Birth of the Hypno Harpy

Chapter 8

by KonradKurze

Tags: #comic_book #dom:male #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #dubious_consent #hallucinations #happy_slaves #hypnotic_light #serial_recruitment #transformation

Nichole and Lola make two big scores.

I was thrilled with our first big catch. The women’s swim team were now Sleepwalkers. It was almost mouthwatering seeing them practice together. Giselle’s indoctrination made them see themselves less as individuals when together and more as parts of a well oiled machine. When they practiced, I got the sense that who they were didn’t matter to them as much.


We had two more big catches to set up: the lesbian outreach group and the campus feminists. I felt that we should go to the lesbian outreach group first so earlier today we recruited Professor Claybourne who heads it during a visit to her office. With instructions Hypnoman provided, we were able to rig the projector to give off a trance inducing display. We were hiding behind a table near her desk in the auditorium when the girls all filed in.


I was on fire. So many new recruits. Hypnoman would be overjoyed.


“Good afternoon ladies,” Claybourn told them. “Before we start, I have an announcement.”


She turned on the projetor and I could see a large green spiral come into view, letting off the same mind-sapping glow that I saw when Hypnoman first entranced me. We heard a few girls let out some gasps of surprise and alarm but the fear soon left their faces and they stared blankly into the spiral. Their wills were being sapped from them. They were helpless to resist the indoctrination we had planned for them.


Lola smiled and Professor Claybourn started speaking.


“These two girls have made me aware of an ally to our community that has been beneath our radar until now. I speak of Hypnoman. Hypnoman is a friend of the lesbian community in Engine City and of lesbians everywhere. He understands that they wish only to live peaceful lives without fearing the small minded. Under his rule, Engine City will be a safer place for women who love other women.”


“It is in your interest to assist him in his schemes,”I said. “Lesphobia will not be tolerated in Engine City under Hypnoman’s control. The sisterhood that is the Sleepwalkers shall punish it wherever it shows itself.”


“Submit to his will.” Lola said. “You have no choice.”


“We have no choice.” the girls all chanted. I felt somewhat nervous. There were a lot of girls in here and I wasn’t confident that this amount of noise wouldn’t be overheard. The professor turned to us.


“I will take over from here. We will spread Hypnoman’s influence throughout the city’s lesbian community.” Professor Claybourne said. “Our club will act as a recruitment center for Sleepwalkers.”


We smiled and left. “One down, one to go.” Lola said quietly. I nodded. The campus feminists were a somewhat smaller group so the projectors Lola and I had should work if put on the widest setting. They were a bit of a ways across campus though, so we needed to hurry up to get there.


When we arrived, the building they were in seemed pretty quiet. So good so far. Lola had her phone out on their social media page.


“Room 209. We’re almost there.” I knocked on the door once we reached it, causing someone to respond with a ‘yes?’ I nudged the door open a bit and tried my best to look nervous. There were maybe twenty girls in the room and I could see Professor Zhou looking at me slightly confused.


“I’m so sorry if I’m interrupting, I’m trying to find Professor Sfourza’s class.” I said sheepishly.


“He’s not in today.” Zhou replied. “You might want to check tomorrow. Whatever you need from him, I hope you find it.”


“That’s OK,” I said back. “I already found what I was looking for.”


Before anyone could react, Lola and I stepped inside with the projectors out, zapping everyone in the room. Both Professor Zhou and her club members were bathed in the hypnotic lights, their faces slack and their eyes blank.


I giggled.


“Can you hear me girls?”


“Yes…we can hear you.” they replied.


“Awesome. Now, I want you to listen carefully to what we have to say. There’s gonna be some…changes in how the club operates. First of all, philosophy. You will now believe that the feminists of Engine City must rally around a single leader who is to be obeyed without question.”


“That leader is Hypnoman.” Lola said with a smile. “He will unite the women of Engine City under his rule, as Sleepwalkers. He is your leader, your commander, your master.”


“Hypnoman is our master.” the group replied.


“That’s right!” I said. “And you’ll spread his word to every other woman who sees herself as a feminist. You will bring her into the fold. Let what we’ve told you sink into your minds. Let it become one of your most firmly held beliefs. And now, rise and shine.”


We turned off the projectors and the girls took a moment to gather themselves. Professor Zhou walked up to us, the club members starting to smile.


“I cannot thank you enough for enlightening us.” I grinned and got my phone out. I wanted to report to Hypnoman as soon as possible.


“Nichole, how good it is to hear from you again.” Hypnoman’s voice seemed to slither out of my phone.


“Lola and I have wonderful news, master. Both the lesbian outreach and feminist discussion groups are under your control. We’re with the head of the feminist discussion group now by the way. Would you like to speak to her?”




I put it on speaker.


“It so good to hear your voice, Master. It is clear that we must march in lockstep with our sister Sleepwalkers.”


“Indeed. Only total obedience will suffice.”


“How may we serve you?” Zhou asked.


“Once I have your contact information your club will begin creating and disseminating propaganda online.”


“We hear and obey, master.”


“As for you and Lola, I am in awe of your success.” Hypnoman said. “My mind is made up. You two are going to ‘disappear’ for a while. I have special plans for my two star recruiters.”


“Thank you, master.” Lola and I said.


“What do you mean by disappear though?” Lola asked.


“I have a new home where I will oversee my operations. You two will report to Addison Park at 7:45 this evening. You will tell no one where you are going or why. You will not need to pack any clothes either. That will be seen to.”


“We will not disappoint, master.” I told him. I felt like I was on fire. Hypnoman had big plans for us and I couldn’t wait to find out what was in store for Lola and I.

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