From Miss Might To Miss Mindless

Chapter 1

by KonradKurze

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwash #comic_book #dom:male #happy_slaves #pov:bottom #sub:female #conversion #crime #personality_change #superhero

Hiya. I'm Roxxie Lyndon. But for the past week or so I've been going by 'Miss Might'. I'm the newest super heroine in Engine City. Now, you might be thinking I'm just some girl in some fancy costume and flashy name but the name ain't a lie. 

There's two things I try to hide from people whenever I can. The first is that I've got my own powers, courtesy of Uncle Sam. Well, in a manner of speaking anyway. My dad was a buck private in the army during the late 80s and he wound up being one of the people they tested a super soldier formula on. It was supposed to make you stronger, more durable, quicker to heal, all that jazz. Mind you we didn't find this out till later. So how did we find out? Well, my parents had me in the mid 90s and when I hit puberty all of a sudden my strength went through the fucking roof. One of the bullies at my middle school couldn't even graze me when he tried beating me up but all I needed was one shove to send him flying into a locker.

Turns out that the super soldier serum got passed down to me and was just dormant till it came into contact with the hormones. The guy from the Pentagon that spoke to us said that it looked like they activated the chemicals in my system that they weren't able to activate when they gave my dad the injections. It took me quite a while to control my strength and we had to move not long afterword.

That's how we get to the second thing I try to hide. I'm not Engine City born and bred. I'm from down south. Quite a ways down south. It only comes out if you're someone close to me or if I'm scared enough that I slip up but there's no pretending once you've heard it. I'm from a town near Atlanta and I learned pretty quickly that anything like a rural accent makes you sound like a hick. I've been called a hayseed by my high school bully and I almost slapped my college boyfriend's head off when he said he wanted to feel my 'thick Georgia peaches.' Needless to say, that relationship didn't go on for long afterwards. My parents moved back to Atlanta while I was in college. We still keep in touch.

Why did I start fighting crime you may ask? Well, four months ago we had a huge hurricane that tore through town. You get stuff like that on East Coast cities but this one was a monster. We didn't just have debris and water damage to deal with but it was like looters were crawling out of the woodwork. One of the places they hit was this mom and pop Kurdish place I loved. Nearly killed the couple who owned it. I say nearly because I went over there for some grub, saw two guys with masks pointing guns at them while they stripped the place bare and I just...lost it. Internal bleeding, three cracked ribs and skull fractures. That's what I gave them. 

After that I started thinking about using my abilities to help people. If I learned to control it, I might actually be able to make a difference in Engine City. And oh boy, were the looters I pummeled just the beginning.

I was amazed by the kind of lowlives this city's got. You don't just have your run of the mill looks but you've got dyed-in-the-wool supervillains. You've got that mech-suit wearing brawler Demo, some guy with a sonic cannon named Megahertz and a freakish human-bull hybrid named Minotaur. He was actually fun to fight. 

But then there's this one guy. Hypnoman. He showed up a few weeks before I started fighting crime. I've got no clue who he is or where he's from but let me tell you, he is fucking weird. He's an electronic whiz who likes putting the whammy on women so they'll help him commit crimes. The other villains don't seem to like him either. He doesn't seem to frequent any particular part of the city, he pretty much pops up wherever he feels like it.

To be honest, I'm kinda scared of him. Some of the girls who're found under his spell talk about him like they'd eat outta the palm of his hands if he told them too. They're like freakish, zombified fangirls of his that don't give a damn about committing crimes for him. 

I wanna bring him in. I really do. But I know that if I make one wrong move I'm gonna be just like those girls who've robbed banks for her him or tried kidnapping other women. He pretty much cuts them loose once he's gotten what he needs from them but what's he gonna do with me if puts me under his spell. I might go from being a super heroine to a super slave. That's what scares me most, that he might decide to keep me.

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