The Bakery

Chapter 1

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #dom:nb #exhibitionism #f/nb #growth #transformation

Andrea was irritated that she had to suppress a yawn as she walked through the door of the Nelco office where she worked as project manager. She didn’t know why she was feeling so sleepy. She’d had a full night’s sleep, just as she always did. Perhaps it was just because it was a Monday, she told herself, although that was normally never an issue for her. For some reason, this morning in particular, she’d just been completely unable to get her head off her pillow. Maybe she was getting sick, she wondered, although it didn’t really feel that way. Andrea shook her head, and decided that she had more important things to focus on. It didn’t matter why she was so sleepy. She just needed to make sure she didn’t show it. Part of her ethos as project manager was making sure she was always neat, tidy, professional, dedicated and businesslike. Andrea knew she wasn’t technically ‘the boss’, but she was certainly a leader and she wanted to show proper leadership through both her manner and her appearance. Unfortunately, it seemed like that, too, was out the window. Andrea reached up for a brief moment to confirm that her dirty blonde hair was still a curly, frizzy, voluminous mess. The mess was something else she’d woken up to. Normally she was able to comb her hair neat and straight without much difficulty, but this time it had stubbornly resisted all her efforts to bring it under control. As a result, she was looking anything but neat and professional. She looked like she’d only just managed to drag herself out of bed - which was exactly the way she felt. It was maddening. Not for the first time, Andrea tried to pat down the two distinct tufts she had on the side of her head, but to no avail.

Nelco’s office was located on one floor of a larger office building. The office was open-plan but spacious, and with a few private offices for Andrea and a couple of other senior employees. Andrea wasn’t late, fortunately, but she wasn’t as early as she usually was, and so several of her co-workers were already at their desks - Priyanka, Zel, Theo, Suzi, and others. Andrea was grateful for the fact that they all seemed to be occupied with their work; none of them looked up from their computers to greet her as she walked past. She was hoping that in the privacy of her office, she’d have time to sort out her hair and get some much-needed coffee. There was no way she was going to be able to get much done until she’d had time to wake up properly. She was still struggling not to yawn, and her drowsiness was making her head feel fuzzy.

But first, she had a couple of quick things to take care of. As always, Nelco was behind schedule on several of its contracts, and as always, Andrea was counting on Zel to catch them all up. Zel was the most reliable worker on the team, and was always ready to pick up whatever slack the others left behind. Andrea felt a little bad that she had to rely on Zel so much, but what choice did she have? And Zel always seemed willing enough to say ‘yes’. Andrea made her way over to Zel’s desk, and hovered for a moment until Zel paused their typing and looked up at her.

“Hey Andrea.” Zel sounded a bit irritable, but didn’t pass any comment on Andrea’s untidy appearance. “If it’s about the L-soft work, I’ve been working on it all weekend and it’s almost done. I just need a little more time.”

“What?” It took Andrea’s tired mind a few moments to remember what Zel was talking about. “Oh, no, it’s not that. I mean, yes, I do need that done. But actually… I need you to chip in on another project. It’s the Sercano contract. I know, Suzi was meant to handle it, but you know what she’s like. So I was just hoping you could-”

“God damn it,” Zel muttered, quietly but audibly.

“Excuse me?” Andrea asked, surprised. Hearing Zel sound so bitter was shocking enough to jolt her out of her drowsiness for a moment. She’d never heard them talk like that before, not ever.

“Nothing.” Zel waved the question away, still sounding annoyed. “What is it?”

Andrea elected to ignore Zel’s outburst. She already had too much weirdness to deal with. “Well, as I was saying, I was hoping you could contribute. You should be able to finish the L-soft work before the end of the day, right? So, after that you put in a few hours helping Suzi, and then maybe wrap up by, say, Thursday. How does that sound?”

Zel’s only response was to let out a long, weary sigh.

“Look, Zel,” Andrea continued, adopting the tone of a patient but stern mother. “I know I’m asking a lot, but we really need this to-”

Andrea paused. Was there something different about Zel? She stared at them intently, trying to figure it out. Not only did it seem like Zel had had an attitude adjustment, Andrea thought their hair looked darker than usual. Not enough for it to have been dyed, but it was definitely different. She realized that they were dressed a little differently from normal too - Zel was sporting simple black shirt instead of one of the oversized jumpers they usually preferred. Was something weird going on with them? Andrea couldn’t shake the feeling it was significant.

“What?” Zel pressed.

“I… just really need you to do this,” Andrea finished lamely.

Zel sighed again. “Fine. I guess if I pull some extra hours, maybe I can get it done by… actually, you know what?” A change seemed to come over Zel’s face, the weariness and stress falling from their eyes and being replaced by something hot and smoldering. “No. I won’t do it. I’m so tired of being a doormat for you. I need a break. Find someone else.”

“What?” Andrea was utterly astonished. She’d never truly considered that Zel might refuse. Zel always said ‘yes’.

“You heard me. I’m not doing it. And don’t even think about threatening to fire me. We both know I do more work than anyone in this place, without me you’d all be screwed.”

“But… but…” Andrea’s air of professionalism was washed away by a sudden wave of emotion. She suddenly felt overwhelmingly sad and dejected, and had to struggle to keep herself together.

“Jesus, Andrea,” Zel said. “You look like a dejected puppy. Cut it out.”

Andrea couldn’t stop. She could hardly control herself. All she could do was keep staring in shock at Zel, with huge, wide eyes. Eventually, Zel gave another almighty sigh.

“OK. Fine. I’ll do it. But this is the last time, I swear.”

Instantly, Andrea’s mood flipped. A bright grin spread over her face, and she felt an upswell of happiness and gratitude. She was practically vibrating with energy as she replied: “Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!”

“Yeah, OK.” Zel seemed perturbed by Andrea’s overly-emotional demeanor. “Whatever. Now, quit wagging your tail and let me get to work.”

“Of course,” Andrea agreed eagerly, and rushed off in the direction of her office. Once she was a few paces away from her co-worker, the sense of joy filling her started to recede. Instead, her face turned a deep red as she blushed with embarrassment. She couldn’t believe the way she’d just acted. It was the furthest thing from her usual calm, authoritative way of dealing with people. What was wrong with her today? Andrea resolved to stay in her office as much as possible, get some work done as quickly as possible, and then maybe go home early. As project leader, she felt leaving early was a bad example to set, but she was clearly out of sorts and she clearly needed some more rest. Despite what had happened with Zel, she was still feeling incredibly sleepy.

Andrea made it to her office without incident, and careful shut the door behind her. Finally alone, she quickly checked her appearance in the small mirror on her desk. Sure enough, she still looked like a mess. The two tufts on the side of her head actually seemed bigger and perkier than before. Andrea once again tried to smooth them down, but she couldn’t. She sighed. For whatever reason, today just wasn’t her day.

Feeling a little beleaguered, she sat down behind her desk, opened her computer, and starting working. Or at least, she tried to. Andrea’s first task each morning was to check her email inbox to see if there was anything urgent she needed to respond to. But apparently, sleepy as she was, even that was too much for her. Her eyes seemed to glaze over the many different names and subject lines, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t focus on anything. She caught herself yawning over and over again, and after ten minutes she realized that all she’d managed to do was read two small emails. Andrea threw up her hands in frustration. It was useless. Clearly, she needed to go and get some coffee. Or maybe what she really needed was a nap. Andrea was surprised the idea occurred to her, but once it did, she found it increasingly hard to resist. Napping at work was utterly beyond the pale in terms of professionalism, but Andrea reasoned that maybe if she got a little rest, she’d be able to work properly. What harm could it do?

Even though she was alone in her office, Andrea looked around surreptitiously before standing up from her desk and starting to walk over to the small couch that lined one wall of her office. It was no bed, but it would have to do. On the way, however, she paused. Andrea noticed that, by pure chance, she’d stepped into a beam of sunlight from her window that was casting a perfectly round spotlight on her floor. The feeling of the warmth on her skin was incredible, although it seemed to amplify her drowsiness tenfold. Andrea looked down, shocked at what she was considering. She couldn’t sleep on the floor! Could she? It seemed absurd, but again, what was the harm? Somehow, the floor seemed more comfortable and appealing than having to bundle herself up to fit on the couch. Andrea felt deeply self-conscious as she knelt down, taking off her glasses and setting them on the edge of her desk. Kneeling in the beam of sunlight felt really good, like it was washing away all the weirdness and irritation she’d experienced. She started to lie down, as she normally would in bed, but then she noticed that if she curled herself up on her side, she’d be able to completely fit into the warm, bright patch on the floor. The idea seemed strange, but when she tried it, Andrea found the position surprisingly natural. She shivered happily as her whole body was suffused with warmth and light. All her troubles melted out of her head and drifted away, as she rested her head in her arms and drifted off to sleep.


A few minutes later, as Misty entered the office, she briefly scanned the room and was grateful to see that the door to Andrea’s office was shut. She was running late, and the last thing she needed was to get chewed out by her co-worker. Andrea was a friend, but even though she wasn’t technically anything more than a project leader,  she often seemed to think of herself as the boss of all of them. It grated on Misty, and many others, and on many occasions she’d rehearsed devastating retorts and withering put-downs that were sure to put Andrea back in her place - but of course, she never managed to actually use them. All she could ever do was nod meekly, go along with whatever other people decided, and try to shrink into the background. Misty hated being so much of a pushover, but she hated the idea of attracting attention even more, so she tended to go with the flow. It was easier - especially as a black trans girl.

With Andrea out of sight, Misty was able to slip over to her desk. But on the way, a couple of her co-workers, including Priyanka, greeted her with a friendly wave. Normally that would have been anything but unwelcome, but instead of waving back, Misty blushed, and quickened her step to try and make it to the safety of her desk faster. Today, Andrea was the least of her worries. As she sat down, Misty glanced down at herself, and blushed again. The reason she’d been late was that she’d woken up to find her breasts distinctly swollen. Ordinarily, that would be cause for joy; hormone replacement therapy had been pretty kind to Misty, but she was always happy to get a little more growth. However, an overnight growth spurt was difficult to attribute to hormones alone, and more to the point, none of her modest B-cup bras seemed to fit properly anymore. Misty figured maybe they’d somehow shrunk in the wash. After spending an irresponsible amount of time inspecting herself in the mirror, Misty had gone through every single bra she owned to try and find something that fit comfortably, without success. Eventually, she’d been forced to squeeze herself into an uncomfortably tight black bra, grab some other clothes to quickly throw on, and then rush to work in a hurry.

Unfortunately, instead of her usual unremarkable hoodie or t-shirt, she’d ended up thoughtlessly grabbing a white, low-cut tank top. To Misty, wearing something like that in public was utterly mortifying. She only owned it for the sake of days-off where she could slouch around her apartment without having to meet another soul. As she’d made her journey to work, she’d been terrified that at any moment, her breasts might pop out of her bra and then slip out of her top, exposing her to the whole world. The mere possibility of it made her whole body grow warm and flushed at the thought of how embarrassing it would be. The worst part was, it was proving impossible to simply forget about it. The ever-present tightness across her chest from her poorly-fitting bra was a constant, uncomfortable reminder. Misty wasn’t sure how she was going to make it through the day, let alone get any work done.

“Hey, Misty,” said a voice from across her desk, moments after she sat down.

“Hey, Gaby,” Misty replied, managing with effort to smile instead of grimace. Gabriella De Luca was the office spoiled brat, and Misty had the misfortune of sitting opposite her. Everyone knew Gaby had gotten her job through nepotism; Nelco’s boss was her aunt. Gaby knew it too, and she wasn’t ashamed of it in the slightest. If anything, she seemed to enjoy lording her un-fireable status over everyone else. Misty’s problem with her wasn’t that she was incompetent, although she was often happy to coast and do less work than everyone else. It was that she was a complete bitch.

“Wow, new look, huh?” Gaby asked, a simpering grin on her face. With one finger, she was idly twirling one of the shoulder-length, black curls in her hair.

Misty looked down. Just from the heat in her face, she could tell she was turning crimson. She was bad at dealing with Gaby even on the best days. “Y-yeah,” was all she could manage to say.

“I gotta say, I didn’t know you had it in you,” Gaby continued. Misty knew the impish, superior tone in her voice all too well. “Literally, I mean. I honestly don’t know why you were hiding those things - I wouldn’t be.”

Misty couldn’t help her hand flying up to clutch self-consciously at her chest. From experience, she knew that giving Gaby a reaction would only make things worse, but under the circumstances she was finding it impossible to just ignore the teasing. She was feeling almost painfully embarrassed by the attention.

“But, a word of advice? You might want to go back to hiding them just a little bit more. You look like you’re about to pop right out of the bra, and believe me, it’s noticeable. White over black? Not a great idea, honey.” Gaby’s voice was dripping with amusement.

Misty found herself wishing the floor would collapse beneath her and swallow her up. She knew the office was air-conditioned, but every square inch of her skin felt like it was burning up.

“Unless… is that the point?” Gaby made her voice drop into a loud whisper, becoming faux-conspiratorial. “Don’t worry, I get it. You gotta slut it up every once in a while, right? Best way to get the right kind of attention.”

Misty was starting to squirm and twitch in her seat.

“Oh my god, Misty, you’re blushing like a virgin!” Gaby giggled. “But I wonder: whose attention are you looking for? Could it be… me?”

“I need to go to the bathroom!” Misty announced stiffly, in a voice that was slightly too loud. Before Gaby could say another word, Misty stood bolt-upright out of her chair and started marching off towards the bathroom. She tried to ignore the sound of Gaby snickering behind her as she walked away. As much as she hated to give Gaby the reaction she was looking for, Misty simply couldn’t endure another word of teasing. It felt like she was going to explode. She couldn’t believe what a nightmare her day was turning in to.

As quickly as she could without breaking into a run, Misty made her way across the office and into the bathroom. Only once she was inside and saw that there was no-one else around, could she feel like she could breathe again. The whole time, it had felt like everyone was looking at her, everyone was staring at her chest. The feeling was unbearable. Misty was feeling increasingly tempting to simply call it quits, go home, and send Andrea an email explaining she was sick. She knew it might cause her a big headache later, but anything was better than trying to endure a whole day feeling the way she was feeling.

But first, Misty decided she needed to calm down. Eager to make sure no-one walked in on her, she went inside one of the stalls and sat down. She realized that even though she hadn’t been exerting herself at all, she was breathing hard. Misty started to feel concerned; was this really just embarrassment? For several long minutes, she did her best to focus on taking full, deep breaths. It helped her feel calmer, but did nothing at all for the warmth flooding her body, and she was still left panting from heat. The uncomfortable sensation was centered on her chest. It felt like her too-tight bra was suffocating her. Blushing, Misty clumsily pulled her tank top off over her head and then reached behind herself to unclasp her bra. The sense of freedom was like a cool breeze on her skin, and made her let out a great sigh of relief. 

Her relief, however, rapidly evaporated once she looked down at her own breasts. Misty was shocked to see that if anything, they seemed to have grown a little more just in the short span of time between waking up in the morning and getting to work. How as that even possible? Misty knew she should feel concerned, and she did, but she couldn’t help being a little impressed with her own new body. Bigger boobs were something Misty had always been ashamed to admit she wanted. As she inspected herself in the bathroom stall, she could clearly see that her breasts were not only bigger, but fuller and rounder as well. They looked good, Misty thought, but a little embarrassing at the same time. Her nipples, in particular, were looking puffy and swollen. Unthinkingly, Misty reached her hands up to caress herself, mostly to make sure what she was seeing was actually real.

“Ah!” Misty  moaned. Then, her calm vanished and all her embarrassment came back in full force as she realized the kind of loud, unmistakable noise she’d just made. “Oh… oh my god!”

Her breasts were incredibly, unbelievably sensitive. Misty had never been able to experience anything even close to that level of pleasure from her boobs alone - and all she’d done was lightly caress herself. She thanked her lucky stars that she was the only one in the bathroom, and hoped that her lewd moan hadn’t been so loud that it was audible in the office outside. She would certainly have some fun with her new sensitivity once she made it home, Misty thought to herself, blushing again. But that thought served as a reminder that she was currently at work, in a bathroom stall, naked from the waist up, and all she had to cover her new breasts with were a bra that barely fit and a tank top that was now probably even more revealing than it had been when she’d put it on in the morning. Misty looked at her bra. She couldn’t bring herself to put it back on. It had already been incredibly uncomfortable and it was getting worse, and Misty couldn’t face prospect of wearing it a moment longer. But was she really going to go back out there in just a tank top? That seemed an equally unappealing option.

As Misty internally debated what she was going to do, the heat of embarrassment in her body just kept growing and growing. Before long, she realized she had a new problem: she wasn’t going to be able to go anywhere until she figured out how to calm herself down. Thinking about her situation was only making things worse. Misty imagined squeezing her swollen, over-sensitive tits into her small bra, them threatening to pop out and leave her exposed to everyone, and it made her blush so hard she felt faint. Misty thought about how she’d look with no bra, the thin, low-cut tank top clinging suggestively to her new curves, and she was filled with the urge to let out a cry of frustration. Before long, it was like her whole body  - but especially her chest - was throbbing. The sensation was insistent and impossible to ignore, and it made Misty feel so weak that she wasn’t sure she could even bring herself to stand. She could see beads of sweat forming on her naked skin, before her very eyes. It was like she was sitting in a sauna. What was wrong with her?

Gingerly, Misty raised a hand to try and wipe away the rivulets of sweat streaming down her flushed, heaving chest. She was careful to touch herself as gently as possible, but apparently it didn’t matter. At even the slightest touch, she found herself shuddering and writhing, another loud moan threatening to burst from her lips. She had to clamp down a hand over her mouth in order to stifle her noises, but as she did, the fingertips of her other hand accidentally grazed one of her nipples. Misty saw white. Even through her hand, her moans were audible across the empty bathroom. She’d thought the pleasure she’d received from simply touching the skin of her breasts, but it was nothing compared to how unbelievably sensitive her nipples. Misty had never felt anything so intense. The pleasure left aftershocks that wracked her body, and as she started to feel embarrassed about what she’d just done, the aftershocks grew stronger and stronger. Misty felt herself blushing a yet deeper shade of red, and at that moment, she realized what was happening to her. She was sweating and panting even though it wasn’t hot, her nipples were hard, she was moaning, her whole body was sensitive, and between her legs, her dick was rapidly growing to hardness.

Misty wasn’t just embarrassed. She was wildly turned on.

As much as she wanted to deny it, Misty couldn’t. The evidence was too overwhelming. She didn’t know why she was so horny, but she was. She also didn’t know how to calm herself down. Being in the bathroom hadn’t helped, taking her bra off certainly hadn’t helped, and if anything, each fresh piece of embarrassment seemed to push her arousal to new heights. Worse, Misty was finding it difficult to pull her hands away from herself. She knew it was wrong, but it just felt so good. A little voice in the back of her mind was whispering to her that she should just give in, and start touching herself. At first she utterly rejected the notion, but then she started to wonder. Maybe that was what she needed to do. If the reason she was so hot and bothered was because she was horny, then it stood to reason that a little bit of relief was exactly what she needed to get herself into a more conventional state of mind. Misty couldn’t believe she was seriously considering getting herself off in the office bathroom, but what other option did she have, when she was so weak with arousal she could barely see straight?

It wasn’t long before she succumbed to temptation. Unusually for her, Misty didn’t bother with touching her dick. She didn’t even unzip her pants. Her breasts were more than enough. She’d never known such pleasure. As she drew her fingertips teasingly across her skin and started squeezing her tits more and more roughly, Misty quickly found herself regretting that she needed to keep one hand over her mouth to stop herself screaming in ecstasy. Normally, the risk of being discovered or overheard would have utterly killed any hope of achieving orgasm, but this time it seemed to heighten everything. The extra risk and naughtiness was like a drug, making her stomach churn and jump in a way that shouldn’t have been hot, but was. Misty couldn’t stop thinking about it. She couldn’t stop thinking about herself - the way she looked, the fact that her chest was exposed, what she was doing. She couldn’t stop thinking about what someone else might think if they could see her. Misty could imagine the shocked look in their eyes and the open-mouthed expressions on their faces, and it just made her squirm all the more. Groping herself harder and harder, Misty started fantasizing about walking back out into the office without her bra on. Would her nipples be poking through her tank top? Would people notice? Would they stare? Misty could imagine them all staring. The prospect filled her with horror - but it also made her feel like she was going to cum harder than she ever had in her life.

And then, she started fantasizing about Gabriella.

At first, Misty instinctively recoiled from the idea. Gaby was, by far, her least favorite person in the whole office, and the last person she wanted to appear in her sexual fantasies. But it just wouldn’t go away. Misty tried to focus on some of her more conventional desires and fantasies, but none of them seemed to have the appeal of thinking about all the things Gaby had said to her earlier that morning. Her breathless moaning rose to fever pitch as Misty mentally replayed every mocking taunt and every barbed comment Gaby had thrown at her. At first they had felt like icy needles stabbing into her heart, but now, in Misty’s fantasies, they were needles of fire - still painful, but the kind of pain that set her body ablaze with both arousal and humiliation. Those two feelings that were rapidly merging and blending in Misty’s mind, becoming one and the same. More vividly than anything else, she remembered the look in Gaby’s eyes - a look of amusement, scorn and superiority. It made Misty squirm and clutch at her tits so hard she almost fell to the floor. She wanted more, she realized, her mind so clouded with lust she could no longer restrain her own desires. She wanted more people to look at her that way. She wanted their eyes roving across her skin, degrading her with every glance. She wanted everyone to look at her.

With those fantasies filling her mind, Misty kept touching herself, all her thoughts of going home or returning to work utterly forgotten. 

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