The Faith Of Sheep

Chapter 2

by KonradKurze

Tags: #brainwash #dom:male #happy_slaves #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #group_sex #religion #subliminal

When we got to the airport, there were buses already waiting to take us to the site. The Baptidome was amazing, even from a distance. It almost looked like a flying saucer nestled near the river. There were blue and green buildings nearby where we were going to be staying. The announcement for the event said that we were supposed to drop off our stuff first so when I got to my building, I put my things under my bed. Our lodgings looked like a more upscale version of a cabin.

At noon, we were filing inside of the Baptidome in groups of a hundred each. The people at the front all helped us get into the auditorium but we weren’t able to get snacks until after the welcoming ceremony. I was breathless when I first saw the room. It looked like a sports arena with a platform for speakers in the center.

There were four groups of seats, five thousand of them in each group all facing giant TV monitors. I took my seat at the northern tier, about halfway from the stage and the door. The seats looked like they came from a movie theater

A girl with short, dirty red hair sat next to me a few minutes later.

“Hiya!” she said. “I’m Linda.” She had a bit of a Southern twang in her voice.

“Brianna. I’m from St. Louis.”


I was about to ask if she’d been to any country music festivals when every girl in the room started to cheer. I saw Pattie on the big monitor in front of me as she strode onto stage and waved. She was in her mid thirties, with shoulder length brunette hair and a slight tan. She waited for the cheering to die down before speaking.

“I’d like to start things off by thanking you all for being here, and if you’re from out of state, I’d like to welcome you to Ohio!”

We all cheered again.

“I’d just like to request that no recording take place during the ceremony. Phones away, please. Now, I’m so happy to see all of you here. It’s amazing to see so many young women wanting to find themselves and I can promise you’re going to love the next three weeks. Now, I want to expand on what I just said. Every girl here knows they’re Christian. That’s a fact. But the thing is, there’s still so much we don’t know about ourselves that we’re trying to piece together.”

She took a drink from her water bottle.

“I’m going to guess that everyone here has wondered where they exactly fit. What’s my purpose? Who am I right now? Who am I going to be? Those are questions you shouldn’t be afraid of asking yourself and what’s really unfortunate is that you feel isolated from people close to you when you ask yourself these things. How many of you’ve felt that, raise your hands.” 

A large number of the girls in the auditorium raised their hands.

“Thought so. Believe me, I’ve been there and I still go there sometimes. You look at people around you and you feel like you’re behind the curb, you’re the one still piecing themselves together when everyone else seems to have it all figured out. I’m going to tell you with absolute certainty that you’re not alone. We’re going to do a brief exercise, OK? I want you all to close your eyes and take a deep breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth."

I did so, letting out some of my pent up energy when I exhaled.

“Again, and this time I want you to imagine reaching out to every girl around. Think of a tree that’s growing from a seed and into full bloom.”

I pictured what she was telling me and I felt so happy. It was like I was holding hands with every girl in the auditorium.

“Open your eyes.” 

I did and I couldn’t help but smile.

"This feeling of comfort is coming from you realizing that you aren't alone. It's coming from a sense of community. And last but not least, it's coming from the subliminal messages you've been absorbing since you came in here."

I felt slightly confused. Subliminal messages? What was she talking about?

"No need to be afraid, girls. Now, I'd like to bring your attention to the screens above me." I looked at the screen in front of me that was now showing a gigantic rainbow spiral. It caught my gaze immediately.

“Stare into the spirals, ladies. Let them pull you in. Let them empty you of any fear, any unease.”

I felt myself becoming slightly…hollow. The things she wanted me to let go of were flowing into the center of the spiral and vanishing. I felt drowsy but I didn’t have trouble keeping my eyes open. It was almost fun to look at, trying to find the center.

“By now, you should be feeling completely relaxed, completely peaceful and listening to every word I say. You trust me utterly. You will take everything I say as the gospel truth.”

I nodded slightly. She was right. She’d already taught me so many amazing things. I couldn’t wait to hear what she had to tell me now. Whatever it was, I knew it was going to be spectacular.

“Repeat after me. I am a good Christian girl.”

“I am a good Christian girl.” we all said at once.

“As a good Christian girl, I am easily hypnotized."

“As a good Christian girl, I am easily hypnotized.”

“As a good Christian girl, I obey my master.”

“As a good Christian girl, I obey my master.”

“As a good Christian girl, I love my master.”

“As a good Christian girl, I love my master.”

“As a good Christian girl, I am my master’s slave.”

“As a good Christian girl, I am my master’s slave.”

“I show my faith in Christ by having sexual thoughts about my master.”

“I show my faith in Christ by having sexual thoughts about my master.”

“Very good. I want you all to remember what you just said and make part of who you are. I want it to sink into the deepest part of yourselves. When I snap my fingers, you will hold everything I just told you to be absolutely, unquestionably true.”

She snapped her fingers and we all gasped. It…it all made sense. I was a slave girl. I was destined to be one. My body was an instrument for my master’s pleasure. My faith told me it was so. I imagined myself kneeling beside a leather armchair in a maid’s outfit. I had a beaming smile, a bible in my arms, cum on my face and a leash on my neck. My master sat in the armchair, wearing a business suit and his face obscured by shadows.

“By now, it should be increasingly clear that this is no ordinary revival.” Pattie said, her face coming back onto the screens. “You have all signed up for a three week brainwashing course. There will be many more times where you will be put into a trance. Over the next three weeks, you will be given both training in sexual pleasure and a thorough indoctrination to ensure full compliance to your new masters. You’ll be hearing more about them tomorrow morning. They will be overseeing every workshop taking place.” 

I licked my lips and my heart started racing. I knew that I’d be seeing them soon but I felt that I wasn’t quite complete without a master. After all, I was a good Christian girl.

“For now though, you will go to your lodgings and watch an hour of porn. You may do this on your phones, on your laptops or on the TVs. Once you have climaxed, you may spend the rest of the day however you wish.”

We rose as one and left, eagerly chatting with each other. I hadn’t really looked at porn before but I decided that I’d search for a few things on my laptop. Surely, I’d find something to get my motor running. 

After all, it is what Christ intended.


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