The Fall of the Star Sentinels

Chapter 7: Lust, Part 3

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #corruption #growth #magical_girl #rough_sex #transformation

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Lian stepped forward, and even Nea and Tomi trembled a little.

Lian was utterly resplendent. She was tall, beautiful and terrifying in equal measure. She had completely embraced her demonic transformation, but where the others seemed to have become something akin to succubi, Lian resembled an infernal queen. Her horns were woven into a crown, her sailor outfit had warped itself into a regal gown, and she carried herself with authority, like someone accustomed to being obeyed. Akemi could see why. Even she felt a kind of magnetic pull towards her former friend; a dull, smothering pressure insisting that her place was at Lian’s feet.

“See, none of you understand,” Lian began. Her monologue commanded the instant attention of everyone in the room. “You’re all going easy on her, because of your pride. You want to be the one that wins. The one that corrupts her. It’s all so futile. We’re all a team, aren’t we? We should be working together. Breaking her will be nothing, if we do it like that.”

The other corrupted magical girls looked around at each other uneasily. Lian took note of their reactions.

“What?” She spread her arms, an arrogant, indulgent smile on her face. “Thinking that sounds just a little too selfless for me? Let me explain. It’s very simple. If we all work together, then we win. And if we win, then I win.” Her smile split into a grin, showing rows and rows of sharp fangs. “Because this team is mine.  I’m the leader, now.”

No-one seemed willing to argue.

“Good. I’m glad we’re all on the same page.” Lian preened, making a big show of waltzing slowly around the room, letting each one of her teammates bask in her magnificence in turn. “But I suppose, even so, I should prove my credentials. And what better way than to put our former leader in her place?”

She made her way over to Akemi, still lying helplessly on the ground. Tomi and Nea scurried back.

“Akemi.” Lian simply stood over her, and placed the tip of one of her high-heeled shoes at Akemi’s lips. “Lick.”

Akemi obeyed. She couldn’t have done otherwise. Lian’s words felt like the commandments of a dark goddess. Obedience was instinctive. Trying to fight her would have been so hard, and Akemi was all out of strength. She’d already lost. Why shouldn’t she just do what she was told?

The sensation of the slick rubber of Lian’s shoes under Akemi’s tongue was strange and unfamiliar - and humiliating. Now she could taste it, she was struck by just how deeply wrong what she was doing was. She was a Star Sentinel. A magical girl. A warrior for justice. And yet, she was licking the heels of a former friend, now transformed into a demon. It was the worst and most twisted thing she had ever done, and it was so perverse she couldn’t help but be turned on by it. Her head was a confused, delirious mess of desires, fetishes and perversions, all planted there by her teammates. Morality and lust were pulling her in wildly different directions, and the mere feeling of being torn like that was desperately hot to her. The mere feeling of being corrupted was arousing.

But despite that, Akemi had to ask herself what she was doing. Did she really want to be licking her friend’s boot like a broken pet? A huge part of her wanted to pull away in disgust, despite the pleasure. But she couldn’t. Lian’s last command echoed through her head, binding her like a set of iron shackles. Fighting her felt like trying to fight the ocean.


And so she licked. Akemi couldn’t control it. She couldn’t even restrain herself. She licked eagerly and worshipfully, carefully polishing every inch of Lian’s perfectly-formed heel with her tongue. Lian’s words were controlling more than just her body. They were bending her mind, focusing her on just one thing. Her whole being was devoted to licking Lian’s shoes.

“Good girl,” Lian told her, in the kind of condescending, mocking voice she might have used for a helpless puppy. “Oh, look at you! I think we’ve found your place, Akemi. You look so much better on your knees than you ever did standing proud and tall.”

Akemi wanted to offer a retort, but she couldn’t do that either. She couldn’t drag herself away from licking Lian’s shoes for even a single second.

“You see, I’m not like the others,” Lian explained. As she looked down at Akemi, she seemed to grow even taller and more imposing, like she was being fueled by Akemi’s obedience. “I don’t want to twist you into the image of my sin. Pride stands alone. No, I just want you to know your place: obeying me.”

Akemi let out a little whimper. Lian spoke like a goddess.

“I’m your leader now,” Lian pronounced, and Akemi believed her. She didn’t want to, but she believed her. She couldn’t muster it within herself to stop Lian’s words touching the core of her being. “And you’ll obey your leader, won’t you? That’s what a good little magical girl would do, isn’t it? Just look at you, obeying me right now. Pathetic. OK, that’s enough.”

She withdrew her foot, and Akemi found herself able to stop licking.

“You poor thing,” Lian continued, without sympathy. “It’s so obvious you want to join us. Look at you. Shivering with need, panting with lust, eyes shining with corrupted glee. Isn’t that right?”

“I…” Akemi was cut off immediately as a fresh surge of pleasure wracked her body at Lian’s degrading words. She realized how right her former friend was. She was more frustrated and pent-up than she’d ever thought possible, and now that the other corrupted magical girls had shown us the ecstasy that sin offered, she couldn’t stop thinking about it. She couldn’t stop craving it.

“You really are too righteous for your own good,” Lian sighed. Through her theatricality, it was clear she was savoring every single moment of Akemi’s defeat. “Fortunately for you, I am a generous queen. You won’t have to choose anything. I’m simply going to tell you exactly what you have to do, and exactly what’s going to happen. Isn’t that nice?”

To her own surprise, Akemi realized it was. All this thinking and choosing was too hard. She was at her limit. She just wanted someone else to be in charge. Lian, with all her dark radiance, made a captivating leader. Akemi knew she was evil, but that didn’t change how easy it was to follow along with her words and commands.

“I’ll make sure each one of us gets what we need.” Lian gestured not only to Akemi, but also to the other former magical girls, who nodded approvingly. “We can take it. We’re more powerful than ever. But first, let’s talk about what you need, Akemi.”

She bent down, stroking a long, sharp claw across Akemi’s shivering, blissed-out face.

“You need to be overwhelmed,” Lian told her. “We need to break you until you can’t string a single pair of words together. Let alone any stupid self-recriminating, guilty ideas about purity or justice. The others came close, but you were just a little too stubborn for them. But not for me. Because I, as our leader understand one thing: we need to do this together.”

She looked around at all the others, and licked her lips with her long, wicked tongue.

“Take her.”

Lian’s words clearly carried the same authority with them as they did with Akemi. The remaining magical girls exchanged glances for a moment, before grins settled over all their faces. And then, as one, they pounced on Akemi.

Akemi felt like was trapped in the middle of a hurricane. The attentions of just one of her friends had almost been enough to break her. When Tomi and Nea had both been pleasuring her at once, her soul had been hanging by a thread. But now that five of them were all clawing and groping at her, she had no chance. The five of them descended on her like hungry animals, and from the moment they did, Akemi knew it was over. Lian had sounded for too certain of that for Akemi to question her. That knowledge was freeing. It made it easy to surrender.

The defiled leader of the Star Sentinels collapsed completely as five pairs of hands assaulted her. By now, Akemi was familiar with each touch, and despite how overwhelmed she was, she was finding it easy to tell them apart. The way Riley touched her was gentle enough to raise hairs on her skin, and she seemed to know exactly how to make Akemi’s muscles melt into weak, warm pleasure. The unbelievably softness of Zaina’s curvaceous body, pressed up against hers, had her begging weakly for indulgence. Mary Anne, by contrast, slapped her and scratched at her, even biting her, but to Akemi, pain and pleasure had become the same thing. Tomi was eager to use her skillful hands to please Akemi wherever she could, whilst Nea grabbed and pulled at her possessively.

It was heaven.

Akemi was reduced to nothing more than a moaning, rutting, incoherent animal. She had no control over her own body. All she could do was writhe and grab, overwhelmed with eagerness for more touch and more pleasure. Her mind was completely clouded over with ecstasy and sin. She wanted it. She wanted it all. She wanted to be corrupted and fucked and used. She wanted to be wrathful and greedy and lazy and everything else. She wanted it so badly, she was willing to give up on everything else. She’d forget the Star Sentinels, she’d forget about justice and righteousness, she’d even forget her own name if that was what it took.

Justice… the mere thought of it made her want to giggle deliriously. Akemi no longer knew what that word meant. It seemed so distant and faraway. What did justice matter, compared to the incredible, blissful soreness in her limbs and the needy, aching pulse in her cunt? What had justice ever done for her? It had never made her feel this good. Maybe the others had been right to choose sin instead of justice. Akemi grinned as Mary Anne started finger-fucking her pussy. She was so glad she didn’t have to choose. She was pathetically grateful to Lian for sparing her that. Her choices didn’t matter. She was weak. She’d lost. She was being corrupted, whether she wanted it or not. Her new leader would show her the way.

Akemi’s moans were like worshipful prayers, as she stared up adoringly at Lian.

Lian didn’t participate in the infernal orgy taking place before her. She didn’t need to. Akemi knew her leader was far too proud to debase herself like that. She just watched, drinking in the sight of Akemi’s ultimate surrender with a look of perfect, resplendent satisfaction on her face. Only a slight blush in her inhuman cheeks betrayed how turned she was by the sight of Akemi being utterly ruined and dethroned right before her feet. She didn’t need to touch herself or be touched to get what she wanted. She just needed to see Akemi break.

And she was breaking. The pleasure was driving her insane. The cavernous church around her span and blurred, and the demonic bodies surrounding her all seemed to meld into one huge, churning mass of flesh. Akemi lost track of who was touching her, and where. Her whole body was aflame with sex. Every part of her was unbelievably sensitive. A hand brushing across her skin was enough to send her orgasms to fresh peaks. She was cumming over and over again, without end. More and more, Lian started to look like a true goddess. A being deserving of total obedience and worship. Akemi found herself yearning to kiss her feet again, despite how humiliating it had been.

Or perhaps because of how humiliating it had been.

Everything felt so good. Pleasure felt good. Pain felt good. Praise felt good. Degradation felt good. Being teased felt good. Being indulged felt good. Akemi felt as though her whole world was nothing more than a banquet of sexual delights for her to gorge herself on. The lust and need within her started to swell, overtaking any satisfaction she earned from the countless orgasms her friends inflicted on her. She was starting to understand what some of them had told her.

It wasn’t enough.

It would never be enough.

She couldn’t simply eat her fill, and then walk away.

She wanted this forever.

She wanted to become a creature of pure lust.

“You’re ready,” Lian said finally, peering deep into Akemi’s eyes. At her words, the other demonic magical girls started to pull away from Akemi, leaving her whimpering and shivering. “Aren’t you?”

“Y-y-y-yes!” Akemi moaned, drool spilling feverishly past her lips. Her eyes were shining. She could already feel herself changing. In her heart, she had already succumbed, and that was all it took.

“Good.” Lian nodded, and her approval was like a warm ray of sunlight across Akemi’s skin. She reached down and ran a fingertip across Akemi’s sweat-drenched cheek. Her touch was almost tender, but her eyes reflected nothing but an unquenchable ego; a demonic queen taking infinite pride in her own victory. “You know, I would just love to take you for my own. I need a good servant, don’t you think? But that wouldn’t be right. You’re promised to someone else. Something else.”

Akemi struggled to her knees, and waited eagerly for Lian to enlighten her. She was utterly bewitched by her new friend’s powerful aura.

“You don’t want to be rich,” Akemi explained. “And you don’t crave rest, either. Anger isn’t in your nature - not even the part of your nature you keep under lock and key. You want something different. Something much, much more primal.”

Akemi nodded. She could feel the truth of Lian’s words.

“Pleasure itself,” Lian continued. “That’s what you’ve always longed for, isn’t it? It’s what you’ve always denied yourself. Gotta be the leader. Gotta be disciplined. Pure. You never let yourself listen to your body. But it’s that simple, Akemi. Listen to your body. Tell me, what is it saying? What do you feel?”

The answer was already on the tip of Akemi’s tongue. “L-lust!” she cried.

“Lust.” Lian nodded. “Come claim your prize, Lust.”

“Why, thank you!” came the sultry reply. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Lust, the demon who had begun all of this, was sitting some distance away, perched on the altar. Embarrassingly, Akemi had almost completely forgotten about her. It seemed that she’d been content to watch the proceedings from afar, simply waiting and observing as the sinful orgy played out before her, turning the once-sacrosanct church into a temple to the very sin she embodied. As she rose from the altar, she slipped the spade-shaped tip of her dexterous tail out of her pussy; she’d been using it to touch herself as she watched. Her eyes were glowing like never before, and as she sauntered over to join Lian, sweat and wetness from between her legs dripped all over the floor of the church, staining it yet further.

“She’s yours,” Lian said to her coolly. “I don’t stoop to petty thievery.”

Lust giggled, then stooped to inspect Akemi. Being so close to the lust demon was torturous. Her presence was infectious; no-one was immune to it. All around her, Akemi noticed the other corrupted magical girls shifting awkwardly, suddenly struggling to keep themselves in check. For her, already so thoroughly fucked and defiled, it was far worse. Lust’s presence felt like manic static inside her skull; an itch that only sex would sate.

“You’ve done an admirable job with her,” Lust commented, as she turned back to Lian. “Better than I expected. It’s a little boring, actually. I was hoping she’d put up more of a fight.”

Lian smiled and preened a little, enjoying the praise. “She was never much of a fighter.”

Lust licked her lips. “Oh, I don’t know about that. But she will be, anyway. Once she’s mine.”

“P-please…” Akemi burned with shame as the word slipped past her lips. Her shame only deepened when Lust laughed, and Lian smiled down at her pityingly.

“Oh, don’t you worry,” Lust told her. “Not much longer now, sweet thing. But you’ve got to let me savor the moment.”

Akemi nodded submissively. It was all she was capable of.

“You know, it wasn’t even an hour ago that you walked in here,” Lust monologued, pacing back and forth in front of the kneeling Star Sentinel. “So self-sure. So self-righteous. You never even imagined it could end this way, did you?”

Akemi shook her head.

“Can you even remember her?” Lust continued. “That dutiful, pure, resolute girl, so determined to slay me? What would she think of you now, hm? Can you imagine the scorn in her eyes? The horror? The contempt?”

Akemi started squirming again. She couldn’t help but imagine it, exactly as Lust described. She really had become everything she’d loathed. Weak and pitiful, and begging for a demon to make her something even worse.

“Or perhaps,” Lust mused. “It’d be relief, not contempt. Perhaps she’d be grateful to know she gets to stop fighting. Perhaps it would be something more, hm? Do you think she’d be a little bit excited? Do you think it would get her just a little bit hot, to know that she’s going to be reduced to this?”

Akemi’s squirming intensified, her hand reaching down between her legs. She wanted to say it wasn’t true, but she didn’t really know anymore. Everything was so confusing. Maybe she was wrong about that. Maybe she’d been wrong about everything. Listening to Lust’s truth was far easier than trying to figure it out for herself.

“Ah, well, it doesn’t matter now,” Lust concluded, coming to a halt in front of Akemi, looming over her. “Soon you won’t care about anything at all, except what feels good.”

“W-what’s g-going to happen?” Akemi whimpered, painfully aroused.

“You’re going to kiss me,” Lust told her, bending at the hips to put her lips close to Akemi’s.

Akemi kissed her.

The moment she did, she felt the demon’s forked tongue invading her mouth. Akemi closed her eyes, moaning weakly at the sensation, and opened her mouth wide, welcoming it. Lust took full advantage, eagerly exploring Akemi’s mouth, her tongue wrapping Akemi’s and caressing it lasciviously. The kiss was overpowering. All Akemi could do was moan helplessly into Lust’s mouth, letting the succubus take her body however she wanted.

Lust’s kiss proved insatiable. The demon pushed her tongue deeper and deeper into Akemi, forcing it down her throat without mercy. Akemi’s eyes bulged at the sensation; it was unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but she couldn’t deny how much it turned her on to have her throat fucked by a demon’s tongue. At first, she started to gag on it, but almost right away her throat started to relax, her gag reflex falling away and her body opening up to receive Lust.

The transformation was beginning.

Lust didn’t stop. She kept pushing deeper, and deeper, and deeper. Akemi could feel her inside her, invading her; something thick and warm and black, slithering inside her. Lust’s tongue seemed impossibly long, but it wasn’t long before it no longer felt like a tongue at all, but rather something liquid and flowing. It was as if something was pouring sweet, infernal tar down her throat. The flow quickly became a flood, unending and unstoppable. Akemi was drowning in it. She could feel something filling her, but she wasn’t scared. Exactly the opposite; the black ichor oozing into her was as intoxicating as any drug she’d ever heard of.

Lost to a delirious fever, Akemi could no longer tell if she was still kissing Lust or not. The demon seemed to be melting into her, pouring into her and possessing her. Akemi tried to open her eyes, but the moment she did, her face filled with a cloud of inky black smoke that seemed to be clinging to her impossibly. Before she could stop herself, Akemi inhaled a huge lungful of it, and once she started to breath it in, she couldn’t stop. The smoke felt just as incredible as everything else that was happening to her. Corruption was seeping into her through every pore, and she loved it.

And then, it was over. Everything stopped, as if it had never happened. Akemi was about to let out a little whine of disappointment when she noticed how strange and powerful her body felt. The former leader of the Star Sentinels looked down at herself, and discovered that everything was different.

She was taller - not as tall as Lian, but nonetheless, statuesque. That was clear enough, as she rose to her feet, swiftly growing accustomed to her new body. Her legs had been lengthened and her hips widened far beyond the point of impossibility, giving her the kind of body that belonged in pornographic art, not real life. Her eyes were suddenly keen enough to peer into the deepest recesses of the shadows, and as she reached up to touch her head, Akemi could feel a magnificent pair of horns now growing there. A shiver ran down her spine, and along her new tail. She felt so good.

Akemi’s transformations want far more than just skin deep, however. That was immediately obvious to her. Her shame was gone. She no longer felt even the slightest bit guilty about having succumbed. That alone was a relief. Akemi shivered and preened, arching her back as if stretching out a long-neglected muscle. She couldn’t believe she had tormented herself with petty inhibitions and gripes for so long. This - embracing lust - was so much better. Now, that sin was melded into every fibre of her being. She could even sense it: she could smell how aroused her demonic comrades were. It wafted from them like the scent of honey, whetting her appetite for sex. Idly, Akemi reached down and started stroking her pussy with her fingertips, moaning under her breath at how wonderful it felt. Her body was more sensitive than ever, but it was no longer overwhelming. Her body was perfectly adapted to the sensation, just as if she’d been born for it.

Akemi couldn’t help but let out a giggle when she caught a proper glimpse of herself; a reflection, in one of the many stained glass windows hanging around her. Her new body was all too familiar, as demonic as it was. It was Lust’s. She had become the demoness’s twin. As Lust had possessed her, she’d remolded her flesh into her preferred form, twisting Akemi into an irresistible succubus.

Akemi couldn’t have been more grateful.

“How do you feel, sister?” Lian asked her, a smile on her face. “Ready to join us.”

“Oh yes,” Akemi replied, her voice newly husky and suggestive. “Gladly.”

She looked around. Her friends were all there, standing around her with warm smiles on their faces. Riley, Tomi, Mary Anne, Nea, Zaina - they were all together again, just as they had been when they’d entered the church. Sisters in corruption.

“What now?” Mary Anne asked impatiently, looking to Lian for answers.

“Now?” Lian cocked her head to one side, considering the question. “Why, now, the whole world stands defenseless! Without their magical girl sentinels watching over them, who is going to protect everyone against sin and corruption?” A wide grin spread across her face. “Don’t you think it's only fair of us to share our wonderful new gifts?”

The former Star Sentinels cheered - Akemi along with them. She imagined the world outside the doors of the church. It was ripe for the taking. There were so many people out there, repressed and inhibited, longing to set free. There was so much debauchery to enjoy. Akemi could tell her sisters were thinking about the exact same thing.

“The whole world?” Riley asked sleepily. “Sounds hard.”

“We can do it,” Lian reassured her. “After all, we’re not just demons. We’re still magical girls. Light and dark - who can stand against us?”

Nea’s eyes went wide. “You mean…”

“Yes.” Lian grinned. “We can still use the powers of starlight.” She gestured towards Akemi. “I’ll let you do the honors, Akemi. One last time.”

“With pleasure.”

As Akemi stepped forward, something in the corner of her eye caught her attention: it was Darien, the boy she’d come here to save. He was kneeling beside the altar Lust had been perched on, looking utterly pathetic. He was a drained, feminized shell of his former self, unable to stop shivering and pleasuring himself at the sight of his corrupted girlfriend. The sight of him should have inspired regret in Akemi, or perhaps pity, but it didn’t. All she felt was amusement, and all she saw was a toy for her to enjoy herself with whenever she felt like it.

“Sorry, Darien,” she giggled. “You really should have been a better fuck.”

She turned away from him, smiling a little at his moans of humiliated pleasure. Instead, she looked to her corrupted sisters. She was so proud of them, and so grateful to them for helping her to accept sin. Especially Lian. She could sense her new leader’s lust towards her coming off her in waves, and she knew the two of them would be enjoying a lot of quality time together in the future. She couldn’t wait to offer Lian her new body.

But that would come later. For now, they had a world to ruin.

Akemi reached up her head, summoning the blessed starlight power that had been bestowed upon her when she’d been made a magical girl. It came slowly, reluctant to answer her sinful call, but it came nonetheless. As her body started to glow, she let it simmer within her for a few moments, allowing the power of starlight to twist and blacken as it came into contact with the Lust demon possessing her flesh. From now on, she knew, magical girls weren’t going to be saviors. They were going to be supervillains.

“Star Sentinels!” Akemi cried out in a demonic voice, rejoicing in the blasphemy as channeled the power of starlight into her sisters. “Blaze!”

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