Kia's Short Fic Collection

Wedding Gifted

by Kiatight

Tags: #cw:noncon #chastity #dom:female #drugs #f/f #gaslighting #hypnosis #orgasm_denial #pov:bottom #religion

Wedding Gifted

What Leah had to go through was nerve-wracking.

She still didn’t really understand why. It had to be some kind of curse. Nothing else made sense. It had happened to her mother and sister, and now it was happening to her. It didn’t seem possible, but it wasn’t her choice, so it didn’t matter.

Leah loved her girlfriend of two years dearly. She just hadn’t been prepared for this. Alex had proposed, but Leah didn’t think she was ready, and when the time came, she wanted to say no. Only... “no” wasn’t what Leah said. Leah said “yes” more enthusiastically than she thought anyone ever had.

She was genuinely happy, but she was divided. One side of her knew this was ridiculous. It was too soon to get married! The other side was writing her vows with a dreamy smile. Somehow, she knew she would follow those vows hopelessly.

Through her dreamy haze… she managed to read the words she had written so neatly on the paper… “And I shall be yours. Your property. As long as you love me, you will own me. My vow, my wedding gift… is my eternal love, loyalty, and devotion. All for you.”

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