Naught But Empty Puff

by KonradKurze

Tags: #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #classist_control #happy_slaves #historical #nobles #oneshot

A British noblewoman addresses some of the rumors concerning the recent changes in her life.

I know the upper classes love gossip like nothing other, but honestly, enough is enough.

I mean, really? Me, the hypnotized plaything of my psychologist? Preposterous! Doctor Pendleton is skilled at his craft, especially for one so young, but I doubt he could entrance me deeply enough to make me his whore. Do people see me as so weak willed that all it takes is a few swings of a pocket watch to make me want to rip my garments off? Of all the the nerve. You must think me a she-wolf in heat! His watch is an absolute pleasure to look at. Its contours are masterfully etched and the shine grabs my attention every time. I would look at all day if he told me to.

Then there's the living arrangements. I invited him to live at Craycroft Hall because it was convenient for the both of us. He still practices with his other clients in town but living under the same roof as him doesn't in and of itself mean we're cavorting. And about releasing all my male staff, I'll have you know that was a decision I discussed with him and my lady mother. It ensures that I would avoid temptations unbecoming of a woman of high birth.

After all, becoming pregnant with a mere butler's child would be a real scandal! 

Not to mention the whispers that abound concerning what happens between us in private. If I serve him tea in a corset with my breasts exposed, it is our business. If I clean the hall with the maids while in such attire, it is our business. If I choose to have my evening Sherry with some of his semen in it, that is our business. If he walks me through the gardens while I wear nothing but a leash, it is our business, it is our business. If I call him 'master,' it is our business.

Frankly, I'm truly baffled why more noblewomen don't let their servants give them orders every once in a while. The inversion of the usual power dynamic is positively exhilarating! I've found licking the soles of my maid's feet to be absolutely divine. Who knows, they might find the kiss of a riding crop as rapturous as I do.

As for the rumors that he's enthralled my lady mother, I'll have you know that she's also benefited from his services. Doctor Pendleton has greatly assisted her in moving on from my father's death. If she heeds his council every once in a while, then so be it. He's earned the right to advise her. She has seen that there is pleasure in deferring to him as well.

I'm sure you ladies still have a lot of questions and I assure you they will be answered. My fiancé is a tad late but you will be seeing him at tonight's gala. Oh, did I not tell you? Doctor Pendleton proposed to me and I accepted. 

And I'm sure that when he comes to tonight's gala, you'll find him as...entrancing as I do.


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