The Fall of the Star Sentinels

Chapter 2: Greed

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #corruption #growth #magical_girl #rough_sex #transformation

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  “Hey Tomi, wanna light up?”

  That question was the last thing Tomi had expected to hear, once the world had finally stopped spinning and disappearing around her. It was so absurd she couldn’t help but laugh. She realized that at some point she’d closed her eyes to stop herself feeling so dizzy, and so she opened them again. Strangely, it felt almost like waking up, and once she’d had a chance to take stock of her surroundings, her memories of Lust and the church started to feel increasingly unreal. The room she found herself in now was bright, modern, and huge. She was splayed out on the couch, like she’d passed out there the night before the way she often did at home, but this wasn’t her home. Or was it? It was certainly a far cry from the home she thought she remembered. The couch she was waking up on was a massive, leather, curved piece, quite unlike the blocky, old, misshapen couch she usually woke up on, and the room around it looked like something out of a movie. It was the kind of open-plan, two-story living she’d only ever seen rich people have in movies. One entire wall was just a huge pane of glass, overlooking an expansive garden, and in one corner there was an artsy spiral staircase leading to a balcony and other rooms on the second floor. Everywhere Tomi looked, as she rubbed her eyes and gazed around in awe, she saw signs of opulence the likes of which she’d never known for herself.

  “Tomi!” came the voice again, more insistently. “C’mon! Smoke?”

  “Sure,” Tomi replied, never one to refuse such an enticing offer. But then she looked over at the woman who was speaking to her and reclining on the couch a short distance from her. Tomi had never seen her before in her life. She was dressed in a striking fashionable way, with tall boots, a pleasingly form-fitting dress, and a cropped fur jacket over the top. Her hair was in a carefully-styled pixie cut and was deep purple, making a nice counterpart to her paler, lilac skin. She wore big, round glasses with purple lenses that kept her eyes obscured and, strangest of all, she had two tails with small, spade-shaped points stretching out behind her. Or was that strange? Tomi couldn’t really remember. Clear thinking was evading her. That didn’t give her any reason to worry. She was perfectly comfortable being less than sober.

  “Good choice,” the strange, demonic woman purred, reaching down into her bra and fishing out a small vaporizer pen. She brought it to her lips and inhaled from it deeply, before slowly exhaling a cloud of smoke that hung around her like a thick haze. Then, she reached forward and offered the vape pen to Tomi. Tomi reached out and took it. She was incredibly confused by the situation she seemed to have found herself in, and she couldn’t seem to remember how she had gotten there, but she wasn’t about to turn down what smelled like very, very good weed.

  Sure enough, once she lifted the vape pen to her own lips and inhaled from it, the immediate and powerful headrush confirmed to her that it was very good weed indeed. Tomi sighed contentedly and, after passing the vape pen back, let herself sink into the soft, comfortable couch beneath her. But then, after a moment, she lifted her head to stare at her companion. “Hey, um, who are you again?” Tomi asked, giggling absently.

  “Babe!” The demonic woman feigned shock. Her voice was expressive, drawing out each word and ending them with thick vocal fry. “I didn’t realize you were so stoned you’d forgotten your bestie!”

  “Yeah…” Tomi replied sheepishly, unable to keep a big smile off of her face. She felt so relaxed.

  “Well then, allow me to introduce myself,” the woman said, licking her lips. She spoke as if it was all a big in-joke, and Tomi somehow felt included even though she was completely in the dark. “I’m Greed! You know me, remember. We’re old friends.”

  “Oh, right,” Tomi giggled. That sounded wrong to her, but it sounded very, very right, too. “And, uh, where are we?”

  “Tomi!” Greed sounded scandalized and amused. “Wow, you really are out of it! I know what you need. Here.”

  Greed reached down beside the couch and picked up a bottle of champagne that Tomi somehow hadn’t noticed. She popped the cork, took a hearty swig, and passed the bottle to Tomi. Reflexively, she drank too. Her eyes went wide at the explosion of delicious, sweet, fizzing bubbles in her mouth. It tasted faintly of apples, and tasted very, very expensive. Tomi had never had such good wine before.

  “That bring back any memories?” Greed asked. Tomi shook her head. Greed made an amused, frustrated gesture. “This is where you live, Tomi.”

  “It… it is?” That set far more alarm bells ringing for Tomi. Her surroundings inspired far too much awe in her, and felt far too strange to be anything familiar. Something was wrong. For the first time, Tomi took note of her own clothes. She wasn’t wearing one of her usual well-worn, baggy outfits. She was in Star Sentinel uniform, slightly crumpled, but still glowing faintly with starlight. Tomi knew that had to mean something. She wouldn’t have transformed for no reason. Something was definitely wrong. With that thought fixed in her mind, memories of the church and the demons started to creep back in. She looked at Greed with fresh eyes, and then sprang to her feet, moving more clumsily than she would have liked.

  “Something wrong, babe?” Greed simpered.

  “Yeah, you!” Tomi shouted. “You’re one of them, or something.” Her head still felt distinctly fuzzy. She wished she hadn’t accepted the intoxicating delights Greed had offered her.

  “Yes babe, I am,” Greed drawled. She seemed entirely untroubled by Tomi’s aggressive posture, and remained exactly where she was, reclining on the couch. She reached for the bottle that Tomi had set down, and took another sip of champagne. “And so what?”

  “So what?” Tomi repeated incredulously. She couldn’t believe the demon’s nonchalance. “So… what the hell is this? Where are we?”

  “Ugh,” Greed groaned, sounding bored. “I already told you. This is your home.”

  “No! Nuh-uh!” Tomi laughed nervously. “No it isn’t!”

  “No, it isn’t,” Greed conceded. She rose elegantly to her feet, meeting Tomi’s gaze, her twin tails raised in the air behind her. A huge, malevolent smile spread across her face. “But it could be.”

  Tomi took a few wary steps backwards, and readied herself to summon her weapon. “Uh. No. No way. You really think I’d fall for that?”

  Greed spread her arms wide, palms upturned. “Fall for what?”

  “For… for whatever the hell kind of trick you’re about to play!” Tomi felt a little foolish. She had no idea what game Greed was trying to play.

  “Trick?” Greed shook her head, tutting. “There’s no trick, Tomi. Just a deal. There’s nothing wrong with a good deal, is there? Deals make the world go round. I’m sure you know that very well, with all those hours your parents made you work in that store.”

  Tomi swallowed. She knew about that? What else did Greed know about her? Tomi hadn’t grown up poor, but her parents had always been miserly, and from a young age they’d insisted she needed to earn her own allowance, claiming that it was important she learn the value of hard work. As a result, the moment she’d been old enough, they’d forced her to get a job. She’d ended up landing a sales assistant gig at a high-end department store, selling things she could only have dreamt of being able to afford. The customers had all been complete snobs and assholes. Naturally, she’d ended up rebelling against her parents pretty hard, and in college had turned into total stoner. But she’d never quite stopped wishing she could own some of those beautiful, expensive things she’d spent so many long, boring hours surrounded by.

  “And let me guess,” Tomi retorted, despite being a little shaken. “I have to trade you my soul, right? That’s always how it is with demons.”

  “So cynical!” The demon laughed. “Well, there’s always a price, babe. But no, it’s not your soul.”

  “It’s not?” Tomi asked skeptically.

  “Of course not!” Greed took out her vape pen again, and started vaping from it. After inhaling, she used the pen to gesture at the opulent mansion that surrounded them. “All this? This is just stuff, right? You can buy this with money. Your soul? That’s priceless. I know a smart girl like you would never trade your soul for a few dollars.”

  “Right,” Tomi replied guardedly. “But then, like… what’s the deal?” Tomi knew she shouldn’t let the demon bait her into some kind of trick, but she wanted to play for time. She was still feeling pretty high, and a little tipsy. Even she knew it was a bad idea to try and fight a powerful demon in that state.

  “I want to show you how to make money,” Greed explained, continuing to vape. “Serious money. Work for me. Get paid. It’s that simple.”


  “Follow me, and I’ll show you.” With that, Greed suddenly stepped forwards, walking past where Tomi was standing. As she passed her, before Tomi could back away, Greed exhaled and blew a huge cloud of smoke directly into Tomi’s face. The moment the slightest hint of it entered Tomi’s nose, she started feeling woozy. It didn’t feel or smell exactly like weed anymore, and whatever drug it was, it was potent. Tomi felt suddenly light-headed, and found it almost impossible to raise her guard against a possible attack. But she needn’t have worried. Greed simply kept walking away, like nothing had happened. Confused, addled, and fighting a losing battle to keep hold of her sense, Tomi found herself following along without even meaning to.

  Greed led her out of the large, spacious, bright living room they had been in, and down a set of stairs into the basement. Tomi did her best to remain alert, but her attention kept wondering. Her head felt so fluffy and light. If she had been trying to relax, it would have felt perfect, but she wasn’t. She was following a demon, probably into some kind of trap. The soporific effect of the drug, however, was so strong that she could even bring herself to feel frustrated. The basement room that Greed led her to was far smaller than the room above. It was a short corridor with white, plain, clinical walls, and a door at the far end that seemed to lead in to some kind of stall or booth. Without breaking step or stopping to explain anything, Greed opened the door and beckoned Tomi inside. Inside, was a small, narrow, unadorned space that reminded Tomi of a changing room in a clothing store. She was completely baffled about what possible purpose the stall could serve - at least until she noticed a number of small holes cut into the walls at a certain, highly suggestive height.

  “Is this a glory hole?” Tomi exclaimed loudly, starting to laugh despite her situation. It seemed too absurd to be true, and yet Tomi couldn’t imagine anything else that it could be.

  “Yes,” Greed answered, without a hint of humor.

  “Oh my god.” Tomi was laughing so hard she could barely stay standing up. The weed - or whatever it was - was really getting to her. She felt so light-headed. “I can’t believe this. This has to be a joke, right?”

  “Not at all.” Greed was so unabashed and deadpan, it took the edge off of Tomi’s amusement. Briefly, the demoness pulled her glasses down to her nose, peering over them at Tomi. Her eyes were a piercing orange, and utterly inhuman. “This is how the world goes round, babe. You gotta give something to get something. Gotta hustle. And sex? That’s something everyone wants. Everyone.”

  “I… I’m not gonna suck dick for money!” Tomi protested, still laughing, although inwardly her head was so foggy she was struggling to figure out if what Greed was saying was absurd or not.

  “Why not?” Greed asked. “Because it’s… what? Degrading? Tell me, babe, what’s more degrading: working your ass off at some crappy store, for minimum wage, or having some fun down here with me and making real money. It’s just a job, Tomi. Nothing special, nothing weird. So why not?”

  “Because…” Tomi was finding it maddeningly difficult to come up with a reason Greed’s proposal was wrong. “Because you’re a fucking demon! And I’m a fucking Star Sentinel! There’s no way I’m listening to you!”

  Greed sighed, clearly disappointed. “So, you’re just gonna turn your back on this? On all of this?”

  Against her better judgment, Tomi hesitated. Her thoughts betrayed her, drifting upwards to the magnificent, opulent house they’d just left behind. She knew it was fake. She knew Greed was lying to her. She had to be. But in her inebriated state, Tomi was finding it hard to tear herself away from the wealth Greed was promising. It was everything she’d ever wanted. She couldn’t help thinking that maybe, there wasn’t any harm to playing along a little. Just a little. It wasn’t like Greed was asking for her soul. She just wanted her to suck a few dicks. It wasn’t like Tomi had never done that before.

  “C’mon, babe,” Greed urged, clearly sensing her hesitation. “Why not give it a try? I’ve got what you need right here.”

  The demoness raised a hand and made a small gesture, and suddenly a small stack of huge, round, fat, gold coins appeared in her palm. Tomi’s eyes went wide. She didn’t recognize the coins, but she had no doubt they were real gold. She just knew they were. Tomi couldn’t take her eyes off them. They were so beautiful. Greed started dexterously rolling them along and between her fingers, causing the light to glint off of their shiny, reflective surfaces. Tomi was dazzled. Thanks to whatever drug Greed had given her, the brilliant gold coins seemed impossibly bright and rich. She wanted them. It was a yearning so deep she felt it in her bones. She couldn’t explain it, but she could feel herself almost drooling at the sight of them. It had already been impossible for her to focus on fighting Greed; now, with such incredible wealth being offered to her, all such thoughts had flown completely out of her head.

  “What…” Tomi licked her lips. They were dry. “What do I have to do?”

  Greed’s grin was monstrously wide and gleeful. “Right here,” she said, gesturing to the floor next to one of the holes in the wall. Uncertainly, and keeping one eye on Greed - and her coins - Tomi walked over to the spot Greed had indicated and lowered herself to a kneeling position. She was wary and filled with uncertainty, but she could also feel a strange, uncomfortable eagerness blossoming within her. She knew there were a million reasons why what she was doing was a bad idea. The fact she was doing it at all was a worrying sign. She was in some kind of hallucination or hell dimension, and she’d clearly been drugged, even if she had partially had herself to blame for that. In all likelihood, Greed’s mere presence was corrupting her somehow, making her succumb to temptation. But still, Tomi couldn’t bring herself to stop or fight. She just wanted what Greed was offering too much.

  “L-like this?” Tomi asked. She wasn’t normally the bashful type, but kneeling at a glory hole under Greed’s watchful eye was making her feel strangely nervous. She’d never done this before, but she felt sure she would need to do a good job if she wanted to get paid as much as possible.

  “Perfect,” Greed purred, Tomi couldn’t see her eyes, but she could sense hunger in the demon’s gaze.

  “Um, so what- oh!” Tomi was startled when a cock appeared right in front of her, protruding through the hole in the wall. She couldn’t see the person on the other side, and she didn’t know where they might be standing, but here their cock was, right in front of her. Tomi giggled nervously. She was finally able to peel her eyes from Greed and her coins, but was now transfixed by the hard, throbbing, needy dick before her eyes. The sight of it was even making her a little horny, but she knew her arousal was driven as much by the thought of payment as it was by the task that lay before her.

  “What are you waiting for, babe?” Greed’s voice was even more sultry than before, but it was sterner too. “Get to work.”

  Gingerly, Tomi reached out and rested her hand on the shaft of the thick, rock-hard cock. She gasped faintly as she felt its warmth beneath her fingers, and felt it throb eagerly in her hand. She was far from a virgin, but she’d never done anything like this before. This was different. As a result, she was blushing and her stomach was doing loops as she started slowly stroking her customer’s dick. Through the glory hole she could see nothing of the person it belonged to, but she could feel their cock responding to her touch, jumping slightly and becoming somehow even stiffer. Clearly, they were desperate for her attention. That thought lit a fire under Tomi. Everything clicked into place, and nervousness vanished. This was a customer, and she was providing a service. And she was being paid for it. This was no time to be flustered. She needed to earn what greed was offering her. With that in mind, Tomi bent forward and wrapped her lips around the tip of her customer’s cock. Wasting no time, she took it into her mouth as far as she could, sucking greedily on the dick while pumping the rest of its shaft with her hand. The cock throbbed again, even harder, and Tomi smiled at the confirmation that she was giving her customer what they wanted. Even better was when she heard a low, throaty moan coming from the other side of the wall. To her surprise, Tomi moaned too, becoming even more spacey and light-headed as she started to fantasize giddily about Greed’s gold coins raining down on her. She didn’t know how much each of them would be worth, but she knew it would be a lot. The mere thought of what she’d be able to buy for herself was making her own body throb with need. Fur coats. Gold jewelry. Diamonds. Anything she wanted. She was yearning for it. She wanted it all.

  It wasn’t long before the occasional moaning coming from the far side of the wall became a constant song of needy whines, and the cock in Tomi’s mouth started throbbing wildly. The fallen Star Sentinel grinned manically. She knew what that meant. They were about to cum. That was perfect. The climax was everything. That was what they were paying for. Tomi increased her pace, sucking as hard as she could and pumping as fast as she could handle. She needed to make her customer cum. She needed it so bad. It was a release for her as much as them when, at last, they exploded in her mouth. Tomi was unprepared for how thick and vigorous their load was, and even though she’d been prepared to swallow, she ended up pulling back and taking most of their hot, fresh cum all over her face. For a long moment she just knelt there, gasping for breath and watching her customer’s cock slowly soften. She could only imagine how she must look; her sailor uniform soiled and ruined, and her face dripping with a total stranger’s fresh load. She looked and felt like a total whore. Despite her eagerness, there was something shameful and degrading about it, but that only turned her on even more. Tomi was no stranger to kinky sex, but none she’d ever had came close to this.

  “Wow, ‘Sentinel Yellow’!” Greed sneered, making a mockery of her title. “Good job! I’m so pleased. You’ll be mine in no time.”

  Hers? Something about the way Greed spoke made Tomi uneasy. Now that her head was starting to clear, and she was no longer entirely focused on attending to the cock on her mouth, it was starting to dawn on her that this was all very, very wrong. What the hell was she doing? Sucking cock for a few coins in a demon’s basement? She was supposed to be a Star Sentinel. She couldn’t remember why or how she’d fooled herself into thinking this was a good idea, but clearly it had been a mistake. She’d been tricked or enchanted somehow. She needed to fight.

  “I… no, no,” she murmured. Her head was clearing, but slowly. Everything still felt foggy and distant. “Not… yours.”

  “Aww, babe,” Greed simpered sadistically. She clearly felt completely unthreatened by the kneeling, cum-drenched magical girl. “Is someone trying to fight me? That’s a stupid idea. Looks to me like someone needs another taste.”

  Tomi looked round, only to see Greed holding her vape pen once more. She lifted it to her lips, inhaling deeply from the dense, intoxicating smoke within. Greed seemed immune to its debilitating effects, but she still shivered with pleasure as she rolled the smoke around in her mouth, tasting it like a fine wine.

  “No, stop!” Tomi cried out hurriedly. It was the drug, just like she’d guessed. She was trying to make it her feet, hoping to escape, but her limbs were still so heavy and clumsy. She’d just about raised herself up onto one feet when Greed, looming above her, bent at the waist and blew a huge cloud of smoke directly into her face. At that distance and in such a confined space, it was even more potent than before. Tomi was sent reeling, and slumped back to her knees as she utterly failed to prevent herself from inhaling lungful after lungful of Greed’s corrupting poison. It clouded her mind over instantly and completely, driving all thoughts from her head - all thoughts except the rising, keening avarice that Greed had managed to tempt her into. “No… no… no…” she whimpered, echoing herself without thought or meaning.

  “That’s better,” Greed continued, ignoring her protests. Her earlier friendliness was gone. She sounded bitchy and mean and like she was delighting in her own sadism, but still seductive and irresistibly tempting. “Now, does my little whore want her reward, huh?”

  Tomi nodded dumbly. A smile on her face, Greed reached down and handed the gold coins she’d been holding to Tomi. Tomi received them gratefully in her upturned palm, staring at them in awe. They were so beautiful - and they were hers. She’d worked for them and earned them. The fantasies of everything she could now afford become even more vivid in her mind. She kept turning the coins over in her hands, mesmerized by their shimmering, golden glow. It didn’t occur to her that probably, none of this was as real as it seemed. She was so lost to fantasies of wealth, she didn’t even notice that her other hand was now between her legs, rubbing at her needy pussy over her clothes. The combination of arousal and gratification now flooding her was better than anything she’d ever felt. It was everything she’d ever wanted, even if she hadn’t quite realized it. To Tomi, in her drug-addled haze, it was perfect.

  “Well, congratulations, babe!” Greed exclaimed. “You’ve done your job. Unless…”

  Tomi was far too intoxicated to resist being tempted. “Unless?”

  Greed grinned. “Unless you want more.”

  Another stack of coins, even larger than the first, appeared in Greed’s hand. Tomi’s eyes somehow managed to grow even wider. “More…” she whispered.

  “Then you better get back to work.” Greed pointed at the hole in the wall Tomi was kneeling at. There was another cock there now; a different size, a different scent, but just as hard as the previous one had been. 

  Tomi’s head was so foggy it took her a moment to process what was going on, but once she did, she didn’t hesitate. She immediately threw herself onto her new customer’s dick, sucking and licking gleefully at the thought of yet more payment. It was tempting to simply try and make them cum as fast as possible, but she somehow knew that they expected more from her than that. They were looking for experience, and it meant she was getting paid, she was determined to give it to them. Tomi started sucking cock in ways she’d only seen in porn, pumping the shaft hard and licking lasciviously under the head of her customers dick before taking as much of it in her mouth as she could and using her tongue’s full length to stimulate it in her mouth. She quickly realized that, thanks to Greed’s drugged smoke, her muscles were so relaxed that she had virtually no gag reflex. She wasted no time taking advantage of that, taking her customer’s dick all the way into her throat. The way the muscles of her throat massaged their shaft had them moaning long and loud, and Tomi moaned with them, pleased with herself at the thought of a job well done.

  “Hey, babe?” Greed said, snapping her fingers to get Tomi’s attention. “Over here. Get to it.”

  Tomi looked, and saw that Greed was pointing to another one of the glory holes in the wall, only a foot or two apart from the one she was currently kneeling at. That one, too, now had a cock protruding through it. Tomi’s brow furrowed. Was she meant to service that one too? Seeing her confusion, Greed sighed indulgently, before producing another gold coin and flipping it towards Tomi. Tomi caught it eagerly. That was all the encouragement she needed. Without breaking her rhythm on the dick she was sucking, Tomi reached over and started giving the other cock an enthusiastic handjob. She couldn’t use her mouth on both of them at once, so she had to hope her hand would be enough to satisfy. Judging from the way a second set of moans soon joined with the first, it was.

  Again, it didn’t take long for the cock she was servicing to reach the point of orgasm. This time, Tomi was far more prepared to receive the massive load they started to pump down her throat as her blowjob reached its climax, but even so, some of their semen spilled out of her lips and ran down her face in white, slutty rivulets. Almost immediately, Tomi switched over to sucking the other cock. She couldn’t afford to waste time. Time was money.  The other cock was distinctly larger and thicker, so much so that Tomi struggled to take it as deeply as the one before, but judging from her customer’s moaning, they appreciated the effort. She didn’t break her rhythm when Greed reached down to shower her with coins as a reward, but she did start touching herself under her clothes even harder, pulling her panties aside so she could plunge two of her fingers deep into her pussy, already dripping wet with raw arousal. Her pleasure was building rapidly, more and more with each customer she serviced and each coin she received. It was pure bliss. Nothing else could compare. Tomi had no doubts about that now. When a fourth cock appeared, through the same hole that the first and second had used, Tomi jumped on it immediately, salivating around the dick in her mouth at the thought of yet more money to be made.

  After that, everything descended into a foggy haze of avaricious pleasure. Tomi serviced cock after cock - too many to count. Before long, she was servicing three at one, using her mouth to give one of them a blowjob while using each of her hands to stroke and caress one of the others. There were always more, and more customers meant more payment. With both her hands occupied, she couldn’t pleasure herself as easily, but Tomi was content to rub her thighs together needily instead. Payment was all the pleasure she needed, and the thought of how much money she was making was enough to drive her into a feverish, blissful frenzy. Tomi didn’t even notice as the cocks she was servicing started becoming more and more clearly demonic in nature, and as the moans coming from behind the wall became more and more sinister and feral. All she cared about was the growing fortune Greed was lavishing upon her. The demon showered her with coins each time she brought a customer to orgasm, each time making Tomi cry out with near-orgasmic pleasure. She had long since passed the point where she could keep hold of all of them, and so golden coins were scattered on the floor all around her, many of them covered in cum that had escaped her lips and hands. Her sailor uniform, too, was utterly drenched and ruined. On her knees, sucking anonymous cocks at a glory hole, Tomi looked like a broken, slutty parody of what a Star Sentinel was supposed to be. But it brought her no shame, only sinful glee at the profit she was earning.

  “Good,” Greed urged. “More.” The demoness seemed empowered by Tomi’s corruption, her demonic eyes burning behind her glasses. She clearly knew she was winning. Tomi hadn’t traded away her soul yet, but it was only a matter of time. All it would take was one more push. “Hey babe, let me see that ass.”

  Tomi didn’t hesitate or question her. She simply raised her ass in the air and stuck it out behind her, wiggling her hips to flip her miniskirt up as she continued to suck and stroke the cocks in front of her with great enthusiasm. There were more than three of them now, forcing Tomi to constantly switch her attention between them all, but she didn’t mind. More cocks meant more coins. Her mind was actually sharper than it had been before. The drug Greed had dosed her with was wearing off, allowing her to think clearly. But she was now intoxicated by something very different: money. Everything Greed had said and done to her had rewired her brain, showing her new pleasures that nothing in her old life could possibly compare to. She couldn’t remember why she’d cared so much about being a Star Sentinel. It wasn’t as fun as this. It didn’t feel as good as this. And most importantly, it didn’t pay. Tomi felt frustrated now as she looked back on all the time she’d spent with Akemi and the others. She’d worked so hard, and for what? Where was her reward? Maybe this was it. Why didn’t she deserve it? Sure, it was wrong, but was it such a sin to be a little selfish, for once?

  Her train of thought was broken when she felt Greed kneel behind her and pull her soaked panties aside, the demon’s claws scraping across her tender skin. Then, she gasped as she felt something pressing against her needy pussy. It was a cock. Greed’s cock. The demoness had a truly massive, thick, throbbing shaft between her legs, just as obviously demonic as the rest of her. Tomi started whimpering as Greed positioned it against her needy cunt. She wanted to be filled, but Greed was just so big. She was about to plead for gentleness when Greed mercilessly drove her cock into Tomi until her hips were slapping into the magical girl’s ass. Tomi saw white. She hadn’t realized how desperate and sensitive she’d been. Greed’s incredible size and girth took it from good, to utterly overwhelming. It hurt, but it felt incredible too. Her stomach actually bulged slightly as Greed started fucking her over and over again, without the slightest hint of gentleness. She clearly wasn’t interested in any kind of foreplay. She simply wanted to use Tomi as much and as hard as she could. Pushed beyond all capacity for thought by the brutal fucking, Tomi let the cock in front of her slip out of her mouth and stopping stroking the others, instead using her hands to brace herself against the wall. It was too much for her to handle.

  “Hey!” The feeling of Greed viciously spanking her ass made Tomi yelp, and momentarily snapped her out of her cock-drunk reverie. “What are you doing, babe? Get back to work.”

  “S-sorry!” Tomi whimpered, and returned to servicing the many cocks in front of her as best she could. Greed’s cock inside her was making her so submissive, she couldn’t dream of disobeying. Thanks to the way she was being roughly pounded, her technique was much messier and less coordinated than before, but that didn’t stop her being rewarded with a chorus of moans and a fresh load of cum dumped on her face.

  “Good whore,” Greed cried out gleefully as she showered Tomi with yet more shining, gold coins. There were so many of them now, scattered all around her. Tomi had long since lost count. All she knew was that she was rich. Everything she’d longed for was now hers. But she wouldn’t stop. She couldn’t. There was always more. She knew deep in her corrupted heart that no matter what, it would never be enough for her.

  “Yes,” she moaned, far beyond the point of caring how slutty and broken she sounded. “More… more! Please!” Each fresh load had her moaning longer and louder. Her own orgasm was approaching now, her overstimulated body completely unable to endure the way Greed was ploughing her cunt.

  “Are you ready?” Greed demanded. “Are you ready to give yourself to me?”

  “Yes!” Tomi answered. She didn’t know what she was agreeing to, but she didn’t care. She knew whatever it was, she would surely be richly rewarded.

  “Trade me your soul!” Greed implored. “Your everything. Do that, and all of this will be yours. You’ll be like this forever. And believe me, I’ll pay.”

  “My soul is yours!” Tomi cried. What did she need with a soul? She just needed more of this. “Take it! Own me!”

  “Yes!” Greed screamed, as twinned orgasms washed over them both.

  At that moment, as her mind was wiped blank with pure ecstasy, a golden light consumed her. Greed’s demonic magic ravaged her mind, body and soul, transforming her according to the demon’s whims. When the magic faded, she looked very, very different. Every part of her was adorned with the most gorgeous, decadent, expensive jewelry imaginable. Earrings, necklaces, rings, piercings, and more. Her sailor uniform had changed too, becoming a parody of itself. It was shamelessly revealing and lewd, but had also become fine, luxurious silk that felt delightfully soft against Tomi’s skin. So much of her body was now on display, and much of it was now covered in tattoos, and every piece of ink showed signs of delicate, expensive artistry. But most conspicuous amongst them all was a tattoo on her now-exposed midriff which was nothing more than a price list for all the different sex acts she would happily perform for any customer willing to pay. Finally, her eyes were now distinctly corrupted, burning with the same orange light that shone in Greed’s. Tomi licked her lips as she slowly rose to her feet and surveyed her new appearance. She took no shame in it. How could she, when her soul belonged to the demoness before her?

  “Babe,” Greed laughed. “Oh, babe. You’re perfect now. How do you feel? Do you understand now?”

  “I feel good,” Tomi replied. She was laughing too. “And yeah, I understand. Greed is good.”

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