The Refreshing Taste of Change

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #feminization #pov:top

Cora, a trans girl, finds herself noticing her increasingly-feminine roommate in a different light after both of them try a new soda - a soda that seems to be responsible for a wave of changes sweeping across society

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2021, do not repost without explicit permission

There was something different about Cora’s roommate.

But what? The trans girl just couldn’t seem to figure that out. She kept staring at him, and she knew it was getting so weird it was indefensible. But she couldn’t help it. There was something different about him, and it was driving her crazy.

“Um… Cora?” Alexander said tentatively. “Do I… have something on my face?”

Cora snapped her fingers, making him jump a little. His face! That was it. For once, Alexander was completely clean-shaven, without even a hint of stubble or shadow. It was a fairly dramatic change from his usual look. Except… that wasn’t it. Whichever way Cora looked at it, a lack of facial hair just didn’t quite account for how he seemed today. There had to be something else. There had to be.

“Nope,” Cora replied, and kept staring.

The two of them were sitting across from each other at the small table in their kitchen, eating lunch. It was a habit of theirs, whenever Cora wasn’t at work at the local coffee shop. Alexander worked a tech job from home, and Cora was always busy or exhausted, so eating lunch together when they could was a nice way to get some casual face-to-face time with another human being. It helped that they had become friends as well as roommates, of course. That had come as a relief to Cora. You could never be sure how chill someone was going to be with a trans lesbian for a roommate, no matter what they said, and her first impression of Alexander hadn’t set her at ease.

In a word, Alexander was a nerd. A completely stereotypical nerd, both physically and mentally. He was decidedly heavyset, and didn’t know enough about fashion to wear anything flattering. Usually, his outfits were nothing more than jeans and old graphic t-shirts about Star Trek. His hair was always unkempt, and worse, he was always growing out a beard that Cora had - until now - failed to convince him was unflattering. At least he had good hygiene. In Cora’s experience, there was a pretty sharp division between the good kind of nerd and the bad kind of nerd, and so she’d been wary, but she’d nonetheless decided to take a chance on Alexander, and it had paid off. He was warm, accepting, supportive, and relaxed. Cora couldn’t have asked for more.

Over their months living together, they had become fast friends, even if they made for an unlikely pair. Cora was both short and slender by contrast, and while she favored similarly casual-looking outfits, she liked to think that they were a little more carefully chosen. She was wearing tight booty shorts to show off her hips, and a loose-fitting tank top that hung flatteringly off the tits she’d spent so long growing. A chain necklace and a baseball cap were her usual accessories - even inside. It was a good look. At least, all the other girls she hooked up with seemed to think so.

Finally giving up, Cora asked: “Hey man, did you do something different with yourself?”

Alexander frowned and stopped eating. “What do you mean?”

“With your look,” Cora explained, idly toying with her long, bleached, white-blonde hair. “You look… I dunno, different somehow?”

Her roommate seemed confused. “Like… different good? Or different bad?”

“Different good,” Cora quickly assured him, and it was true. Whatever it was he’d changed, it was definitely an improvement. She was finding him a whole lot easier on the eyes than usual.

“Well, maybe, I guess,” Alexander said, after a moment’s thought, brow furrowed. “I’m not sure. I guess I hadn’t really thought about it.”

“Have you lost weight?” Cora asked lightly. “Been getting into exercise instead of a new video game or something?”

“Not really,” Alexander answered, but then looked down at himself. “Although, now that you mention it, I guess I have lost a little.”

“Huh.” Now that she was looking, Cora could see it. His pudgy arms and shoulders seemed a little trimmer, and his stomach a little neater. His thighs still seemed as thick as ever, though.

“Oh, I guess there is one thing,” Alexander piped up, after a few more moments. “I decided to let my hair get a little longer. What do you think?”

Cora looked up. He was right. His hair did look longer. Neater, too. Maybe he’d been brushing it a little more, or maybe the extra length was helping to weigh it down and smooth out some of those uneven knots and tangles. Either way, it was a nice change. It suited him.

“Looks good!” Cora told him, sincerely. “Gonna keep growing it out?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Alexander mused. “Why not, right? I can always cut it if I change my mind.”

Cora nodded and sat back. He’d shaved, he’d lost weight, and he was changing up his hair. No wonder Alexander seemed different. And yet… there was still something else. Cora shook her head. It was maddening.

“I’m gonna get a soda,” she announced, standing up and shaking her head in frustration. “Want one?”

“Sure do!” Alexander replied. “Those new sodas I got in that giveaway a few days ago are great, I just can’t get enough of them.”

Cora nodded in wholehearted agreement as she went over to open the fridge. They were really something special. It was a new brand, one she’d never heard of until recently, but from the sounds of it, they were trying to kick-start their brand profile with a whole load of contests and giveaways. Cora hoped it stuck. ‘Shift,’ the line of sodas were called, and as the tagline boasted, they were all about ‘the refreshing taste of change’. It was a corny line, but Cora couldn’t argue with it. They tasted just a little different and just a little better than any other soda she’d ever had, in a mysterious, subtle way she just couldn’t put her finger on.

“Which flavor?” Cora asked.

“It’s gotta be Soft Pink Passion for me,” Alexander replied. “My favorite.”

“Pussy flavor, huh?” Cora teased, selecting one of the neon pink cans. “I can relate.”

Alexander laughed and rolled his eyes. “Lesbian humor, huh?” he teased back. “It’s passionfruit, dork. How about you?”

“Amazonian Apple.” Cora reached down onto the next shelf and picked up another can of Shift, this one a deep red. “Do you think they call it that because the apples are grown in the Amazon?” she wondered out loud.

“Who knows?” Alexander said, as she handed him his drink. He opened the can and took a hearty sip, sighing in satisfaction.

Cora didn’t sit back down, instead leaning against the kitchen counter as she sipped at her Amazonian Apple soda. It tasted divine, but not quite good enough to get her mind off her roommate. What was different about him? It really was driving her crazy, like an itch she couldn’t scratch, or a song she couldn’t get out of her head. She couldn’t tell if she needed to figure it out, or if she needed to stop thinking about it altogether.

Not thinking about it was going to be a little difficult, though, when there was a second, even more confusing question bothering her.

Whatever had changed about Alexander, why was Cora suddenly kind of into him?


It was already dark by the time Cora was getting home from work following her afternoon shift. Until recently, that would have been out of character for her. She had always liked to hurry home so she could relax, not dawdle and take care of a bunch of unimportant errands. She had been telling people she was trying to act a little more responsible, but deep down, she knew the truth: she was avoiding her roommate.

It had been a little over a week since Cora had first noticed that there was something different about Alexander, and in that time, it hadn’t gotten any easier to deal with. If anything, it had gotten harder, albeit in a slightly different way. Cora no longer had any trouble figuring out what was different about her roommate. On the contrary, the many, many changes that had befallen him were practically screaming themselves at her.

He’d kept growing his hair out, and his facial hair hadn’t grown back, not even a hint of stubble. He’d been losing more and more weight, too, although Cora wasn’t sure if that was really the right way to describe it. Yes, his arms, shoulders and stomach had been shrinking, but his chest and his hips seemed to have been getting larger - and not with muscle. Alexander looked strikingly more feminine than before, and his changing preferences regarding clothes only accentuated it. He still favored t-shirts and jeans, but his new, pastel-colored shirts had a cropped, androgynous cut, and Cora was pretty sure he was now wearing mom jeans. At least, it sure seemed that way judging from how his ass looked in them.

Not that Cora had been staring or anything.

Except she totally had, and that was the issue.

Cora had never once had eyes for any man, let alone her pudgy, nerdy roommate. But now, she couldn’t seem to keep her herself from ogling him. He just looked, well, good. The changes he’d been making were all flattering, and it was clear that he’d been getting in touch with his feminine side. But… he was still a guy. Cora was more than a little confused about suddenly finding him attractive. That wasn’t all, though. The bigger problem was that, around him, Cora couldn’t seem to control herself. A few flirty jokes were no big deal between friends, of course, but some of what Cora found herself saying went a little beyond flirty jokes, and the words that she managed to prevent leaving her lips were even worse. Cora had never believed she could be or feel so aggressive. She was normally decidedly bottom-leaning, but all of a sudden, she was finding herself using and thinking about all the pick-up lines of all the tops who came on to her.

Plus, was Alexander getting shorter? She wasn’t quite sure.

Her main concern, of course, was to make sure she didn’t make Alexander uncomfortable or make the atmosphere between them too awkward. She didn’t want to act any weirder than she already had. But she couldn’t stop wondering what was going on. Why did they suddenly have such potent chemistry? Was Alexander trans? It was possible, she guessed, but given how accepting he was, she figured he would have already come out already if that was the case. Or maybe-


The trans girl literally jumped at the sound of someone calling her name. Her first thought was that it was Alexander, even though she was still lingering outside her door. She sighed with relief when she turned and saw that it was actually just Skip and Mia, her neighbors.

“Sorry for scaring you!” Mia added. “Is everything alright? I’ve been trying to get your attention for a minute. Something on your mind?”

“N-no, not at all!” Cora quickly assured her, turning red. “Just-”

She broke off when she turned to get a proper look at her neighbors. Something was different about them. Very different.

She’d always affectionately thought of Mia and Skip as the vanilla-flavored ice cream of her circle of acquaintances. Friendly? Yes. Helpful? Yes. Accepting? Yes. But nonetheless, an entirely straight-laced, entirely normal, and entirely heterosexual married couple. Skip was a fairly handsome, manly man, and Mia was a classically pretty, girl-next-door kind of girl. They were even high-school sweethearts. All of that was why it was so striking that they no longer looked quite so vanilla.

The most obvious change was that Cora no longer had to crane her neck to look at Skip. He’d always been tall and she’d always been short, but he no longer towered over her. They seemed to be roughly the same height. He was no longer as thick as a brick wall, either. He’d lost weight, just like Alexander, but it was clear that none of it was going to his chest. Instead, there was just so much less of him. All of that could have been dismissed as the result of some kind of crash diet or wasting illness, but… were those thigh-highs he was wearing under his shorts?

Mia, meanwhile, seemed to have gained all the weight Skip had lost, and she looked wonderful for it. She’d always been willow-thin, but now that she was sporting shameless curves and a noticeable belly, she looked more confident than ever. Her old clothes were plainly a little too small on her and seemed to be struggling to contain her new body, but Mia pulled off the look with a knowing smirk that had Cora more than a little flustered. She looked incredibly hot and she looked like she knew it, and the way she had her arm wrapped possessively around Skip’s waist was making Mia wonder how their new dynamic translated to the bedroom.

“What’s up?” Skip asked, concerned. His voice was a touch higher-pitched than usual.

“It’s…” Cora wasn’t sure how to broach the topic, but she was too curious not to ask. “Um, have you two… been making any changes lately?”

“Changes?” Mia echoed. She and Skip looked at each other, and they seemed sincerely mystified. “I’m not sure what you mean, sweetheart.”

“Yeah, nothing comes to mind,” Skip added. “Unless you mean that new soda we’ve been hooked on.”

“Oh, is that Shift?” Cora asked, relaxing. If they didn’t know what she meant, it was probably nothing to worry about. “Me too!”

“It’s great, right?” Mia nodded. “I just can’t get enough of it! Full Thick Peach flavor especially.”

“That one’s nice,” Skip agreed, “but it’s just a bit too rich for me. I’m all about Pear-Shaped Pansy Cordial.”

“Pear and Pansy? Interesting combination,” Cora commented. She’d have to give that one a shot - at least, if she could bear to stop drinking Amazonian Apple any time soon. “Anyway, it’s late, and I need to get inside and warm up. Have a good one!”

“You too!” Mia replied, waving to her. “We’re just heading out shopping. I’ve decided Skip needs a few chokers.”

That last comment passed by Cora unnoticed as she turned away, bracing herself for another encounter with Alexander. All she had to do was not stare. All she had to do was not be weird. All she had to do was be her nice, normal self as she-

“Oh, hi!” Alexander’s girly, sing-song voice greeted her the moment she stepped through the front door and into the kitchen.

Cora froze as soon as she saw him. It was even worse than she’d feared.

For one, he was wearing an apron as he cooked. A pink, frilly, pretty apron. He seemed pleased with it, judging from the huge, radiant grin on his face. A huge grin that was perfectly accentuated by bright, red, perfectly-applied lipstick.

And it wasn’t just lipstick. Alexander was completely decked out in make-up, all of it used so skillfully he looked like an Instagram model. It really suited him, too; his face had been looking more feminine as he’d been slimming down, and his new makeup really brought it out. With his now-mid-length hair framing his face, he had definitely shot right past ‘well put-together’ and landed straight on ‘pretty.’ Judging from the look in his eyes, he was feeling it, too.

“H-hey,” Cora replied, trying to fight the urges rising inside her. “How’s it going? I figured you’d be busy with work right about now.”

“Oh, who’s got time for that boring stuff?” Alexander replied, with a giggle and a wave of his hand. “I thought I’d make dinner instead!”

“That’s great,” Cora replied, her voice strained. It wasn’t just that she wanted to kiss him. That would have been easy. It was that she wanted to push him up against the wall and push her tongue so far down his throat he choked on it.

“And!” Alexander added, with a prissy little flourish. “I thought a new look would help me get right in the mood!”

He did a little twirl. Cora had to clench her hands into fists to keep herself under control. His ass was looking better than ever. She wanted to growl at him to bend over just so she could get a better look.

“The, uh, makeup?” she inquired. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, it looks great! I’m just… surprised.”

Alexander giggled. “C’mon, Cora! It’s the twenty-first century. Make-up isn’t just for girls. What’s wrong with little old Alex deciding to get a little explorative?”

“Nothing!” Cora replied hastily. “I just meant- wait, Alex? You’re going by Alex now?”

Alex nodded. “It’s cute!”

“B-but you always hated being called that!” Cora pointed out. She was starting to worry again. Something seriously weird was going on with him. “’Too androgynous.’ That’s what you always said.”

He shrugged nonchalantly, the motion drawing attention to how soft and padded his chest looked. “I guess I changed my mind. Anyway, how did I do with the makeup? I figured you might have a few little tips.”

To Cora’s horror, he pressed up close to her to give her a good look at his face. She glanced down, and started praying he didn’t notice that she was getting hard. God, he even smelled more feminine.

“You d-did great,” she managed eventually.

“Are you sure?” Alex said, pressing even closer. “How about- wait…” He broke off and peered at her intently. “Cora, did you get taller?”

“What?” Cora didn’t know what to make of that. Her, taller? No way. “Of course not! If anything, you’re getting shorter. Well, you and Skip…”

She trailed off, as she put two and two together. If everyone else seemed to be getting shorter, then maybe she really was just…

“Uh-huh,” Alex replied skeptically, winking. “Well, if you like, we could measure up!”

“M-measure up?” Cora replied, scandalized.

Alex nodded, giggling eagerly, and she found herself seeing red.

Without warning, Cora’s voice turned low and sultry and she put a hand on Alex’s hip, using muscles she’d never noticed having before to squeeze him close to her. He was so soft. She was panting with arousal.

“Any time, babe,” Cora growled. “But I promise: mine’s bigger.”

Alex looked like he was about to swoon. But then the moment passed, and Cora turned white as she realized what she’d just done.

“I-I’m sorry!” she blurted out. “I… I don’t know…”

“Oh, um, it’s totally OK!” Alex’s face had gone completely red, but he nonetheless seemed totally oblivious to what was really going on, and reached out his arms to embrace Cora in a hug. She couldn’t tell if he was egging her on or not. “Gosh, Cora, did you know you’re really warm and firm? It’s nice. How about we cuddle up on the couch tonight and watch a movie.”

Cora made a strangled noise. That was as much as she could take.

“I g-g-gotta go!” she replied, pulling away and rushing to go and hide in her room - and take care of the throbbing erection in her pants.

But not before grabbing another can of Amazonian Apple soda.

She was really craving the refreshing taste of change.


Another week later, and Cora hadn’t figured out any better way to deal with Alex. She ran into them - she had taken to thinking of Alex with neutral pronouns, until they saw fit to clarify - they ended up flirting, her inner dominant jumped out to growl and grope and say something completely inappropriate, and then she scampered off to her room to masturbate furiously whilst Alex blushed like a schoolgirl.

Which is exactly what had just happened.

“Fuck,” Cora grunted, as she pumped her fist up and down along her impressively hard cock. “F-fuck.”

Cora had been taking estrogen for years, and until a few weeks ago, she’d been worried about steadily losing shrinkage and genital function. Jerking off wasn’t really her preferred way to masturbate; she usually used a vibrator. But now? Any worries about shrinking were a thing of the past. If anything, her cock was bigger than ever, and it got rock hard at the slightest provocation. She was pumping thick, large loads on a daily basis again, and her vibrator was gathering dust in a drawer in her bedside table.

It just didn’t hit the same anymore. The sensation of something warm and tight wrapped around her shaft was what she was craving.

And there was no denying who she was craving.

“Fuck!” Cora moaned as she came, spurting another load of cum into the tissue she was holding to her junk.

The whole time, she’d been picturing Alex putting those new, plump lips of theirs to good use between her legs.

Once her orgasm subsided, she slumped against her bedsheets, panting and breathing hard. Her orgasms felt better than ever, but that didn’t stop her from worrying about what was happening to her and her roommate. They were both changing. Transforming. She was certain of that now.

Alex was right. She was getting taller. Much taller. If that had been all, Cora might have been happy to dismiss it as a late, welcome growth spurt. But it was only the beginning. There were also the changes to her genitals, and, most strikingly of all, the new bulk she’d been putting on.

Cora was ripped now. Her co-workers kept commenting on it admiringly, asking her if she’d been spending more time at the gym. She hadn’t, but she couldn’t help feeling flattered by the attention, and she’d even taken to wearing crop tank tops to show off the abs and biceps she’d been gaining. She looked great, in her own estimation - she’d always admired girls with some muscle, even if she’d never thought it was the kind of look she’d go for for herself.

All in all, none of the changes were bad. They all felt good, even if the domineering urges accompanying them were a little difficult to manage. But still, they begged the question: what the fuck was happening to her and her roommate?

Cora clambered out of bed and started pacing her room, thinking furiously. It was no use. She just kept coming to the same conclusion: that any theory which explained the changes happening to her and Alex was insane enough that she ought to dismiss it out of hand, and she’d sound like a madwoman if she actually tried to tell anyone about it. The whole situation was, quite simply, impossible. Alex was getting curvier and more effeminate by the day. It was like five years of feminizing hormone therapy happening inside of a month. They seemed like she was getting ditzier and flirtier too, even if she was blissfully unaware of it all. It was like something out of a fantasy. And how could Cora be getting so muscular without working out?

It didn’t make sense. None of it made sense.

As Cora’s pacing took her over to her window, something caught her eye. Her bedroom overlooked Mia and Skip’s kitchen, in the house next door. Usually, it was no big deal - Cora tried not to be a peeping tom, of course, but she often exchanged friendly waves and smiles with her neighbors whenever they saw each other through the window. She didn’t think there was any harm in looking over, once in a while. It was only their kitchen. Nothing intimate.

Until now, apparently.

Cora’s hand flew to her mouth. Skip and Mia were fucking, right there on their kitchen table.

Well, Skip was on the kitchen table, anyway. 

He was lying on his back, legs spread, ankles resting on his wife’s shoulders as she ploughed into him. Cora’s eyes went wide when she realized that, fastened around Mia’s waist, was a huge, black strap-on. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Mia and Skip were the kind of couple who thought that BDSM stood for ‘bible discussion and study meeting’. There’s no way they were secretly this kinky. It was impossible. Yet another impossibility.

And then there were their bodies and their clothes.

Skip was half the size of his former self, but he had never looked better for it. He was slender everywhere except for his hips, which were wide enough to make Cora’s drool, and as Mia pegged him, his plumped-up lips parted in moans and his new, long, floppy hair shook around his head. Perhaps even more inexplicable than that was what he was wearing: a choker collar, a miniskirt, a pair of striped thigh-highs, and an oversized pink hoodie. It was quite a departure from the plain, masculine outfits she’d exclusively seen Skip wear before.

The look was definitely effeminate and girly, but even at a distance, Cora could see that his chest was completely flat, not soft and full like Alex’s had become. He wasn’t wearing makeup either. There was a boyishness to the way he carried off his attire. All in all, there was only one word to sum up Skip’s new aesthetic, and Cora was way too online not to be familiar with it.

He was a femboy.

Mia, by contrast, wasn’t wearing anything at all - all the better to enjoy her new body, Cora supposed. She’d gained even more weight since the last time Cora had seen her, and each extra pound of fat on her frame made her look more and more magnificent. She had the body of a fertility goddess, all curves and softness, and Cora found herself blushing furiously as she failed to stop herself from imagining how it would feel to embrace her, to bury her face in her soft, inviting stomach and feel at her massive, round thighs or her huge, motherly tits. As she rammed her strap-on in and out of her femboy husband, her whole body jiggled hypnotically. Cora could only keep staring. Mia was unbelievably hot like this, and the look of confidence and power on her face only added to her allure. It was clear from the way the pair of them were moving that she was completely in control, and somehow, nothing had ever suited her more.

Cora knew she should look away. But she was still so god damn horny, despite having just finishing getting off, and she couldn’t help but let her hand stray downward, back towards her-


She was so startled by Alex’s voice and the accompanying knock at her door that she let out a little yelp. Cora quickly checked herself to make sure she was covered up, and didn’t look like she’d just been masturbating.

“Hey, what’s up?” she called back, trying as hard as she could to sound casual.

The door opened, and Alex swanned into the room before Cora could stop them. The moment she was in their presence, it was like the heating had been cranked up a few notches, making her sweat and leaving her head all fuzzy.

“First of all,” they said, giggling girlishly, “how do I look?”

Alex bent forwards, posing, and just like that, Cora was speechless.

Her roommate had cleavage! Actual, real cleavage. Their tits looked incredible, and they’d chosen a tight top with a plunging neckline, perfect for showing them off. It was cropped short, too, and on their bottom half they were wearing a pair of booty shorts. The outfit left little to the imagination, especially since wearing a bra still didn’t seem to have entered the equation. The way their tits bounced as they bent over was something Cora knew she’d be mentally replaying for a long time. Alex looked amazing. Breathtaking. Their stomach had kept shrinking - Cora would now have called them chubby rather than fat - but it was still plenty soft enough to have Cora itching to grope them. And the weight had been put to good use elsewhere. The word ‘curvy’ hardly seemed adequate. Alex looked like an old-school pinup model. There was still a trace of their old, masculine self, but it was disappearing fast, and everywhere, it was being replaced by dizzying hyper-femininity.

“Well?” Alex prompted expectantly.

“You…” Cora had to fight to force her horny cavewoman brain to form words. “You look really fuckab- I mean, really fucking great.”

They giggled and struck another pose, this one inadvertently advertising how tight their shorts were around their new, plump ass.

“Why, thank you!” Alex sang. “The delivery guy just now seemed to think so too. He kept calling me ‘miss’ and ‘she’. Can you imagine?”

“Well… shouldn’t he have?” Cora asked delicately. She hadn’t dared to broach the topic any sooner.

“Oh, who knows?” Alex waved a hand dismissively. “Gender is just a five letter word, right?”

“It’s got six letters, Alex.”

Alex just giggled. “Whatever!”

“Should… I call you ‘miss’ and ‘she’ too?”

Alex shrugged. “Sure! If you like.”

Cora figured that was as close to a straight answer as she was going to get, and decided she should say something supportive. Whatever kind of impossible transformation her roommate was going through, there was no reason for her to be an asshole about it. “Well, um, I think you make a really cute girl, Alex.”

Alex gasped, looking like a pleased puppy. “Thank you so much, babe!” she replied. “I could totally say the same about you.”

Cora’s cheeks turned hot and the compliment, and before she knew it, her urges possessed her. “Good to know, sweet thing,” she purred, roughly shoving Alex against the nearest wall and looming over them. She became suddenly aware that she was now taller than Alex, and probably twice as muscular. That only added to the blissful power trip she was on.

The only reply she received was more giggling as Alex melted, licking her lips and batting her false eyelashes coquettishly. Somehow, in that instant, Cora just knew that all she would have to do was rip her top off, pull down her panties, and Alex would be hers. Her bed was right there. It would be so easy. Alex wanted her. She wanted Alex. It was so simple, and the animal part of her brain was crying out for more touch. Her hand wasn’t enough anymore. She was so frustrated. She needed this. She needed-

“A-anyway!” Cora blurted out, pushing Alex away. She felt she deserved some kind of sainthood for that act of restraint. “What did you, um, want to talk about?”

Alex looked vaguely disappointed, but mostly just confused. “Oh, uh…” she replied slowly. “I, like, made some cupcakes. They’ll be ready in a few minutes, if you’d, um, like to try.”

Cora knew she couldn’t risk any more contact. “Uh… no thanks,” she spat out apologetically. “Trying to, um, get in shape, you know?”

“I’ve noticed.” Alex’s gaze lingered hungrily for a moment on her prominent arm muscles. It made Cora shiver. “Well, suit yourself. One more thing: if you go out to the store later, could you pick me up some more soda? I’m almost out of Soft Pink Passion, and I just don’t feel the same without it.”

“Of course,” Cora grunted, still fighting with herself for control.

“Thanks!” Alex blew her a kiss. “Later, babe.”

And just like that, they were gone.

The moment the door closed behind them, Cora let out an almighty breath and slumped on the bed. She couldn’t take much more of this. She was going to snap and do something stupid. Cora knew she absolutely had to get to the bottom of these bizarre transformations. It clearly wasn’t just Alex. It was her, too, and their neighbors. But how was that possible? They were all changing in different ways. What did they have in common?

Try as she might, Cora just couldn’t think straight. Not with a more pressing concern forming a tent in her pants.

With a sigh, Cora threw herself on her bed and resigned herself to another marathon jerk-off session. She tried to tell herself that maybe this time, she’d finally get it out of her system. As frustrated as she was with her own hyperactive libido, she couldn’t help but moan in relief once she slipped her hand down her pants and gripped her throbbing shaft. She just had to keep masturbating. She could get all the release she needed that way. She was not going to fuck her roommate, no matter how much Alex flirted with her - although frankly, she wasn’t sure Alex even knew she was flirting.

Cora just needed to make herself cum, she told herself, and her head would be clear enough for her to get down to some serious research.

Just as soon as she got herself another cool, refreshing can of Amazonian Apple, of course.


A week later, Cora was sipping on a can of her new, favorite beverage when it finally happened.

She was just getting in from work after her morning shift. It had been extra-busy - her new, muscular look was proving extra-popular with female customers - and she was beat. Cora had been hoping to slip into her room without attracting any attention from her roommate so she could take a nap. She needed all the energy she could get. A week of research into possible causes of mysterious, horny transformations had been fruitless, and every single day, it was getting harder for Cora to keep her mind on task and away from sex. Doubly so, every time she ran into Alex.

Both of their transformations had been ploughing onward, full steam ahead. Cora had the physique of Wonder Woman and the cock to match, and her near-overpowering urges to fuck and dominate had threatened to land her in trouble with her middle-aged, humorless, happily-married manager. Or at least, they would have, if her manager didn’t start swooning like a schoolgirl the moment Cora began to put the moves on her. Alex, meanwhile, looked like a curvaceous porn star. She also acted like a total airhead all the time. Cora wasn’t sure how that was affecting her work, but she was sure that the flirty bimbo routine was proving lethal to her supercharged sexuality. She wasn’t sure if she should be investing in a chastity cage or looking for a new apartment.

The moment Cora saw Alex, though, those thoughts, and all other thoughts, flew completely out of her head.

“Hey there, Cora,” Alex said brightly. “I didn’t realize you were going to be home.”

Cora didn’t even hear her. Not really. She was too busy staring.

Alex was hot. Red hot. Hot-as-the-sun hot. Her hair, now lightened to blonde, was shoulder-length, sleek, and silky. She had gone the extra mile with her makeup, paying particular attention to make sure that her bright pink lip gloss made her dick-sucking lips look especially plump. Her voice was warm, lilting and feminine, and she’d painted her nails the same shade of pink as her lips.

But Cora wasn’t looking at her face. She was looking at her body.

The tight-fitting, lacy lingerie adorning Alex’s form put it all on display. It was the first time Cora had seen her like that, and it was driving her wild. There was plenty of meat still on Alex’s bones, despite how much weight she’d lost, and it was all the right places. Her tits were incredible. Cora imagined they had to be F-cups, at least, and they looked impossibly firm and perky, especially supported by a push-up bra that made them look even bigger. The matching pair of panties she was wearing seemed almost inadequate to contain her hips, which were so wide they would probably threaten to burst out of almost anything. Cora only knew of one phrase that felt right to describe hips like those. They were breeding hips. Just about the only remaining hint that Alex had, until recently, been a boy was the modest outline of a bulge in the front of their panties. Cora took a little pleasure in noting that she was, indeed, bigger, and even more pleasure in openly staring at Alex’s jaw-dropping hourglass figure.

“So.” Alex asked innocently. “What do you think?”

She was leaning against the kitchen counter, and whether she realized it or not, she had her back arched and her chest pushed out alluringly.

Over the past few weeks, Cora’s inner angel and inner devil had fought many difficult battles. This time, there wasn’t a battle. Her inner angel threw up a white flag right away, and before Cora knew it, she was crossing the distance between her and Alex and seizing her roommate by the wrist.

“I think,” Cora growled, “I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

“Oh!” Alex trembled, and looked up at her with wide eyes. For a moment, Cora hesitated, until she realized that the look in those eyes was completely submissive and completely eager.

Cora knew exactly what she wanted. She put a hand on top of Alex’s head and pushed down, slowly but insistently guiding the feminized girl to her knees. Alex’s gaze was full of awe and arousal as Cora unzipped her jeans.

“You know what to do, right?” she said, as her cock, completely hard, sprang out from her panties.

Alex’s eyes went wider still as she saw just how big and thick Cora’s dick had become. She gingerly rested a hand on her shaft, provoking a pleased purr from the muscular girl. Alex licked her lips unconsciously, and when a droplet of precum started to drip from the tip of Cora’s cock, Alex started drooling.

“I do,” Alex replied, in a breathy whisper. “But I mean… well… I’ve never actually-”

“You’ll learn,” Cora told her, interrupting. And with that, she rested her hand on the back of Alex’s head and pushed her cock all the way into the airhead’s mouth.

Alex seemed surprised, but she didn’t resist, not even for a moment. Once she overcame her initial shock at the sensation of having such a huge piece of girlmeat in her mouth, she quickly and eagerly applied herself to the task of licking and sucking on it as much as she could. As Cora felt the curvy girl’s tongue wrap itself around her shaft, she moaned long and loud, letting out weeks of frustration in one single noise.

“Fuck,” she breathed, a dominant smirk coming to her face. “I’m glad those cocksucking lips of yours feel just as good as they look.”

The muffled moans Alex made as she shivered at the demeaning praise only made Cora purr even more appreciatively, feeling the vibrations all the way through her cock. This was everything she’d dreamed it would be. Not only did Alex’s mouth feel incredible, the feeling of taking control and dominating her was an unbelievable high. Cora felt like she could do anything, and she wanted to do so, so many things to her roommate.

“Fuck yes,” Cora sighed. She started pushing Alex’s head using her hand, setting the pace and encouraging Alex to bob up and down along her dick. “Babygirl, I still don’t know what happened to you, but I’m real glad about it. You’re so much better as a girl.”

Alex blushed. “Thnnk yrr,” she panted, without removing her lips from Cora’s shaft. It was clear that she was utterly devoted to the task of satisfying her roommate, and that was exactly how Cora liked her.

Cora was operating on full cavewoman brain now. The only thing she was thinking about was sex. Just as she’d told her, thoughts of Alex’s transformation no longer provoked confusion or concern, merely gratitude. She felt equally grateful for her own miraculous set of changed. Her cock was better than ever, and she was sure she was going to put her new muscles and strength to good use throwing her submissive roommate around in bed.

As Alex bobbed up and down, obediently sucking Cora’s cock, she noticed that Alex’s lipstick was leaving marks on her shaft, indicating how deep she’d taken her. At once, Cora decided she wanted to make sure those lipstick marks made it all the way to her balls.

“Deeper,” she grunted, and pushed harder.

Small tears started to well up in Alex’s eyes as Cora suddenly held her firmly in place, the muscular girl’s cock buried in her throat. Cora was thankful that, somewhere along the way, her roommate seemed to have shed her gag reflex. She kept pushing, encouraging Alex to inch her way further along Cora’s cock, taking more and more of it past her lips. Alex was keen to please, and Cora let out a deep, long moan as she was rewarded with the heavenly sensation of the muscles in Alex’s throat massaging her dick.

“Good girl,” Cora praised, and let go.

Alex immediately pulled back so that she could refill her lungs, taking desperate, ragged breaths, the lower part of her face covered with precum and drool. Almost immediately, though, she was extending her tongue again, plainly eager to return to the task before her. Cora’s smirk grew wider. Her hand in Alex’s hair curled into a fist, taking a nice, firm grip and forcing her cock back into the girl’s throat. This time, she didn’t just hold it there, though. She started thrusting her hips back and forth, fucking Alex’s face and using her grip on her hair to completely control the pace as if Alex was nothing more than a toy.

Alex’s muffled moans were only getting louder and more pleasure-filled. The small bulge in her panties had grown into a tent that was leaking thin, transparent precum, even though the bimbofied girl was too distracted by Cora’s incredible cock to actually touch herself. Cora was just fine with that. She wanted Alex to feel good, but she really, really liked the idea that her own pleasure was the only thing that mattered to her new fuckbuddy. That was unusual, to her. Cora had always been more of a service top even at her most dominant, but her transformation had completely rewritten her preferences. All she could think about was all the myriad ways she could use Alex to get off.

Wasn’t that just how it should be, for a big, strong, hung girl like her?

Thanks to the weeks of frustration she’d endured, Cora was close to the edge after just a few minutes of being deep-throated. She saw no reason to hold back. Cora pushed forward one last time, holding Alex against her cock with all of her strength, after a few more eager, urgent hip-thrusts into the blonde girl’s throat, she came. The sensation of her thick, hot load spilling out into Alex’s open, receptive mouth was divine. Alex pulled back to avoid gagging, and Cora was pleased to see her cock completely covered in bright, pink lipstick stains, right down to the base. The sight of Alex swallowing her every last drop and eagerly lapping at cock to make sure it was clean was, somehow, even better.

It was better than good. It was perfect.

“So,” Cora panted, staring down at the horny, messy, airheaded girl kneeling in front of her. “How did you like that?”

Several long moments passed before she got her answer, as Alex struggled to get her mind working again. But eventually, she replied:

“More. I want more.”


After that, Cora’s days all passed in a haze. A pleasant, pleasure-filled haze.

A couple of weeks later - perhaps more, perhaps less, she’d long since lost track - she and Alex were in bed together. She had her on her hands and knees, face pressed down into the pillow, while Cora railed her from behind. It wasn’t the first time they’d fucked like that. It might not even have been the hundredth. That was another thing she’d lost track of.

“Fuck, you’re still so tight,” Cora moaned, grinning. “How’s it feel, huh? Still enjoy getting fucked like a girl?”

“Y-y-yes!” Alex panted, struggling to fit words between her ragged breaths. “You’re… so… fuck… big… fuck!”

Not for the first time, Cora watched as a small spurt of cum erupted out of Alex’s diminutive cock. Her fuckbuddy and girlfriend had come yet again. But Cora still wasn’t done.

“That’s right,” Cora grunted, thrusting in and out of her even harder, working her hips furiously to keep up a merciless pace. “And you’re gonna be a good girl and take every inch.”

Alex’s response to that was nothing but an incoherent moan, but Cora felt the airheaded girl tighten up around her cock and push her hips back against Cora with fresh eagerness. Her tits and soft belly were jiggling obscenely underneath her. The room was filled with the sound of Cora’s body slapping against Alex’s huge, fat ass. They both smelled of sex. Cora had never felt better.

She no longer worried and puzzled over the changes that had befallen the pair of them. She didn’t have time to. When she wasn’t at work, she was usually riding Alex as hard as she possibly could until both of them passed out in a heap. Fortunately, her job had gotten easier to handle, now she had her new live-in girlfriend to take out her urges on. She’d started going to the gym, too. She liked putting her new strength to good use pumping weights, and she liked the admiring looks she got there even more. Alex didn’t seem troubled by their respective transformations either, not that she really had the brains to be. Cora had long since made peace with it all. Why look a gift horse in the mouth?

“Yes, yes, yes!” Cora growled as she approached orgasm. “You want this? Huh?”

“Yes!” Alex cried. Her voice was hoarse from all the moaning.

Cora delivered a single, sharp spank to his ass, sending all his new curves jiggling even harder. “You want what, slut?”

“I-I w-want your cum!” Alex cried, the pain driving her into a frenzy. “P-please, Cora! Cum! Cum inside me!”

Her girlfriend’s whiny, desperate begging was all it took to push Cora over the edge, and with a huge thrust, she came. Alex orgasmed too, this time at the sensation of Cora’s hot, thick load filling her ass, and collapsed into a heap, leaving Cora’s cum dribbling out of her to stain the bed sheets.

Cora remained upright, a stupid, pleased, jockish grin on her face. Life was good.

She was struck by momentary curiosity, and headed over to peer out the window. Clearly, life was good for her neighbors too. Mia and Skip were fucking like bunnies again, in full view of anyone passing by. Skip now looked almost as effeminate as Alex, albeit in a boyish, twinky way, whilst Mia was gloriously fat and glowing with power and confidence. She had Skip on a leash and was using a riding crop to encourage him as he rode her strap-on. Mia caught sight of Cora watching, and offered her a friendly wave. Cora waved back.

They’d both long since come to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with a little openness between neighbors.

If Cora had cared enough to notice, she might have seen that the four of them were far from the only ones who had undergone transformations. Each day, at work, more and more customers exhibited signs of having faced similarly extreme and lewd changes. But she didn’t care. Her mind was only on Alex’s ass, and that was exactly how they both liked it.

As Cora settled into bed next to Alex for some post-coitus cuddling, she could faintly hear the sound of an advert playing on the TV they’d left on in the other room.

“Shift! The hit new soda, available in dozens of different flavors all over the country! Don’t hesitate - enjoy the refreshing taste of change today! Disclaimer: some users may experience side effects. They might just change your life!”

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