From Miss Might To Miss Mindless

Chapter 6

by KonradKurze

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwash #comic_book #dom:male #happy_slaves #pov:bottom #sub:female #conversion #crime #personality_change #superhero

Roxxie finally meets her new master. Also, I'm a guy from LA but I know people who have Roxxie's insecurity over how people view her accent. 

45 minutes after Linda made the call, we arrived at an abandoned steelworks, being driven there by a Sleepwalker dispatched to take us to Hypnoman. In my hand was a backpack holding my Miss Might costume.

The way I saw it, I wasn't just being presented to Hypnoman, I was surrendering to him. I did the only thing I could think of and knelt on the concrete floor.

"I've never seen our master in person." Linda said as a Sleepwalker with a pistol waved us through and closed the door.

"It'll be an honor we can both share." I told her. When another Sleepwalker ushered us into the main room of the complex, my heart stopped. Right in the middle of a group of armed Sleepwalkers...was him. Hypnoman. 

Linda bowed.

"Master, you honor us with your presence." I followed suit.

"I'm overjoyed to meet you."

"Same here, Miss Lyndon. Or shall I call you Miss Might?"

"You can call me whatever you want, master, and I'll always answer to it."

"I see you're already wearing some Sleepwalker garb. We will exchange it for something else later. You are a prize too valuable to be allowed to dress like the rank and file."

I opened the bag and handed it to Hypnoman when he got close enough.

"What would you like me to do with it, master? The costume, I mean."

"What do you believe should be done with it?" he asked in response.

"I...well...part of me wants it gone. It's a reminder when I opposed you. I wanted to bring you in when I wore that."

"No." Hypnoman replied. "I will still have need of Miss Might in the near future."

I blinked. 'Have need of Miss Might?' What'd that mean. Oh well, he's probably cooking something up for me.

"Now, I'd like to see a demonstration of what you can do."

He gestured to a pile of steel rods. They weren't that thick, but they were definitely too heavy for a normal person to even pick up let alone break. I smiled and walked over to the pile and picked up two rods. I pictured myself separating chopsticks as I broke them in front of Hypnoman and the assembled Sleepwalkers. I flung the broken rods away and looked to Hypnoman for further instructions.

"Impressive." he said, crossing his arms. I puffed out my chest with pride.

"Haven't even broken a sweat!"

"Do you have any other tantalizing secrets, my slave?" I gulped and looked to the ground. I had to tell him, no matter how he might react.

"I'm from Georgia, master. People look down on me...when they hear me talk like I did growing up in my hometown. People think I'm some country bimbo."

Hypnoman walked over to me and put his gloved finger under my chin. I was looking right into his goggles.

"I insist." He told me. "I want to hear you speak with the voice you were raised to possess, the tones, the words. I want your words to drip with southern syrup, I want you to be proud of the way of speaking you've been blessed with by your birthplace. Obey."

I was lost in his goggles. I...I had to do what he told me. More than that...I wanted to. I really wanted to. I'm Southern by birth. I shouldn't let other people make me ashamed of that just because they might see me as some dumb hayseed. I could be a dixie girl...for Hypnoman.

I had the biggest smile on my face as I hugged Hypnoman.

"Thank ya so much, Master!" I said. "This means more ta me than you'll ever know!"

"That's what I like to hear." Hypnoman replied.

I giggled and gave him a sultry look.

"So Hypnoman, ya up for a bit of foolin' around cause ah'm rarin' ta go. Whatever ya want, ah'm so in the mood for."

"Later, but not here." I didn't feel dejected by what he said.

"You're the boss!"

I snapped my fingers.

"Oh! Almost forgot! Bein' easy ta hypnotize kinda runs in the family. I got it from my mom, but I'm not sure if that goes for hers as well."

Hypnoman sniggered.

"I look forward to hearing more about it when we take somewhere more...private."

I licked my lips.

"Ah can hardly wait!"

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