by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #bimbofication #f/f

An ancient, powerful succubus finds her dreams of corruption thwarted - and worse - by her summoner’s single-minded bimbo obsession

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2021, do not repost without explicit permission

“Greetings, my master,” Cyrellia began, the succubus stretching out rapturously as she rose to her feet, brimstone smoke slowly dissipating from the summoning circle around her. “I am Cyrellia, demoness of the Eighth Circle, and soon to be your humble servant. Once our compact is made, all your dreams of pleasure shall be made real. You…”

Cyrellia trailed off, instead of finishing her well-rehearsed summoning speech. As corny as it might have sounded, it usually worked. The kind of person who was willing to risk their soul summoning a powerful archsuccubus was almost always incredibly weak to the right kind of flattery. Cyrellia had never once met a mortal sorcerer or sorceress she couldn’t seduce and bend to her will, no matter how clever they thought they were. Her speech sounded far more impressive, though, when it wasn’t delivered in the strange, rising, vocal fry-laden voice that now came out of her inhuman lips.

She was used to finding herself with a few unusual features upon her summoning. As a succubus, it was only natural for Cyrellia’s form to shift and adapt, molding itself to best fit the desires of whoever had called her forth from her infernal home. It was an instinct as natural and irrepressible as breathing, and normally, it was a helpful one. Furthermore, in her many centuries of corruption and decadence, Cyrellia had come to learn that the desires of most mortals were almost pathetically pedestrian. Most of the embarrassingly inexperienced sorcerers who had summoned her wanted the same thing: a woman with wide hips, a narrow waist, large breasts, a pretty face - and, usually, a husky voice. But this time, apparently, what her master craved was a succubus that sounded like a dim-witted, teenage Valley girl.

As the smoke cleared, Cyrellia looked down at herself. What she saw left her simmering with displeasure. She was accustomed to large breasts, but the huge tits now hanging from her naked frame went far beyond what most would have considered excessive. Worse was her hair, usually dark, now an obnoxious shade of blonde, but far, far worse than that was her skin. Usually, mortals cared little for the color of her form, leaving her a comfortable shade of dark red. This mortal, though, seemed to care very much, and thanks to that, she found her skin neon pink. There were other changes too - most notably, the way her lips had been made obscenely plump and full - but it was the skin and hair that bothered her the most. It was an indignity! At least her magnificent crown of horns was intact. But nonetheless, once she had her claws in the mortal who had inflicted all this upon her, she was keen to make them pay.

With that goal fixed clearly in her mind, Cyrellia plastered an insincere smile on her face and looked around for the mortal in question. As she did, she took careful note of her surroundings. It was a laboratory, it seemed. No surprise there. It took no small amount of genius to summon a demon of rank. This laboratory was unusually cluttered though. The room was stuffed with both modern scientific equipment and occult artifacts. And on the walls… were those Japanese anime posters?

“It worked!” came a feminine, distinctly nasally voice from through the dispersing smoke, followed by excited clapping.

Turning to peer through the gloom, Cyrellia’s smile turned a touch more genuine. A woman? A rare treat. Her first glimpse of her new master did dampen her excitement a little, though.

The young woman standing before her was a hopeless nerd. There was no other way of putting it. She had none of the majesty and glamour of sorceresses past. Her round, freckled face was almost totally hidden by an unkempt mop of messy, brown hair, and her dark eyes were trapped behind huge, thick, circular glasses. Her clothes were just as unimpressive; she was wearing a grubby graphic t-shirt and a pair of high-waisted jeans, both of which were almost totally drowned by her oversized lab coat. A lanyard around her neck bore the name of a college, as well as her own name: Miho Kobayashi.

“I’m so glad it worked!”Kobayashi continued. “I can’t believe it! I’ll finally have a perfect date to bring to the big party!”

Cyrellia blinked. “You summoned me… to have a date?”

“Of course!” Kobayashi giggled, snorting a little as she did. “You don’t know how hard it is to find the kind of girl I’m into.”

“Master…” Cyrellia couldn’t keep a little scorn from bleeding into her voice. “You called upon the dark powers of Astaroth and Orobas to breach the Seventh Gate of Hell, risking your immortal soul in the process, after thirteen days of rigorous meditation and blood sacrifice… just so that you could have a date to a party?”

To her surprise, Kobayashi ignored her question, and instead squinted at Cyrellia suspiciously. “Wait. Maybe it didn’t work. Hmm… hey, demon, what’s the square root of sixteen-thousand, one-hundred and twenty-nine?”

Cyrellia blinked again. Trivial, for a creature of her age and wisdom. “One hundred and twenty-seven.”

“Damn it!” The nerdy girl pouted. “Another failure.”

“Master Kobayashi,” Cyrellia said, exasperated. “May I, your humble servant, ask what you mean? Of course it worked. Do I not stand before you, just as you called me?”

“No!” Kobayashi started pacing back and forth, reaching up to toy with her glasses. “I mean, yes, sure, you’re here. But not the way I called you!”

“What do you mean, master?”

“You’re smart!”

Cyrellia blinked yet again. Twice. “Is… that a problem?”

“Of course it’s a problem!” Kobayashi cried, pointing an accusatory finger at Cyrellia. “Being smart makes you a terrible bimbo!”

“A bimbo?” Cyrellia was done with blinking. She simply fixed her summoner with a wide-eyed, incredulous stare. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her knowledge of modern mortal culture was being tested to its limit. “You mean, that’s why I’m… like this?”

“Of course!” Behind her glasses, Kobayashi’s eyes were suddenly ablaze with violent, intense passion. “A perfect bimbo has to talk like a valley girl, and - unless they’re going for a goth or punk bimbo look - they have to love pink. Being blonde is essential too. And big tits! Well I mean, naturally I believe in bimbos of all body types. But I’m a traditionalist! You simply can’t beat the classic bimbo look. Blonde, huge tits, bright pink everywhere. And obviously they have to be totally dumb and brainless. Whoever heard of a smart bimbo? I won’t stand for it! Not in my lab.”

Cyrellia simply nodded as she listened to the nerdy girl’s unhinged spiel. She understood what she was dealing with now. Her summoner was crazy. Well, there was nothing wrong with that. In fact, such a powerful obsession gave her plenty to work with.

“I completely understand, my master,” Cyrellia said smoothly, making her ridiculous, Valley girl voice even more simpering than it naturally was. It was hard to make it sound any other way, in truth, with her lips so ridiculously plumped up. “I have nothing but admiration for a woman who knows exactly what she desires, believe me. I can only apologize that I do not perfectly meet your, ah, specifications. But rest assured! I am still exactly what you wished for. We need only forge a compact, and all of my dark, seductive powers will be at your disposal. You need only point me at a girl, and I will transform her into the bimbo of your dreams.”

“No way.”

“Huh?” The last thing Cyrellia had been expecting was such a flat, immediate refusal. “Why not? Master, perhaps you didn’t quite hear me. I’m offering you everything you’ve just told me you wanted!”

“Don’t need it.” Kobayashi was already turning away, opening a notebook and beginning to scrawl in it with a pen, crossing things out and writing furious, frantic notes. “My ritual was supposed to summon you as a bimbo. It almost worked! I think I see where I went wrong… I just need a few more tries. I’ll send you back, and then try to summon a different-”

“N-no!” Cyrellia interrupted, a little more desperately than she’d intended. She couldn’t let that happen. A sorcerer powerful enough to summon an archsuccubus like her only appeared once a century, or even less. As ridiculous as this mortal was, she represented a rare opportunity. She couldn’t let it slip through her fingers. “I-I mean, master, won’t you reconsider?” She laughed nervously. “After all this effort… surely, there’s something I can do for you.”

“Oh yeah?” Kobayashi’s face was a mask of disinterest. “Like what?”

“Like…” Cyrellia thought furiously. There had to be something! “Won’t you at least give me a chance to show I can be your perfect date? We succubi are so very skilled at molding ourselves to fit our masters’ desires. I promise you, my master, I can satisfy your every little whim.” She drew her voice out, making it husky and seductive, though her new, infuriating accent did somewhat undermine the attempt.

“Hmm,” Kobayashi pondered. “I suppose you do look the part… alright, fine! Prove it.”

“Of course!” Cyrellia rejoiced inwardly, but she kept the smile on her face eager and innocent, rather than cunning and sadistic. “If you’ll just let me out of this-”

“No, no, no!” Kobayashi shook her head insistently. “Prove yourself first! Show me you can be a proper bimbo.”

Cyrellia bristled at the thought of what she was about to do, but there was no helping it. She plastered a big, dumb, guileless grin on her face, reached up to toy with her long, blonde hair, and made her voice as peppy and bubbly as she could. “Hi master! I’m Cyrellia, your new succubus bimbo bestie! I’m delighted to meet you. I bet I can give you everything you want, so how about you just go ahead and let me out of this silly summoning circle, so I can get to work on-”

“Fail!” Kobayashi announced loudly, folding her arms.

Cyrellia’s jaw dropped, and the demon slumped. “What? Why?”

“Hopeless!” Kobayashi scolded, her face filled with scorn and derision. “That was, what, fifty words? No true bimbo could ever get through fifty words without a single ‘like’ or ‘um’! You didn’t even giggle. And you call yourself an airhead? Disgraceful!”

At that, the ages-old succubus finally lost her temper. “What kind of ridiculous test is that?” she snarled, pressing her clawed hands against the invisible barrier that kept her away from the infuriating mortal who had summoned her. “Have your kind truly grown so insipid? You devote yourself to the occult arts, you risk your body and soul summoning an archsuccubus from the bowels of hell, and for what? A… a bimbo? Ridiculous! I offer all the deepest and most perverse pleasures demonkind has to offer, and you want nothing more than a pet ditz?”

“Yes!” Kobayashi rested a hand over her heart, a look of calm, stoic pride passing over her face. “I know other people might not understand, but I love bimbos! I love them from the bottom of my heart. I always have, and I always will. I’m passionate about bimbos! I’ve studied them for years. I’m an expert on every single bimbo and bimbo-related trope, and I’ve written dozens of treatises on what exactly makes for a perfect bimbo. I cannot be tempted by any other kind of girl. That’s why I devoted myself to the dark arts! Only perfection can satisfy me. I’ll settle for nothing less than the ideal busty, pink, blonde, airheaded bimbo!”

The nerdy, bimbo-obsessed girl delivered this speech with such intensity and emotion, Cyrellia half-expected her eyes to well up with tears. It was, without a doubt, the most idiotic thing the succubus had ever heard.

“So,” Kobayashi concluded, after taking a moment to calm herself. “I’m going to prepare the banishment spell and send you back, and then try again - as many times as it takes!”

“No, no, wait!” Cyrellia pleaded. As much as it chafed to have to beg at the feet of such an imbecile, she had no choice. She’d simply have to make sure she got her revenge later. “T-there must be something…” The succubus thought furiously, and then an idea popped into her head. “I’ve got it! My master, I apologize for my earlier outburst. But I assure you, I’m absolutely sure I can offer you a contract you’ll find perfectly satisfying.”

“Oh?” Kobayashi cocked her head to one side, adjusting her glasses. “Fine. One last chance, before I send you back. What is it?”

“It’s simple, master.” Cyrellia proffered a clawed hand in her direction. She was fond of theatrical gestures. “Your complaint is that I’m intelligent, yes? I’m too smart to satisfy you. Well, what if that could be remedied? Without, of course, all the bother of having to summon another demon.”

“How?” Kobayashi asked. Her voice was cautious, but Cyrellia could sense a certain eagerness behind the nerdy girl’s words at being offered her wet dream come true. Perfect.

“Easy,” the succubus continued. “We make a magical contract, you and I. One that releases me from this binding circle, naturally. But one that also stipulates that I will become dumber each and every time I fail to satisfy you!”

“Hmm.” Kobayashi rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “I don’t know… that sounds a little too good to be true. Why would a demon be so eager to sacrifice its own intelligence?”

Cyrellia, naturally, already had the perfect answer ready at hand. “Naturally, because I believe I’ll be able to satisfy you just as I am now! I have the utmost confidence in my ability to serve. I still think, master, you underestimate my talent. But with a contract like that, if you’re truly as demanding as you claim, you’re sure to get your wish!”

After another moment’s thought, Kobayashi nodded slowly. Hope blossomed in her eyes. Better and better. “Well, when you put it like that… alright, how do we-”

“Oh, but, there is one simple catch,” Cyrellia added carelessly, as if it were a mere afterthought. In truth, the catch was the whole point, but she made sure to wait until Kobayashi had already taken the bait.

“What’s that?” Kobayashi narrowed her eyes again.

“You’re familiar with the laws of magical balance, I’m sure. A powerful bargain such as that can’t simply go one way, and not the other. So… should I manage to perfectly satisfy you, to fill your heart with nothing but pure pleasure and contentment, without having become your ideal bimbo, it is I who will get my wish. I’ll win. Meaning, in the interests of balance, I’ll be able to regain all of my intelligence - and if I do, you’ll lose all of yours. Simply a necessity of balance, you understand.”

“Hmmmm…” Kobayashi pondered, for a long while. Cyrellia was tense. Please, let this foolish mortal fall for her trick. “I’d have to be completely satisfied? Not even a little bit dissatisfied?”

“That’s right!” Cyrellia answered brightly. “Whilst, if I cause even the slightest displeasure, I’ll get dumber. Quite weighted in your favor, don’t you think?”

“Very well,” the nerdy summoner answered slowly. Cyrellia tried not to look too gleeful. “So, how do we do this, exactly?”

“Wise choice, my master! We need only give the contract our assent.” Cyrellia tapped her chin to make it look like she was coming up with things offhand. “In the interests of precision… let’s say, every time I displease you, I lose 10 IQ points.”

“IQ?” Kobayashi snorted. “That’s not real.”

Cyrellia sighed. Did she have to explain everything? “It’s symbolic, master. IQ may not be real, but the symbolic value that 10 IQ represents can still have meaning and potency, when it comes to magic. Is that so hard to believe?”

“I see,” Kobayashi mused. “IQ loss certainly is a hot trope… fine. I agree to the contract.”

Cyrellia shivered in anticipation. “I, too, agree to the contract.”

As the magical, binding contract took effect, it was as if all the air in the cluttered laboratory shivered. The effect was palpable, leaving neither of them in doubt that something potent had taken effect. Kobayashi was looking around in wide-eyed amazement and curiosity. Cyrellia, for her part, was licking her lips with her very, very long tongue. She couldn’t believe how stupid this mortal was. Clearly, she underestimated a succubus’s ability to please. It didn’t matter what kinks, perversions of preferences someone had. Once Cyrellia got her talons on them, it was all over. They’d find themselves begging to lick her feet, if she so desired. All she needed was one chance - one chance to seduce Kobayashi, and leave her enraptured by adoring pleasure. Then, she could make her master into her pet, and the whole mortal world would be hers for the taking!

The succubus reached out slowly, savoring the anticipation. When her hand met with no resistance, she took a step forward. Nothing. The barrier was gone. She was free! Well, almost. Technically speaking, Cyrellia was still bound by the ridiculous contract she’d just formed. But turning that to her advantage would be child’s play.

To her credit, Kobayashi didn’t back down as the tall, devilish succubus advanced on her. “Now you have to satisfy me, right?” she said, arms crossed.

Cyrellia grimaced for a moment as she contemplated what she was going to have to do. It was awful. Demeaning. Humiliating. But there was no other way. She promised herself that she would repay each humiliation on this mortal a hundred-fold - and then plastered a huge, insipid smile on her face.

“Like, totally, master!” the archsuccubus giggled.

As much as it burned the succubus to act like such a hopeless ditz, she was pleased to see Kobayashi’s eyes widen and her cheeks turn a faint red. Oh yes. This was going to work.

“How can I please you, master?” Cyrellia continued, swinging her hips from side to side. “I’ll do, like, anything you want!”

“G-goodness,” Kobayashi breathed, adjusting her glasses awkwardly. Cyrellia giggled again, not altogether insincerely. This was really getting to the hopeless nerd girl. “Well, um, first I need to clean up and sanctify this ritual space. You can help with that, right?”

“Totally, master!” Cyrellia replied eagerly. “I know, like, all the proper spells and incantations! What would you like me to take care of first? Perhaps the Rite of the Crucible Soul? That’s, like, always best practice, for the safety of-”

“Aha!” Kobayashi snapped back to attention, all her flustered nervousness gone. “That was a test! And you failed.”

“What?” Cyrellia almost let the mask slip, but saved it with an adorable pout. “Why?”

“Spells? Rituals? Incantations?” Kobayashi scoffed loudly. “Do you think a bimbo would know any of those things? You’re supposed to be an airhead! I can’t believe you’d underestimate me like this. I’m not the kind of weak-willed bimbo fan who’s satisfied with big tits alone. I’m a bimbo fanatic! Minus ten!”

“But that’s not fa-”

Cyrellia’s complaint died on her lips when a sudden wave of light-headedness assailed her. It receded almost immediately, but not completely, and she was left with a certain lingering, pleasant sense of absence. The awareness of distinct gaps in her mind was disorienting, and it took her a moment to regain her balance. Once she did, she frantically checked over herself mentally, and was relieved to find that she didn’t seem to have forgotten anything vital. She’d been ready for this. Though it pained her to admit it, there was no way she was going to be able to completely satisfy a mortal with such specific tastes without falling short a few times in the process. Fortunately, Cyrellia knew that she could lose plenty of her intelligence and still be more than a match for this pathetic nerd.

“What was that?” Kobayashi warned.

“I-I meant…” Cyrellia was seeing red, but she made herself stay calm. She pouted again. The mortal had seemed to enjoy that. “I was just trying to be helpful, master! Don’t you think it’s unfair to punish me for that? Not that I’m complaining! It’s just that, I’m your devoted servant, of course I’d do anything within my power to assist you. Why, you even asked. Perhaps you could have mercy on your favorite bimbo and-”

“Fail!” Kobayashi cried again.

“What?” Cyrellia hissed.

“Do you really call yourself a bimbo?” Kobayashi accused. “No ‘um’s, no ‘er’s, no ‘like’s, no ‘totally’s, and not even a single giggle. If I wanted a succubus that was merely a valley girl, I would have summoned one. I want a bimbo! You’ll have to do better than this. Minus ten.”

The second wave of light-headedness felt much more intense and demeaning than the first. Cyrellia almost stumbled, fighting and scrambling to keep a tight grip on her own thoughts before they washed away like the tide. But wash away they did. Once she’d recovered, she felt decidedly lesser. That was unacceptable. Fury overtook her common sense, and she launched into a furious tirade. Hearing her rage filtered through a hopelessly upbeat, pitch-rising accent only made her anger burn even more incandescent.

“Listen here, mortal,” she spat. “And listen well. Do you know who I am? Do you understand what you have summoned across the threshold? I am Cyrellia, foremost amongst the archsuccubi of the eighth circle! I wield powers the likes of which you cannot comprehend. You should count yourselves lucky that I need your filthy mortal hands to bind me to this realm, or else I would conjure the vilest curses and lay them upon you and all that you-”

“Fail!” Kobayashi was blatantly unimpressed by her threats and declarations. She seemed too fired up about bimbos to care. “I can’t even begin to describe how unbecoming your demeanor is for a bimbo. It’s shameful! A bimbo should always be unfailingly bubbly and peppy - even if it’s only because she’s too dumb to understand something is wrong! Minus- wait, no, actually, double fail! You didn’t giggle or say ‘like’ either. Minus twenty!”

“You can’t do that!” Cyrellia hissed, outraged. “That’s not even how it- ah!”

This time, it came so fast and so hard she was almost swept off her feet. The succubus’s mind simply went blank for a moment. It was like every thought in her head had all been frozen in place, all at once. The lightheartedness was at least twice as bad as before, and Cyrellia found herself experiencing an odd new feeling: uncertainty. For once, the twin fires of lust and ambition were gone from within her, and she was left in a blank, oddly tranquil state of mind. For just a moment, she looked around vacantly, drowning in the unfamiliar sensation. And then, she did the only thing that came naturally.

She giggled.

An instant later, her mind came flooding back. But not all of it. Cyrellia was left decidedly unsteady, and the strange absences in her knowledge were growing far, far more obvious.She was quickly growing concerned, and nothing was more concerning than the fact that she had giggled, actually giggled, out of pure absent-mindedness. That was a bad sign. How many IQ points had she lost? Ten, and another ten, and then twenty. That made… forty.

Didn’t it?

Oh no.

The moment Cyrellia found herself taking more than an instant to solve a childishly simple sum, she knew she was in trouble. Whether she’d lost 40 IQ or not - she was pretty sure it was 40 - clearly she couldn’t afford to lose much more. Which meant she needed to calm herself and focus on the task at hand, now matter how humiliating it proved. Everything was totally fine. She’d get her revenge on Kobayashi just as sure as she… uh… what was she trying to do again?

Satisfy Kobayashi so she became the dumb one. That was it. Right.

Filled with fresh eagerness and urgency, Cyrellia decided to waste no more time. She immediately rushed to Kobayashi’s side and pressed her chest up against the nerdy girl, watching her eyes bulge pleasingly behind her glasses. She needed to focus on her goal: to satisfy. Cyrellia was very good at satisfying girls.

“F-forgive me, master,” Cyrellia said in a sweet, simpering voice, swallowing her pride. “You’re, like, totally right.” She giggled. “You’re wayyyy smarter than me, so whatever you say goes!”

At that, Kobayashi gave an approving nod, and even a blush - especially when she felt Cyrellia’s huge bimbo tits pressing up against her arm. Cyrellia giggled, pleased. This could still work.

“I just meant that… doesn’t cleaning up right now sound sooooo boring?” Cyrellia giggled and batted her long eyelashes at Kobayashi coquettishly, mustering every little bit of cutesy sex appeal she could. “You just got your dream bimbo and you want to, like, clean? Don’t you have something… better to do, master?”

To drive her point home, she reached out to take Kobayashi’s hand, and brought it to one of her tits.

The nerdy girl’s response was almost too predictable. Her eyes went wide and her cheeks went straight from faint pink to bright scarlet. Her fingers twitched awkwardly, torn between an urge to recoil in surprise, and sudden longing for how soft, supple and welcoming Cyrellia’s chest seemed to be. The succubus smiled. Probably, her summoner didn’t have a whole lot of real-life experience. That would likely prove her undoing.

“C’mon, master!” Cyrellia whined, as poutily as she could tolerate. “I’ve been stuck in hell for so long! I’m all pent up.” She giggled. “Don’t you wanna help me out?”

“W-well,” Kobayashi spluttered. The poor girl looked like she was about to explode. “I um… you see I… god, yes. But, er, the party. We need to get ready.”

“Oh.” Cyrellia tried to hide her disappointment as she decided not to argue. A bimbo should always be upbeat, apparently. She was sure there would be more opportunities to seduce Kobayashi soon. “Well, OK, master! I guess you’ll need something for me to wear.” She giggled. “Trying on clothes sounds, like, totally fun!”

The strange thing was, it really did. Cyrellia found herself taking a certain pleasure at the thought of dressing herself up. She’d always loved to find ways to look alluring and tempting. She didn’t even mind that she’d have to make whatever she wore pair with her bright pink skin. Perhaps a little black dress? Pink wasn’t such a bad color, really. It was so bright and vivid. Cyrellia loved to stand out. At the very least, it would be a pleasant distraction from this infuriating mortal. Cyrellia told herself firmly that she wasn’t thinking this way because of the intelligence loss. She was simply enjoying the novelty of being in the mortal world. There was nothing wrong with that.

“Oh! That reminds me, I actually already have something.” Whatever it was filled Kobayashi with enough excitement that she was able to pull herself away from Cyrellia, who watched, slightly eagerly, as Kobayashi retrieved a large clothes bag from amongst the clutter of her lab. “If my summoning specifications were correct, this should fit just right.”

Cyrellia was paying more attention than she would have cared to admit as Kobayashi opened the bag and held up its contents, but as soon as she saw what the mortal intended for her, her enthusiasm soured. It was a scandalously short, scandalously low-cut, bright pink PVC dress. Cyrellia had no qualms about causing scandals, but this dress was just… trashy. It radiated none of the elegance and power she normally liked to affect. And, more pink? Really? She already had pink skin, did she need to wear a pink dress too? There were so many other colors and styles she could have worn. Cyrellia sighed at her master’s lack of vision.

“Do you like it?” Kobayashi prompted.

“It’s…” Cyrellia knew she needed to appear enthusiastic, but surely even bimbos were allowed to have tastes. “Don’t you think it’s a little, like, too pink?”

“Too pink?” Kobayashi frowned. “Wow. Fail. Hard fail. Minus ten.”

“Huh?” Right away, Cyrellia was on the verge of losing her temper again. “But I didn’t even-”

“No bimbo would ever think something was ‘too pink’!”

Before she could formulate a retort, Cyrellia felt herself getting dumber again. At this point, the sensation was almost familiar. Cyrellia was able to let it simply wash over her, leaving her giggling helplessly for several, worryingly-long moments before her composure returned to her. Now, she couldn’t help but be concerned. She wasn’t just acting dumb. She felt dumb. She’d lost… what? Sixty IQ? Seventy? Some kind of big number like that? It was getting hard to keep track, which was itself very alarming.

At least she had this dress to console herself with. Just looking at it took her mind off her troubles, somehow. It was so pink! Such a bright, vivid, pretty color. It really was adorable. I mean, yes, of course, it was trashy. But she shouldn’t be too upset.

“You’re, uh, totally right, master.” Cyrellia’s valley girl voice came out decidedly spacey. “I don’t know what I was thinking.” She giggled, and found it hard to stop. “It’s, like, so pretty! Let me try it on.”

The rapidly dumbing-down succubus took the dress from Kobayashi and slipped it on over her naked form. True to her summoner’s promise, it fit like a glove, hugging her curves and her tits perfectly. It really did look good. Once Kobayashi had zipped her up from behind, Cyrellia couldn’t help but clap her hands in glee - a totally natural reaction, she told herself. After all, her plan was totally working! Her plan was… what was it again? Oh, pleasing Kobayashi! Well, Kobayashi certainly did look pleased. Cyrellia giggled again, happily.

“What do you think?” she asked, twirling.

“Oh, it’s perfect,” Kobayashi said, breathily. “But that’s not all! Here, put these heels on.”

Cyrellia found herself presented with a pair of tall, platform heels, every bit as bright pink as her new dress. Naturally, she was delighted. Heels looked amazing on her. They worked so well to accentuate all her natural assets, especially her new, huge titties. They’d make them bounce so much with every step! Had she ever called them her titties before? Well, no matter. It was a funny word. It made Cyrellia giggle. Plus, the heels perfectly matched her outfit. Cyrellia had to begrudgingly admire her master’s intelligence, for putting together a whole outfit that all went together. That sounded hard. The succubus slipped the heels on without complaint.

“Oh my god.” Kobayashi was now so excited she couldn’t stand still. She was pacing back and forth, practically hyperventilating. “Oh my god. Yes. Yes, yes, yes! It’s just as I always dreamed.”

Cyrellia smiled, and giggled some more. Her master’s enthusiasm was infectious.

“There’s just one more thing,” Kobayashi pressed. “Here!”

She reached into another small bag, and then offered Cyrellia its contents: a set of half a dozen or so large, golden rings. The succubus was pleased and perplexed in equal measure. They were pretty! She loved gold, and the way the light glittered off it made her giggle. It was sure to pair perfectly with her pink dress - pink was rapidly becoming her favorite color. But what were they for? They looked too big for earrings.

“Um, master?” Cyrellia asked. God, her valley girl voice made her sound so dumb when she was asking questions. Cyrellia couldn’t help but giggle at herself. “I totally love them! But where do they, like… go?”

At that, Kobayashi brandished what was clearly a huge piercing gun. “In your horns!”

That set off all kinds of alarm bells. Cyrellia started shaking her head mutely. No. No way. Not happening. Hearing that was like getting plunged into cold water. She’d forgotten a lot - too much, clearly - but she wasn’t about to forget that a demon’s horns were her pride! It would be a cold day in hell before she’d let a mortal defile them with trinkets… however pretty.

“M-master!” she said urgently, trying to keep her voice pleasing. God, what was she doing? Why had she let Kobayashi put her in this ridiculous dress? It was like she was awakening from some kind of stupor. “You, um, you can’t! My horns are, like, special!”

“I can’t?” Kobayashi cocked her head warningly. “You don’t like them?”

“I… um…” For the first time ever, Cyrellia found herself tongue-tied. She simply couldn’t think of what to say. How could her head feel both as light and empty as air, and as heavy and slow as syrup? Cyrellia cursed herself for becoming so complacent. “You just, like, can’t! You can’t do that to my horns. I-I won’t let you!”

Kobayashi pouted, but then a chilling smile came to her face. “I don’t know, Cyrellia. That doesn’t seem very bubbly and happy of you. Minus ten.”

This time, though, Cyrellia was determined not to go down without a fight. She fought as she could to hold on to her mind and her pride. She wasn’t going to let a mere mortal beat her! “I. Don’t. Care! I, um…” She giggled for a moment as her half-formed thoughts were brushed aside by a wave of blissful emptiness, and cursed herself once it receded. “J-just, not my horns!”

“What?” Kobayashi had an infuriating, crooked smile on her face. She was enjoying this. She held the golden ring piercings up to the light, moving them gently from side to side. “Don’t you like them?”

“I…” She did. Cyrellia did like them. That was part of what was making it so hard. The way the gold glittered was just wonderful. Cyrellia loved things that glittered. It was enough to make her lose track of her thoughts… but she was meant to be resisting. Wasn’t she? “Um… no?”

At that, Kobayashi scoffed. “There’s no such thing as a bimbo who doesn’t like golden jewelry. Minus ten!”

Every single time, it was worse. Cyrellia could feel herself slipping away - and the worst part was, she couldn’t stop herself giggling the whole time. Giggles came to her as naturally as breathing, now. Why did it have to feel so damn good? She couldn’t let herself think about it. She had to win. She had to. Cyrellia needed to keep focused. She’d lost… how much intelligence? She tried counting on her fingers, and still lost track. That made her giggle. She felt so silly.

“Won’t you let me pierce your horns?” Kobayashi wheedled eagerly. “Don’t you want to be a perfect bimbo?”

Cyrellia giggled. Bimbo was such a fun word! And she did want to be perfect. But wasn’t she, like, super important, or something? She should tell her master that.

“Uh…” she began. “Listen, um, master. I’m like, totally important! I’m a really big deal. You should um. Listen to me more, or something. I don’t wanna pierce my horns!”

That was good, she thought. Why was her summoner giggling at her?

“But,” Kobayashi retorted, eventually. “I really want to see you with those piercings. I won’t be satisfied with anything less. And that means, you’re just going to keep getting dumber until you give me what I want. Isn’t that great?”

“Um…” Cyrellia fell silent for several long moments as she tried to follow Kobayashi’s logic. Eventually, she gave up. She just kept getting tied in knots. But whatever her master was talking about, it didn’t sound fair at all! “No! It’s not great! It totally sucks. I don’t have to do that. I don’t!”

“Uh-oh,” Kobayashi warned. “I have to admit that the pouting bimbo look is a cute one. But you’re supposed to be nice and enthusiastic, remember? That’s another minus ten.”

Cyrellia gasped, giggling breathlessly. She was getting so dumb. It was so hard to think. Her mind was empty. She was struggling to remember anything at all about the contract they’d made. Just about the only thing she could hold on to was one, last, stubborn flame of resistance she was determined not to let go out.

Even if it proved her undoing.

“F-fuck you. Fuck you, mortal,” she hissed, after managing to stifle her own giggles. Kobayashi just tutted.

“What did I just tell you? Aren’t you going to learn your lesson? That’s not very smart, for a powerful succubus. Minus ten.”

Cyrellia’s head was spinning. She was seeing white. No, she was seeing pink. Nothing but pretty, pink sparkles, everywhere she looked. It should have been horrifying, but instead, it was wonderful. She just wanted to… but no, she had to, like, fight. Didn’t she?

“Y-you can’t do this to me!” Cyrellia insisted, balling her hands into fists at her sides, trying as hard as she could to suppress every little verbal tic of embarrassing bimbo-speak. “I… I’m really important! You’ll regret this. I’ll… I’ll punish you!”

“Not enough ‘likes’ or giggles,” Kobayashi told her, unmoved by her threats. “I’m not satisfied at all! Minus ten.”

“N-no!” Cyrellia cried, but her valley girl accent made it sound like pleading. “I’ll… I’ll never…”

“Minus ten!”

“You… can’t…” Cyrellia’s face twitched as she fought not to giggle, intelligence draining out of her with each passing second. Through it all, a horrible, dawning awareness of what was happening was beginning to hit her. “I… no… you’ll… you’ll never win! I… I can’t lose!”

“Suit yourself.” Kobayashi shrugged. “That’s another minus ten.”

“F… fuck… you… I’ll.”

“Minus ten! Going to let me pierce your horns yet.”

Cyrellia shook her head mutely. Words. She couldn’t form words.

“Fine.” Kobayashi shook her head despairingly. “You want to lose even more IQ? Your loss. Literally. Why not just give in already?”

One final wave of bimbofication hit Cyrellia, and to her rapidly-vanishing horror, that was exactly what she did.

She gave in.

Somehow, Kobayashi seemed to know. Perhaps it was the glassy, utterly vacant look in her eyes. Perhaps it was the way she almost collapsed to her knees, legs splaying awkwardly as she struggled to stay standing in her platform heels. Perhaps it was the way she started giggling again. Whatever it was, Kobayashi offered the succubus the piercings again, and with nothing more than a giggle, she nodded and accepted them.

The brain-drained demon obediently let Kobayashi sit her down and get to work piercing her horns. It took a little time, but it didn’t hurt one bit. The whole time, the succubus thought of nothing. Once Kobayashi was finished, she stood her bound demon up, leaving her to giggle at the pretty, jingling noise her new piercings made.

“How do you like them, Cyrellia?” Kobayashi asked her brightly. From the blush in her cheeks, it was clear she was incredibly pleased.

“They’re, like, so good, master!” the succubus replied, clapping her hands enthusiastically. “But, like, um… who’s Cy-… Cyrellia? Is that me?”

“Did you forget? Oh, how perfect!” Kobayashi squealed. “What do you think?”

“Um, I dunno.” The succubus giggled, and scrunched up her face. “It’s, um, kinda un-cute.”

“You’re right.” Kobayashi nodded. “I know! How about Cyri?”

“Cyri!” The newly-christened Cyri giggled happily. “That’s so much better, master! You’re, like, so smart. So um. How about you? Do you like my piercings?”

“I do!” Kobayashi was smiling from ear to ear. “They really finish off your look. In fact, I think you could say that I’m finally perfectly satisfied.”

At that, Cyri’s ears pricked up. Perfectly satisfied? That seemed important, somehow. Wasn’t she supposed to, like, do something once Kobayashi was perfectly satisfied? Something big? Whatever it was, it was filling her with a deep sense of satisfaction and victory.

After a moment, she gave up trying to remember.

Whatever it was, it couldn’t have been important.

“Now,” Kobayashi continued, taking Cyri’s hand. “Shall we? We have a party to get to.”

“Yay!” Cyri bounced eagerly, sending her titties jiggling. “Parties are, like, totes fun!

And so, hanging on Kobayashi’s arm like the perfect bimbo she now was, the fallen archsuccubus willing embraced her new fate as a brainless, airheaded, bright pink piece of eyecandy.

The funny thing was? She’d never been happier.

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