Birth of the Hypno Harpy

Chapter 3

by KonradKurze

Tags: #comic_book #dom:male #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #dubious_consent #hallucinations #happy_slaves #hypnotic_light #serial_recruitment #transformation

Nichole's weird visions continue. But are they simple hallucinations or is there more to them?

That weird vision at the gym was just the beginning. It’s like every day I have one or two of these…I dunno…episodes? Hallucinations? Spells? I’m not entirely sure what to call them but they’ve been happening more frequently.


They happen completely randomly too. Like one I had three days ago when my friend Sonya’s mom was talking to me about this spa visit she and Sonya went on. ``We were all relaxed and a bit sleepy from the incense and while the masseuse was giving us a shiatsu massage, she started whispering about how wonderful Hypnoman was. She told us that the staff were all under his control and that they were hypnotizing every woman who came in. We were just lying on the massage tables for two hour, gazing into these beautiful rainbow spirals on the ceiling while the masseuse indoctrinated us.”


Sonya picked up from there. “It was amazing. When we left we were completely under Hypnoman’s control, we even left the spa our contact info so he could give us orders. We wouldn’t have just done whatever he wanted, we would’ve been in the mood for it too. I mean it, he could’ve told us to help him rob a bank or kidnap a girl and it would’ve been so much fun! You gotta give the place a try!”


Another time, I was watching a TV reporter interviewing a fashion designer who was releasing a new women’s street clothing line. All of a sudden the brand name was changed to ‘Trance Chic’and the things the lady who designed it was saying changed as well. “The kind of woman I had in mind when designing these was very accommodating, very ‘go with the flow’, not particularly inclined to question orders. She’d be the kind of girl who’s very suggestible and would rather let someone else call the shots if possible.” I saw the reporter saying something like ‘it sounds as though these are the kinds of girls who Hypnoman would have a lot of use for.’ The designer smiled and nodded.


“Exactly. Any woman wearing something from the ‘Trance Chic’ line is going to be advertising herself as a prospective slave girl for Hypnoman. It doesn’t matter if she’s a college student, a businesswoman, a gang member or a soccer mom. She is saying to Hypnoman ‘I’m here if you need me, I’m very susceptible to mind control and I’ll be happy to help’.” The clothes being featured were things like jeans with a spiral belt buckle, a tank top with rainbow spirals over the breasts, a sweater showing an arrow pointing upward with the caption ‘suggestible’ written under it, a pair of sandals with the words ‘slave’ and ‘girl’ written on the straps and a t-shirt of a smiling woman with spiral eyes that had the caption ‘brainwash me baby!’I pictured myself decked out in those clothes and the image I had made me perk up a bit.


At first I just dismissed these as just hallucinations or something, but now I’m not so sure. What if they’re something more like…fantasies?


One thing is for certain though. Hypnoman is turning into someone I could see myself looking up to, someone I could admire. He’s a supervillain who’s standing head and shoulders over the other thugs in this town. Rumor has it that the policewoman he entranced has gone missing. I have a feeling that she’s going to show up again soon, and Hypnoman’s not gonna be far away when she does. Maybe he's with her right now, helping her accept her new role as his minion.


Helping her become what she was always meant to be.

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