The Bliss That Green Hands Bring


by KonradKurze

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #abduction #auction #brainwashed #enslavement #fantasy #foot_fetish #goblin #happy_slaves #kidnapping #lactation #magiccontrol #nonhuman_character #wizards

Everybody's got their own particular tastes, and my fellow goblin barons and I ain't an exception. We like our slavegirls to be a certain way. Our tastes can include things like physical features, dressing them in certain clothing styles, what have you. What they used to be before being enslaved plays into this as well. Oirt loves to get his hands on peasant girls. Xahug likes having former bandits as his servants. Plarm doesn't care how much he has to spend to get his hands on a warrior girl.

What's my type, you may ask? Simple. The pious ones. The religious types. Nuns, novitiates, pilgrims. The religion doesn't matter, I'll take em all. I'd take a hypnotized devout dame over some mind warped barbarian girl any day. And why? 

It's how you can play with her devotion, her faith. Sure, your slave girls will always obey and see you as their master. But religious girls have grown up believing in something beyond them, a god, a philosophy, doesn't matter. They see meaning in things others don't. They believe that some people can have a some natural connection to whatever higher power they worship and they believe people like that need to be followed. Someone with that connection isn't just 'blessed' or whatever a religious girl might call it, a person like that is an authority figure. A girl like that doesn't just obey without question, she revels in doing their bidding.

So what do you get if you take a girl with all these traits and throw a mind controlling brand into the mix? You get a slave who'll look at you with wonder whenever you speak, who'll see herself as a lamb in your flock, and who'll see even the most mundane task as an opportunity to show devotion to you. You'll have a slavegirl who sees mindless obedience as a virtue. She'll see menial chores as ritual tasks. Tell her to give you a titty fuck? Her prophet/priest/cardinal or whatever wishes for her to personally service him and doing so is an honor. Tell her to take her panties off and lay back? Her ruler is pleased with her and wishes to reward her.

And a new slave sister? A convert-to-be, someone new to preach the gospel of subservience to. Seeing them evangelize to the new acquisitions never fails to make me grin. I had the text they preach from written by a few of my slaves who were training to be teachers in convents. Let me tell ya, there's no better start to my morning than listening to one of the more 'senior' thralls giving the newbies a lecture on how 'blessed is the slavegirl with a tiny mind, for it is easily filled with master's wisdom' or the spiritual benefits of being in a gang bang with my guards. The place where the girls live is practically a convent where the ones who've been in my service for longer teach the new arrivals when they're not performing tasks.

The crown jewel of my collecting is Liza, a young warsister from the Order of the Vorpal Blade who was on a journey to that big cathedral in Waveforge when she was taken. She wasn't branded when she was brought to my estate, so she was full of fire and venom. She told me that I would burn in the Ten Pits for my transgressions, as would all the other goblins who had a hand in her situation. When I branded her, I told her that the god she worshipped intended for her to serve me, that it was part of their holy plan and she shouldn't question it. After the brand was taken off, she told me that her pilgrimage had ended and that it was the will of her god that brought her to me. She pledged her allegiance to me, vowing that she would serve for as long as she lives. And boy, have I made good on that promise.


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