Making A Market Solution

Don't make a product, make a solution (Cody's POV)

by KonradKurze

Tags: #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #brainwash #dom:capitalism #happy_slaves #misogyny #serial_recruitment #urban_fantasy

Cody mulls over a big problem and goes into detail on his supposed solution

My name's Cody Paxton. Normally, I don't listen to doubters. You can't if you want to make it far in business. But this time I have to. 

See, I got into Crypto when I was 14 and I've made close to $740 million by the time I turned 23. Let's just say, I saw where the real money could be made and how many suckers had too much disposable income. I got in early and cashed out when I got extremely lucky. I still do consider myself a crypto enthusiast.  I attend conventions, I listen to the podcasts, and I'm always looking out for a new investment. It's what I was going to uni for, that and a minor in programming.

These skills are going to help me tackle a very important problem facing guys in my community.

The thing is, we don't do that well romantically. Girls see the majority of us as just being weird finance geeks. If you do happen to make it, you're just seen as shallow and focused on profits. The root of the problem, as I see it, is that girls just don't understand what guys like me who make it big can offer them. You can advertise yourself all you want, but you're just going to get eye-rolls if anything. But the important thing to keep in mind is that you can't really blame her for not picking up on what you're putting down. She just can't see it with her current mindset. All she sees are perceived negatives while being blind to objectively provable positives. And you can't let yourself get mad at that. 

Willing ignorance can only be changed by a conscious choice, but unknowing ignorance is much easier to correct.

The key to this fixing this issue is simple: you have to change the girl's perception of you. You have to actively adjust the way she sees what you have to offer. You have to change her way of think.

So the question is, how do I get a girl to see the unique value I have? How do I get her excited for capitalism, hot for the free market?

Well, that's where my project comes in. I've created a program that generates an image on my phone or laptop which emits a hypnotic overlay. Once the girl falls into a trance, then I give her a simple suggestion. I tell her that I've got an amazing investment opportunity for her and that she wants to learn more at a later meeting. I then tell her we can make a date out of if. Before I go, I give her a trigger phrase to snap her back into a trance.

This whole process can take a few weeks though. I'm re-educating the girl I use this program on. I know the end result I'm hoping for and the key is to nudge her into that direction. By the end of it, she'll see it as perfectly natural to chose me over other guys because of what I can bring to the table. She'll see me as the best investment she can possible make in her life. 

She'll see me as a high value male.

Granted, this is theoretical, but I've almost got the program ready for field testing. Not only that, but I know exactly who I'm going to test it out on...

I've based a lot of the viewpoints of the main protagonist off stuff I've seen in both the Cryptosphere and Manosphere. I'd like to make it clear that this story is meant to make fun of the reductionist, transaction based worldview these groups propagate.

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