. He…or, well, it was difficult to tell what they presented as, but they had a cock that was on display for all to see. A belt of green vines that seemed to still be alive clung to his waist, held in place by an expansive set of hips. Tied to the belt were several bulbs of white fluid. The only ‘covering’ they wore was a semi-transparent sheath on their cock that looked made up of a type of folded leaf. The same material as the ones tied to their belt. His face heated up when he realized just what those full bulbs likely contained.

Glowing, phosphorescent purple tattoos covered the Human’s naked, hairless body, which the customs official’s HUD translated into English.





The most prominent was a swirling design on their stomach which pointed down to its shivering, atrophied member and declared it to be PROPERTY OF THE LILAC

“Slavery’s not allowed in this part of space,” the official said.

The Florana Captain laughed. “Oh, no no no, Riley here isn’t a slave. He’s free to go any time. Aren’t you sweetie?”

The ‘public fountain’ nodded shakily. “Yes…yes I am…but I love it here…so many pretty plantgirls…I want to stay forever…”

But the Captain wasn’t done. “Show him, sweetie. Show him that you wouldn’t fit in with your own kind anymore.”

With a long, languid groan, Riley began to masturbate.

“I’m a pervert, sir. I can’t…aah~...control myself around females.” The transparent condom around his cock began to bulge as fluid drooled freely from him before he’d barely begun touching. “I’m naked because I can’t help creaming myself around attractive women. I stare at their tits and asses…ngh…when I should be listening to them talk, and then I make big messy stains in my pants for everyone to see…”

“I think I-” began the official, but Riley wasn’t done. His breathing was hard, each lungful bringing him closer and closer to climax.

“All my dreams are wet. I fuck my bedsheet like it’s my girlfriend. All my thoughts are disgusting and vile. But I love it. The Florana accept me for who I am: a horny boy who can’t control himself. I want so bad to have sex, but I’m a quickshot pervert who’s only…aah…who’s only good for…mnf…for humiliationaaah~”

The whole display was equally captivating and pathetic. Riley’s orgasm flooded the leafy condom, which bulged to the size of a baseball without popping. Without ceremony, he slid it off his flagging prick and tied it to the vine belt around his slim waist with the others. And, after licking up the mess on his hands, he went over to the Captain’s couch to retrieve another floral condom. All of this was done to the complete lack of surprise, even comment, by the other women on the bridge.

“So you see? It’s better that he stays here with us. At least until we’ve gotten our fill and he’s learned to behave himself. Eventually, I think, he’ll come to his senses about what a naughty boy he’s been. But until then…” She reached over and languidly plucked the recently filled condom from his belt. With a wide grin, she upended the sheath and drained the entire contents down into her mouth. Gulping several times, she squeezed the container like a toothpaste tube to get the very last drop. “He has his uses.”

The customs official sighed. Without a sign of distress or reluctance, he had no choice but to let them get away with it. He shook his head, signed the documents, and prepared to report back to his ship.

“Oh, before you leave!” one of the Florana crew said, rushing over to him. She was less endowed than her Captain, but nonetheless quite the looker. “A little token of our esteem.”

She held out a peculiar flower. Glowing purple. The same colour as the writing on Riley. The colour of lilacs.

He held up his hand. “Sorry ma’am. Can’t accept gifts.”

She actually pouted, looking distraught. “But it’s customary on partings to give a little part of the ship away to friendly travellers! And I doubt there’s much credit value to a flower.”

He bit his lip. This was a dressing down from his xenocultural liaison waiting to happen whatever he did. With some reluctance, he deftly plucked the flower from her hands.

“Thank you. I’ll be putting this through full customs and quarantine inspection, you understand. And reporting this to my supervisor.”

The Captain stood up from her couch. Behind her, Riley watched her enormous ass pass by and began masturbating without even a second thought. His mouth hung agape, tongue lolling out as he drooled with cartoonish lust without even five minutes passing since his last climax.

“Oh, but sir. But sir!” Captain Lin declared with theatrical outrage above the sounds of Riley’s self-pleasure. “What possible harm could one tiny flower do?”


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