Rethinking her position

by KonradKurze

Tags: #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #brainwash #corporate #corporate_lingo #CW:dubious_consent #happy_slaves #personality_change #pov:first_person

A passionate young activist is caught during an evening break-in at a Fortune 500 company and has her views on the corporation, and one young junior executive in particular, readjusted.

Get this gorilla to let me the fuck go! Do think this funny, you cologne drenched greaseball?! You think any of what Trident does is funny?! The money in politics, the way they treat people who don't have the money to fight back? God, you're the closest thing to a flat out yuppie I've ever seen! See things your way? How're you gonna make me think what you parasites do is in any way good?! 

What the fuck is that thing, a locket with your prom date's picture in it? Why the fuck...would I...want to...wait, why am I getting so...drowsy? Can't...need to eyes...can't...

Yeah, I can...hear you. Trident's enemy? But they constantly...screw people over.'re right. Trident Group is...good. Trident Group is my...friend. I serve...Trident Group. 

What...what kinda guy do I like? I...well...kind, first of all. Handsome a bonus...creative too. Emotionally open's...a plus. What? Driven? I...yeah, I guess that's attractive. I don't want...a deadbeat. Rich? Huh...never thought...of that. If he's not a...snob...nice to people...maybe. Prodigy...yeah...that sound's nice. What do I get if...I put those together? I don't...I don't know. Could you...tell me? Yeah...I'm listening.

Yeah, I can see it now. My perfect guy is a corporate wiz kid. Someone who's making big decisions and still in their 20s.  A guy who's driven, a guy who brings his A-game to the boardroom and the bedroom. A guy who brings out the submissive in me, makes me show subservience to him and his company. A guy who can make me wet like a waterfall with corporate buzzwords. A guy like you.

I understand. I came here to steal, to inconvenience Trident, but I ended up finding my perfect man. It will all come together when I wake up.

Hmm? Where am...oh! Well hello there, handsome. I'd ask what a guy like you's doing in a place like this but I think I already know. And that's what drives me so nuts about you!

My name? Lily. Lily Demarko. What's yours, champ? Nice to meet ya, Ray Townsend. You can call me whatever you want! Bae, honey, ba-huh? Yeah, I'm digging it. 'Little Pet Activist.' I'll fight for your right to make me yours and the company's bitch! I kinda thought you'd want me to put a lid on that but, eh, whatever. Yeah, I know quite a few girls in the activist community.  Why, what're yo-oh, oh I get what you're putting down and I'm lovin' it! I'll lead right to you and we can open their eyes to the wonders of the Trident Group's agenda! We've already got a bit of experience putting together group events, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get some rallies going against your competitors. Trident Group'll have some activists on speed dial who're chomping at the bit to make their competitors look bad.

But I think those rallies can wait till next week. Huh? Whadduya mean, champ? It's Friday night and I got nothing to do for the next two days. I'm certain that you've done Trident proud this week and you deserve to have a chance to recharge your batteries. So why not just relax this weekend? Head back to the penthouse and enjoy your new acquisition? We could order pizza. C'mon, I'll even invite some of the activist girls I know so we can 'acquire' them tomorrow. Think about it. Spending Saturday night with all the passionate, pliant, protester puss you could ask for. And on Sunday, we'll be your maids as well.

I can see you 'stock value' rising a bit, champ. Don't lie, you like the idea, I know ya do! Well alright then! Never been in a luxury hummer before. Huh? Oh, don't you worry, champ. I can think of a few slogans to spice things up in the bedroom while you're driving. Just so long as you promise to rev me up like a chainsaw with that company speak I like.

Who knew giving in to the corporate agenda could feel so damn good?

Not quite sure if I'm gonna make a second chapter to this.


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