The Sleepwalkers Speak

Mona Sawyer-Age 42

by KonradKurze

Tags: #comic_book #dom:male #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #brainwash #CW:dubious_consent #happy_slaves #serial_recruitment #superhero

A wealthy Sleepwalker speaks of how Hypnoman helped her move past her more elitist beliefs.

I regret that during the first few weeks of my time as a Sleepwalker, I still held some very...reductive ideas regarding my slave sisters. I was first awakened to the glory of Hypnoman by a friend of mine when we were alone at a country club. I would've done anything he wished, and I was proud to call myself his slave girl. However, one particularly noxious belief stayed in my mind, at least for a little while. I believed that I was above many of my fellow Sleepwalkers.

How did I come to believe something so ludicrous, you may ask. Surely, Hypnoman's control made you all equal. Sadly, that was no the case.

I looked down on them not simply because they didn't have the kind of wealth and status I did, but I felt that they had so much less to offer Hypnoman. What assets did they have that he could put to use? What connections did they possess he could exploit? Who did they know that could make for a particularly useful Sleepwalker? I bring him onto contact with high society, potential Sleepwalkers with considerable assets to put to his use.

It was by these criteria that I judged my fellow servants of Hypnoman. And these were the justifications for how I acted toward many of them. As weird as it is, I believed that even among the Sleepwalkers there was a class system and I looked down on those who I felt were not as useful to him as I was. I was not pleasant to my fellow Sleepwalkers, even after my maids joined their ranks.

I was dismissive, insulting and arrogant. Enough so that it was not long before Hypnoman was informed of my behavior and arrived at my penthouse to 'correct' me. I came back from a function downtown and came home to see all my maids lined up in single file with Hypnoman standing in front of them. I was overcome with joy at having him in my home but he told me he was not there for a social call.

"I'm not happy with what I've heard from your sister Sleepwalkers," he told me. "It seems there're still a few unpleasant ideas still in your mind that need to be shaken loose." He ordered me to approach him and once I did he made me gaze into one of his lights. He said that all Sleepwalkers are equal, as they serve his will. He said that I would have these classist ideas expunged with the help of my maids, that for the whole weekend I would attend to their carnal needs and treat them as my superiors. His first command was for my maids to sit on the closest sofa or chair and take off their heels and socks. I was then told to lick the feet of all the maids, one by one until they were spotless.

It was an experience I'd never forget. It was actually intoxicating, the smell and the taste mixed perfectly. That was only the start of the most wonderful weekend of my life. In two days, I was shown the way of things. I was not their superior, at least not in private. By the time Monday came around, I had a mind free of such arrogant views and a well spanked ass. I've had an S&M dungeon set up in the attic. Let's just say that I very much look forward to Friday nights.

Hypnoman be praised.

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