The Bakery

Chapter 5

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #dom:nb #exhibitionism #f/nb #growth #transformation

  “I brought treats!” Sasha declared happily, seemingly oblivious to the slightly horrified expression on Priyanka’s face as she held a large, sweet-smelling paper bag aloft.

  Priyanka was immediately torn between two equally powerful, equally visceral reactions. The first was intense suspicion and fear, bordering on paranoia. She had just been thinking about how she and her friends seemed to have been succumbing to some kind of impossible, mind-warping, supernatural transformation, and had just been wondering if the strange, oddly intoxicating pastries Sasha had served to them at her bakery might be the cause. And now, here Sasha was, bearing more gifts. There was no way it could have been anything more than a coincidence, of course, but Priyanka couldn’t shake the feeling that the timing was deeply suspicious. But her second reaction was completely different. It was a sense of deep, irresistible temptation. Priyanka hadn’t realized she was hungry, but the merest hint of the sweet smell of freshly-baked desserts had her stomach rumbling like she hadn’t eaten in days. Already, her mouth was watering, and her head was filling with the seductive memories of how good the cream-stuffed, chocolate-drenched, sweet pastry religieuse she’d been offered at the weekend had tasted. It had undoubtedly been the most delicious thing she’d ever eaten in her life. It was kind of incredible how much of an impression it had left on her. Eating it had almost felt like a religious experience. Priyanka kept finding her thoughts drifting to it, to the heavenly experience of feeling that sweetness and lightness dissolve in her mouth, and now that it was being offered to her again, the allure was all the stronger.

  Priyanka knew she shouldn’t eat whatever Sasha was offering her. She knew that would be an absolutely terrible decision, given what she was suspecting. But she also knew, with every fiber of her being, that she wanted to eat it more than anything.

  “W-wow, hi Sasha,” Priyanka spluttered, trying to figure out exactly what her plan was. “I, um, didn’t expect to see you here.”

  “Of course not, silly! I don’t work here anymore.” Sasha giggled. “So, like, what did you want to talk to me about?”

  “W-what?” Priyanka replied nervously.

  “You were just saying you wanted to talk to me!” Sasha exclaimed, fidgeting in a cutesy, eager way. “So, what’s up?”

  “Uh…” Priyanka had been planning on having a lot longer to think about what she wanted to say. She couldn’t just come right out and accuse Sasha of poisoning them with some kind of transformation magic. That would sound completely insane. But then, what could she say? “Well, that’s, um…”

  “Did someone say treats?” came Zel’s familiar voice, distracting Sasha and saving Priyanka. Priyanka turned to see her non-binary coworker slouching towards them, with Misty trailing a short way behind. She wasn’t sure if Zel had noticed Sasha’s arrival, or had simply been drawn by the scent of the pastries she had brought.

  “Yes!” Sasha said excitedly. “I, like, couldn’t help but notice how much you all loved those pastries I picked out for you at the weekend! So I figured, like, what better way to brighten up your Monday?

  “Oh, thank you! That’s sweet.” Zel had seemed in a strange, nasty mood earlier, but the promise of fresh-baked desserts seemed to have brightened their day. Priyanka couldn’t deny feeling the same way, even as she furiously insisting to herself that she needed to hold back.

  “Yeah,” Misty added, in a high-pitched, breathy voice. “Thank you.” The trans girl was still blushing conspicuously. Now she was on her feet instead of hunched over her desk, it was completely obvious that she  was wearing a top at least a size too small, and that she had neglected to wear a bra. Priyanka was reminded of her and Zel’s strange, suggestive behavior when she’d gone to speak to them earlier. It strengthened her resolve not to give in to the temptation of the Omdanne Bakery’s pastries. 

  “Aw, you’re welcome!” Sasha beamed with happiness. “Hey, wow, here’s three of you already! Now where’s- oh, there she is!”

  Priyanka looked around in the direction Sasha indicated, and saw Andrea emerging from her office. With her, there was no doubt about what had brought her out. Her head was tilted back slightly and her eyes were closed, and she was eagerly and audibly sniffing the air in a way that reminded Priyanka more of an animal than a human. Sasha giggled at the sight of her, and Andrea’s eyes opened. She blushed, and then blushed even harder when she accidentally met Priyanka’s gaze, reminding them both of their awkward encounter in Andrea’s office. For a moment, Andrea looked like she was about to turn tail and retreat back into her office, but then she started gingerly walking over towards Priyanka and the others, apparently unable to resist the siren’s call of the pastries’ aroma.

  “Hello, Sasha,” Andrea said. She was trying to sound professional, and wasn’t quite pulling it off. “Um, what brings you here?”

  Once again, Sasha held up the sweet-smelling paper bag. “I bought you all some presents from the bakery!” she explained happily.

  Immediately, a slightly goofy grin came over Andrea’s face, like that was exactly what she’d been hoping to hear. Priyanka noticed her making the same odd, shifting motion with her hips that she had been earlier, that reminded her so much of a dog wagging its tail. “Oh! Thank you!” Andrea exclaimed eagerly. “Can we have them?”

  Sasha giggled. “Yes, of course,” she replied, and set the paper bag down on a nearby desk.

  As she opened it and started to retrieve the small, paper-wrapped packages nestled inside, Priyanka felt the urge to reach out and stop her, but even to herself she couldn’t justify how bizarre that would seem. So instead, she simply watched as Sasha slowly unwrapped all the pastries she’d brought. That proved to be her undoing. They looked so good.. Even better than the first time, now that Priyanka knew how good they tasted. Free of their wrappings, their powerful scent became all the more pervasive and overpowering. Priyanka had thought her mouth had been watering before, but that was nothing compared to how much she was salivating now. Before long, all the desserts were set out in front of them, just as they had been before. The stacked, sweet, cream-stuffed buns of Priyanka’s religieuse, Misty’s plump, richy-browned milk buns, Andrea’s adorable, puppy-themed cupcakes, and Zel’s dark, smooth, perfectly bitter chocolate tart. Everyone was looking at them with naked longing; only Priyanka was holding back. But she, too, was struggling. She just wanted it so much. The dense, heady scent of all that chocolate, cream and sweet pastry was quite literally intoxicating. Priyanka could think about nothing more than devouring them as quickly as she could. She was trying to remind herself that she should hold back, that Sasha’s gifts might not be as innocent as they seemed, but it was so hard. All of that seemed so distant compared to the raw need that had suddenly seized her. All her senses were honed on the pastries in front of her. They looked perfect, like wonderfully sculpted little pieces of art. The way they smelled was even better. And as for the taste, Priyanka knew from experience that that was the best part of all, but she also knew that her memory would be nothing compared to tasting them for a second time.

  “Well, what are you waiting for?” Sasha exclaimed. “Dig in!”

  Andrea, Misty and Zel all moved instantly. They pounced like hunting predators, far faster than they had any need to. Clearly Priyanka wasn’t the only one overcome with an insatiable hunger for the Omdanne Bakery’s desserts. Even Misty, normally so timid, didn’t hold back. Priyanka did, but only just. Even she found herself inching forward, helpless to resist. She felt like one of those old cartoon characters, floating around by its nose and being drawn mindlessly towards something delicious. All thoughts of moderation, caution and dieting were slipping away. She knew she needed to hold back, but the pastries just tasted so good.

  “No need to be shy, Priyanka!” To Priyanka’s horror, Sasha picked up her pastry buns and started carrying them over to her. “They’re for you!”

  “I…” Priyanka was struggling not to drool. Coherent speech felt like it was far more than she was capable of.

  “Oh, that’s right!” Sasha giggled. “You, like, had something you wanted to talk to me about, right? Shoot!”

  “O-oh, right.” That little reminder brought Priyanka some way back to her senses, but her eyes were still wide, her gaze transfixed by the pastries Sasha was holding out to her. “I just, um, wanted to ask about the pastries. W-what’s in them?”

  “Oh?” Sasha stepped in closer, and dropped her voice to a whisper. Suddenly, she looked less peppy and more serious. Priyanka whimpered. At that distance, the incredible smell of the pastries was melting away every remaining fiber of her willpower. “You wanna know about the magic ingredient?”

  “Yes.” There was a magic ingredient? Priyanka was so deeply under the spell of the pastries that she was struggling to process that information.

  “You really really wanna know?” Sasha got even closer, like she was about to whisper into Priyanka’s ear.

  “Y-yes,” Priyanka whimpered.

  Sasha’s lips parted, as if she was about to speak. But then, at the last moment, she winked and broke into a mischievous grin. “It’s a secret! Don’t worry about that, just eat up!”

  Priyanka’s willpower, which had been hanging by just a single thread, completely snapped. She almost snatched the delicious-smelling religieuse out of Sasha’s hands and started eating it. She moaned. There were simply no words for how good it tasted. From the very first bite, it was like heaven in her mouth. On one level, she felt she should take her time to savor something that incredible, but she didn’t have the strength for that. She ate it greedily, without heed for how she looked. The office around her seemed to fade away to nothing, as her world shrank to the incredible flavor that she was experiencing in her mouth. The cream was perfectly sweet and light. The pastry was perfectly soft and fluffy. The chocolate was perfectly dark, strong and flavorful. Perfection was the only word for it - for any of it. As she ate, Priyanka seemed to slip into a kind of trance, utterly devouring the huge portion of sweet pastries without thought or hesitation. She couldn’t believe she’d been trying to hold herself back. What could be better and more important than this wondrous experience? Nothing. She saw that now.

  When Priyanka returned to her senses, she was slumped in her office chair back at her desk, rubbing her stomach and sighing contentedly, basking in the afterglow. It had been so good. All stress and anxiety had been banished from her mind, leaving her in a lazy, pleasurable haze. She couldn’t believe that a pastry dish had the power to brighten her entire day, but it had. She only wished she could have that same feeling every day. The best part was that she didn’t feel any of the guilty regret she usually felt after eating something sweet and unhealthy. Normally, she’d be kicking herself for it for days, especially when, like now, she was supposed to be dieting and trying to shed some pounds. But it was impossible to feel guilty when she felt so good. Her belly felt full and round, like it always did after a nice, big meal, and it was radiating a heavy, soporific warmth that seemed to spread throughout her whole body. It was wonderful. It made her feel soft, feminine and luxuriant, and banished any self-consciousness she might have felt about her body. On the contrary, she felt good. Powerful. Beautiful. Desirable. She couldn’t put her finger on where exactly the feeling was coming from, but she knew she was determined to treasure it. The pure hedonism of what she’d eaten just felt so right, like was a goddess, deserving of tribute and worship.

  Amid such a feeling, her earlier concerns about the Omdanne Bakery’s pastries felt distant, and they were fading more and more by the moment. She couldn’t believe she’d been entertaining such foolish notions. Why had she been trying to stop herself enjoying a good thing? That was so typical of her, she thought to herself. Always holding herself back, from a lack of confidence. Maybe she should try and leave that part of herself behind. Stop second-guessing herself. Stop doubting what she could do. Feeling hot, and maybe a little forward, didn’t have to be a riddle in need of solving. It could simply be something to be enjoyed. She figured the same was probably true of the others. Admittedly, their changes didn’t lend themselves to easy explanation so readily, but Priyanka was starting to realize that she simply didn’t care. She was tired of worrying about that - or about anything. In fact, she was starting to forget what had bothered her so much in the first place. All those memories seemed to fade so easily into the pleasurable brain-fog that was rapidly rewiring her mind.

  One concern remained, however. Her job. As much as she wanted nothing more than to sit there rubbing her belly, she had work to do. A lot of work, in fact. She’d promised Andrea that she was going to help figure everything out, and she wasn’t going to break her promise anytime soon. But that didn’t change the fact that her task seemed almost insurmountable. There was so much to be done, and everyone was already so busy. There was only one way she could see to get things done, and that was to get Ted working on their project again. That would surely prove difficult, given that Ted was stubborn, and far from cooperative even at the best of times. Or would it? Thinking about the way her body felt, and the way she felt about her body, Priyanka smiled to herself.

  Suddenly, getting Ted to do what she wanted sounded like the easiest thing in the world.


  As Misty finished off her last bite of the delicious milk buns Sasha had given her, she smiled and sat back in her chair, marveling at how something so simple could taste so good, and fill her body with such warmth. But unlike Priyanka, she didn’t get the chance to enjoy the afterglow. When she turned to see how Zel was getting on, she found that her non-binary coworker had already finished their chocolate tart, and was now staring at her  with a wicked grin on their face.

  “Wow, Misty,” they commented, smirking. “You sure got through those fast.”

  Misty blushed, even though she wasn’t exactly sure why. “U-um, well, you also finished your tart pretty-”

  “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised,” Zel continued, interrupting her. Before Misty knew what was happening, their hand darted out and grabbed one of her swollen, sensitive breasts. Misty instantly cried out, before instinctively clamping her mouth shut, her startled cry turning into a muffled moan. “I mean, you’re certainly growing. I was wondering where these ridiculous, slutty tits were coming from.”

  Misty’s whimpering grew louder. Not for the first time, she wished she had the wit and resolve to find a way to fend off Zel’s bullying or respond to their taunts. But this time - just like every other time - she’d been taken completely off-guard, and besides, the milk buns she’d just eaten were making her feel slow and sluggish, and somehow even more sensitive than before. Zel wasn’t groping her particularly hard or roughly, but even that was enough to have her whole body throbbing. Misty was dreading to think how Zel might take advantage of her even she was getting even more sensitive. They certainly hadn’t struggled to find ways to bully her so far. Ever since their encounter in the bathroom, it was like Zel had been a completely different person, wickedly sadistic and shamelessly mean. The worst had been the way they had been groping and touching her under the desk when Priyanka had come to talk to them. Misty had been sure that, once someone else was around, Zel would back off and return to their usual self. Instead, they’d seemed to treat at as nothing more than an opportunity for yet more humiliation.

  Zel’s behavior was incredibly confusing, but it wasn’t the worst part. Not by a long shot. The worst part was how much Misty’s body responded to every little torture: with raw, incessant need. Misty didn’t understand how she could be enjoying something that was so obviously degrading and wrong, but she was. Her orgasm with Zel in the bathroom had been the best of her life. When Zel had been masturbating her in front of Priyanka, she’d thought she’d been going crazy from how good it felt. She’d never known pleasure like it. When Zel was teasing her, it was like her mind turned into a boiling, churning cauldron where pleasure, pain and humiliation all mixed together until it was impossible to keep them separate. All she knew was that it was intense - and that was certainly all her body knew. At every turn, it was crying out for more. She could feel herself longing for Zel’s scornful, sadistic gaze upon her skin, and for their rough, intrusive hands on her body. She didn’t know where those urges were coming from, but they were far, far too powerful to deny.

  “Holy shit,” Zel breathed, laughing cruelly. “Are these things getting even bigger? Wow, Misty. You sure picked a hell of a day to embrace your slut side.”

  “I-I’m n-not a-” Misty weakly protested, before her words dissolved into a senseless whine.

  “You’re not what, Misty?” Zel jeered. “A slut? You sure about that? Do you really think anyone who could see you right now would believe it? C’mon, Misty. If you’re not a slut, how come you picked a day like today to wear a top like that?”

  “It’s… that’s…” It wasn’t fair. That was what Misty wanted to say. But she simply couldn’t get the words out. Why did Zel’s teasing make her so weak?

  “Or.” Zel started inching closer, closing in on Misty, their hands reaching over her ever more intrusively. “How come you let me take your bra?”

  Misty winced. It was true, she knew. She’d seen the way Priyanka had looked at her earlier. She couldn’t blame her. A tank top was already unusually revealing, by her standards, but that was the least of it. Her top had only been a little on the small side when she’d put it on that morning, but now, it was almost cartoonishly inappropriate. It was now riding up, exposing her midriff, and was stretching to the point of tearing as it struggled hopelessly to contain her new, massive chest. Misty had absolutely no idea what had happened to her tits. She’d experienced growth spurts before, but not like this. She’d gone from having a modest chest, to having the kind of rack a porn star would envy. She looked ridiculous. There was no other word for it. The fact she wasn’t wearing a bra was just the icing on the cake. It didn’t really matter that Zel had taken it from her; there was no chance it would have fitted anymore. But now, her tits jiggled pornographically every single time she moved, threatening to make her moan and whimper from the way it felt. With every step she took, she had to take extra care to make sure her breasts didn’t pop right out of her top, or else rip it apart completely, leaving her completely exposed. Looking at her own chest now, she was pretty sure Zel was right. Her boobs had somehow gotten even bigger. They were truly massive, and Misty could only thank her lucky stars that her top had managed to remain intact. Noticing the absurd size her breasts had expanded to filled her with trepidation - but, she had to admit to herself, it filled her with a strange, arousing embarrassment too.

  A sharp burst of pleasure brought her out of her reverie, as Zel started roughly massaging her tits with both hands, undisguised lust and glee on their face. It was like they didn’t care who might see them. Misty couldn’t stop moaning. Her words and thoughts were all melting out of her head. She felt so weak. It felt so good. In the face of Zel’s torment, she was utterly helpless.

  “You like that, huh?” Zel taunted. “C’mon, just admit it! You’re a slut, Misty.”

  “N-no! I’m not!” Misty protested. She closed her eyes, certain that her denial would be answered with yet more teasing, as Zel attempted to mercilessly break down her resistance just as they had done in the bathroom. But instead, there was nothing. Misty gave one last, faintly forlorn whimper as she felt Zel withdraw their hands from her chest, folding them neatly in their lap.

  “Fine, then,” Zel said. Suddenly, they sounded incredibly bored. “You’re not a slut.”

  Misty opened her eyes and just stared blankly for a moment. “What?” she asked dumbly, after a brief, awkward silence.

  “What?” Zel echoed, making a frustrated gesture with their hands.

  “I… I don’t…” Misty quickly realized she didn’t know what to say to that.

  Zel sighed. “I said, you’re not a slut, Misty. That’s fine. We should probably just get back to work.”

  “Oh.” The simple sound came out as a sigh of disappointment. Once Misty realized that, she frowned. Disappointed? Why would she be disappointed? That was all wrong. That couldn’t have been what she was feeling. Could it? Maybe she was just disappointed at the sudden loss of Zel’s attention. Yes, that had to be it, she decided. Really, though, she should be happy that Zel was leaving her alone at last. That was what she should have been feeling, she told herself.

  In the absence of Zel’s bullying, Misty was feeling a little adrift, but she quickly decided that there was only one reasonable thing to do: try and get back to work. She was currently at Zel’s desk, rather than her own, but now that Zel seemed to have turned their attention back to their computer, there was nothing keeping Misty there. Nothing at all. She could go back to her own desk, and get on with some of her projects. Misty immediately knew that would be far easier said than done. Even without Zel, she had plenty to keep her distracted. Her now-huge chest and her embarrassing clothes, yes, but moreover, the way her body felt. The same simmering need that had managed to override her rational instincts earlier was building again, seemingly even stronger than before. Misty had been hoping it would diminish once Zel stopped teasing her, but instead, it was growing stronger by the moment. Her body was crying out for something, as much as Misty might have wished it wasn’t.

  Minutes past, and Misty found she simply couldn’t bring herself to stand up and leave. Something was keeping her there. The same thing that had her trembling, and that was making her knees weak. Misty crossed her arms and tried to stop herself from tapping her foot as she excited, frustrated, needy energy flowed through her. She didn’t understand what was happening to her. Or perhaps she did, but simply didn’t want to accept it. Zel’s cruel, taunting words echoed in her ears. Was this really who she was? Was she really this much of a slut? It seemed difficult to believe. Misty had always had a hard time getting in touch with her sexual side, and before today, she couldn’t have imagined wearing any kind of revealing clothing. But, she was beginning to wonder, maybe that wasn’t what mattered. Maybe she’d been repressing this side of herself all along, and now, thanks to an ill-timed growth spurt and some surprisingly sadistic bullying on Zel’s part, it was finally coming out. Maybe she’d been a slut all along. That thought brought forth a deep, yearning heat from between her legs, and it was all she could do to stop herself rubbing her thighs together with need.

  “Oh. You’re still here, Misty?” Zel sounded like they’d forgotten about her completely, as they turned back from looking at their computer screen. “Anything you need?”

  “I…” Misty couldn’t believe what she was considering saying, but the words were on the verge of spilling out of her whether she wanted them to or not.

  Zel tilted their head to one side, bemused. “What is it? Spit it out.”

  Misty’s cheeks burned with shame as she experienced a small taste of the white-hot humiliation she was craving. There was no point denying that she wanted it. Beads of sweat were forming on her forehead as she dreamily imagined how incredible it would feel to see that burning scorn in Zel’s eyes once more, as her colleague piled degradation after degradation on her, each one driving her to fresh heights of pleasure.

  “I’m…” Misty licked her lips. They were dry. “I’m a slut,” she whispered.

  Zel broke out into the biggest, widest, most satisfied grin Misty had ever seen, but they said: “Sorry? I didn’t hear that.”

  Misty whimpered audibly as the adrenaline rush hit her. It was a high like no other. “I’m a slut,” she moaned. Being forced to admit it was just as good as she’d been hoping. All of a sudden she was squirming desperately, her hands clawing needily at her own, sensitive skin. The release was indescribable, but it just left her wanting more.

  “Yeah. You are.” Once again, Misty had Zel’s full attention. She trembled at the look she saw in their eyes. “Wow, Misty. I knew you were a slut, but I didn’t know you were this much of a slut. You made it… what? Two minutes? You couldn’t even handle two minutes without coming back and begging for it.”

  Misty moaned. Part of her still wanted to deny it, but she knew there was no way she could. It was completely true, and that made it all the more humiliating.

  “God, look at you,” Zel scoffed. Their voice was full of the perfect mixture of scorn and amusement - perfect for driving Misty wild. “You can’t even keep your hands off of yourself, huh?”

  Whining, Misty looked down at herself and realized what Zel was talking about. She’d been more than just squirming a little. Her hands were grasping at her own chest once more. There was no mistaking what she was doing. She was obviously getting off. Once again, part of Misty wanted to make some kind protest, to try and defend herself, but she couldn’t. All she could do was mewl weakly, her body being rapidly flooded with pleasure from her huge, over-sensitive tits.

  “You know we’re still in the office, right?” Zel smirked. They folded their arms, seemingly content to watch Misty debase herself without any extra help. “There are people around, Misty. Anyone could see what you’re doing. Anyone.”

  Misty’s breath caught in her throat as she realized that Zel was completely right. They were sitting right in the middle of an open-plan office. There were plenty of people around. Mercifully, none of them were close enough to hear the shamelessly lewd noises Misty had been making, but at any moment, one of them could turn around and see her, desperately groping at her own tits. What she was doing was beyond reckless, even compared to what Misty had been doing in the bathroom earlier. But that didn’t stop her. She couldn’t stop. She wanted them to see her. She wanted to let her voice out, and watch as all her coworkers turned to look at her, shock and amazement in their eyes. It would be so easy. Once she had that thought, every breath was a test of willpower. Her rational brain battled with her shameless desires, as she was incredibly conscious of the fact that all it would take would be one tiny, momentary lapse of willpower. Then, it would all be over - but Misty knew the pleasure would be indescribable. It scared her how much she wanted it, and the danger of that was part of what was driving her so crazy with lust and arousal.

  “God, you’re getting off on that too,” Zel breathed. As ever, they seemed to know exactly what Misty was thinking, and perfectly willing to exploit that. “There’s really nothing you won’t get off on, huh? Why not just take your top off? Let those ridiculous cow tits hang free. C’mon. You know you want to. Do it.”

  Misty let out a weak whimper of protest, but her body was already moving to obey. She’d promised to do whatever Zel told her, and in her current state, she had absolutely no remaining willpower to draw on to try and disobey. As she lifted her tank top over her head, her tits dropped and jiggled so hard it made her cry out a little louder than she’d anticipated. Misty went completely pale, and looked around, searching for anyone who might have heard her cry. Fortunately, no-one had, but her breathing started to come in desperate, ragged heaves as her head filled with obscene fantasies. Between her legs, she was painfully turned on, but it was still her breasts that were the most sensitive part of her, and they occupied all her attention as she struggled to meet the overpowering need that was still inflaming inside her.

  “Jesus.” Zel laughed. Zel was laughing at her. That just turned Misty on more. “You really love this, huh? I had no idea this was who you really were, Misty: an insatiable, exhibitionist slut.”

  “N-no,” Misty whimpered, more out of reflex than anything else.

  “No?” Zel sighed, and uncrossed their arms, and reached out to Misty. They rested their hand on her neck, not squeezing or choking, but the possessive gesture still sent a chill down Misty’s spine. “Who do you think you’re kidding? This is so tiresome. Do you want me to get bored of you again?”

  Before she could think, Misty found herself shaking her head rapidly. She didn’t know if she liked the way Zel was looking at her, but she knew she needed it.

  Zel grinned. “Then be honest.”

  Misty moaned, and before she could stop herself, the words started to spill out of her. “I-I love it,” she cried. “I love it so much. Feels s-so good. It makes me feel hot and good and g-girly and I can’t stop. I love it so much. I need it.”

  “Good girl,” Zel said. Misty almost came on the spot. “So what’s with all this pretending, huh? Why not just give in. Let me play with you and degrade you and toy with you.” Zel licked their lips. “You know you’ll get off on it.”

  Something inside Misty cracked. Zel was right, she realized. Completely right. Why was she holding herself back? “Yes!” she cried, not caring who might hear. “I’m… I’m a dirty, exhibitionist slut, and you… please, please break me!”

  “Oh, Misty,” Zel laughed, as they watched Misty play with her tits and give herself yet another incredible orgasm. “You have no idea what you’re asking for.”

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