Birth of the Hypno Harpy

Chapter 1

by KonradKurze

Tags: #comic_book #dom:male #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #dubious_consent #hallucinations #happy_slaves #hypnotic_light #serial_recruitment #transformation

Nichole ponders an odd occurrence of blacking out and tries to move on from it.

This story is based off a picture uploaded by ToBeObeyed to the Hypnopics Collective. I spoke with ToBeObeyed yesterday and have been given the green light to post this story.

My name is Nichole Braddock. I’m 22, the oldest daughter of the heads of the Braddock Foundation and I’m studying finance at the University of Motor City. And I’m trying to figure out something weird that happened to me yesterday


I know that everyone has those moments where you blink and you forget what you were doing all of a sudden but this seems a bit...I dunno...much? I was on my way to the electronics store to get a new flash drive and was going through my usual shortcut when I sorta zoned out. I looked at my phone when I snapped out of it and ten minutes had passed. Thankfully there was nobody nearby who'd try and steal my stuff when I got all spacey but I still have no clue where I went. I was quite a bit on edge when I started heading to the store again and I was constantly looking behind me on the way back. I'm gonna make a doctor's appointment as soon as I can. Here's hoping that this isn't the start of something bad.


The doc gave me a clean bill of health when I saw him this morning. He told me that these sorts of 'episodes' can be an early sign of certain health problems but the tests didn't show any sign of the problems associated with them. It would've been perfectly routine if I hadn't felt so good doing what he told me. I didn't tell him though, it'd be kinda embarrassing. Still, not being diagnosed with some kind of head trauma is good news.


Speaking of news, there's a new supervillain in Engine City. Hypnoman. The name's not too bad to be honest. Better than that Stallone wannabe. What kinda name is 'Demo' anyway? I don't think you're a baddie if that's the name you choose, I think you're a tech startup or something. At least ‘Hypnoman’ screams ‘villain’.


I had brunch with my parents today at that Mexican seafood place by the pier. God, I missed their salmon. I thought of telling my parents about that brief spell I had in the alley but since the whole thing was a nothingburger according to the doctor I didn’t bring it up. The TV at the restaurant showed a news update about a bank robbery. It looks like the newest supervillain in town zapped a policewoman into misleading the other officers so he could escape with his cash. The police took the female officer away before she could be interviewed so I’m wondering if she remembers what she did. Is there just a blank space in her memory or did she all of a sudden start thinking that she had to lie to the other officers so Hypnoman could escape? Eh, maybe he just told her to forget about it or something. I gotta hit the books, I have a business calc exam tomorrow.

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