Chapter 10

by Kallie

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Lori arrived first, even though it was Madison’s apartment that she, Sally and Madison had decided to use for their regular meetings. Madison lived alone and her apartment was difficult to pry on, and privacy was essential. Fortunately for her, Lori didn’t have to wait for Madison to return from her classes. She let herself in, using the spare key Madison had given to her. Neither she nor Sally had been hesitant to give Lori full, free access to their places. After what they’d shared, prudishness about things like that was completely senseless.

It had been a couple of weeks since Lori had first brainwashed Madison - or rather, since Unit 7005 had done so. Lori was no longer certain there was even much of difference. At first, of course, she’d been completely unaware of 7005’s existence. Then, when she’d stumbled upon the programming that had been placed in her head, she’d been terrified, regarding 7005 as a foreign presence installed into her mind in a grotesque violation of her free will. Over time, though, her fear had dwindled, and had been replaced by a sense of perverse curiosity. She’d come to appreciate the ways that being 7005 let her shed her stresses and anxieties. Even though she never remembered any of it, she always woke up from those brainwashed states feeling refreshed, or even euphoric. She’d started asking Harper to activate 7005, because it just felt that good to be mindless and obedient. Since then, her acceptance of her situation had only grown. Now, she was always aware of 7005. She could feel it as a presence in her mind. She could feel that programming, that conditioning, that training. That brainwashing. The word ‘brainwashing’ made her shiver, and lick her lips with anticipation. 7005 didn’t scare her anymore. In fact, she found its presence in her mind comforting. It was always there, ready to uncoil and smother  her consciousness in cold, smooth latex, washing away all her fears and doubts. 7005 was part of her. Lori accepted that now. Not just any part; a deep, important part. Sometimes, Lori felt like 7005 was more real than she was. More fundamental. That didn’t scare her either.

There was a knock at the door. It was Madison, Lori immediately knew. Madison was always a little early, and Sally was always a little late. Lori went to open the door for her. Madison could get into her own apartment on her own, of course, if she needed to. But she knew Lori was there, and she liked to knock. She liked the ritual of it, Lori figured.

“Hi,” Lori said, greeting her friend. “Come in.”

“Hi,” Madison said, slightly breathily. She followed Lori inside, and into her bedroom.

Madison had embraced her transformation eagerly, much more so than either Lori or Sally. Lori wasn’t sure why. Maybe the way that she had converted Madison had left an indelible impression on her friend’s psyche. It certainly seemed that way, from how Madison had acted since then. Or maybe the hypnotic conditioning had simply awoke something that was already deep inside her. Lori was harboring a small amount of scientific curiosity about which it was, but she knew it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that they were both fulfilling their role, their programming. Lori had absolutely no doubts at all that Madison was thoroughly brainwashed, and was taking herself deeper into brainwashing every day. Unit 7428 was fully compliant.

“I’m sorry I’m early,” Madison said haltingly, pacing across the floor of her own apartment. Lori knew from experience that there was no point asking her to sit. She was far too excited.

“It’s not a problem,” Lori replied.

“Good.” Madison seemed a little more settled 

Amongst all the changes Lori had witnessed in Madison, the only one that discomforted her was Madison’s tendency to treat her with something close to reverence. As if she were some kind of priestess, or even some kind of saint. It made sense, admittedly. She’d opened Madison up to a whole new world, one that she had very effusively voiced her enthusiasm for and appreciation of. Perhaps for her, it had been like a religious moment. Still, it was uncomfortable. Lori didn’t have to confidence to accept being treated that way, and 7005 utterly rejected the idea that a mere drone should be treated with any respect. No-one deserved that. No-one except The Administrator. Lori still knew nothing about whoever it was that was truly behind everything she’d experienced, but she could feel them in her mind, a little like how she could feel 7005. There was something lying behind the programming and brainwashing in her head; some tell-tale traces of authorship that she could pick up on. But more than that, she felt an indescribable sense of submission towards that author. No, submission, wasn’t a strong enough term. It was more automatic than that, and more irresistible. She felt like she was nothing more than a cog in a giant machine, a simple instrument that could do nothing more than serve its purpose. Lori was always shocked at how comforting she’d begun to find that.

“I’m sure Sally will be here soon,” Lori said out loud, answering Madison’s unspoken question. Madison nodded quickly a few times, grateful for the reassurance, but she remained fidgety and agitated. Lori knew perfectly well she was eager, rather than anxious. It was obvious from the way her face kept pulling into a smile and the way she kept rubbing her thighs together needily as she paced, and most of all from the shining, zealous look in her eyes. Lori would have been lying to herself if she’d been trying to pretend she didn’t feel a measure of that same eagerness, but for her it was tempered by a more sober sense of duty. She didn’t think of herself as superior to Madison, but she felt she needed to be a responsible guide to their transformation.

Several silent minutes passed before there was another knock at the door, this one timid and reticent. Lori checked the time on her phone as she went to answer it. Sally was a few minutes late, but not as late as she had been last time. That was progress. When she opened the door, Lori found Sally standing before her, looking down at the ground. There was a faint blush in her friend’s round cheeks. She looked guilty. Lori knew all too well exactly what must have been going through Sally’s head. She’d promised herself she wasn’t going to come, and with each step she’d promised herself that the next step would see her turning around and heading home. But here Sally was. Nothing was forcing her. She wasn’t being coerced or blackmailed. She’d simply had one sweet taste of what it meant to surrender the blissful, perfect programming that Lori had exposed her to. Now, it was Sally’s forbidden fruit. She couldn’t stay away, and each time she gave in, its hold over her grew stronger. Soon, she would stop fighting it. Lori knew that from experience too.

“Come in,” Lori invited her, once it became clear Sally wasn’t going to say anything.

Hesitantly, Sally followed Lori inside. “H-hi,” she began uncertainly. “I, uh, I’m. I’m sorry, I, uh, I was…”

“It’s OK,” Lori said soothingly, cutting through her nervous friend’s babble with easy authority. “None of that matters. What matters is, you’re here now.”

Sally twitched, and looked unhappy as she followed Lori into Madison’s apartment. Even as she led the way, Lori made sure to keep her head half-turned, keeping a watchful eye on Sally. She looked like a horse that was about to bolt.

“Finally!” Madison announced pointedly, as Lori and Sally entered the room. She stopped pacing, and clasped her hands together. Sally, meanwhile, slumped onto Madison’s bed, throwing her backpack down on the floor.

“H-how are you doing?” Sally asked quietly, mumbling a little.

“We can talk about that later,” Madison replied impatiently. “Let’s get started.”

Lori nodded in agreement. It was time. They weren’t here for small talk. There was something they needed to do.

“Wait,” Sally squeaked. “Maybe we can, um, talk first?”

Madison snorted, but Lori sat down on the bed next to Sally. She placed a sympathetic hand on her shoulder, and Sally only flinched a little bit. “What do you want to talk about?” Lori asked her.

“I… I’m just not sure this is really a good idea. Can’t we slow down a little bit?” Sally  pleaded. Behind her, Madison had started pacing again. “What if we all just stopped? What if we all stopped, together. At least for a bit?”

“Why do you want to stop?” Lori asked. She could see the struggle going on in Sally’s head, and she sympathized with it.

“I’m…” Sally’s mouth flapped impotently for a few moments as she struggled to articulate the weight of what she was feeling. The confused and the fear and the need, and the fear of that need. “I’m scared,” she finished.

“I know.” Sally looked at Lori, surprised. “I’ve been there, remember,” Lori continued. “But it’s going to be OK. I can promise you that. You’ll feel so much better soon, remember? You know that. You know how it feels.”

Sally closed her eyes for a brief moment, and shivered involuntarily as the memories of pleasure fought to claim her. But then she opened them again. “I don’t know, Lori. I don’t know if I want to be… that.”

“Oh, come on already!” Madison cried. She circled around her bed to stand in front of Sally, her hands on her hips. “Let’s just do it already, Lori. You know she won’t be able to fight it.”

Sally eyes shot wide open, like a deer in headlights. Lori quickly intervened to shut Madison down. “No, Madison. We’re not going to force anyone to do anything.” Madison wilted, and Lori turned back to Sally. “Sally, if you want to, you can leave. We won’t try to stop you. But Madison and I are going to stay here and do what we came here to do, and we’d really like you to stay here with us.”

Sally’s brow furrowed. The seconds dragged on as she sat in silence, torn in half by the dilemma facing her. Lori’s heart went out to her, and she felt the urge to simply speak Sally’s activation code and take the pain of indecision. But no, it had to be her choice. Sally needed to learn to freely embrace the gift they had all been given. That was the only way. The first times hadn’t been free, of course. That was one thing Lori was still harboring some lingering doubts over. She regretted that it had been necessary to trick and manipulate Sally and Madison in order to expose them to The Administrator’s gift. But it was necessary - she knew that. The programming in her head told her so. And in the end, they would be so much happier for it. Just like she was.

Eventually, Sally decided to stay. She didn’t say anything. She couldn’t bring herself to admit how badly she wanted it. But Lori noticed the moment Sally sighed, and her shoulders dropped in an expression of defeat. Lori was hit by a static burst of electric pleasure, a reward for her success. She was being such a good drone. Everything was going to plan. Somehow, Lori even knew that Jae, who seemed to have been evading the three of them, was safely in hand. Lori longed to bring Harper into the fold too, but that was not permitted. Lori’s mix of feelings towards Harper were complicated, but she’d seen how much Harper was struggling with what they were all going through. At least, she thought she had. Some of her memories regarding Harper were hazy and unfocused. But she had to trust the plan. As always, the Administrator’s plan was perfect. “Let’s get started,” Lori declared.

With that, Lori rose to her feet and started removing her clothes. She stripped quickly and efficiently, and without any sense of shame or embarrassment. Inhibitions no longer applied between them, not after everything that had been through together. Madison quickly followed her lead, practically ripping off her jeans and crop top in her eagerness. Sally found it more difficult. She kept pausing as she stood up and started shedding her outer layers bit by bit, only slowly discarding her sweater and comfortable pants onto the bed. It wasn’t simply her reluctance about participating that held her back, Lori knew. Lori had always considered her friend’s softness and curves to be beautiful, but she understood why it was hard for Sally to same way. But she also knew that was part of the allure of being a drone for her: it stopped her from having of those insecure thoughts. It had been the same for Lori. She’d never had the best relationship with her own body, and as much as transitioning had helped with that, she still had a great many hurdles to deal with. Becoming 7005 had helped her overcome them to no end. A month ago, Lori would never have imagined she’d be calmly able to strip completely naked in front of her friends like she was doing. It was ironic, she thought, that being brainwashed had helped her feel so free.

In a couple of minutes, they were all naked. Lori was pleased that Madison had managed to contain herself, and hadn’t tried hassle or hurry Sally. They all stood facing each other in a small circle, and exchanged significant looks. None of them said anything. The room had changed. It felt special now. Sacred. Each of them was shivering slightly with anticipation - Madison most obviously so, but Lori and Sally too. Now that Sally had capitulated, she couldn’t but feel a little eager and excited. Her mind’s secret desires were her own worst enemy. She knew what was to come. She knew how good it was going to feel. Overcome by a sudden urge, Lori pulled Sally close to her and kissed her on her lips. Sally didn’t resist. This was part of the ritual. Without restraints and inhibitions, there was no reason not to indulge themselves in each other’s bodies. It felt natural, in a way. Especially since they were all desperately, painfully aroused. They couldn’t help it. Their programming had made them that way. Their minds had been reworked and reshaped, and their transformation into drones had been inexplicably linked with their wants, needs, and pleasures. It felt far, far too good to question or resist.

Madison watched them kiss, her mouth open slightly and her hand beginning to massage and caress her own body. Her thighs were already slick with her own wetness, and she was beginning to salivate and even drool a little. Lori was conscious of her need, and after a moment broke off from kissing Sally and pulled Madison into an embrace. Their lips locked together in a passionate kiss, Madison throwing her arms around Lori and holding her tight, like she would drown without her touch. Lori was amazed at how different her friends kissed. Sally’s kiss was gentle and light; Madison’s was all fire. Lori was grateful she was getting a chance to experience her friends like that - to be so intimate and so close with them. As she was kissing Madison, she felt another pair of hands tentatively exploring her body. Sally slipped a hand around Lori’s hip, allowing herself to stray low and touch her ass as she did so. Lori looked at her and, with a warm smile, encouraged her to continue. It felt good to touch, and be touched. Her body was so warm now. Madison and Sally were both flushed and panting too. They all wanted to lose themselves together.

Lori pulled back from Madison, ignoring her needy whine, and turned to face Sally. Sally stared at her, her beautiful, blue eyes wide and blazing. Lori bent forward towards her, leaning in to kiss her neck, and placed her hands on Sally’s hips. From there, she started to caress and feel her all over, groping her round stomach and her full, incredible breasts, and down to her plush, soft thighs. Sally trembled, but didn’t pull away. Lori was amazed at how perfect her friend’s body felt beneath her hands. She wanted Sally to feel good too. She started focusing her attention on the places she knew Sally was sensitive, on her breasts and inner thighs, and the kisses she placed on her neck became deeper and more sensual. Sally started to moan, and started murmuring and whispered under her breath, her words little more than incoherent babbling. Even though her face was buried in Sally’s neck, Lori knew she was wearing a wild grin on her face. She loved this. Even setting her programming aside, she loved it. Lori felt hands on her own hips again, even Sally’s hands were pressed back against the bed to  steady herself. It was Madison; she was pressed herself close against Lori, almost grinding against the trans girl’s ass, and her hands were rubbing up and down her hips. Lori purred appreciatively, but Madison wasn’t going to stop there. She reached one of her hands further, down underneath Lori, and started stroking her cock. Lori, surprised, couldn’t suppress a moan. She was already hard, but she hadn’t expected Madison to be so bold so quickly.

Madison giggled mischievously, and started jerking Lori off rhythmically, slowly stroking her harder and harder, and faster and faster. The pleasure Lori felt was dizzying. The kisses she planted on Sally’s body became messier and sloppier, and the way she was groping her chubby friend became wilder and less cautious. Sally, in turn, started moaning louder too. It was like she had never known such pleasure. Lori, too, was in heaven. She was sandwiched between her two beautiful friends, pleasuring or being pleasured by both of them. Madison was the only one going unsatisfied, and from the way her needy whining was growing in volume and desperation it was obvious that her patience wasn’t going to last. Keen to please both of her friends, Lori turned and let herself fall back onto the edge of the bed besides Sally, reaching out to grab Madison and pull her along with her. Madison yelped, and fell clumsily atop Lori. They both giggled for a moment. Sally settled herself onto the bed next to them, as if she sensed what Lori wanted. Lori placed a guiding hand on Madison’s side, and Madison easily complied, shifting slightly so that Lori could slip her cock between Madison’s thighs. Immediately, Madison started grinding herself up and down along it, a look of intense hunger in her eyes. Lori started grinding too, bucking her hips, intoxicated by the feeling of Madison’s powerful thighs along her shaft, and of her warm, wet, inviting pussy. At the same time, Lori reached over and felt her way between Sally’s legs with her hand, her friend parting her legs to allow her access. Lori found that Sally was wet too, and Sally started moaning loudly and gratefully once Lori started rubbing her hand along her slit.

They continued like that for several minutes, all lost in shared, feverish pleasure, their moans rising in a constant crescendo. But before it reached its peak, Lori stopped. She stopped fingering Sally, and she gently pulled herself away from Madison’s body. Both her friends looked at her plaintively. Lori knew what they were feeling; she had made herself just as desperate as they were. But she had a greater duty to obey. “It’s time.”

  They all knew what that meant. Sally and Madison looked a little unhappy that they weren’t allowed to continue pleasuring each other, but they all knew the irresistible allure of what they were about to subject themselves to and besides, their minds were already growing dull and addled from pleasure. They were no longer capable of any resistance. Deep in their subconsciousnesses, they were already preparing themselves. As one, they rose to their feet and started moving. Sally and Lori went to the backpacks they had brought, while Madison simply looked under her bed. Each of them retrieved the same thing: an identical, black, latex bodysuit. Just holding it sent chills running all down Lori’s body, and she could see it had the same effect on Madison and Sally. Sally wasn’t hesitating anymore. She wanted it just as much as Lori and Madison did - and deep down, she always had - and she was already hypnotized by what she was doing, each step into submission taking her tumbling down the next. Resistance was meaningless, and it felt so good to obey.

As one, they started to put on the rubber suits. Each one was tailor-made to suit its drone’s body, and Lori felt almost overcome by a sense of ecstasy and purpose as she saw each of her friends’ bodies disappear beneath sleek, smooth, dark latex. It was so right. So perfect. It transformed them completely, making them look robotic and alien and without flaw, and so incredibly arousing. And she was part of it too; Lori was just as transformed, just as perfect. The way the latex felt as it stretched over and conformed to her skin was like coming home. It was indescribably calming and soothing. As always when she was in latex, the Lori part of her mind had started to fade, and the part of her that was 7005 was growing and spreading, taking her over. She welcomed it. She longed to reach out and touch her friends, to feel and explore their latex-clad bodies, but there would be time for that later.

“Kneel,” Lori commanded, once they had all finished donning their suits. In perfect unison, they moved to stand together in a line in front of Madison’s desk, their movements a little more precise and robotic than they had been. On the desk, Madison’s computer was on and the screen was angled down, ready for use. Lori stood in the middle, with Sally and Madison flanking her on either side, although they were hardly just Sally and Madison anymore. Lined up, they all knelt, folding themselves into the exact same position, with their legs folded neatly underneath them and their palms resting on their knees, upturned.

“Unit 7137, confirm status,” Lori intoned.

“Unit 7137 ready,” Sally answered. Her voice was weak and awed, but not hesitant.

“Unit 7428, confirm status.”

“Unit 7428 ready.” Sally and Madison hadn’t quite become drones yet. They hadn’t been activated. But as with Lori, the lines were becoming increasingly blurred. Their voices were empty of feeling.

“Unit 7005 ready,” Lori said, completing the protocol. She could feel her mind becoming cold. She could feel the programming and brainwashing inside her uncoiling and preparing. Her body was burning up with heat. “Commencing session Delta.”

From her kneeling position, Lori reached out and clicked the computer mouse a couple of times. In no time at all, a spiral burst into life on the screen. Instantly, Lori, Madison, and Sally were all entranced. There was no resistance left in them. Obedience felt far too good. In another instant, there was no more Lori, Madison and Sally, only 7005, 7137, and 7428 - three drones, brainwashing themselves deeper and deeper into the Administrator’s thrall.

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