The Fall of the Star Sentinels

Chapter 7: Lust, Part 1

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #corruption #growth #magical_girl #rough_sex #transformation

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2021, do not repost without explicit permission

“My friends… they won’t lose!” Akemi, leader of the Star Sentinels cried, her heart already sick with worry. “They’re strong! You’ll see!”

“Oh, you pretty, foolish little thing,” Lust giggled. “I’m counting on it.”

Akemi’s eyes shifted around nervously, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of her friends. But no; they were gone. How had things gone so wrong, so fast? One moment, they’d had Lust cornered and outnumbered, and had been ready to banish her and save Akemi’s boyfriend. The next, Lust had unleashed all of the Seven Sins Demons upon them, spiriting away Akemi’s friends and leaving her utterly alone. Akemi had faith in the other Sentinels, but she was also under no illusions about the fact that they were far stronger together than they were apart. Alone, she wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to defeat Lust and save Darien.

Darien… Akemi looked past Lust to where Darien was still kneeling on the stone floor of the debased church, mewling and shivering in a small puddle of his own ejaculate. Akemi couldn’t bear to see him in such a state. Whatever Lust had done to him seemed to have utterly ruined him. He had been left weak and unmistakably feminized, and from the dazed, enchanted look in his eyes, it was obvious that he would be of no help at all if it came down to a physical struggle. He might even take Lust’s side. Akemi was determined to save him, but that would have to come later. First, she was going to have to deal with Lust.

“They’re stronger than you think, demon!” Akemi insisted, taking a firm stance, ready for battle. “And so am I! In the name of the stars, I’ll punish you!”

Springing off from her heel, Akemi flew at Lust, launching herself across the church. She swung for the demon’s face, fists blazing with ardent starlight and her sailor uniform miniskirt billowing, but her blow made contact with nothing but thin air. Before Akemi could close the distance between them, Lust had back-flipped out of the way, unfurling bat wings of shadow on her back to allow herself to glide further out of harm’s way. Once she landed, she crossed her arms with an air of superiority, and made no further movements.

“What are you doing?” Akemi cried furiously. “You’re going to run? Now? Seriously?”

“Oh no, I’m not running,” Lust corrected. “I’m stalling.”

“Stalling?” A cold shiver ran up Akemi’s spine. “Stalling for what?”

“For your friends,” Lust explained, grinning sadistically. “Time passes differently where they are, and I’ll wager their beautiful transformations are almost complete. You see, I’m not going to defeat you myself. They will.”

As if on cue, six clouds of midnight-black fog appeared in the church, surrounding Akemi. Each one was a swirling, inky orb, but within seconds, they started to dissipate, revealing humanoid figures cocooned within. For a brief moment, Akemi was overjoyed to see her friends returned unharmed, but then she took a closer look, and her joy curdled in her chest.

The other sentinels had changed. That was obvious from just a glance, but the more Akemi looked them over, one by one, hoping to see a familiar face, she saw instead the indelible marks of corruption. None of them were untouched by it. Each one of Akemi’s friends now had horns sprouting from their foreheads, and when they opened their mouths, they revealed long, forked, demonic tongues. There were countless other differences too, but those were individual; eyes, body, skin color, outfit. Akemi was left to accept one, horrifying conclusion: her friends had all fallen prey to the rest of the seven sins.

“No… no!” Akemi cried out, wishing against all her better judgment that she could deny the undeniable. “This… no… you can’t have all… what happened?”

“They showed us the light,” Lian said, stepping forward, a cruel smirk fixed on her now-inhuman face. “Ironic, isn’t it?”

Akemi could only stare. What had her friend become? Lian had grown to an unnatural height, and her body was greater and more perfect in every way. Her magical girl outfit was completely gone, replaced with a fine, lavish dress that perfectly accentuated the sentinel’s new stature. A crown of horns grew from her head, and as she moved, she carried herself like a queen. Aside from the unmistakable resemblance in her face, Akemi might have struggled to believe that this avatar of pride had ever been Lian.

“The light?” Akemi paled. “What are you talking about?”

“It’s simple: we don’t need you. I don’t need you.” Lian preened. “Some leader you’ve been. You led us right into this mess. I think it’s time to let someone else take charge.”

“I… I…” Her words pierced Akemi’s heart like an arrow. “Lian… I’m sorry.”

“Sorry isn’t good enough!” snarled Mary Anne. Akemi had never heard such a fierce, guttural sound coming out of her gentle friend.

Akemi was lost for a reply, shocked at the sight of Mary Anne, her body tinted red with both blood and corruption. Mary Anne’s face was contorted with rage, and she bit down on each of her words with the ferocity of a feasting wolf.

“That’s right,” added Nea. “You need to give us what you have, Akemi.”

“What I…” Again, Akemi was stunned. Nea was yet another victim of corruption. She was always so mild and so nervous, but there was none of that left in her eyes, only hunger. Her body was somehow even more impossible than Lian’s; her proportions defied all imagination, with breasts, hips and an ass that anyone would envy. Yet still, there was an insatiability written on her face that made Akemi tremble.

“Power. Control. Leadership.” Nea licked her plump lips, rolling her hips slowly to show off her body through her twisted, scandalously-revealing uniform. “It should be mine.”

“Ours,” corrected Zaina. When she stepped forward, Akemi’s eyes went wide and round at the sight of her, although not as wide and round as Zaina’s new, luscious body. Along with all the tell-tale signs of corruption, she had become astonishingly fat and curvy, and Akemi had never seen her look happier or more confident. “It should be all of ours. Even yours, Akemi! Why don’t you share with us, and let us share with you?”

“That’s right!” Tomi piped up. “Share the wealth, right? That’s what we want.”

Her appearance was undeniably the sluttiest and most depraved so far. Perhaps more so than any of the others, her outfit was a twisted parody of her former magical girl uniform. The skirt was so short it was utterly redundant, with her slutty thong completely visible both above and beneath it. Her blouse was a crop top so short it did nothing to hide her breasts, and her thigh-high socks had morphed into torn fishnets, worn beneath high heels. She had bills of cash tucked into the waistband of her panties, and a price list of sex acts tattooed on her exposed stomach. There was no other way of putting it. She looked like a whore.

Feeling stranded, Akemi cast her gaze around, desperate for some small shred of hope. Surely, not all of them had succumbed so completely. Her eyes settled on Riley. Of all of them, she seemed the least changed, although she too had horns, and her skin was tinted pale blue.

“Riley?” Akemi called out. Riley was the most experienced of all of them. She was always the most resilient. “You’re still in there, right? Come on, we can do this.”

Riley looked at her with droopy, sleepy eyes, and just yawned. “I’m tired, Akemi,” she replied, crushing Akemi’s hopes. “Why not just… give in already? It feels so good to stop fighting.”

Akemi had no more words. She wanted to sink to her knees in defeat. Everything had gone wrong. Everything. She was outnumbered, outmatched, and, however unwittingly, she had led her friends into corruption. But… maybe it still wasn’t over. She was still standing, wasn’t she? She was still a magical girl, wasn’t she? When the night seemed the darkest - that was when the stars seemed to burn the brightest. With that thought fixed in her mind, Akemi’s body was filled with new strength. It wasn’t over until it was over, and she still had a lot of fight left in her.

“To all of you… I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m sorry I led you into this, and I’m sorry it had to end this way. But I’m still not going to lose. In the name of the stars, I’ll save you!”

After a long pause, Lian sighed. “The hard way, then? Fine. Just remember. You asked for this. Lust? Hit her with it.”

“With pleasure,” Lust purred from behind the corrupted magical girls, and reached out her hand.

For the second time, Akemi almost fell to her knees. This time, though, it wasn’t out of despair. It was out of arousal. Akemi’s legs melted underneath her as a weak, quivering moan slipped out of her mouth. Her cheeks turned flush, and her whole body started to overheat, her mind crackling and boiling as it filled with expected, lascivious thoughts. It took a moment for Akemi’s sense of reason to catch up with what was happening to her. Clearly, this was Lust’s magic. The demon was doing something to her - blasting her with a wave of arousal, in the hopes of making her submit.

Akemi grunted, trying to rally herself and fend off the mental assault. Within a few moments, she managed it - but ominously, it proved more difficult than she thought. In the presence of the corrupted magical girls, Lust’s powers were waxing, whilst alone, hers were waning. Akemi gritted her teeth and clenched her fists, trying not to show how weak she still felt. It was becoming clearer and clearer that the only way Akemi was going to stand a chance was if she could find a way to end things quickly.

“Enough tricks!” Akemi demanded, as proudly as she could while she was swaying a little from Lust’s curse. “Let’s do this!”

The corrupted magical girls facing her glanced at each for a moment, and then pounced.

It ended quickly.

Six against one, Akemi reflected, as she hit the ground roughly. Maybe she’d never really stood a chance. As it had turned out, whatever corruption had stricken her friends had done nothing to diminish their powers, either physically or magically. It had been trivial for them to surround her and come at her from all sides, assailing her with both their magic and their fists. Within seconds, Akemi had found herself plummeting to the church’s hard, cold floor, robbed of the strength to stand. As if that wasn’t enough, the demon that had been Riley sat herself down on top of Akemi, straddling her, her toned body sinking against Akemi’s with unnatural heaviness.

“Riley…” Akemi groaned.

“Shush,” Riley said, her deep, rich voice lilting up and down as she let out the elongated, languid sound. “Shush, Akemi. It’s over now. All over.”

“It’s… over?” That realization should have made Akemi feel pained, or guilty. Instead, it just made her feel tired.

“All over,” Riley repeated sleepily. “I’m…” She yawned, cutting herself off.

Akemi found herself oddly mesmerized by the unfamiliar look of relief on Riley’s face. Even if she’d had the willpower to keep fighting, merely being so close to Riley seemed to be having some kind of soporific effect on her. She was starting to feel just as tired as Riley looked, her muscles turning to lead weights inside her, keeping her trapped on the ground just as effectively as any restraints.

“…I’m so happy for you,” Riley sighed, as her yawn came to a close. “You can rest.”

“I… rest?” Akemi was confused, but the one thing she knew was that the mere mention of the word was enough to fill her belly with warm feelings. Nothing had ever sounded so good, or so needed.

“Rest,” Riley repeated. She started settling herself atop Akemi, slowly slumping forwards to lie along her body. “It’s over now, right? No more fighting. No more struggling.” She yawned again. “Just rest.”

“B-but…” Riley’s words stirred butterflies in Akemi’s breast. She was so confused about what she was suddenly feeling. It was so hard to tell what was Riley’s influence, what was Lust’s, and what was her own exhaustion beginning to get the better of her.

“No ‘buts’,” Riley murmured, lowering her head next to Akemi’s and nuzzling gently at her. Akemi shivered at the contact. “Everyone needs to rest, Akemi. Even me. Even you.”

“But,” Akemi repeated. What her corrupted friend was telling her felt so true, so appealing, it was sending her into a panic. She couldn’t let herself feel this. “O-our duty! Our mission! Our… our…” Her words only came to her with great difficulty; under the befuddling effects of Riley’s presence, speaking was extraordinarily hard.

“Some things are more important than that,” Riley answered simply.

“W-what?” Akemi’s brow furrowed. Even thinking felt like it was taking more energy than she had to give, but despite her weariness, Riley had managed to make her a little angry. “Riley… you! You of all people! How can you say that? How can you just… just…”

“Let me show you.”

Slowly and wordlessly, Riley reached a hand down to the side of Akemi’s face, and traced a line downwards with her fingertips - down, from her ear to her jaw, then tracing along to the tip of her chin, before bringing her fingertips over Akemi’s chin to follow a path down her neck, all the way to the collar of her sailor uniform.

It was just one touch, but it threatened to melt Akemi into a puddle.

Whatever Lust had done to her had left her needy and hyper-sensitive. That much was obvious. But to Akemi, even that didn’t make sense of just how good Riley fingers felt on her body. It was the gentlest touch, so light it gave her goosebumps and tingles, but the feeling sank in deep, draining away every little bit of tension like she’d just been given a massage. Riley found herself on the verge of begging for more, begging for Riley to keep going, to slip her fingers down her collar and start to touch all the places that still felt cold and tense.

But she didn’t. Riley pulled back, a sleepy, dazed smile spreading across her face as she noted the weak, needy look in Akemi’s eyes.

“That’s what I mean,” the corrupted magical girl explained softly. “This? This is what’s important. Sloth isn’t so bad, Akemi. When you rest, you can feel things like this. Things that really matter.”

“That’s right.” Zaina approached the pair, kneeling beside them. Once again, Akemi found herself astonished at Zaina’s new body. In every way it was fuller and more feminine than before, and her outfit only accentuated that. Clearly, Zaina was no longer interested in hiding herself. “Riley’s completely right. There’s no point denying these things. No point at all. No, it’s so much better to just indulge.”

Akemi shivered. She couldn’t help it. There was just something so tempting and so sensual about the way Zaina rolled the word ‘indulge’ around her mouth, like it was made of soft, molten chocolate. Like it meant everything to her. There was a magnetic pull to it. Indulge. It sounded good. When was the last time Akemi had indulged in anything at all? She couldn’t remember. She was always so stressed and so busy. Maybe she should indulge. Maybe that was exactly what she needed.

“Indulge,” Zaina repeated in the same sinuous, gluttonous tone, her forked tongue flickering out of her mouth. “Food, weed, sex, rest… something more exotic. It doesn’t matter. Whatever particular pleasure is yours, you should really just let yourself give in to it for a while. You know you want to, after all. Everyone has their vices. Right?”

Akemi found herself nodding along. She couldn’t deny the temptation. She couldn’t deny that she had desires.

“Please?” Zaina pleaded. “I care about you, Akemi. I want to help show you the happiness I’ve been offered. That we’ve all been offered.”

Zaina settled herself in a reclining position on the ground besides Akemi, and started pressing herself against the star sentinel’s arm. Akemi’s breath caught in her throat for a moment as she felt her friend’s soft, soft body against hers. She felt like she could just sink all the way into her, and like there would be no greater pleasure. Indulge… that was what Zaina had suggested. Why not? Why not indulge? Was it really so wrong? What if she indulged, what if she let go, what if she rested - just for a moment? What was the worst that could happen?

“Mmm… mmmnn…” Akemi’s inner conflict bubbled to the surface as nothing more than a series of quiet murmurs, entirely uncharacteristic of the magical girl leader. Zaina seized on the chance to take her incoherence as encouragement.

“It’s OK”, she said, her gentle, benevolent voice undercut by her forked tongue and unmistakable demonic eyes. “Try it. Try it, just once. What do you want? You can have it.”

Akemi didn’t think. In her body, she already knew what she wanted. With the last, feeble remnants of her strength, she lifted her arm and stretched out hungrily towards Zaina, resting her palm on the demonic girl’s soft, round belly and letting it sink in as deeply as she could.

Zaina let out a delighted giggle. She was just as hungry for Akemi’s touch, and pressed her own palm over Akemi’s holding her hand close. From above them, Riley, still slumped atop Akemi, let out a sleepy laugh. Akemi was sure her other corrupted friends were laughing too, but she couldn’t hear them. She felt far too hazy to pay attention to anything except Zaina. Lust’s curse had made it hard to think, Riley’s sleepy aura had made it harder still, and now that she could feel Zaina’s body against hers, it was simply impossible. Lust and hunger merged within her, until all she wanted to do was indulge.

“That’s it, that’s good,” Zaina soothed. Her tongue flickered out of her mouth as if she was feeding on Akemi’s desire. “Now, how about a little more? Keep going, Akemi.”

“I… c-can’t,” Akemi managed, sweating furiously. She’d never felt so overwhelmed by her own emotions. It felt wrong. She needed to keep a lid on herself. She always needed to keep a lid on herself, or else she was failing. “It’s… not allowed.”

“It’s allowed,” Zaina whispered, as if she was sharing a secret with a trusted friend. “I’m giving you permission.”

Akemi let out a little whine. This was too hard. Why couldn’t it be simple? Fighting for truth and goodness and justice - that was simple. But fighting demons didn’t feel simple anymore. Not when they were her friends, and not when they were offering her things like these. Her strongest urge was to retreat from it all, and just lose herself in the soft, inviting pleasure of Zaina’s body.

Sensing her hunger, Zaina began to coil up around her, sitting up and shifting into place to lift Akemi’s head into her lap and bend over her, almost smothering Akemi with her belly and her breasts. Akemi couldn’t help but purr at the warmth, and with her every heartbeat, her body kept telling her: indulge, indulge, indulge.

“See?” Zaina giggled, sending her beautiful body jiggling and rolling. “It’s better this way.”

Hunger overtook her for a moment, and Akemi reached up behind herself to paw and feel at Zaina, mewling like a kitten. It felt so good. Maybe it was better.

“I… I…” she panted, face crimson and drenched with sweat. There were so many things she wanted to beg for, but there was a wall inside her, holding her back.

“You don’t need to say anything,” Zaina reassured her. Her voice was kind, but the gluttony in her eyes was endless. “I know what you want.”

Somehow, she kept inching closer, drawing Akemi further and further into her embrace. In that moment, Akemi sensed everything that Zaina was offering to give her. It was anything she could have wanted. Her every hunger would be sated. Maybe it would never be enough, but that would be OK, because there would always be more to take. Akemi became aware of a yawning emptiness inside herself, longing to be filled. Zaina’s body was the only thing that seemed to matter. Her warmth, her softness, was the only thing that helped. Akemi started to mewl and squirm, eager to curl up in Zaina’s lap and drown in the pleasure she promised. The prospect of limitless indulgence was arousing enough to have her reaching down between her legs, filled with cravings.

Zaina did nothing but smile and lick her lips again at the sight of Akemi in such a plainly horny, helpless state. Akemi was smiling back, a dopey, lopsided grin spread across her features. She was utterly intoxicated. At first, the visceral sensation of her own corruption had been distressing, but now, Akemi was starting to embrace the idea that soon, she would be reunited with her friends.

Her friends…

Akemi’s eyes snapped wide open, once again full of clarity and resolve. Her friends! She needed to save them. She wasn’t sure how, but she was sure she couldn’t stop fighting.

“N-no!” Akemi cried, and started to pull herself away from Zaina’s alluring embrace. It was a feeble gesture of defiance, but still enough to deter the chubby, corrupted magical girl. Zaina just looked at her, a regretful look on the demonic girl’s face.

From a few paces away, there was a derisive snort.

“Just as I thought,” Mary Anne said boisterously. “There’s no way you’re gonna break someone like her with a few hugs and kisses. No way.” She cracked her knuckles ominously. “Time to do things the hard way.”

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