The Sleepwalkers Speak

Melissa Stokes-Age 43

by KonradKurze

Tags: #comic_book #dom:male #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #brainwash #CW:dubious_consent #happy_slaves #serial_recruitment #superhero

A gynecologist describes how she came to improve her methods thanks to Hypnoman.

My field may be largely a physical one, but I do not neglect the fact that women's health is a multifaceted topic. As such, I keep on the lookout for anything that may help me improve my skills as a doctor. Just because I have a few diplomas on my wall doesn't mean I'm finished with learning. Just because I have an award or two doesn't mean I'm perfect. And just because I've been invited to speak a few times at the university doesn't mean I'm no longer a student.

Which I why I am proud to say that I have integrated Hypnoman's goals into my methods for providing care for my patients. I had eyes opened by a patient of mine who was made into a Sleepwalker not long before. She was somewhat depressed during our previous meetings so I was curious when I saw her so cheerful. I asked her what'd happened since our last visit and she showed me a small disk shaped device that showed a spiral pattern which pulled me in almost instantly. She then told me about the new sisterhood I'd be joining and how my job made me perfect as a recruiter.

Rigging up a hypnotic projector in my examination room was no real challenge. My practice is now a re-education center. Every one of my patients either leaves as a newly conscripted Sleepwalker or has their conditioning reinforced while I see to their medical needs. Not to brag, but I've created enough new Sleepwalkers to receive Hypnoman's personal gratitude. I was brought before him and along with some of my patients and we all serviced him as a group.

During the indoctrination process, I extract the girl's fears, worries and doubts about serving our villainous master from their minds like a dentist extracting wisdom teeth. I assure them that they will find contentment in doing his bidding, that they need not sacrifice who they are in order to be his minions.

I always make sure that my new patients leave the clinic knowing what it is to be a Sleepwalker. To serve Hypnoman is to strive for excellence in all areas of a woman's well being. A Sleepwalker is dedicated to self improvement.

After all, a healthy henchwoman is a capable henchwoman!

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