How To Tame A Polycule

Everyone's Enrichment Toy Is Different

by LadySunnyBunny

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Danae sat on the floor of Kurt's room with items strewn everywhere. Clothes were laid out on the bed, accessories on the dresser, books and other personal items in piles on the floor. She was, on the surface, happily engaged with rearranging everything to her satisfaction. Kurt didn't mind her forays into organization, provided she explained where everything went when she was done. In the back of her mind however, the growing frustration at the lack of challenging work was, she had to admit, getting to her. She was fully onboard with the end of capitalism, no one should have to do miserable things just to feed themselves, but her specialized field of contract law sadly relied on it. With no capitalist drive, no need for companies to carefully negotiate everything to get the best deal, her job was gone. 

Sometimes she wished that she could be happy living a life of leisure, but honestly she just didn't know what to do with herself. She had never really developed any hobbies besides reading, because mostly they looked less engaging that delving into obscure contract law. Bonnie was a lovely and efficient maid so nothing needed cleaning, and she could only watch so many shows, or movies before she wanted to do something. Of all of the family, she was the one who really didn't know what to do now. Bonnie's job had not changed at all, Kurt was enjoying not being anxious for the first time in his life, and Noor and Harley were using their former workplace as a hobby workshop. She had to admit she didn't know exactly what they were working on, but it made them fulfilled and happy, so it didn't really matter either way. 

Maybe she could study again, she did enjoy studying. Maybe something obscure and not at all relevant to her current life. It would be nice to just, well find things out... except that would only work for a short time. Without a practical result she would soon lose interest. Danae had her faults, however she did know herself. She could play and be silly. She knew how to relax in her downtime, but it should just be that, downtime. If every moment was downtime... well she'd end up depressed. 

Danae sighed, she really needed to talk to Alathea about this. After all she had stipulated she needed to work in her list of demands. Yes. Yes that was right, the Affini wanted to her to be happy. So they needed to provide what she needed to be happy. Alathea was the Affini she knew best so she got to deal with it. Perfect! Danae grinned and began putting all of Kurt's possessions into order. 


Alathea studied the paperwork in front of her with a satisfied air. She had put a great deal of effort into making this the perfect domestication agreement document for the situation, but if Danae felt like contesting points, or negotiating terms, so much the better. Danae was lacking a challenge, but she had never lost her purpose which made offering solutions much simpler than things could have otherwise have been. She had also made calls to few of her friends, some of who had adorable new florets to show off. It was lovely to see how the Terrans were becoming happy, healthy and safe under the guidance of the Affini. It was interesting to see who had new florets honestly, sometimes it seemed like the least likely Affini found a new pet whenever a new sophont species was discovered. They all seemed like wonderful matches though, and Alathea hoped to introduce some of her friends to the florets she would be taking on. Now she just needed to invite Danae to tea so they could settle everything. Just perfect.


Harley grinned at Noor over the top of their latest project. Being exposed to Affini tech had opened up some rather fun and interesting ideas. They had to admit since their rather stingy boss had been forcibly domesticated (idiot was a free Terran) the free run they had of the workshop had been brilliant. Lots of toys to tinker with, with their favourite person in the world helping. Even better was how relaxed and happy Kurt and Bonnie had become. With Kurt taking less care Bonnie had been more available and willing to play with them. Everyone in their family were flourishing under the rule of the Affini, well mostly everyone. Harley was sure that once Danae had finished turning the house upside down in the name of organisation (in reality it was about control), she would demand what she needed to be happy. That was the thing with Danae, she would demand the universe give her what she wanted, and by the goddess she usually got it. Sometimes it would be a struggle. They had all lived through enough rough times to show that, but in the end she would win. 

Noor giggled as she flicked the switch to feed power to the device they had been working on, and Harley turned their attention back to the Terran/Affini hybrid tech they were working on. Best not to blow themselves up now!


Kurt was out shopping by himself. It was the first time since he had met his Lady that he was truly on his own. It was scary, but in a good way. Good scary had not been a concept that appeared much in his life. The sheer anxiety of being alone, in the past, would have caused nothing but terror. Now here he was, out by himself, shopping for a present for his Lady. Kurt had decided that a surprise treat was just the thing to show how much he appreciated all that Lady Danae did for him. Not that you could really call it shopping per say when no money was involved. So far it seemed that he was paying for anything he acquired by acquiescing to letting whichever Affini were in the vicinity, pet him and heap affection on him. The collar around his neck actually kept him safe from being pounced on for domestication, as the Affini assumed he was already a floret. It was surreal to say the least, but the specialized drug he was on meant he was amused more than anything else by the attention. The Affini were endearing in their own way, and sometimes he felt like cooing and calling them cute right back. Heh. That would be great. Kurt decided the next Affini to shower him with praise and pets would receive the comment. He couldn't wait to see their reaction. 


Bonnie hummed to herself as she cleaned the kitchen. Lady Danae was moving with purpose to put everything back in place. She had made a decision and was not going to drop into a depressive episode. Bonnie looked forward to finding out how Miss Thea planned to solve Danae's issue. She would be greatly amused if the solution her Lady had come up with coincided with the Affini's. Of course the debate on whose idea would win, if the solutions were at cross purposes, could be even more entertaining. Life was very sweet right now, and the future looked even better. 

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