Making A Mint

by KonradKurze

Tags: #brainwash #dom:male #exhibitionism #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #dom:capitalism #happy_slaves #oneshot #serial_recruitment

One of the slave girls of a crypto-scammer talks about how much she enjoys being part of his newest business venture.

This story is meant to poke fun at crypto/NFT nuts.

I know what people are gonna say about this. 'It's abhorrent.' 'It's illegal.' 'You've been enslaved.' 'You're part of something horrible.' Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've said that to Master myself before he enlightened me and you know what?

He's got an amazing business plan. Hiyah! My name's Keisha DeMarco and I'm proud to be one of the slave girls making my master millions with this amazing scheme of his! I mean, it's so simple! Hypnotize girls into sending nudes, mint the pictures as NFTs then pull the plug once enough saps give him their money. Rinse and repeat. My master is so brilliant!

I've been working for him for three weeks now. I met him during a football game at our university and he and I started talking. He said he was a finance student but didn't get into much more detail than that. We went out for a walk in the park the next Friday and I asked him if he had any plans on what he was going to do once he got his finance degree. He smiled and told me all about the NFT scam he's been pulling for the past four months.

I was horrified at first and I said a lot of pretty nasty things to him but then he showed me something on his phone. It was a dollar sign surrounded by a shimmering green spiral. I couldn't pull myself away from it and he started talking about how he'd love if I helped him with his business. It all sounded so wonderful. I realized I was in the presence of a business visionary, and I should be honored to help him with his venture.

Master didn't just hypnotize me. He monetized me, cause I made him a profit that very night. Forty pictures, both half dressed and fully nude, thirty five grand. The week after that, I brought him to the sorority house where I live and he monetized every other girl there. We all make content for him now, all eighteen of us. Our sorority house is one big NFT factory. He's already made tens of millions, but I want to see him become a multi billionaire. 

Whenever I'm feeling down, I recite the mantras he told me to repeat when I was first indoctrinated. The fundamentals are sound. I am in awe of the magic of the market. I am a living, breathing NFT making machine. My master owns the means of production. I am the means of production. My master owns me. Nothing turns me on more than the thought of my master's profits.

I just can't stop praising him. He's a once in a generation prodigy. He's making a mint off us.

And all he had to do was take our minds.


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