Team Spirit

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female

The new star quarterback realizes something strange is going on with the rest of the football team - why are they all lesbians? and who is really in control?

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2021, do not repost without explicit permission

Megan reached up to wipe the sweat from her brow as she trudged back into the locker room, weary from a long, hard-fought game of football. All around her, her team was cheering her name and reaching out to slap her on the back. Megan had to admit, winning felt good. Almost good enough to banish her reservations about her teammates.

It was Megan’s first semester at college, riding high on a sports scholarship, and just as she’d planned, she’d landed an easy spot as quarterback on the women’s football team. Megan had a perfect build for it - tall, muscular, broad-shouldered - and their previous quarterback had just graduated. And now, in her very first game, she’d made the winning play. Everything was going perfectly.

Everything except for the fact that her whole team were a bunch of dumb, horny lesbians.

Megan had nothing against lesbians. But nonetheless, being the only straight girl on the team was proving to be a jarring experience. She kept trying to bond with her teammates, but it turned out that ‘girl talk’ meant something very, very different when all the other girls were shameless dykes. It wasn’t just that they wanted to talk about other girls. It was that girls were all they wanted to talk about. Megan had tried countless times to get a conversation going about something else, anything else - movies, politics, school - but it was like getting blood from a stone. And whenever she could get them to stop talking about pussy and girldick for more than two minutes, everything they had to say about any other topic was almost comically stupid. Megan’s whole team were a bunch of meatheads.

“Hey, Meg!”

Megan, sitting on a bench and drinking from her water bottle, looked up to see a couple of her teammates approaching her. She plastered a smile on her face.

“Hey, girls. Good game, huh?”

“Hell yeah it was!” Jodie, the linebacker, reached out to clasp Megan’s shoulder. “You fucking nailed it, babe.”

“Thanks,” Megan replied awkwardly, bracing herself. From training, she knew what was coming next.

“You deserve to treat yourself,” said Ava, their center. “How about you let us get you laid later?”

“Sorry, girls,” Megan replied apologetically. “You know how it is.”

She knew that their version of ‘getting laid’ meant cruising for femmes at the local gay bar. Apparently, slamming beers and cruising for femmes was about all her teammates ever did in their spare time. She’d mentioned to them many, many times that she was straight, but they never seemed to get the message.

“C’mon!” Jodie heckled. “You need to loosen up, you know that, Megan? I think a cute piece of tail is just the thing.”

“Jesus Christ,” Megan groaned. Did they always have to talk that way? It was like she’d accidentally walked into the boys’ locker room by mistake.

“That’s what you gotta get her moaning!” Ava guffawed. The pair of them laughed like idiots for a few moments. “Big, smart girl like you? Star quarterback? You could be drowning in pussy. Seriously.”

“It’s really not my scene,” Megan insisted, through gritted teeth.

“You think too much, Meg,” Jodie said. “A cute girl can take care of that too, you know. Especially when you got some drinks in you. C’mon, come with us. I bet you’ll get in the mood.”

“I have to study,” Megan deferred. Wouldn’t they just leave her alone?

“Study?” Ava let out another thick laugh. “Studying is for nerds. Find the right cute girl, she’ll do that for you too. You should be practicing your throws, Meg, not sticking your nose in some boring textbook. Where’s your team spirit?”

“I’m not going to some dyke bar!” Megan snapped. She tried to keep on good terms with the rest of the team, she really did, but her patience had limits.

Somehow, though, the rest of them didn’t seem to pick up on her tone. “Yeah, you don’t need to go anywhere,” put in Steph, the team’s offensive guard. “I hear the cheerleaders are on their way.”

At that, the whole locker room went quiet. All the giggling and banter stopped, and a shiver of excitement worked its way around the room. Then, a huge cheer went up. Megan looked around, astonished at the reaction. She supposed it made sense that her horny, gay teammates would appreciate girls wearing cheerleading outfits, but did that really compare to going to a dyke bar to get laid? There was no way the cheerleading squad were all lesbians too. Whoever heard of a gay cheerleader?

“They’re here!” someone called out, and before Megan could ask, the cheerleading squad made their entrance.

The door of the locker room opened, and a dozen girls strutted in, chests pushed out perkily. Each of them was still in uniform - a miniskirt and crop top - and they were still clutching their pom poms in their hands. Most of them were blonde, and almost all of them had their hair in pigtails. And their bodies… Megan was as straight as an arrow, but even she couldn’t help but admire their athletic, hourglass figures. She could certainly see why her teammates, a pack of jock dykes who thought with their strap-ons rather than their heads, would appreciate their presence. And appreciating it they certainly were.

Except for Megan, the entirety of the rest of the team were cheering and jeering at the arrival of the cheerleaders. Christ, it really was like a boys’ locker room. The outrageous crudity of her teammates’ comments was a new low. Megan had to turn away aghast from the ridiculous jerk-off and hip-thrust gestures some of them were making. Surely, she thought, the cheerleaders would do the same. This wasn’t high school. These were adult women. They could storm out if they didn’t like the way the football players were talking to them, and there was no way they would like being referred to as ‘sugar tits’ by a pack of feral dykes.

But apparently, they did.

The cheerleaders reacted to the barrage of heckling and cat-calling with nothing more than coquettish giggling and flirtatious tittering. They blushed too, as if flattered, and some of them were even rubbing their thighs together or swinging their hips provocatively. Megan was astonished. The cheerleading squad were all lesbians too? She couldn’t believe it. She felt like she’d stepped into a parallel universe. Megan was starting to wish she’d slipped out quickly as soon as the game had ended. She didn’t want to see the kind of party this was about to turn into. But there was no escaping it now; with the cheerleaders standing in the entranceway, there was simply nowhere for her to go. She’d just have to grin and bear it.

After a few moments, all of the cheerleaders had filed into the locker room. They struck poses, turning to show their asses or present their chests, some of them ‘accidentally’ letting their skirts ride up as they bent over. The wolf-whistling grew louder. It was absolutely clear they were doing all they could to drive the football team crazy - and it was working. Megan’s teammates were behaving like they were in heat, and Megan herself was as mesmerized as she was repulsed, and her eyes inevitably settled on the tall cheerleader standing in front of all the rest.

“That’s Cindy,” Ava whispered to her, having unfortunately noticed where she was looking. “If she’s your type, you’re making a good choice.”

“I’m straight!” Megan reiterated, for what felt like the thousandth time. “Of course she’s not my type!”

Ava ignored her protest. “She’s so fucking hot, dude. Rules the cheerleaders like a queen. You should see her riding a strap. She’s like an artist.”

Megan turned away from Ava, disgusted, just in time to see Cindy blow a set of kisses all around the room.

“Congratulations, football team!” she called out as she waved her pom poms, in a girlish, syrup-sweet voice. “You worked your asses off on the pitch. Hope y’all enjoy your reward.”

The way she ran her hands over her own body made it very, very clear what the ‘reward’ was supposed to be.

“Don’t keep us waiting!” someone heckled. “We’re all worked up already in here!”

Cindy giggled like a schoolgirl. “Well, you heard her, girls,” she said, turning to her squad. “Show ‘em a good time.”

As the cheerleaders dispersed around the room, pairing off with members of the football team, Megan snorted. This Cindy didn’t sound like much of a queen to her. Did she actually enjoy the way the football team were looking at her like she was nothing more than a juicy steak? Megan didn’t plan to stick around and find out. She was on the lookout for a quick exit.

Unfortunately, one didn’t seem to be forthcoming. She was on the far side of the room from the door, and the locker room was suddenly packed full of warm, squirming bodies, all pressed up against each other. Megan didn’t feel like trying to push her way through the melee. She didn’t want one of the cheerleaders getting the wrong idea and latching on to her the way they were eagerly latching on to all the others. Everywhere she turned, football players were sitting with cheerleaders sat across their laps, or standing up and shoving cheerleaders up against the lockers to make out with them. It was clear the cheer squad were just as thirsty for this as the football team. Right next to her, Megan saw a cheerleader saunter right up to Jodie, take the linebacker’s hand, and place it firmly on her ass. Jodie immediately started groping it, a big, stupid, horny grin on her face. Megan tried to shrink into the nearest corner. Hopefully, people would start to disappear into private, clearing the room and giving her a straight shot to the exit. Although Megan was afraid she was giving her teammates a little too much credit by assuming they wouldn’t be more than happy to fuck out in public.

At least this couldn’t last forever, Megan reassured herself. She’d be out of here in no time. Before long, everyone was going to be far too wrapped up in each other to notice her, and she could sneak out.

Cindy had other plans.

“Hey, where’s the new girl?”

The cheer captain’s high-pitched voice, dripping with vocal fry, rose above the din. Megan froze as she realized Cindy was talking about her. She sat down on the nearest bench, and started quietly praying no-one would say anything. No-one was looking at her. No-one was paying attention to her. Maybe she could just-

“She’s right over here!” Ava shouted, slipping her hand out of a cheerleader’s top so she could raise it in the air and point to Megan. Megan groaned, and braced herself as Cindy started stalking towards her, slipping through the gaps between bodies with the grace of a ballet dancer. There was a strange, hungry, foreboding expression on her face, although it soon disappeared so fast Megan thought she must have imagined it.

“So,” CIndy said primly, as she reached Megan. “You’re the new quarterback?”

“Yeah.” Megan folded her arms.  Cindy’s eyes were surprisingly sharp, and she had the feeling the head cheerleader was sizing her up.  She didn’t like that. “What about it?”

Cindy’s demeanor immediately melted, and a smile as warm as sunlight spread across her face. “Oh my gosh!” she gushed, planting herself down next to Megan. “You’re, like, so amazing. Seriously. Wow. Gosh.”

“Uh, thanks,” Megan replied awkwardly. 

“I can’t believe you’re only new here,” Cindy continued. She shifted up the bench towards Megan. Megan shifted away, but Cindy just kept coming, until Megan had nowhere left to go and Cindy’s legs were pressed up against hers. “You did so great! Those throws were crazy. I bet you’re really something special. I mean, just look at these muscles…”

She rested a hand on Megan’s bicep and started squeezing it a little, giggling to herself. Megan started turning red.

“I bet you’re really gonna go places,” Cindy whispered conspiratorially. “So… how about you and me get to know each other? It totally makes sense, right? You’re the upcoming ace of the football team, I’m the captain of the cheer squad. It’s a classic! What a couple, right?”

Megan sighed. She needed to nip this in the bud. “Look, Cindy,” she began, in a voice that she hoped sounded firm. “I don’t know what you’ve, uh, heard. Or seen, I guess. About this team. Or, uh, me. But I actually don’t swing that way. Sorry.”

To her surprise, Cindy didn’t seem disappointed in the slightest. “Oh, that’s no biggie,” she said, still massaging Megan’s sore biceps. “Doesn’t mean we can’t get close, right?” She looked up at Megan and winked. “But, you know, a lot of girls on this team seem to think that, at first. That they don’t swing my way.”

Megan found herself sweating uncomfortably. Did Cindy really have to be so close to her? “What’s that supposed to mean?”

After a moment, Cindy took her hand off of Megan’s arm. “Oh, nothing,” she replied airily. “Just a pattern, that’s all.”

“R-right.” Megan couldn’t imagine what else Cindy could mean, but still, something was itching at her. She found herself questioning things. Was it really normal for her football team to all be such meathead dykes? Clearly it wasn’t normal normal. But could there be something weird going on? “Has… the team always been like this?” Megan found herself asking.

“Hm?” Cindy seemed bemused. “Like what, stud?”


Megan forced herself to ignore it. “Like… you know… really gay.”

Cindy giggled. “It’s the twenty-first century, you know.”

“I-I know!” Megan could Cindy was only teasing her, but she felt forced to clarify. “Not that there’s anything wrong with it! Only, they’re not just gay. They’re all kinda… well…”

Lost for words, she gestured at the room around them. Everywhere Megan looked, there were cheerleaders and football players entangled with each other, in increasingly inappropriate positions. Football players were groping, kissing, biting, straddling, grabbing, and all the cheerleaders seemed to be submitting to it eagerly, happy, horny smiles plastered on their faces.

“I’m sure they’re just a little worked up after the game,” Cindy said dismissively. “That’s all.”

Megan’s brow furrowed. There was a strange look in Cindy’s eyes. She wasn’t sure why, but she was sure this cheerleader was lying to her.

“And what about your girls?” Megan pressed. “They really like all this attention? They like getting treated like pieces of meat by a bunch of dumb jock girls? Seriously?”

Megan almost recoiled in shock as Cindy licked her plump, lipsticked lips, eyes suddenly shining feverishly. “We don’t just like it, Megan. We love it.”

That was it, Megan decided. There was something weird going on here, and she needed to figure out what. Why was literally everyone here gay? Why were all the cheerleaders so submissive, and all the football players so jockish and dominant? Why did everyone keep treating her like she was the same way, no matter how many times she told them otherwise? Megan’s gut was screaming at her that she was in danger. She looked around again. All she could see were cheerleaders getting manhandled by girls twice their size. No, she wasn’t the one in danger.

“Cindy,” she whispered, leaning in close. “Is… is someone forcing you to do this? If so, you can tell me, I promise.”

“Forcing us?” Once again, Cindy took Megan by surprise; this time, it was with an uproarious laugh. “Oh wow, that’s a good one. I haven’t heard that one yet. Oh, I like you.” Megan paled as, in a single, slick motion, Cindy slid into Megan’s lap. “What would you do if we were being forced? Ride to our rescue, like a knight in shining armor? How wonderful!”

“I… I just want to help!” Megan retorted angrily. She knew when she was being mocked, however adoring Cindy was acting. “Something isn’t right here, I can tell!”

Cindy raised an eyebrow. “Put the brakes on, stud. I think you need a drink. Something to… to get you a little more in the mood.”

She giggled oddly as she said that, and Megan couldn’t help but notice Cindy wasn’t exactly reassuring her.

Cindy put a pair of fingers in her mouth and whistled. Immediately, a pair of cheerleaders appeared at their side, holding a small keg. As Megan watched, they tapped it with a party pump and filled a small plastic cup from it, offering it to Cindy. Cindy held it up for Megan to take.

“Try some!” she suggested perkily.

Megan sniffed as she inspected the cup’s contents. The liquid inside was bright pink. It smelled like beer, a little, but it didn’t look like any beer she’d ever seen or heard of. It fizzed ominously, strange bubbles forming and churning within.

“What is it?” she asked.

“It’s… you could call it a home brew.” Megan didn’t like the sound of that. “Everyone on your team loves it. Try some!”

“I dunno…” Megan also didn’t like how pushy Cindy was being. She knew she could just refuse, but she felt trapped, somehow, with Cindy in her lap and two more cheerleaders flanking their captain, all of them smiling at her with eerie, Stepford smiles. The more she made the Stepford Wives comparison internally, the worse it seemed. It was as if someone had molded these cheerleaders into perfect sex bunnies for the football team to enjoy.

Once that idea got into Megan’s head, she couldn’t shake it, as far-fetched as it seemed. She looked around once more, hoping for some signs that her suspicions were just as ridiculous as they seemed. All she saw was Ava, sitting a few feet from her, getting a lap dance from a girl whose cheerleading uniform was rapidly disappearing.

“Hey!” Megan shouted irritably, reaching over to slap Ava’s back. “Cut that out! C’mon, this is a locker room, not a strip club. Take your girl somewhere else.”

“Huh?” Ava grunted dumbly. She didn’t take her eyes off the cheerleader grinding into her lap.

“Hey!” Megan repeated. “You hear me? Cut it out!”

She grabbed Ava’s shoulder, pulling her around. She finally got a good look at Ava’s face, and was repulsed to see the center drooling like an idiot, her eyes almost entirely vacant except for a distinct glint of lust. Ava let out an aroused, wordless groan, and turned back to the cheerleader, reaching out to her to paw at her like an animal in heat.

“What the…”

A chill went down Megan’s spine. This was making less and less sense with each passing moment. She’d thought she’d had, if not an understanding of the situation, at least a theory. But if anything, Ava seemed like the one who was a victim of something. She was acting like a brainless, horny zombie, like she wasn’t in control of herself. Like there was nothing she could do but stare at that cheerleader…

As the gears turned in Megan’s head, Cindy sighed.

“You really should have just tried the drink, Megan.”

Megan turned back to the cheer captain, but before she could do or say anything, Cindy tipped back the plastic cup, emptying its contents into her own mouth.

And then she kissed Megan.

Megan’s eyes went wide, and for a moment, all she could think about was the softness of the cheerleader’s lips against hers, and the gentle, insistent way Cindy’s tongue was working its way into her mouth. Kissing another girl was a completely new experience for her, and it was filling her stomach with butterflies.

By the time she realized Cindy was kissing the mysterious drink into her mouth, it was too late.

Megan pushed Cindy back, coughing and spluttering. With horror, she realized that both of their mouths were empty. She’d been reflexively swallowing the strange, pink liquid as Cindy had been feeding it to her. She could feel it, fizzing and burning as it trickled down her throat. There could be no doubt about it. It wasn’t just alcohol.

She’d been drugged.

“I suppose I have to give you some credit,” Cindy mused, wiping her lips on the back of her hand. Megan was left speechless, struggling to get her head around what had just happened. It was still dawning on her that she’d been horribly, horribly wrong about who was molding who. “You actually noticed something was up. That’s a first. I guess you’re pretty smart - for a football player, at least.” She ran a finger along Megan’s chin playfully. “It’s almost a shame to ruin that for you.”

“What… what did you do to me?” Megan gasped. The drug was already hitting her. She was suddenly so light-headed she could barely speak.

“You asked about the team earlier. Well, I have to admit, the changing and increasingly progressive values on college campuses in the twenty-first century might not exclusively be responsible.” Cindy acted perfectly oblivious to Megan’s distress as she monologued. “The fact your whole team are dykes probably has a lot more to do with the special synthetic compound I just slipped you.”

“W… w…” Megan was seeing pink. It was like someone had pulled the plug in her head, and now her thoughts were all going down the drain, churning and swirling before they vanished into nothing. She felt feverish, too; hotter than she’d ever been before.

“Just give it a minute,” Cindy said soothingly, a huge, sinister grin spread across her picturesque-pretty face. Her grin alone transformed her from girl-next-door to thirsty maniac. “It takes a bit of time to rewire your brain. I could give you a long, technical explanation, but the gist of it is, it’s going to do three things.” Cindy held up a finger. “It’s going to make you gay.” Two fingers. “It’s going to make you as dumb as a Neanderthal.” She held up three fingers, and stretched up so that her lips were caressing Megan’s ear. “And it’s going to make you really, really fucking horny.”

Megan groaned loudly. She could already feel it. Her brain was going haywire. Synapses were burning themselves out and regrowing impossibly, leaving her with a throbbing headache and unthinkable new desires. She could stop thinking about the warm, soft weight of Cindy’s body, nestled in her lap. Her hands started itching and clenching. She wanted to touch the cheerleader so bad. 

“N-no,” Megan pleaded. She wasn’t sure if she was talking to Cindy, or herself. She needed to hold back, to keep herself together. She was already teetering on the brink. How could the drug be this potent?

“Oh yes!” Cindy said, in a sing-song voice. Her eyes were wide with glee. “Just give in already, jeez. It’s not like you can fight it. Enjoy your new life, dyke.”

“W… w…” Megan babbled. Being called ‘dyke’ sent a chill down her spine. It felt so wrong, and yet so deliciously right. The label settled over her like a warm blanket. She couldn’t stop thinking about it. Dyke. That was her. She was a dyke. Megan couldn’t stop thinking about being a dyke, and she couldn’t think about anything else. Cindy’s drug was burning through her like wildfire. It wasn’t so much rewiring her as it was eviscerating her, ripping apart everything about her the sinister cheerleader didn’t need. It was unstoppable. Megan could already feel that. She couldn’t even keep track of all the intelligence she was losing, let alone stem the tide.

She was turning into a dumb horny jock dyke, just like the rest of her team.

Before Megan’s identity collapsed, she was able to form one final, bewildered question. She looked at Cindy as steadily as she still could. The room was spinning around her, and she couldn’t help slurring her words.

“W-why?” she asked desperately. One final attempt to make sense of what was happening to her.

“Because,” Cindy replied, grinning maniacally, and the impossible glint of pleasure in her eyes was the last thing Megan would see before her eyes closed, “because what cheerleader doesn’t want to get fucked by the hotties on the football team?” She stretched up again, putting her lips to Megan’s ear, her warm breath making Megan tighten up in arousal. “Because I need a girl who’s big enough and dumb enough to fuck me the way I deserve.”

Megan couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. Instead of blackness, all she saw behind her eyelids was delirious, nauseating pink, and her head was filled with Cindy’s obscene words, echoing over and over again.

It was only a few moments before the football player opened her eyes again, but to her, it could have been forever. She felt like her brain was rebooting; like she was waking up from the longest, heaviest night’s sleep in her life. Megan stretched, taking a few slow, dumb moments to admire how good her arms were looking. She’d been hitting the gym a lot lately, and it was really paying off. She looked like such a stud.

Megan shook her head, trying to shake loose the cobwebs. Her head was so heavy, she could barely remember who or where she was. She needed to piece things together. She was filled with the sense that something important and urgent had been happening. Something she needed to remember. Something that was-

Megan suddenly became conscious of the weight on her lap, and looked down.

A cheerleader. There was a cheerleader stretched across her lap, a naughty smirk on her face.

Slowly, Megan’s face arranged itself into a big, dumb, lopsided grin. A girl in her lap was the most important thing she could imagine.

This was a real treat. Megan didn’t care why a cheerleader was stretched across her lap. She just cared that the girl looked hot as hell, and was obviously into her. What was her name? Cindy, something like that? Megan figured her name probably wouldn’t matter too much. Cute pieces of ass like her were never too picky. Megan sat back easily, pulling Cindy against her. She knew exactly what to do with girls like these.

“Hey, babygirl,” she said, voice husky. “How’s it going?”

Cindy giggled girlishly, twirling a lock of hair around her fingers. “I’m, like, good!” she replied, voice rising to a high pitch.

Megan made a satisfied grunt, and scratched her head. Strangely, she had the impression from somewhere that Cindy was a much more sinister person. That was obviously dumb. She was obviously a bottom looking to get railed.

“You sure look good, babe.” Megan grinned. She thought it was a pretty smooth line.

Cindy seemed to think so too, and giggled helplessly, blushing and glancing away. She was totally flustered. Megan’s grin grew wider. This was great. Easy prey.

“So…” Cindy pouted, reaching up to rest her hand adoringly on Megan’s chest. “If I’m so good-looking, how come you’re not already getting busy with me like all your friends?”

Megan looked around. It was true. Every else was way past the lap-sitting stage. Megan frowned. That wasn’t right. She was just as much a dyke as any of them. And besides, she was the star quarterback. She needed to catch up.

“Let’s get to work on fixing that, huh?” It was Megan’s turn to grow flushed. Having a hot babe like Cindy so close to her was activating all kinds of base, primal instincts. “Why don’t we, uh… uh…”

Something weird happened. Megan hit a mental wall. She had been about to suggest something, some wild kind of lesbian sex for the two of them to have, when she just hit a wall, mentally. She didn’t know what to describe. She tried to imagine the kind of sex she wanted to have, and ended up drawing a complete blank. Megan frowned. That wasn’t right. She was a dyke and a top. She knew how to fuck. It was practically all she ever talked about, wasn’t it? But in that moment, she was blanking so hard it was like she was some kind of useless straight girl who’d never even so much as made out with a cheerleader before.

But that was impossible, Megan knew. She was a dyke, and she was on the women’s football team. They were all dykes, and they all got laid with the cheerleaders all the time. Everyone knew that.

“Why don’t you bend me over this bench right here and rail me with a strap?” Cindy said sweetly, as if she was finishing Megan’s sentence. “Wow, Megan, that’s like, such a great idea!”

It was like a light bulb switching on. That was exactly what Megan had been about to say! She was glad Cindy had reminded her. “Right?” she bluffed, confident Cindy hadn’t noticed her falter. “Don’t worry, babygirl. I got all the best ideas.”

Cindy giggled. “Totally!” She seemed intoxicated by Megan’s presence, by how much bigger and more powerful she was, and by how forward she was.

“Lemme just grab my strap.” Megan reached into her locker bag and started rooting around for it. It wasn’t there. Megan frowned. That didn’t make any sense either. She was the kind of dyke who always kept her strap on hand. “Uh… this is weird, I must have, uh, left it some place?”

“Oh, you!” Cindy made a playful little gesture. “You gave it to me to hold on to, silly! Before the game… don’t you remember?”

“Oh.” Megan grunted. “Yeah. Duh.”

She remembered now, after Cindy reminded her. This Cindy seemed pretty on top of things. That was a surprise. One moment, she seemed as dumb as a bag of rocks; the next, her eyes were oddly piercing and clever. Megan didn’t know what to make of that. Fortunately, she knew exactly what to make of Cindy’s tight ass, and that was all she really cared about.

“Let me just get it for you.” Cindy put two fingers in her mouth and whistled. “Girls!”

Right on cue, another pair of cheerleaders appeared. One of them was holding a strap-on, and the other, a harness. They winked at Cindy as they handed them over to Megan.

“Right.” Megan said, somewhat awkwardly. Cindy had slid out of her lap to give Megan space to sort out of her strap, but once again, Megan was drawing a blank. She looked down at the harness. She couldn’t figure out where to begin. “So I… I just… uh…”

“Oh!” Cindy piped up. “You probably want me to put it on you for you, right? Since you were such a stud in the game, and all.”

“R-right!” Megan replied, secretly relieved. “Yeah. Uh. Get to work, babygirl.”

Cindy giggled and fell smoothly to her knees, crawling between Megan’s spread legs and swiftly fixing the harness around her body. Megan had been meaning to watch her work, just to remind herself, but instead, she found herself staring squarely at Cindy’s incredible, apple-shaped ass, bobbing up and down and barely covered by her scandalously short miniskirt. By the time Cindy was finished, Megan was practically drooling.

“All done!” Cindy giggled. She rose to her feet, swinging her hips to give Megan a nice show. Megan found herself balling her hands into fists with need. She felt like a lioness, staring down an innocent, tasty little gazelle. She needed to make this girl hers. “So, what are you waiting for, hunk?”

Megan looked down at herself. Between her legs was now hanging eight inches of hard, thick silicone. Megan was momentarily stunned by the sight of herself with a cock. Her head throbbed for a moment, as she was torn between two different thoughts. The first was that it was something strange and unfamiliar, something she’d never seen before. The second was that wearing a strap was like second nature to her, and it made her feel just as big and powerful and hot as it always did. As Megan slowly rose to her feet, she felt light-headed.

Maybe she needed to stop for a moment. She kept getting confused about things. Megan knew she was pretty dumb - she’d always been dumb, as far as she could tell - but still, something weird was going on. Maybe she should try and figure it out before going any further with Cindy.

“Hey, stud!” Megan’s head jerked around at the sound of Cindy’s voice, and her jaw dropped. Cindy was now facing a locker, her legs spread apart and her ass pushed out behind her. She’d reached back to flip up her miniskirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties underneath. “You’re not going to keep me waiting any longer, are you?”

All of Megan’s doubts were incinerated in a heartbeat. She needed this. She needed to top this girl so bad. She needed it more than anything. The sight of Cindy’s naked, dripping pussy was activating something deep in her lizard brain. Even if she’d wanted to, she couldn’t have brought herself to care about anything else.

She immediately walked up behind Cindy, putting a hand on the cheerleaders hip and pulling it back against her. Cindy squealed pleasingly. Megan noted that she was easily a foot taller than Cindy, and twice as broad across the shoulders. Just the way she liked it. She immediately started grabbing her strap, aligning it with Cindy’s cunt. She was way too worked up for foreplay.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Cindy suddenly pleaded, turning her head to look at Megan, who froze obediently. There was an odd look in Cindy’s eyes, like the cheer captain was sizing her up. “Didn’t you say something about having to go home and study? Don’t you have a test tomorrow?”

Megan groaned. Why was this bottom trying to make her think about stuff like that? Nonetheless, she wracked her brains. She couldn’t remember saying anything about that, but it might have been true. Did she need to go home and study for a test? Megan looked down at Cindy’s ass again.

No way.

“Nuh-uh,” Megan grunted. She was so turned she could barely speak, just like all the other brainwashed football players. She slapped Cindy’s ass, eliciting another squeal. “Don’t you worry about that babygirl. Studying is nerd shit.”

Cindy let out a twisted laugh, her eyes shining with delight. Megan knew she’d somehow passed whatever test Cindy had been giving her, and despite how strange the cheerleader was acting, she couldn’t have been happier with it. With nothing more to hold her back, Megan pressed the tip of her strap against Cindy’s cunt and pushed forward as hard as she could.

At first, Megan’s technique was pretty clumsy, but she quickly found herself warming to her task, helped along by the incredible way Cindy could roll her hips. Her teammates hadn’t been kidding. She really was an artist. It wasn’t long before Megan was grunting and moaning, pounding her strap in and out of the horny cheer captain as the rest of her team cheered her on for scoring the first notch on her belt as the new quarterback. From the sounds of it, they kept score of all the girls they topped, and Megan was determined to catch up as quickly as she could.

As she fucked Cindy, she didn’t think about how she was doing exactly what Cindy wanted. She didn’t think about how she’d immediately given in to Cindy’s every suggestion, or about how hard she was straining to meet Cindy’s every moaned command of “faster!”, “harder!” and “rearrange my fucking guts, stud!”

She was the top. She was obviously the one in control. Right?

So, Megan didn’t think about it. In fact, she didn’t think about anything at all.

She was a football player railing a cheerleader. Why would she need to ever think? This was the dyke jock life, and as far as she could tell, it was the only one she’d ever wanted.

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