My Good Girl

by Lapis Lazuli

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #urban_fantasy

A lonely, pure Christian girl experiences true torment at the hands of her bully when he manages to gain control over her heart, by stealing an enchanted bracelet given to her by her Wiccan grandmother. Soon she will learn how to be his good girl.

Laura was the type of girl that reeled men in without letting them take a bite. Of course, she was none the wiser. Being a shy girl with essentially no concept of sexuality or men she had no reason to suspect the guys at her school of constantly undressing her with their eyes.

To anyone else it would have been obvious, but Laura was a good conservative religious girl. She always dressed in modest outfits, but her sensual body had a way of making anything look sexy.

However, Laura's actions were in direct conflict with her welcoming appearance. She constantly denied the guys at school when they tried pursuing her and eventually some of them formed a gang and took it upon themselves to constantly torment her.

Among these tormentors was Chad, Laura's least favorite person on the face of the planet. He was a stereotypical jock with hardly a brain cell to his name and a whole lot of muscle. Though he would never act on it, Chad constantly had dreams of overpowering Laura and making her his own. He would also often tell people that he wished he could just kidnap her and take her to a secret place where no one would ever find her. Though, they often just considered it to be a part of his joking personality.

In reality Chad had become obsessed with her. Her long brown hair and sultry eyes filled his daydreams, her plump ass and moderate tits filled his wet dreams. There was not a day that went by in which Chad did not imagine feeling the most private parts of her smooth skin. He often imagined himself as some kind of Casanova-esque stalker who romanced her in secret and eventually kidnapped her from her home.

Chad loved the idea of tainting the little religious princess and making her into his personal succubus. Unfortunately for Laura, his attraction always appeared to her in the form of harassment .

Laura was caught up in the cross fire of Chad's attraction to her and the torment he was dishing out. She tried to ignore it all, and spent most of her time at school trying to find friends. She spent a considerable amount of time alone, reading and praying.

"A prude bitch like you is going to have a hard time making friends. Maybe if you would show a little more skin I would give you some of my own attention," Chad would sneer as he saw her trying her best to get along with her other classmates.

Chad did not want her making other friends, he wanted her all to himself.

"I wish you would shut the hell up. You're the reason I don't have any friends," Laura said as she punched Chad hard in the shoulder.

She instantly regretted the action.

Chad took the strike as an invitation to "push her away", taking pleasure in the feel of her tits as he did so.

"Oh, I guess you must not value yourself highly if you like being touched by just any guy," Chad sneered while grabbing her arm and twisting it behind her back.

"Let go of me!" Laura shouted.

Chad glanced down at the red thread around Laura's wrist. She always had it on, but it had never occurred to him to take it before.

He snatched the thread off her wrist before releasing her; a cold chill went down Laura's spine and an unfamiliar presence washed over her. The feeling made Laura feel like she desperately needed a bath.

"Maybe if you were more submissive and treated me with the respect I deserve, I wouldn't have to feel the need to punish you," Chad said in a gloating tone.

"Sorry for disrespecting you sir," Laura responded, catching Chad off guard. “I will be more submissive for you in the future.”

Laura’s hand bolted to cover her mouth. What the hell had she just said!

A sly grin creeped over Chad’s face. He did not understand how or why, but even with his small intellect he could tell something had changed.

Laura had answered his command and he wanted to know if he could maybe get her to do anything else. He looked her over, but could not figure out why this had happened. He let go of her and backed away.

"Let's go for a walk," he said to her.

"Of course," Laura agreed as her body began to move on its own, following after Chad.

They walked in silence for quite some time, until they had gotten far enough from any classroom that someone would notice them.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Laura asked, angrily.

"I want you to suck my cock!" Chad said confidently.

As soon as the odd connection had formed between the two of them, it disappeared as Laura's will to disobey such an order was too strong.

"I don't know how you got this far bastard, but luckily your little magic devil words aren't working anymore. I'll report you and you'll pay for this!" Laura growled.

As she began to storm off Chad called out to her, annoyed that his command had failed.

"You won't tell anyone, it would be too much hassle and nobody would believe a loner like you. Besides, you WILL fall in love with me soon enough."

As she disappeared back to her class, Chad felt the connection strengthen again. He had no doubt the command had worked.

He glanced down at the red thread in awe. What the hell had that prude been wearing around her wrist all this time. He had never seen anything like it. The cloth was a deep maroon, almost black, and had a large golden emblem with a star in the middle.

He could already imagine the fun he could get up to with such an item.


"What the hell did you give me grandma!?" Laura complained as she entered her grandmother's house after school. "That red thread you gave me as a gift has ruined my life!"

Her grandmother, who was sitting in the next room watching television, turned off the television set and came to look at her granddaughter's wrist.

"What does it look like to you?" asked her grandmother, trying to assess the situation in her typically vague way.

"Obviously, my bracelet has been stolen," Laura replied, beginning to calm down. "You told me it was simply a charm for loving oneself. I should have known better than to get involved in your pagan witchcraft."

"It WAS just a charm of self love," her grandmother replied, “what effect do you seem to think it has had on you, now that it is in the hands of another?"

"It… it allowed a boy to command me and I was forced to obey," Laura admitted, embarrassed.

Her grandmother laughed.

"My dear, that sounds more like a college crush than any witchcraft I've ever known. If I had such powers I would make your grandfather do all the cooking and cleaning," she teased.

This was the last answer Laura had been hoping to hear. After all, how could she have feelings for the lecherous Chad. Then again, he was quite handsome.

"You're wrong," Laura said, her voice trembling. "I have to make him give me the thread back."

"Hmm, perhaps it is a power like you describe it," her grandmother said trying to get back on her granddaughter’s good side. “Come back to me in a week and if you still feel this way then I will disconnect your heart from the string.”

Laura had no other option but to agree to her grandmother's terms.

Later that night, as Laura prepared for bed, she knelt down at her window and prayed that her grandmother had been right about the bracelet lacking power.


The next day before even making it to her first class Laura ran into Chad. She froze up.

"Hey, pretty girl," he said, not even realizing that she had ignored him before. "What's wrong?"

"Leave me alone you perv," she grumbled as she tried to walk past him.

"Hey, it's ok. Stop and listen to me," Chad explained.

Laura's body froze and she let Chad continue.

"I get the feeling that you may want to forget about yesterday, that's ok, in fact I think you should forget about every time I give you new… suggestions," Chad explained, flexing his newfound knowledge of hypnosis that he had picked up during hours of internet scouring the night before.

Laura nodded her head.

"I do want to forget." she grumbled.

"Good, I'm glad. That's good. Maybe it will help if you think of me as a dream. You can just ignore the dream. It's not real," Chad continued.

"You are a dream," Laura giggled in a trancelike state, "my dream."

"Good, and also you should really let your tits out a little bit. I know you want to make more friends and the best way to do that is by showing as much cleavage as possible," Chad explained.

Laura's mind began to race. She wasn't sure if she had the capacity to stop herself from letting all of her fantasies and beliefs fly out the window. She was having trouble focusing.

Suddenly she was more conscious again and in the hall by herself. She glanced at her watch and realized she was late for her first class. Where had all the time gone?

As she headed to class she made sure to unbutton a few buttons of her shirt so that she would look a bit more approachable to her classmates. Maybe then they would forgive her tardiness.

When she entered the class the teacher didn't say anything at all, since he was too busy enjoying her beautiful bosom. The class looked at her expectantly.

"Uh, yeah, I was just going to go to the bathroom," she stammered.

As she took her seat, all of the eyes in the room admired her tits, that were finally gasping for air.


The next day Laura bumped into Chad on the way to class. She had not seen him since he first stole her bracelet so she was admittedly a little embarrassed. He looked toned and his smile made her want to punch him, because no jerk should have such an endearing face. She quickly reminded herself that he was a complete and total ass.

"How may I help you?" she asked him.

"Just wanted to see how you were holding up," he replied.

"Better since I did not see you yesterday," Laura replied, noticing his eyes glued to her tits.

For some reason his gaze felt different than usual; it made her squirm from an unfamiliar warmth in her crotch.

Chad noticed this and asked, "You want to understand these new feelings don't you?"

"I do," Laura admitted.

"Then follow me to a private room and I can show you," Chad promised.

He led her to an empty classroom and ushered her in. Once the door was closed he said, "To find out what it is you have to touch your pussy a bit ok?"

Laura's mouth dropped open in shock and horror.

"You want me to touch myself?" she asked, more than a little hesitant.

"Yes, and when you do you will understand your new feelings and you will feel great. That is why you want to touch yourself." Chad affirmed.

Suddenly, Laura's hesitation vanished and her hand slid down to her pussy.

"Mm, yes!" she exclaimed, finding that point quite satisfying.

"Good, now rub yourself in circular motions. Don't be stingy. Make it feel good," Chad instructed.

Laura obeyed, having no reason not to trust him considering she was uneducated on self pleasure. As her finger traced her clit she began to bite her lip from pleasure.

Chad watched as Laura's eyes fluttered for a second before she went back to rubbing her clit. As she was concentrating on her pleasure, she did not notice Chad's hand moving towards her breast.

As he started to grope her she did not stop him, she was too invested in her own pleasure. In fact the groping made it even better. As she rubbed faster, her body tensing up for release, Chad's fingers caressed her right breast through her shirt.

"You love my hands on your tits don't you?" Chad asked her.

"Yes!" she moaned, nearing climax. "Touch them more please!"

Chad obliged and continued to fondle her breasts during her release. Each time he tweaked a sensitive point that made Laura's entire body quiver.


When Laura finally came to she was somehow in a classroom she had never seen before. She looked at her watch and saw that she had missed a whole period of classes. What the hell was happening to her? Had she suddenly developed narcolepsy?

She hurried to her second class and tried her best to focus as she squirmed in her seat, desperately wanting to do something about her pent up arousal.

The rest of the day passed without anything unusual happening, but the tingling in her crotch continued to be a factor.


On the next day she saw Chad again for the third, first time. He looked super cute and it made her crotch even more desperate despite all the attention she had given it last night.

"I have been waiting for you," he said as he led her to the empty classroom.

"Yes, and I was wondering if maybe you would help me with my...issues," she offered.

He grinned knowing that his plan was going exactly as he'd hoped.

"You want me to take care of your issue? What sort of issue are you experiencing?" Chad asked, trying to pull a sexy response out of her.

"I… I have a burning desire in my crotch that I can't take care of on my own. Last night I did some… research and found out that maybe a hot guy like you could help me to satisfy my needs," Laura explained nervously.

Chad's face turned dark, "And what did you research to see how to properly take care of yourself?"

"I needed to see if it was possible to feel this good without... you know..."

"You watched porn didn't you? That's not very pure and religious of you is it? I always knew you were just a slut pretending to be something else. Now your true colors are showing," Chad confidently declared.

This angered Laura and she tried to stand up for herself, "No I am no slut! I am a wholesome religious girl!" she barked.

"Wholesome my ass. I have seen what you have been looking at. If you are thinking about it right now, imagine how you got it!"

"It does not make me a slut to have watched porn once. Watching porn is normal," Laura argued.

"You did not just watch it once though, did you? You probably stayed up all night fingering yourself over and over trying to make that feeling go away, and now you are here begging me to fuck you to make it go away. That's textbook slut behavior Laura. You are a slut, you want to be a slut, being a slut is the only way to feel better."

Laura's face went bright red as she mumbled to herself, "maybe I am a slut".

"You are a slut, plain and simple. You need to stop blaming others and take care of your issue. You look like you need a hot guy to take care of you, well I am available."

As if his final comment had finally brought everything into view for Laura, her expression changed to one of acceptance.

"I guess I am a slut. And I reeeeally need you to fuck me better Chad," she admitted with begging eyes.

"You want me to teach you bad girl?" he asked, clearly enjoying making her squirm.

"Yes! I want to be your good little girl," she quietly begged.

"Then strip yourself and bend over the desk for me," Chad commanded.

Laura did as she was told, immediately feeling ashamed at her own nakedness.

"Good girl," Chad said, rubbing his bulge against her naked ass.


Chad slipped his cock out of his pants and pressed the tip against Laura's pussy making her squirm.

"Beg for me to put it in," he demanded.

"Please, make me your good girl. Please!" she begged.

Chad laughed as he pushed into her.

"Yes, beg for me to make you my good girl!"

Chad's massive bully cock stretched out Laura's tight unused hole. With each thrust it was as if her pussy clung to his cock, not allowing him to pull out of her even a little.

"Please, yes!"

Chad kept pushing into her and she kept begging for him to make her his good girl.

Laura's ass slapped against Chad as he thrust as far as he could into her. After a few minutes of being pounded from behind she finally climaxed onto her tormenter's cock.

"Yes, yes!"

Chad kept his own orgasmic release off for now and reached between them for Laura's clit. He squeezed it as his cock slid along her inner wall.

The feeling of her quivering against him was great, but he had to train her body to be addicted to his cock and his alone. He wouldn't stop until the shape of his dick was imprinted in her tight little pussy.



"Make me your good girl," she said in a small voice.

"I will, if you do as I say."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Tell me you are a worthless, godless slut and that you only worship me and my sexy cock."

Laura told him everything he wanted to hear, Chad's hand stroking her hair as he listened. After she was done she watched as Chad pushed up on his knees and leaned down to kiss her.

Without hesitation she returned the kiss, her first kiss, and her heart fluttered like crazy.

"I think I love you" she moaned as she came on his cock again.

"Yes, I bet you do. C'mon dirty girl, make me come inside you one more time," he said as he lifted her up by her waist and sat her down on his cock.

She desperately moved her hips, bouncing up and down on him. She wanted nothing more than to be his good girl and to make him cum.

"Oh yeah, take me deep! Yes! Take me deep!"

Chad's hands gripped her ass as he pushed her down onto his cock.

Finally, after holding out for so long, Chad hit his breaking point. His cock exploded inside of her, filling her pussy with so much cum that it could not contain it all and was already dripping out.

Her face was one of pleasure as she collapsed to the floor. She was overwhelmed with ecstasy. Chad took a moment to admire her naked form laying on the ground in a classroom with his cum dripping out of her, he even took some pictures. Then when he was satisfied he got her dressed.

When she woke up she had no memory of the past few hours. Her insides felt warm and sticky and she felt very content. She didn't even bother checking her watch to see what class she needed to go to. A slut like her didn't need to graduate, she just needed to try and get that hunk Chad to finally pound her virgin pussy.


Several months had passed since Chad took her bracelet. As it turned out, her grandmother was right. She had just been falling in love with him. Now she was happily his slutty little girlfriend. She made sure to always dress the part so that other boys would be jealous of her hunk of a man.


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