Lesbian Love Operation

by Lapis Lazuli

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #scifi #sub:female #urban_fantasy #forced_love #happy_ending #lesbian #lesbification

An overweight lesbian nerd enacts revenge on her homophobic high school bully with her engineering prowess. Something more than revenge is awaiting her.

1 Year Ago


The weather was warm, and the skies were blue. It was a perfect day for the high school's Homecoming football game against their rival school.

The bleachers were filled with countless fans for either team; big men who seemed far too larger to be in high school slammed against each other on the field. Every play, call, or timeout would elicit a roar from the home school's student section. Evelyn was glad she was not in it.

Evelyn was 4'8 but weighed in on the chubby side. She was never one to enjoy football games or even come to them for that matter, but this game was special. Evelyn, who had previously thought herself to be a nerdy outcast, had been nominated for homecoming Queen. As she nervously awaited half time to walk out on the field and participate in the crowning ceremony, in which one of the three nominees would be selected, Evelyn found her eyes wandering.

The football game itself could not keep her attention, but as she glanced on to the cheerleaders she could not help but stare.

Each of them was decked out in their uniform, with an open back and a slightly too short skirt. Evelyn hated to admit it, but the objectifying outfit was stunning on each and every one of the girls performing their stunts. One, however, stood out. That was, of course, the head cheerleader Allison.

Allison was your typical head cheerleader with tan skin, sunlight blond hair, and brilliant blue-green eyes. As she danced around her ample chest bounced and her toned thighs slid from beneath her skirt.

If Evelyn was seeing Allison for the first time she would no doubt fall in love. Unfortunately, she knew of the ugly person beneath the perfect exterior. Since Freshman year, when Evelyn came out as lesbian, Allison decided to make it her mission to make Evelyn's life miserable. Every day, she waited for Evelyn to walk out of their shared locker room so she could greet her with a string of insults and put her down for good.

Often these insults were rooted in homophobia and referenced Evelyn's chubby appearance. (Though in fairness it was difficult not to be called names when the entire school was calling you those names.) Even if Evelyn did not respond, Allison would make cruel statements about her sexual orientation to her friends and family.

All of the years of bullying had made Evelyn begin to hate the beautiful blonde cheerleader. When she found out that Allison was one of the two other girls in the running for homecoming Queen she was not surprised, but certainly disappointed. At that point, she knew that she could not win in a popularity contest, no matter how much she might try.

Still, she would walk out with dignity and would be thankful to be nominated at all.

A hand tapped Evelyn on the shoulder, drawing her out of her thoughts. It was time for her to step out onto the field.

The ceremony seemed endless as the Principal kept talking on and on. Finally, the moment had arrived. The three girls stood on the stage with their heads held high; the entire school cheering with their homecoming excitement. At that moment, the music changed.

"This year we have decided to make the festivities a bit more fun, at the suggestion of our cheerleading staff." the Principal began. "The winner of these three girls will be crowned as our homecoming Queen. The loser will have pies thrown at her from each of our adoring fans who donated to participate!"

Evelyn's blood went cold. She had been set up to face public embarrassment. The entire school would laugh at her and the cheers would be against her.

Allison looked at Evelyn and shrugged.

As the votes were read off, there was no anticipation. Allison proudly accepted her crown as everyone cheered with excitement for her. Once she had finished her acceptance speech and backed away the entire atmosphere changed.

Evelyn had gotten the least votes and now all eyes were on her.

Hundreds of excited hands prepared to throw their pies at her, while the Principal counted down.

"5... 4... 3..."

Evelyn took a step back, but it was too late. The eager fans hurled their pies at her.

Sticky white icing coated Evelyn as she shrieked in front of hundreds of football fans.

Once the flurry of pies was over she glanced over at Allison who had a wicked grin.

At that moment, Evelyn's rage guaranteed that she would one day seek revenge.

The rest of the game was a blur as she tried to escape the jeers of the infuriated fans who felt like she wasn’t a good sport about the ordeal.

The Present


"I thought you'd at least have learned your lesson from the past," her mom said.

Evelyn had just received an email from the college she was planning to attend. The email was regarding the status of her room and board. It claimed that her roommate would be none other than Allison, the same girl that had tormented her for years. Evelyn's mother wanted her to ask the school to change her rooming situation, but Evelyn had different plans.

"It's alright Mom," she affirmed. "It will be different at college. I just know it."

"How so? She's the one that's being mean to you."

Evelyn smiled. "I will handle her."

Evelyn’s mom looked over at her with a look of surprise.

With that, Evelyn headed up to her room where she pulled out a mess of electronics from under her bed. She held up a small earpiece and examined it with a smile.

"I will handle it," she repeated to herself with a chuckle.


When the semester finally started Evelyn made sure to get to the room early so that she could unpack before Allison had a chance to arrive. Carefully, Evelyn unpacked, making sure to squirrel away her special engineering project first. She still could not believe that she had been given the chance to room with the very girl that she hated. She had to make certain to have a good night of sleep before the first day.

When the morning finally came, Evelyn found herself still alone in the room. She took her time getting ready for the day, before heading out to get breakfast. When she came back after a few hours, Evelyn was not surprised to see that the other half of the room had a lot more in it. She looked over to the bed and saw Allison looking back at her.

"Hi," Evelyn greeted.

Allison had already gotten out of bed and was preparing to head to the bathroom. She looked at Evelyn and frowned. "Do we know each other?"

Evelyn hid a smirk as she shook her head in denial. Allison did not remember her.

"I'm the girl who sat next to you in homeroom," she said.

Allison frowned even more as she remembered. "Oh. Hi."

Evelyn smiled.

Even with the additional context, it was clear that Allison could not fully remember who she was. Apparently, Evelyn had just been one of many victims to Allison.

"So, what are you doing here?" Allison asked.

Evelyn glanced around before responding.

"I'm your roommate. I live here too." Evelyn responded.

Allison looked her up and down with a disgusted look in her eyes before responding, "Oh… you must be Emily.".

"My name is actually Evelyn," Evelyn responded with sickening sweetness.

"Oh, got it. I was close. Knew it started with an E. Just um… don't try borrowing my clothes, they won’t fit you and stick to your space and I'm sure we'll be fine." Allison explained before returning her attention to her phone.

Given Allison's brusque attitude, Evelyn was not put off at all by the girl's reaction. She knew she would be able to get along with her. She just had to fake being ok with it until her plan was in motion.

Quietly, Evelyn worked on some engineering blueprints for a few gadgets she had thought up. Every once in a while she would glance over at Allison to admire her juicy ass as she bent over to unpack. The typical college slut was wearing the shortest light pink shorts she could find with a white crop top. Despite her best efforts, Evelyn's attention kept wandering away from her work. She had to stop herself from staring so hard so that she could finish the blueprints she was working on.

After what felt like an eternity of waiting Allison finally went to the bathroom and came out minutes later in fuzzy teal pajamas. Without even asking Evelyn, who was still working at her desk, if she would be ok in the dark, Allison flicked off the lights. She went back to her own bed without saying a word to Evelyn, who pretended not to notice.

Evelyn's work was done. Now she would wait until the perfect moment to strike.

After a few more hours had passed Allison's breathing began to grow slow and heavy. Evelyn knew it was now or never. She silently got up and found the project she had been working on for so long. It was no larger than a raisin, but if it worked properly then it would hold more power than any other weapon. Carefully, Evelyn snuck up to the side of Allison's bed. She slipped the device into her ear carefully, so that it would not fall out easily, and then she returned to her own bed.

Allison lay on her back, still breathing slowly. She had not even noticed Evelyn had placed the device in her ear.

Evelyn waited, her heart beating rapidly. This was going to work. She could feel it.

She slipped out her phone and brought up the custom interface that she had created to connect to her earpiece. After a moment of loading, the device was connected and activated. Evelyn began to shake with anticipation. This next part would be the point where she crossed over into some very dark territory. She needed to prepare herself.

After taking a long, slow breath, Evelyn pressed a button on the touch screen interface. A high-pitched whine filled the air as an electric current ran through the device.

Allison let out a small whelp before collapsing back to sleep as if nothing had happened. This was a good sign, it mean that a connection had been made to the subject's brain. Now whatever Evelyn typed into the interface would become a core thought for Allison that would be impossible to go against as long as the device was in her ear.

Evelyn began to type in the first instruction. It was long, and it involved precise wording.




With her command in place, Evelyn excitedly slipped into slumber. Dying to see if her device had worked.



As the morning finally arrived Evelyn rolled out of bed and began to get herself ready for the day. She put on an outfit that she knew Allison would hate, just to make the situation that much sweeter.

Of course, Allison had already left the room for the day, but that was ok. Evelyn had waited long enough, she could be patient.

A few hours after Evelyn woke up Allison returned to the room. As soon as the bitch walked in she made a face of disgust.

"How have you been today?" Evelyn asked politely.

"Ugh, you're disgusting. I can't stand you."

"Disgusting? How so?"

"You're one of those people. You're a freak."

"By 'one of those people' do you mean I am a lesbian?" Evelyn asked.

Allison's eyes widened in realization. "No! You're not just a lesbian! You're a... a dyke!"

"I prefer 'lesbian'. It's more accurate." Evelyn said.

"Why would I care what a disgusting pig like you prefers?" Allison laughed. "I am sooo getting a new roommate asap. I saw you checking me out all night last night and now I see you dressed in those rags. I bet you never even left the room."

Evelyn just shook her head and smirked. It was all she could do not to smash the bitch across the head with the hammer in her drawer.

"Allison, obey nine four one," Evelyn growled.

Instantly the busty blonde froze and her eyes glazed over for a moment. After a second she shook her head of the daze and returned to normal.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? Is that some perverted lesbian thing?" Allison scoffed.

"You should strip for me and ignore the camera," Evelyn ordered as she pulled out a video camera and aimed it at Allison.

"What? No! That's not how it works! That's not how anything works!" Allison argued as her hands began to pull the edges of her shirt, playfully revealing a bit of skin.

"I can make things however I want them to be. Now shut your mouth and strip for me."

Allison's eyes widened as she realized she was now unable to speak. Her body swayed and danced on its own, stripping for Evelyn's enjoyment.

Evelyn grinned and began to film the action. She could not contain her excitement. To think, she was about to bring lesbian porn staring her high school bully to the masses.

Allison was down to just a matching set of bra and panties now. Her tits looked fantastic, but her pussy was looking a little... dry. Evelyn knew just the thing that could refresh it.

"Get aroused by this," she ordered. "You get so turned on stripping for me."

Instantly, Evelyn could see a shift in Allison. Her eyes previously filled with hate and fear had begun to fill with ecstasy. She kept dancing and eventually pulled off her bra and panties, revealing a dripping wet cunt.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Evelyn said, pushing the video camera up to Allison's snatch.

"I want you to cum for me."

Instantly, Allison's fingers moved to her crotch and started to play with her clit. As she sat there masturbating for Evelyn and her video camera she seemed to be loving every moment.

Evelyn stood there, filming, teasing, and watching. She loved every second of it. Allison's orgasmic expression and the way she was rubbing and squeezing her clit made Evelyn's heart race.

As Allison neared her climax Evelyn was sure to get a wide shot to capture every inch of the slut's body quaking with ecstasy.

With a stifled scream, Allison climaxed and her juices flooded her fingers as she was coated in a slick mix of arousal.

"Good girl Allison, I want you to make me cum next, make me cum all over your pretty little face," Evelyn ordered.

Allison's eyes glazed over and she moved in slow motion towards Evelyn. The entranced tormentor fell to her knees before Evelyn and began to remove her master's pants. Once Evelyn's pussy was in view Allison's tongue instinctively went to work pleasing her.

"Yes, do it, do it, do it!" Evelyn pleaded with the camera in her hand capturing the action.

Evelyn's eyes shut tight and she reached her climax, screaming along with Allison.

With heavy breaths, Evelyn muttered, "you can talk again, but you can't move."

"I can't move!" Allison complained, her voice a little distorted from her vocal cords being paralyzed.

Evelyn looked up, startled.

"I forgot how bitchy your voice was," she laughed. "How did you enjoy your first taste of lesbian lovemaking?"

"I hate you," Allison managed to say, her lips barely moving. "You're some kind of cruel, uncaring, weird... I'm going to... to... to..."

"Girlfriend nine four two," Evelyn yawned.

Instantly, Allison's whole demeanor changed. She looked at Evelyn with loving eyes and smiled.

"We have the most fun together don't we," Allison giggled. "Maybe, you want to try for a round two?"

What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning, Evelyn thought to herself.



For months Evelyn and Allison had been attached at the hip. All of their new college friends thought they were just the cutest couple in the world.

Allison was always doting on Evelyn, treating her like a queen or a goddess. Their love seemed so pure, that there was no reason for anyone to think it was built on a lie.

It had been so long since Evelyn had felt such an all-encompassing love for another person, she could not remember what it felt like.

When she had been planning her revenge she never expected to genuinely catch feelings for Allison. As it turned out, when Allison was not being a complete bitch, she was a sweet and beautiful presence.

By the time spring break rolled around, Evelyn's affection for Allison had deepened considerably. She was more confident in their relationship, and she felt closer to Allison than ever before.

That was until they decided to spend a day on the beach together. A group of fellow spring breakers invited the girls to join them in a volleyball match. Reluctantly Evelyn agreed because Allison seemed to so adamantly want to play.

Unfortunately, Allison was terrible at volleyball. She had not the coordination or the strength to be a good player.

She did, however, have something that Evelyn did not: confidence.

Allison got along so well with the others that she spent more of the game talking than she did actually paying attention. This combined with her lack of coordination led to her not being able to move out of the way when a ball came hurtling towards her head.

"Oh my god, that was a kill," one of the girls yelled. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Allison sheepishly replied,

"Where am I?" Evelyn asked.

"You're drunk. You're at spring break. This is not the time or the place for you to be getting drunk. You're not old enough. What were you thinking?" Evelyn lied as she noticed the shining metal earpiece that had fallen into the sand.

"You!" Allison snapped, charging towards Evelyn. "You sick freak! How long has it been! You controlled my life!"

Everyone else backed away, not wanting to get involved in the couples' fight

"Everything is ok, just come back with me to our room," Evelyn offered, "You hit your head and are a little confused."

Allison scoffed at the offer and took a swing at Evelyn, who easily ducked the blow.

"I am not confused!" she growled.

Allison stormed off, leaving Evelyn alone on the beach. Tears ran down her cheeks. Her perfect life was crumbling.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." She muttered.

With no one around to hear her, she let out a long, low wail.



Allison never came back to their college and it seemed that she had not pursued any legal options. Evelyn could not care less, she had been trapped in a deep depression ever since she had lost Allison.

Her life revolved around the bottle, and she had few friends who stuck around after she stopped putting any effort into her social life. She felt numb to the outside world.

She had become a loner and made a career out of writing code, alone in a dark room while she lifelessly continued her education.

On a cold October night, as Evelyn was onto her third bottle of vodka for the day, she heard a knock at her door. She ignored it for a while, but whoever it was seemed to be persistent.

"Go away," she said.

"It's me, open up. You're in no mood to play hard to get." responded a familiar-sounding voice.

Evelyn took a deep breath and opened the door. Tears filled Evelyn's eyes as she saw who it was. Allison was standing in a trendy jacket. Her long blond hair was down over her shoulders and she was wearing cheap, but trendy, sunglasses.

"Allison, what are you doing here?" Evelyn asked.

"I wanted to see you."

Evelyn was shocked. She almost didn't believe her ears.

"I don't want to see you. Get out."

"I wanted to talk to you."

Evelyn felt her eyes welling with more tears.

"But you hate me... I did terrible things to you," she cried.

On the outside, Allison looked calm.

"I did hate you for a while, but as I tried to go back to the way my life was before I realized something. The person I was before you controlled me was not a good person. She was the type of person to hatch a plan to get the lesbian girl nominated for homecoming court just so she could be publically humiliated. You showed me I can be something better, something more. I've tried to do that on my own, but no matter how hard I tried, it always felt like it would just be easier with you at my side."

"What... what are you trying to say?"

Allison stepped closer and lowered her voice.

"I'm saying I love you, Evelyn. Whether it is some leftover part of your command in my brain or something I have come to on my own, I do not care. I just know that my life is brighter with you in it."

Slowly, Evelyn's eyes widened.

"Allison, you're... you're serious?" she asked.

Allison leaned in and kissed her passionately. As their lips met it felt like all of the hate, guilt, and trauma between them melted away. The kiss ended, but Evelyn continued to hold Alison tightly for a moment.

"I'm serious," Allison promised.

Evelyn did not reply. She felt a lump caught in her throat.

"Why don't you come inside? I think we have a lot of catching up to do." she smiled, gesturing Allison in.

Allison stepped inside . Evelyn followed after her and closed the door behind them. Her mind was racing, but her heart was racing faster. Theirs was a love story unlike any other. Of that she was certain.


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