The Joys Of Having (And Being) A Jumbo Sized Slave Girl

Already paying off (Jastro's POV)

by KonradKurze

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #fantasy #pov:bottom #sub:female #abduction #goblin #happy_slaves #lactation #magic #pov:first_person #size_difference

Jastro gleefully observes how much has already been accomplished since Hegra was enslaved.

I told my dad this'd be a great investment and oh boy has that been true. This girl's a real workhorse and then some! We had her sleep near the lake during her fight night here, with her first task being to help build an extension onto the slave quarters for her to stay in. She's been able to carry three wooden beams at once and did a lot of the foundation work herself. Well, we guided her, but she's still proud of it nonetheless. She was beaming when her new living space was build. 

She's helping with the construction of the brewery, bringing over stone and wooden beams to the site.

Some of the other slave girls have been teaching her new words. Turns out there's no word in Giant for 'overseer' or 'indoctrination' so it was a bit of an effort to get her to understand what they mean. Eh, no problem.  

For crying' out loud, if she's considered 'small' I can't even imagine how big an average sized giantess can be. Maybe, just maybe she can...

Nope. Gotta slow down. Don't push my luck. We'll see how things progress with her before we start thing about 'that'.

I head inside the slave quarters and make my way to where Hegra is. The door is slightly ajar, so I can hear her singing softly to herself. I can't make out the words but I'm assuming they're in Giant. 

"Oh, Hegra!" I shout. "I'm coming in!" I hear her giggle as I come inside. Her eyes shine like gems when she sees me. I look at the swirls in her eyes. I still don't really believe what I've achieved sometimes. Seeing those spirals helps me understand that I'm not dreaming.

"Master, good to see you!" I grin. It seems I've caught her while in the middle of changing. She has her trousers, but she hasn't put on her sleep shirt yet. Her boulder sized boobs are right in front of me. 

She lies down and places me on her stomach, right in front of her melons.

"How're you feeling?" I ask, giving her a devious grin.

"I'm so happy master! I love helping goblin masters make money! They not see me as small and weak like giants in my tribe." I fondle her boobs, causing her to give a blissful sigh.

"I love touch of goblins too. Makes me feel loved." 

"And how are things going with your slave sisters?"

"Love them! They teach me so many things. They tell me that while I might be big and strong, goblins are smarter. It's how they're able to take over my mind."

"Glad to hear it. Once the brewery is done, we'll have a special reward for you."

"What reward, master?"

"You'll be pleasuring all the overseers." I told her. "As well as me." Hegra gasped and gave a beaming smile.

"Thank you, master! I would love to pleasure goblin overseers. I will not let you down!"

"I'm sure you won't."


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