The Progression Of Patriotic Education

by KonradKurze

Tags: #brainwash #dom:male #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #Consensual #happy_slaves #political_changes

While on vacation, Caitlyn has some indoctrination sessions overseen by her boyfriend Ashton. Sequel to ‘Making A True Patriot.’

I burped as Ashton and I walked into our bedroom. It was our first full night in Nashville. We were celebrating my boyfriend getting his doctorate in psychology. He busted his ass for months on a paper talking about how patriotism can become fetishized under the right conditions. Our vacation was partially his way of thanking me as well. He got the idea for the paper from my own fantasies.

"That chicken was just what I needed." I said with a smile. "I heard a lot about Nashville's BBQ but goddamn did that hit the spot."

"You should try the catfish tomorrow." Ashton told me. "Crispy on the outside, but it melts in your mouth once you get through it."
"I'll give it a shot."
"Thanks. I'm guessing you're all fired up now?"

"Yep," I said with a grin.

My feet hurt a bit from our evening stroll but I'd never brush off what Ashton and I did every few weeks. I'd never brush off my therapy. 

I'd never brush off my indoctrination.

Ever since Ashton and I moved together, he's been building on the foundation he laid down when he first hypnotized me back when we met in Ohio. He gave me the strength to make the first step towards gaining control of my life. He helped me move out of the toxic, paranoid environment I'd grown up in. I didn't just fall in love with him, some part of me found what he did incredibly hot. I got to live out one of my fantasies. I was captured by a federal agent, and I was being gradually turned into a tool of the government. We were a month or two into my 're-education.'
The scenario was this: I was part of an all female strike team sent to assassinate a young Congressman but we were captured by the FBI before we could carry out the hit. Afterwords, we were enrolled in a secret program to rehabilitate women who were part of anti-government groups. Through a combination of pleasure conditioning, hypnosis, and propaganda, we were instilled with the truest essence of American womanhood. We were made into girls with star spangled hearts who'd do anything for the country we loved.
He took his shirt off while I stripped to my bra and panties. I sat down on the bed once he was finished and he brought out a pendant of a silver bald eagle with its wings open. We liked doing our thing with this one instead of the gold pendant that first entranced me. 
"Watch the pendant swing back and forth," he told me. "Let it catch your gaze, let it capture your attention. Nothing else matters but the pendant. 
My shoulders slumped and I felt my eyelids grow heavy. 
"Let yourself drift. Let the eagle carry you off." My eyes shut and I felt completely relaxed.
"America is pleasure." He snapped his fingers and I opened my eyes.
I looked at Ashton and smiled. He wasn't my boyfriend anymore. He was the FBI agent in charge of my re-education. He was the one guiding me through the course of my transformation.
"Miss Maddox, it's good to see you again."
"Thank you, sir," I replied. My heart fluttered. I was so happy to see him too. I'd do anything he told me to: eat out of his hands, suck him off, you name it.
"It is time for us to continue your patriotism enhancement course. Before we go on, let us review. Who are you?"
"I am Caitlyn Maddox."
"Why are you here?"
"To undergo re-education, to be emptied of my former un-American ideology and be taught true patriotism."
"Who am I?"
"You are my handler, my teacher, and my master. You are to oversee my development of a true love for America. As such, you have complete authority over me. You tell me what to think."
He smiled.
"What do you think of the US government?"
"The government are the hands of the American people. It does what they wish of it. What is being done to me by the government is the will of the American people. I am grateful to the government for doing so much to rehabilitate me. When it could have used pain to break my resistance, they instead chose pleasure and propaganda. I am in awe of the government's kindness and am its property."
Ashton started to squeeze my breasts.
"So to be clear, these boobs are yours, right." I blushed.
"Yes, and by extension, my boobs are government property."
"Good." He got out a box and opened the lid to show me two dildos decorated in the Stars and Stripes. I took one out with a shaky hand.
"This will be part of today's session. You will begin masturbating with this while reciting the slogans you learned in previous indoctrination sessions."
"Yes, master." I got on my knees on the bed and slid the dildo into my pussy.
"I am a truly patriotic woman," I said once it was inside me. I started moving it back and forth.
"A truly patriotic woman is aroused at the thought of her country," I said. "She will not hesitate to pleasure herself while marveling at its majesty."
I started moving the dildo more quickly while my toes curled.
"I love the idea of America fucking me. I love the thought of being collectively fucked by the American people."
Ashton went behind me and put the second dildo in my ass. I gasped once he slid it in.
"Continue," he told me. He started fondling my breasts.
"Yes, master," I said breathlessly. I was getting closer and closer to climaxing. 
"I love the American much...that the thought of being one of them...makes me hot. I love the government for wanting to making me better. I'm so the government...for giving me the greatest...pleasure...I can a order to teach me."
My mind was starting to get foggy from the pleasure.
"I love...that the government...can make me so horny. I love...I love...ahh!" I trembled and felt the familiar sensation of an amazing orgasm. I was still catching my breath when Ashton took the dildos out of me.
"I'm pleased with your progress. You're now able to begin the next stage of your re-education. However, this is all for now. Wake."
I woke up and looked at the stain on the bed.
"We're gonna clean that up right?"
"Oh yeah. It won't be nice to the maids if we left that for them." I smiled.
"Wanna give me a preview of what comes next?"
"Sorry, can't. Don't worry though. You'll find out tomorrow."
I sighed.
"Fine. But you're gonna go with me to the botanical gardens tomorrow. No complains."

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