How To Tame A Polycule

Someone Needs a Timeout

by LadySunnyBunny

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #multiple_partners #scifi #sub:female #sub:male #Human_Domestication_Guide #Hypnosis

CW: BDSM dynamics, punishment, scolding 

Danae was annoyed, vastly so. First her entranceway had been an absolute mess when she came home to find that neither Noor or Harley were there. They had assured her they would be there by 5pm. Danae was particular in some things and not ashamed of it. They sat down as a family to eat at 6pm everyday unless plans were made ahead of time. If you were going to be late you were expected to call, damn it! Secondly that blasted Affini had come to call when she was at work. It put Danae on edge when things didn't happen to plan, and she had planned to be the one to ensure the proper introductions were made.

The absolute golden lining on the cloud was that Bonnie was a dear sweet girl, who could charm absolutely anyone who wasn't a prejudiced pig (and had won a few of those over too!). The Affini... Alathea... well she had been kind and careful with her lovely maid. It just itched when her plans went awry, she hated to not know what was happening. It was a matter of control yes, but not of absolute dominance. Danae was head of her household but she gladly acceded authority to those who earned it, be it at work or otherwise. 

She massaged her temples as a slight stress headache formed. Where were the other two? The longer they took to get home the more worried she got. Things weren't always safe even when they looked so and she wanted her chicks home so she could reassure herself they were ok. They also were going to have to be punished with the lack of communication. If they weren't in trouble somewhere out of the house, they soon would be in it!

The front door opened and she could hear the sound of Noor whispering to Harley but not the content. No matter, they were home now and she would find out why.


"How angry do you think Lady Danae is going to be?" Noor whispered at Harley after opening the door and seeing their parcels stacked neatly on the side table. "We lost track of time talking with Alathea and completely missed dinner." 

Harley grimaced, "Probably pretty pissed off, because you don't stack things that neatly - Kurt restacked our spoils from earlier. Bonnie would have put them in our room."

Noor flushed, she hadn't stacked at all, she had flung. It had seemed so important to chase after the Affini earlier but... now... well it wasn't good that Lady Danae had seen the mess she had left in the entranceway. She gathered the bags and boxes, and they walked slowly to put the items away in their room. 

As the pair climbed the stares they were met by their Lady at the top. 

"Noor put those away and then both of you meet me in my office."

Noor scuttled to do that after taking a quick glance at the coolly calm expression on Lady Danae's face. This was not good, not good at all. Her lady often maintained a calm expression unless she got caught up in the moment, but when she got very worried, or exceptionally angry that calm got cold. The colder it was the more trouble you were in! They hadn't even told her why they were late yet. Things were about to get arctic, which did not bode well for them.  

When Noor came into the office she was gestured to sit down next to Harley, two chairs had been put side by side but at a distance enough apart they wouldn't be able to touch while sitting. Lady Danae leaned her behind on the desk in front of them with her arms crossed. 

"This had better be good, you have been messy, rude and arrived late to dinner. Spill it." Danae's tone was even but cold, Noor shivered a little at the sound. 

Harley cleared their throat and began to explain, "We had just finished investigating the shopping in the Affini controlled district. It was weird but good, we got things for everyone and didn't have to spend a penny... Anyway on our way back to the house we saw Bonnie with an Affini - she was dressed in date clothes she normally only wears for you!" Lady Danae nodded but didn't say anything.

"You hadn't told us that an Affini was coming so we were worried that they wanted to steal our Bonnie, she's so sweet and lovely who wouldn't want her?" Harley jutted out their chin a little "We were just looking out for her!"

"What, did you, do?" The words were said softly and icily and Harley ducked their head.

"We... we followed the plant lady to her hab unit." Noor continued the story, "and well, we wanted to find out what she was doing with Bonnie. So we knocked at her door... and... we asked." The words got quieter as Noor heard her own explanation, the full extent of their idiocy becoming clear to her as she had to tell their Lady.

"You asked?" The second word was said with a force that was jarring. "You just went and knocked on the door, of one of the aliens who has conquered our entire species, to ask their intentions towards my maid?" Lady Danae rubbed her hands on her face in frustration. "So the mess in my hall, your lack of communication, and missing dinner entirely were all because you didn't trust Bonnie to tell you why?"

"It wasn't Bonnie we didn't trust," Harley interjected then stopped at the ice dripping from Lady Danae's eyes. 

"By trying to interrogate an Affini you very clearly said that it was. You owe Bonnie an apology for your idiocy. So tell me gallant ones, what happened after you asked?"

"Alathea was... kind... she gave us lemonade and told us stories to make us feel better. She didn't seem upset... she um... called us cute for being protective." Noor said slowly. "We lost track of time, by the time we realized dinner time had been and gone we were almost home."

"I see." Lady Danae moved around her desk and sat down. "Very well, for causing me to worry, for doubting your family, for not thinking the two of you need a time out. You did not take time to think before leaping into action, so I shall give you time now."

"Turn your chairs to face the opposite walls - do not move them closer together! You will sit here for the next hour looking at the wall and thinking on your actions. At the end of the hour you will both go heat up your dinners that Bonnie kindly saved for you eat them, and then you are to go to bed. I cannot stress how worried and scared I was at your absence and lack of communication, please ensure you do a better job of thinking before you leap in the future!"

"Yes Lady Danae," both of them chorused and then did as commanded.

The hour passed slowly, there was however no stress from being separated from Harley. Noor could hear them breathing after all, but it wasn't pleasant to be without their comforting touch. Lady Danae loved them to be sure, she had calculated this to be a fair punishment without being torturous. Noor regretted that they hadn't let anyone know they were going to be late. After what had happened before they moved here Lady Danae worried over them, she just wanted them all to be safe. She had been stupid, rushing off to confront an alien. What if they had been hurt? Lady Danae would never have forgiven herself, never mind that it would not have been her fault.

Noor squirmed in her chair as her butt went to sleep, she glanced over at her Lady who sat reading quietly, then back at her hands in her lap. This is so boring, time to think yes, but too much time, she just wanted to move, to do something with her hands. She would do better next time she vowed, make Harley think better, anything to avoid this boredom. 


At the end of the hour Danae put her book away, she had avoided watching the misbehaving too closely. She didn't enjoy watching her darlings suffering but really what else was a dominant to do with errant submissives? Getting up she walked around to where Noor was sitting and drew her to her feet. Noor leaned in and Danae gave her a long hug.

"Time to go get dinner little Noor, I will send Harley on in a minute."

Noor nodded and rushed out of the room in her eagerness to get something to eat. Danae walked around to face Harley, then stood in front of them with crossed arms.

"I'm sorry my Lady for putting Noor at risk... I know I need to be more careful for her sake." Harley said repentantly.

Danae sighed and then leaned in to hug Harley as well. "Please, please do not scare me like that ever again." The words were said softly this time.

"I promise Lady Danae."

"Go on and get your dinner then, Noor will be about bursting after not being able to talk for an hour in which she isn't sleeping. I'm going to have a bath and go to bed myself. I think I will take tomorrow off work to prepare myself to meet Alathea tomorrow."

"Yes my Lady." Harley headed towards the door and then paused to say, "We both love you," before leaving the room.

"I love you both very much."

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