How To Tame A Polycule

After The Implant Comes A Blissful Bath

by LadySunnyBunny

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CW: Drugs, Orgasm play, Sex

Alathea thought she must about be the luckiest Affini in the universe today. Danae's haustoric implant operation had gone seamlessly, and she had spent the last two days in drugged up pleasure. She had been having a wonderful time with Danae while she recovered, and soon she would have even more lovely florets to soothe through the process. Alathea had always enjoyed the initial days after the haustoric implant was given to a new floret, and had even recreated the experience (at least the drugging part) with a couple of her previous florets. Whether Danae enjoyed being drugged at this level as something to experience as more than a one off was yet to be seen. Alathea had hopes it might become something they engaged in occasionally, but suspected Danae would want it reserved for special events. 

Danae proved to be remarkably snuggly while the xenodrugs necessary to adjust to the implant flowed through her veins. She had made noises of protest that became increasingly more insistent every time Alathea had to adjust her, or loosened her hold to prepare sustenance for her adorable new floret. Her demanding nature had not changed one iota by being drugged to her ears, and she clearly made her displeasure known if she didn't get the pleasure and touches she wanted.

Surprisingly, if you stroked her back in just the right way, she would make a purring type noise. It was positively and wonderfully adorable.  Almost kitten like, Alathea had not expected such a cute noise to come from such a self possessed floret, but she would take every advantage of it that she could. She had already spent countless hours eliciting the noise. Alathea had taken great delight in this, and had spread her exploring vines everywhere on Danae's body to see if any other surprises were lurking. Danae was amazingly responsive, and very, very noisy. The first time that Danae's had stiffened, jerked and screamed after Alathea had put pressure on a specific spot on her back she had been very concerned she had hurt her new pet. She didn't even know it was possible to have a floret scream with the amount of drugs that were floating in her pet's system. Danae didn't seem at all distressed though, and had leaned into the stroking vine, so Alathea repeated the caress. It soon became clear that Danae was orgasming at these touches. Once she had the first orgasm it wasn't even difficult to find more spots to stroke and prod that had her pet as a panting, moaning mess. It was very fun, and very sexy. Alathea was looking forward to discussing the reaction with Danae at the first opportunity. She wondered if Danae would blush....

Yes Alathea was very lucky. One cute, sexy, curvy, cuddly floret wrapped in her vines. Four more lovely florets to join them, each of them wonderful in their own ways. She would love and cherish them as each of them deserved, and she was grateful she would be able to do so in partnership with the sweet gorgeous woman in her vines. To think mere months ago she had been too bored to look for much beyond her work, and now she had a wonderful and exciting future with her family of florets. She really was truly and wonderfully grateful for Danae, and planned to spoil her as much as Danae allowed. They key to this, she felt, was to make it such an everyday occurrence that the floret would have no chance to protest. 

As lovely as this idyll had been it was time to start bringing Danae out of her drug haze, they had agreed on two days only of the drug regime and Alathea wouldn't break any of her agreements with her florets unless their immediate health an safety warranted it. She had already set the new implant to clear out the drugs as gently as possible to let Danae emerge slowly. It was her general preference not to do anything in a rush with drugs. Certainly they could be very effective in a short period of time, however if you rushed things you risked more unintended side effects. Alathea prided herself on her skills creating, refining and using the appropriate drugs for each sophont species she worked with. Her florets deserved the absolute best her considerable skills could do. Of course she wouldn't mind passing what she learned from her florets with other Affini, but her darling cuties took precedence!

As Danae's eyes opened and showed the first signs of cognition beyond the needy squirming she had displayed for the past two days, Alathea addressed her in a gentle tone.

"Hello cutie, welcome back. It will take you a little while to clear you head, so don't try thinking too much until the effects of those lovely drugs wear off. That's right dear, take it a little at a time. You did so well my darling, dear one. I had so much fun with you!"

Danae yawned a little and mumbled something that sounded like "Hi Thea." As requested she didn't appear to be fighting off the drugs, but rather was letting her head clear on it's own. 

"Aww you are just so adorable! Let's get you set up in the bath. The other cuties will be coming over shortly to finish off their paperwork. I know they can't wait to see you, so let's get you all clean so you're in a fit state to see them when they arrive. We can't give them any doubts about how well I will care for them after all." Alathea kept up the gentle chatter while getting Danae upright on the big bed, and drawing a bath for her. She added some sweetly floral bubble bath to the slowly filling bathtub. All of Danae's favourite scents to make this a wonderfully relaxing bath for her gorgeous little cutie. Once the Affini size bath was filled, Alathea judged that Danae was sufficiently cogent to handle being in the bath by herself. 

"Now love, if you want to relax in the bath and get clean while I talk with your subs, you can join us once you're ready. Of course if you want to stay in here until we get done I would be more than happy to assist you to dress.

Danae snorted a little and then said muzzily "'f course you wanna dress me. So Affini... I can mm'nage. Theeeeeaa, sen' Kurt t' me when he's done saying yeees to evrythin'... Puppy pet's 're goooood."

Alathea was enchanted "I do believe that's the most adorable thing you have ever said! It's a fierce competition too, you are just so cute you know."

"mmm yeeeesss, 'm cute" Danae giggled, "no' as cute as Booooonnnnie though, or Kurt. Mmmmyyyy cuties... oour cuties."

"Yes our cuties! We'll take care of them together! Now, into the bath with you." With that she scooped Danae up and got her settled in the perfumed bubbles. 


The bath water felt soooo good on Danae's skin as she floated in the massive tub. Her brain was starting to kick into gear but Danae was aware that her thoughts were still a little muddled. It didn't concern her terribly right now. She knew what to expect, and was enjoying the pleasant muddle of her thoughts. It was nice not to think properly for a little. In a while she would return to normal, perhaps she would let Alathea persuade her to repeat the experience. Not very often of course but....perhaps once in a while it would be fun. 

She had enjoyed the slow ramping up of the xenodrugs necessary for the implantation much less though. It felt like she was slowly losing herself one day at a time. She shuddered a little at the memory of slowly losing her edge, slowly becoming indolent and craving sensation more and more. It was probably bliss for most people. Bonnie would like it. Bonnie was so sweet and adorable. She loved having her mind muddled. Bonnie did. Not her though. Nope no drugs on a daily basis, she might've felt "happier" on them but her mind had been screaming at her the whole time. She loved looking after her family. She loved being sharp, loved chasing the truth, loved winning her point. The drugs were an artificial happiness. Not real. Not her. Drugging the violent, or those who could not accept the truth, or those who needed it. It made sense. Drugging those who loved it, that made sense too. Not her. No sense for her. Oh her thoughts were still in a muddle. 

Danae dropped the train crash of attempted logic and let the remaining drugs have their way keeping her calm and happy. She would think again later. For now the lovely sweet bath water lapping at her skin was enough. Mmm yummy hot water, lovely floating. 

A sound in the doorway brought Danae's attention to the cute puppy lingering in the doorway. She waved lazily at him, then giggled and yawned. Kurt stripped off quickly and climbed in the giant tub to join her. 

"Hello my Lady, It's so good to see you again. I have missed you so much. Bonnie has been lovely and kind, and Alathea kept us updated but oh I missed you." Kurt said with enthusiasm. He curled his body around Danae's in a big hug, and held her close. Danae giggled at the embrace. Kurt peppered her face with kisses until it felt like he had kissed every inch of skin twice. 

"Cute lil pup. Love ya." A yawn caught her off guard and she giggled again. Kurt smiled at her and shook his head. 

"You're amazingly adorable drugged to the gills. I like you being in charge. I love you dominant, but my Lady you are cute when you aren't being all toppy."

"Yuuuup 'mmm cute, love ya my cute lil pup pup. I'll be toppy later." Danae smile at Kurt, not at all self conscious at her state. "So how long did it take you to say yes to ev'rything?" She teased "One min or three?"

"I took a whole ten minutes to read through the contract I'll have you know!" Kurt's eyes shining with happiness belied the indignant tone he used. "Besides you already pre-vetted it so I only had to check that all the clauses you wanted were there."

"Clever pup. Of course I looked it over, gotta make sure I get my own play time."

"Of course." Kurt agreed without thought. "Would you like some assistance getting clean my Lady?"

"Tha' would be wonderful, lovey. Thea put the scrubby stuff on the side for me." Danae waved an arm vaguely to the outside edge of the enormous tub. Kurt grabbed a flannel and the body wash sitting there and floated back to Danae. He took his time slowly washing every limb of her body. The careful cleaning strokes made Danae relax even more and sigh with contentment. Really what was better than being in the loving arms of her family. 

Once Kurt was satisfied he had cleaned every last inch of her, his touches changed a little. Becoming less business like and more demanding. Not pushy of course, that just wasn't Kurt, but definitely enough to get her attention.

"Aww little pup really has missed me, hasn't he?" Danae leaned into his touch just a little, enjoying his clever fingers digging in just a little. Kurt knew all of the spots that Alathea had taken such delight in discovering intimately. He also wouldn't take it past this point without clear direction. She pondered for a minute if she were sober enough for consent, but decided that as her brain was co-operating enough for consent to become a consideration she was green on that front. 

"Please my Lady." Kurt asked softly as he kissed along her shoulder blades. "Please may I fuck you?"

Rather than respond verbally Danae moved to the edge of the large tub and then gripped the side. She grinned over her shoulder at him and blew him a kiss. 

"I'm not entirely stable pup, so you get to do all the work. You do suuuch good work pup. Such a good boy."

Kurt flushed red at the words. He quickly moved over to join her, pushing aside some bubbles that got in the way. Danae stuck her ass out slightly and waggled it side to side in the water, sending more bubbles and water to splash harmlessly against him. Taking that as an open invitation Kurt spread his long fingers over her bottom and then dug them in slightly, causing Danae to moan at the sensation. He spent countless moments playing, stroking and adoring her ass. In between gropes and strokes he ventured his fingers up her back in sure caresses. Each time he found a different spot to add just the extra bit of pressure until Danae threw her head back and screamed out her pleasure. He hips bucked wildly causing the water to slosh between them. 

Kurt continued his work, squeezing groping, and then stroking until Danae was one glorious mess of sensation. Her body shook with pleasure from head to toe and she gasped out the word "Now!"

At his Lady's command, Kurt grabbed her hips and settled his erection against her bottom. He pushed her shoulders down a little until he was lined up perfectly with her swollen vagina, then plunged himself into her. Danae allowed her puppy to reposition her body as needed. He might be the one doing the work, but as always between them, she was still the one in charge here. She shuddered and bucked from the feeling of him inside her, tapping his arm to indicate he needed to hold still for a minute. He became perfectly still waiting for her command to continue. Goddess, it was so hot to have her puppy be so obedient. He did nothing without her permission. Nothing. Not even orgasm. 

"Slowly pup, I want to feel every inch of you moving in and out of me." Kurt laid his head on her shoulder and kissed her neck. Keeping one hand on her hip, he began to move in and out of her at a glacial speed. The slow steady movements were accompanied but the other hand reaching around to grope and squeeze at her breast. Danae's body shook and shuddered at the wonderful sensations. An orgasm built and then washed over her. As she screamed and bucked Kurt once again held still until she was finished. He then slowly resumed the motions. The cycle repeated over and over again, until Kurt couldn't stand it anymore.

"Please my Lady, please may I cum?"

"What a good boy you are for asking. My good boy deserves a reward. You can pick the pace, and when you are ready you can cum for me. Be a good boy." Danae cooed the words.

Hearing what he had been hoping for Kurt began to plunge into Danae's body faster and faster. He moved both hands to her hips, and continued to pump into her. Danae screamed, shuddered and bucked against him until one particularly violent orgasm from Danae pushed him over the edge. Danae could feel him fill her and rejoiced in the sensation. 

"Good boy. I love you my good boy."


Hearing a familiar scream coming from the bathroom Noor, Harley and Bonnie smiled at each other. Alathea laughed at the shared look when she realised that everyone here knew exactly what that scream meant. 

"Breast or butt?" Harley asked jokingly which caused them all to laugh. The second scream interrupted their laughter for a second, but only a second.

"Darling cuties that sounded like back to me." Alathea's quip made them laugh even harder.

Bonnie got a sly look on her face. "That's it then, if you can tell her orgasms apart you are definitely one of us. Welcome to the family Miss Thea. There's no escaping now!"

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