The Bliss That Green Hands Bring

Jenna (Part 1)

by KonradKurze

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #abduction #auction #brainwashed #enslavement #fantasy #foot_fetish #goblin #happy_slaves #kidnapping #lactation #magiccontrol #nonhuman_character #wizards

I was a farm girl before I found my true purpose. I lived in a small town near the walled city of Ironstead. My home was close enough for me to see the massive white walls in the distance. We grew crops to sell in the city as well as nearby towns. I worked the fields since I was a girl. By the time I reached womanhood, the work made me strong yet svelte. I had the eye of a few boys in our town. Not that it matters. I know now that they would never be able to provide me with the joy that my masters do. 

It was a spring morning when I was found by the goblins who brought me to my true home. I was in the thicker part of the cornfield when I heard something snap behind me. I was surprised to see a pair of green faces looking up at me with toothy smiles. They were tall enough to reach my hips. Before I could do anything, one of them opened up their hand and blew some glittering blue powder in my face. I felt disoriented and fell over. When things came back into focus, I saw the goblins looking down at me and I felt utterly at peace. I smiled, then one of them gave me a command.

"Come with us, human. You must obey."

My heart overflowed with joy. My masters meant to take me away. Me, a flat footed peasant girl. I felt honored. I told him, 'yes, master' and began to follow them out of the field. The harvest, my home, and my family were all so distant to me. Following the goblins was all that mattered. I didn't know what they had in store for me, but I had to obey.

Once we were at the edge of the field, one of the goblins placed a small stone against an indentation on a large boulder and it seemed to ripple. I followed them as they stepped through and I gasped when I found myself inside an office that overlooked enormous hall filled with goblins. There were a few human women too, cleaning and, to my astonishment, having sex with the goblins on cots. Some of the girls were naked, others in revealing cloths that looked to be made of leather.

I heard a female voice say 'welcome back, masters Krizzen and Drell,' and I turned to see a tan skinned woman with brown hair beaming at us. She wore a leather brassier and a studded leather skirt as well as a pair of sandals. What drew my attention most was the glowing purple crest above her cleavage and the purple spirals in her eyes.

"Thank you, Abigail," the goblin named Drell replied. 

"Another for the auction block?" she asked, looking at me. Krizzen shook his head.

"In-house staff." Abigail grinned. "Marvelous. I'm Abigail, it's nice to meet you!"

"Thank you, I'm Jenna. Why are your eyes like that?"

"An effect of the brand you will receive," she said, pointing to the crest. "It will place you under an intensely powerful taming spell that binds you to a specific group, in this case the Brazzik Slaver Guild. I'll explain more when you've been branded. The powder is good enough for a quick capture but it loses its potency after a while."

I nodded. "Abigail, you will follow us." Drell said. "Of course, master Drell." she replied. Drell motioned for me to enter a nearby room where there was a large stone dais that had a larger version of the Slaver Guild's crest in the center of it. Drell got a circular piece of silver, pressed it against the symbol and gestured for me to kneel. Abigail put her hands on my shoulders.

"What is your full name, girl?" Drell asked.

"Jenna Craycroft, master."

Drell pressed the brand against my chest. I gasped and felt something coil its way into my mind from where the silver touched me. I felt so warm. Drell started speaking.

"Jenna Craycroft, from this moment forward, you are the property of the Brazzik Slaver Guild. To obey is your heart's desire, to do our bidding, your dearest wish. You are our obedient thrall. Do you understand?" I smiled.

"Yes master Drell!"

"The people you knew before you were taken mean nothing to you. The bonds you shared mean nothing to you. Do you understand?"

I thought of my family, the people who I was friends since I was a girl, the boys who couldn't help noticing me. There was nothing they could offer me that my new masters couldn't provide in spades.

"Yes master Drell!"

"The touch of a human man brings you no joy. Only the caress of my kind or your sister slaves can light your fire. Do you understand?"

I began to pant. I imagined a goblin thrusting into me while Abigail squeezed my breasts.

"Yes master Drell!"

"Then accept your place, and revel in it." He took the brand off my chest and I took a deep breath. Abigail smiled and held out a small mirror. I smiled when I saw the brand on my chest and the swirls start appearing in my eyes. It was official. I was owned. A slave. And that knowledge brought me nothing but bliss.

"Abigail, show our new thrall around the office. Get her acquainted with where she will be working."

"Yes, master Drell." She lifted me up and I followed her out the door. I felt utterly content and I joyfully followed her around where I would serve.

The place I would happily call my new home.

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