The Bakery

Chapter 3

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #dom:nb #exhibitionism #f/nb #growth #transformation

  Misty was so enthralled by pleasure and sin that she almost didn’t notice when someone else came into the bathroom. Almost. But the sound of the door swinging open and then falling shut manage to pierce the veil of arousal that had settling over her as a result of the day’s humiliations, and the threat of imminent discovery made her freeze. She strained her ears to listen to what was happening, but it was difficult to hear anything over the sound of her own heart pounding. The sudden intrusion on what she’d foolishly forgotten was a public bathroom was like an extra shot of adrenaline into her veins. Misty had already been overwhelmed and overstimulated, but now she felt like she was about to explode. She could barely make sense of how she’d ended up in that situation. Something weird was happening to her body, making her breasts swollen and sore. She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about how she looked, or how people were looking at her. And, most unbelievably of all, being insulted by Gabriella De Luca had turned her on like crazy, so much so that she’d been unable to help running to the bathroom to pleasure herself. She’d never done anything like that before. It was crazy. And now, someone had practically walked in on her. Misty was mortified. What was going to happen if they discovered what she was doing?

  Misty knew she should try to stop. She should act normal. She should stand up, fix her clothes, and walk out like nothing untoward had happened. But she couldn’t. She was frozen stiff. She felt like even the slightest movement would be her undoing. Her hands were still at her breasts, motionless, and she closed her eyes and silently prayed for whoever it was who was in the bathroom with her to simply leave quickly, and let her finish what she was doing in peace. Finish? That should be the last thing she planned on doing, Misty scolded herself. This madness needed to stop immediately, before she got herself into real trouble. But then, why couldn’t she bring herself to stop? Why couldn’t she bring herself to take her hands off her breasts? Why couldn’t she focus on anything at all except how much her body was aching to be touched?

  The aching, the raw, unbridled need, had only gotten worse when someone else had walked in, Misty realized. The adrenaline-fueled beat of her heart was an insistent, demanding rhythm, crying out for her to keep pleasuring herself. Her whole body throbbed with each fresh pulse of hot blood through her veins. It was an itch. A need. It burned in her, making her muscles ache and her fingers twitch. Misty was balanced on a knife’s edge, torn between knowing how wrong it was and feeling how deeply her body needed it. But the wrongness itself was intoxicating; it was a sinful kiss that sent a thrill up her spine and filled her head with wicked, unspeakable thoughts. The few seconds that she spent restraining herself felt like an eternity. Misty found herself sweating bullets. Fear and need blended together into a heady, mind-melting concoction of endorphins and hormones that had her swaying deliriously from side to side.

  When Misty finally gave in and touched herself again, it took every last bit of willpower left in her body not to scream. She hadn’t intended to do it; her body had betrayed her, her fingers twitching involuntarily and stroking across her nipple. But the reward was pleasure unlike any she’d ever known. Somehow, it was even better than it had been before. That one taste of bliss was enough to completely break her resolve. Still straining with the effort of keeping silent, Misty immediately found that she was shamelessly groping herself again, stroking and grabbing hungrily at her swollen, sensitive tits. She couldn’t believe how big they suddenly seemed to have gotten, or how pleasurable they suddenly felt. As she rolled them in her hands, squeezing and massaging them, she felt her whole body flashing hot and cold, at once being boiled by the rolling pleasure inside her and frozen by the mortifying possibility of being discovered. She’d never been much of a risk-taker, but now it was the risk, the thrill, the shame, that was sending her to fresh heights of ecstasy. She was so lost to the tempest of different feelings that she barely noticed that moans were starting to slip past her lips, growing bit by bit in volume and desperation.

  “Hey, keep it down,” called out an irritated voice.

  It was Zel! Shocked that she’d been so stupid as to allow herself to make noise, Misty clamped a hand over her mouth. Did they know? That was the only question that mattered. Did Zel know what she was doing to herself? Did Zel know it was her? Surely Zel couldn’t recognize her just from the sounds of her moans. Could they? There was no way for Misty to know. But no matter what, she had to stop now. She absolutely had to stop. So why couldn’t she? That was the question Misty kept asking herself as, even with one hand over her mouth, she kept pleasuring herself with the other. She just couldn’t help herself. She was addicted. It was so wrong and so reckless, and that made it feel so good. Her moans grew louder still, her hand utterly failing to stifle them.

  “Come on,” Zel called out again, sounding even more irritated. That was unusual for them. This time, their voice was accompanied by a loud banging on the walls of Misty’s bathroom stall. “Save it for your own damn bedroom.”

  Misty knew she couldn’t stop. It felt too good. She needed it too much. She was dirty. Filthy. She was a complete pervert. As Misty closed her eyes, she could imagine those words being thrown at her over and over again, by Zel, by Andrea, by Gabriella - by everyone. The mere thought of that had her on the edge. She was squirming and writhing with no thought to how she looked or how much noise she was making. She’d never felt so good or so ashamed in her entire life. She was so close. Finally, she couldn’t ignore her needy, throbbing cock any longer. In an utterly futile gesture to modesty, she pulled up her shirt so she could stuff it into her mouth as  a makeshift gag, freeing a hand that she used to pull down her hands and start rapidly jerking herself off. Touching herself down there after so long spent focusing on her breasts was nothing short of incredible. It was the final tipping point. There was no longer any stopping her. She was so consumed by pleasure that she didn’t notice the sound of footsteps leading up to the stall she was in.


  Misty opened her eyes again, and saw with horror that the door to the stall was wide open. Her heart stopped. She hadn’t locked it. Misty cursed herself for being so utterly, irredeemably foolish. But equally, as she stared straight into Zel’s shocked, angry, scornful eyes, she felt secretly grateful. Being discovered and being seen felt like the answer to a wish she hadn’t dared to put into words. As shocking and horrifying as it was, it was also the most singularly perfect moment of her entire life. Her fear and trepidation at the possibility of being exposed had been the agonizingly tantalizing build-up, and the way Zel was staring at her was the climax. It was what it had all been leading up to. Her body had frozen stiff the moment she’d caught sight of Zel looking at her, but it didn’t matter. She was already slipping over the edge. The shameful heat in her body peaked, and the feeling of Zel’s eyes on her exposed tits was enough to bring her to some kind of orgasm. Unlike usual, the feeling wasn’t centered on her dick. The surge of pleasure started in her chest, the pressure building until it flooded her whole body from head to toe. Misty stretched, all her muscles clenching and spasming uncontrollably. Mercifully, she didn’t scream. There was simply no air in her lungs for her to use to speak. She was grateful for that, when her silent orgasm subsided, but she was still left staring down Zel, who had a strange, unfamiliar expression of sadistic glee on their face.

  “Z-Zel,” Misty began falteringly. Her mind was still blank from the peak of her orgasm. She could barely find the words to speak, and her breath was rasping and ragged, but she knew she had to try. The seriousness of her situation was beginning to truly dawn on her. “That’s… I… um… there’s… I…” She was reaching for an excuse, but deep down she already knew that what she’d done was utterly inexcusable.

  “What the fuck are you doing?” Zel exhaled. The way they were half-laughing seemed almost deranged.

  “I’m so sorry!” The apology burst out of Misty. “I’m, fuck, I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry, I-”

  “No,” Zel interrupted, cutting her off with surprising sharpness. “I asked you a question. What the fuck are you doing in here?”

  “I…” Misty’s mouth opened and closed without any sound coming out. She didn’t know how to answer.

  “Say it,” Zel insisted pointedly. “I want to hear you say it.”

  “I…” Misty didn’t want to do it, exactly, but she felt so small and weak and Zel seemed so forceful and powerful. She didn’t have it in her to refuse. “I w-was, um, t-touching myself.”

  “In the bathroom at work,” Zel completed, their tone expectant.

  “I-in the bathroom at w-work.” Misty started to panic as she felt the heat rising in her body again. No. Not like this. It couldn’t be happening to her again. Hadn’t it been enough? She silently pleaded with her own body to calm down and be sated, but it was useless. Speaking her own sinful deeds aloud so unbelievably humiliating that it had her body throbbing again within moments, hungering for yet more pleasure.

  “I can’t believe you,” Zel muttered, shaking their head. They sounded angry, yet somehow also pleased at the same time. “I can’t believe that, of all people, my friend Misty is the one doing this.”

  Misty had no idea what she was supposed to say. She was horrified, but she couldn’t help squirming a little under Zel’s intense, burning gaze.

  “What are we going to do with you?” Zel mused out loud.

  “Um,” Misty began. She got the sense Zel wasn’t looking for a reply, but she had to try and say something. She couldn’t just sit there, squirming and whimpering. “Hey, um, w-why don’t-”

  “I could tell everyone,” Zel interrupted again, flashing Misty a pointed sneer that made her tremble and quiver. “I could. But I’m guessing you’d prefer to keep this between us.”

  Misty nodded eagerly. She was a little alarmed by how Zel was acting, but anything was better than them spilling her secret to everyone.

  “Good.” Zel took a step into Misty’s bathroom stall and closed the door behind them. Misty became uncomfortably aware of how intimate it was, with the two of them crammed into one stall. The way Zel was standing over her and grinning down at her made her feel so small. They didn’t say anything for a long time, but a series of strange, unreadable expressions passed over their face.

  Eventually, out of sheer awkwardness, Misty decided to ask: “What-”

  “You need to learn some self-control,” Zel suddenly told her.

  Misty was thrown off by the interruption, but she quickly nodded. She wanted to placate Zel, but moreover, her friend was right. She did need to learn some self-control. That was undeniable. But even so, hearing someone else say it was humiliating. Misty shivered.

  “Someone needs to teach you a lesson,” Zel continued. “Show me.”

  “W-what?” Misty was taken aback by the demand.

  “Show me what you were doing,” Zel told her coolly. “I need to see what kind of pervert I’m dealing with here.”

  Pervert. The word had been echoing around in Misty’s head ever since she’d started touching herself, but now that it was being spoken out loud, being hurled at her, it was so much more powerful. She was a pervert. It took everything she had not to moan. Moaning in front of Zel like that would have been the lowest thing she could imagine. But unfortunately for her, Zel clearly noticed the way it affected her.

  “Oh my god,” they scoffed, shaking their head in disbelief. “You’re getting off on this? You’re actually getting off on this. I can’t believe it.”

  “N-no,” Misty whimpered, but the need in her voice betrayed her. Why was she already like this again? She thought it had been over, but once more her body was starting to respond to the degradation she was being subjected to, just as it had done with Gabriella. What was wrong with her?

  “Sure,” Zel mocked. “Whatever you say. Now come on, show me.”

  Misty felt like a puppet on strings as she lifted her arms to her chest again. She didn’t want to do it, of course - except secretly she did, she longed for it with every fiber of her being - but she felt totally unable to disobey Zel. She felt weak all over, body and mind. There was a kind of magnetic pull to Zel’s words and commands, and Misty didn’t have the strength to resist. She was shaking like a leaf as she put her hands on her tits. Mercifully, they weren’t quite as sensitive as before, but she wasn’t sure that was going to last. Already, she could feel her body warming again to her own touch. Touching herself in front of Zel felt so awkward and so wrong she barely knew how to begin, but once she did, her muscle memory quickly took over and her timid groping quickly turned into eager, genuine self-gratification.

  “Just like that, huh?” Zel said, as they watched Misty playing with her own breasts and teasing her own nipples. Misty whimpered. Everything was so much worse now that Zel was watching. Every feeling was so much more intense - the same and the pleasure both. It was more than she could handle. “God, your tits.” Zel sounded amazed. “When did you get such a slutty body, Misty?”

  Misty’s only answer was a moan. Her body was so slutty. She felt like such a slut.

  “You’ve sure been keeping this hidden,” Zel continued, with an appreciative wolf-whistle. The hellion’s glee behind their words was palpable. Their eyes were shining. It was like they were being fueled by Misty’s degradation. “But not anymore, huh? I saw you in the office earlier. Today you’re putting it all on display. What’s up with that, huh? Let me guess: you needed the excitement. You just couldn’t help yourself, huh slut?”

  Misty’s moans were coming free and fast. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. It didn’t feel real. It was like a nightmare and a wet dream rolled into one. She closed her eyes, trying to shut out Zel’s presence, but it did her no good. She could feel her friends eyes upon her like burning coals. She felt so hot, like she was about to pass out at any moment.

  “And clearly, you didn’t need any encouragement to do this.” Zel’s merciless teasing was what was truly pushing Misty over the edge. She’d never known Zel to be like this. They were also so calm and so nice. “”’Show me’. That’s all I said. And now look at you. You look like a fucking whore, Misty. Where’s your sense of shame? You know we’re still in the bathroom at work, right? Anyone could walk in here right now. Anyone.”

  “P-please!” Misty begged. She didn’t even know what she was begging for. She didn’t know if she was begging for Zel to stop, or keep going. She didn’t know if she was begging them to keep her secret, or begging for every single person in the office to see and hear exactly what kind of slutty, depraved pervert she was. She tossed and turned this way and that. She was so overwhelmed. Her eyes opened, and then rolled back into her head.

  “Please what?” Zel’s arms were folded over their chest nonchalantly, but their cheeks were flushed and their mouth was eagerly hanging a little way open. “Don’t think I’m gonna touch you. No way. But, fine, if you really want… go ahead and make yourself cum. I guess you need it, huh? Come on, cum.”

  The disdain in Zel’s voice was utterly shocking to Misty, but what shocked her most of all was how it made it feel. The order to cum was like a lightning bolt. The moment Misty heard it, she knew she couldn’t hold on. Some small part of her brain was still screaming her that she couldn’t do this, she couldn’t have an orgasm right there in front of her friend. But that part of her was quickly smothered beneath an avalanche of pleasure as her back arched and she viciously grabbed at her her own tits. Without even touching her cock, she came. Her mind simply whited out as she shook from side to side, a series of hoarse, drunken moans escaped from her lips. Her worries and fears were burned away but that incredible sense of humiliation remained. She couldn’t stop thinking about how Zel was looking at her. It was so perfect. She was a weak, desperate, horny, eager slut. She found herself whispering it, moaning it, as she shot thick loads of her cum all over herself, leaving a shameful trail of jizz running all the way up her torso. As some measure of sense started to return to her, Misty realized she looked just as dirty as she felt: she was sweaty, disheveled, flushed, panting, exposed, and covered with cum. She sat smouldering, nursing an indescribable mixture of shame and satisfaction, as Zel peered down at her with a huge, sharkish grin on their face.

  “I really can’t believe you,” Zel said. “I can’t believe I found a pervert like you.”

  “Z-Zel,” Misty whispered. “P-please don’t tell anyone.”

  “Oh, I won’t,” Zel promised, but their tone of voice was anything but benevolent. “That is, as long as you do exactly I tell you to do.”

  Misty nodded miserably, even as her chest tightened with anticipation. What choice did she have?

  “Perfect,” Zel purred. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun together.”


  Andrea was in heaven as she curled up in the sunbeam on the floor of her office. It was the best sleep she’d ever had in her life. It didn’t matter that the floor was quite hard, and the carpet wasn’t that soft. She was so comfortable. The nap was perfect. It was exactly what she needed, after the disastrous start she’d had to her morning. Now, she couldn’t even remember what had gotten her so stressed. All that was left behind, while she drifted away on a cloud, unconsciously letting out a rough, contented panting sound every now and again. Heaven.

  At least, that was what it was until she was roused by the sound of loud, insistent knocking at her door. At first, Andrea tried to ignore it. Maybe it would go away, like the last round of knocking. But it didn’t. Instead, it just kept growing louder, and was accompanied by insistent cries.

  “Andrea! Andrea! Come on, I need to talk to you.”

  Finally, Andrea decided she had to answer, but she had barely lifted her head before the door opened of its own accord, and Gabriella De Luca stepped into her office.

  “Andrea!” Gabriella said. She sounded irritated. “Come on, you can’t be that busy. What are you-” She completely froze as she saw Andrea on the floor too. Andrea froze too, and her blood ran cold as she realized what she must look like, curled up on the floor like some kind of animal.

  “I can explain!” she began, but Gabriella started speaking at exactly the same time.

  “What the hell are you doing?”

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