Chapter 9

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female

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Trinity couldn’t keep herself from swaying unsteadily as she rose to her feet. It felt as though the inside of her head had been run through a washing machine. Everything she was used to thinking, knowing and feeling had been churned up and chewed out, and the new creed Radiance had made her give herself was echoing like thunder through her mind, the words loud enough to make her head throb.

You need to follow rules.

You need to make sure other people follow rules.

You need to keep people safe.

You need to make people feel good.

She did. She needed all of those things now.

She needed to be a good girl.

After just a few moments, Trinity’s legs gave out underneath her, and she staggered over to the bed so she could sit herself down instead of collapsing onto the floor. In an instant, Radiance was right there beside her, a look of concern carved into the superhero’s perfect face.

“Trinity?” Radiance called. The expression on her face was unreadable. “Are you OK?”

Trinity looked at her, and immediately forgot to answer. The sight of Radiance brought forth a tidal wave of new feelings, powerful enough to smother all kinds of old resentments that would have otherwise bubbled to the surface. She felt no bitterness at all as she stared at her captor and rival. No, not her rival. Radiance wasn’t her rival anymore.

She was her savior.

Radiance had shown her the light. She had taken her and remade her into a new woman. A good, law-abiding, well-intentioned woman. Trinity couldn’t imagine how to thank her enough. Furthermore, Radiance herself embodied everything Trinity now believed in. She enforced the law, and she saved people. She was an ideal. A hero.

Everything Trinity now found herself drawn towards.

She hadn’t forgotten, of course, that Radiance had made her that way using mind control. She’d forced Trinity to turn her own power against herself, rewriting her most fundamental beliefs and personality traits. But Trinity couldn’t bring herself to feel anything but gratitude. Each one of the words Radiance had spoken to her while she’d been in her shimmer-induced trance was now inscribed in her soul like holy scripture. They were the truth. It was quite literally impossible for her to think otherwise. And how could you hate someone who had shown you such a vital truth? How could you want to do anything but repay them for transforming you?

But how? Nothing compared to the gift Radiance had given her, and nothing could even begin to make up for all the villainous acts Trinity had committed. The brainwashed villain wracked her mind, trying to think of anything that she could do.

Then, she thought about how Radiance had looked at her while she’d been brainwashing her.

You need to make people feel good.

Yes. She needed to make Radiance feel good.

“Trinity?” Radiance repeated. As Trinity just looked at her, not answering, a look of dawning horror and guilt descended on her face, and she started gently shaking her captive’s shoulder. “Hey? Hey Trinity? Fuck, c’mon. Answer me, damn it!”

“I’m good,” Trinity answered finally, and Radiance looked stunned at the utterly serene tone in her voice. But it was true. She was good now. She was a good girl.

“Are… you sure?” Radiance didn’t look much less worried. “I was… for a moment there, I thought that…”

Trinity cocked her head, curious to see what the hero was going to say, but she just trailed off.

“Don’t worry,” Trinity assured her, doing her best to smile. Her head was still churning horrendously, but it was beginning to settle, and she was starting to regain her balance. It turned out that getting your entire worldview flipped on its head required a little time to adjust. “I feel fine. I’m just eager to get started, as soon as I can.”

“Get started with what?” Radiance asked.

Trinity’s smile widened, and she shivered with anticipation as the words passed her lips. “Making people feel good, of course.”

Just thinking about it filled her with warmth and pleasure. It was her purpose now. Her guiding light.

“Let’s hold back on that a little,” Radiance replied. Her tone was even, but she seemed decidedly anxious. “Until things, um, settle, it might not be such a good idea to have you out on the streets.”

Trinity nodded. “Very well. I can start right here instead.”

Radiance blinked. “What do you mean?”

“With you, of course.” Trinity patted the bed next to her. Radiance slowly sat down, looking at the reformed villain warily the entire time. “I’ve put you through hell, Radiance. Yesterday, and so many more times in the past. I’ve broken so many rules. The least I can do is try to make it up to you.”

“That’s…” Radiance’s lips were parted slightly in surprise. Clearly, she hadn’t expected this. “I don’t think that’s necessary.”

Trinity frowned. “Why not?”

The superhero seemed momentarily dumbstruck by the question. “Because… because I’m a hero,” she explained. “I’m not one of the ones who needs protecting. I can take care of myself.”

Trinity nodded. She was starting to understand, but the burning drive within her couldn’t be denied.

“Of course you can,” she said, and drew a little closer to Radiance. “But you deserve to feel good too, Radiance.”

“I…” Radiance looked at Trinity sharply, eyes widened.

“A little comfort. A little warmth. Everyone needs that much,” Trinity continued. She spoke softly, but her voice was faintly breathy. She could hardly contain her excitement. “Even you. You’re not a machine. You want things.”

Radiance looked away. “I want to protect people.”

“You want more than that,” Trinity retorted, leaning in. As she thought about how she’d woken up that morning, with Radiance clinging to her arm, she could see exactly how to get through to the hero. “And that’s OK! Everyone deserves a little pleasure in life. You wouldn’t judge anyone else for that, would you? So why judge yourself?”

“I just want to protect people,” Radiance insisted. Her whole body was tense.

Trinity drew closer, until her lips were just inches from Radiance’s ear. “Liar,” she whispered playfully.

At that, Radiance recoiled sharply. She looked at Trinity, horrified, perhaps even afraid. Trinity trembled. Perhaps she should stop. This wasn’t what she wanted. What she needed.

You need to make people feel good.

You need to make people feel good.

You need to make people feel good.

Those words, echoing through Trinity’s mind once more, stiffened her resolve. She needed to make Radiance feel good. And she knew exactly how, even if it was something Radiance was lying to herself about.

“No-one could be happy living like this.” Trinity gestured around the room. “I’m not going to stop you from protecting anyone. But while we’re here, you and me, why not let me make you feel good? What’s the harm, Radiance?”

The hero lapsed into silence. Trinity sighed. She was going to have to twist the knife a little deeper. It pained her to do it, but she knew it would all be for the best. She could help Radiance feel better.

“You know, I saw the way you were looking at me,” Trinity whispered, “while you were playing with my mind. You were so turned on, Radiance. It’s OK, I’m not judging you. I know how it feels. We both do. You want me. You want to control me. Use me.” 

There was no doubt about it now. Radiance looked terrified. “You don’t know me,” she forced out.

“Then tell me I’m wrong,” Trinity shot back.

Radiance didn’t say anything.

Trinity didn’t gloat. There was something far more important to be done. Instead, she reached out slowly towards Radiance, as if to a wary animal, and rested an arm around her shoulder. Radiance bristled, but didn’t pull away.

“What…” Radiance’s voice was quiet. “What are you even proposing?”

Trinity shivered again. She was getting so close. She needed this. She needed to make people feel good. That was her whole being now.

She looked at Radiance with big, open, honest eyes. “Anything you want.”

At first, Radiance’s lips curled up at the corners as if she was about to laugh, but her face froze when she realized how utterly sincere her captive was being.

“That’s…” Radiance shook her head, but awkwardly, with conflict in her eyes. “Trinity. I don’t think that’s right.”

“Why not?” Trinity demanded. She was careful to keep her voice soft, and her words insistent. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Because I did this to you!”

As Trinity inched towards Radiance, the superhero retreated, but she was running out of room all on the bed. She was almost pressed up against the wall. For all her strength, for all her muscles, she seemed utterly powerless in the face of an eager, pleasing, seductive Trinity. Her conviction that she’d turned the supervillain to the path of goodness was at war with her instinct that what was happening was very, very wrong.

Her words sent a wave of unease through Trinity too. Why was she doing this? Hadn’t she viciously hated Radiance just minutes ago? Why was she now thinking about sex? Why was she OK with any of this? But an instant later, a far greater wave rose to meet it, formed of the irresistible compulsion she’d planted deep in her own mind. It swept the unease aside effortlessly, leaving Trinity swaying breathlessly.

You need to make people feel good.

You need to make people feel good.

You need to make people feel good.

That was her truth. Her religion. It overpowered everything. She wanted to make Radiance feel good, and she knew exactly how. She’d seen it in the superhero’s eyes.

“That doesn’t matter,” Trinity said, as she swayed gently from the force of her hypnotic mantra. “I’m an adult. I want this. You want this. It doesn’t matter what you did to me. It doesn’t matter who I was before. People change, Radiance. You changed me. For the better. This is who I am now.”

In the face of Trinity’s passionate words and her huge, dilated, pleading eyes, Radiance was utterly helpless. “I… I… I…”

Conflict was writ large on the hero’s face. Trinity could see that she couldn’t bring herself to agree to what she was proposing. But she could also see that Radiance wanted it, and that was enough. She was almost there. The signs were clear; the tell-tale blush in Radiance’s cheeks, or the tell-tale glances she cast down at Trinity’s body.

Trinity started to fold herself around Radiance. She knew how to seduce people. She had plenty of practice at it. Trinity wasn’t one to rely on her power when she was craving a little company. She brought her face close to Radiance.

“You deserve this,” she told Radiance, and the hero flinched a little. “You can’t go easy on yourself, can you? Let me go easy on you instead. I’m right here. I want to. It’ll feel good. No-one will even know.”

With Trinity so close, Radiance’s voice was coming soft and breathy. “I…” she repeated hopelessly.

“It’s OK,” Trinity whispered, smiling. “You don’t have to say it. Just let me.”

And she kissed her.

At first, just as Trinity had expected, Radiance’s lips were stiff and unresponsive as they met hers. But then, just as she’d hoped, Radiance softened and pulled into her, becoming molten and impassioned. The kiss was hot, and it felt good, but not nearly as good as the bubbling, glowing satisfaction within Trinity at knowing what she was doing to the superhero.

She was making her feel good.

Trinity broke off the kiss after a few seconds, and the pair drew back and looked at each other. Trinity’s eyes were impossibly wide as they drank in the sight of Radiance, flushed and panting. She was barely lucid. Her mantra had become a song that roared in her ears. She needed to make people feel good. She needed to make Radiance feel good. And now she had, yes, but that first taste of pleasure was instantly addictive. She needed more.

And so did Radiance.

The proud superhero looked barely more sober than Trinity did, with sweat drenching her brow and her lips still parted, a small bead of drool threatening to escape them. She looked weaker than Trinity had ever seen her. She looked needy. Trinity ached to fulfill that need for her. Once, she would have seen a weak Radiance as an opportunity. With such a mighty hero under the influence of her shimmer, she could have brought Future City to its knees. Now, Radiance was merely the woman she yearned to please.

The two of them kissed again, moments later, and this time Radiance seemed every bit as eager as Trinity. They both leaned into one another, both of them kissing hungrily, neither of them shy or reserved anymore. For Trinity, it was impossibly satisfying to see Radiance give in to her desires. The knowledge that she was fulfilling her purpose gifted her a warm, unfamiliar kind of joy she’d never quite tasted before. But for Radiance, what was happening was perhaps even deeper. The superhero seemed almost manic, still torn between two halves of herself, but despite that conflict, the base urge to reach out and touch Trinity seemed to be winning out. The pair were soon wrapped up in one another, each running their hands over the other’s body, touching each other as they hadn’t dared to before.

But there was something missing. Trinity could sense that. Kissing was good, yes, but it wasn’t what she craved - because it wasn’t what Radiance craved. Not really. As much as she needed them, she wanted more than just touch and warmth. As they broke off their second kiss, she thought about the look in Radiance’s eyes as she’d been brainwashing her, and formed an idea. Trinity pressed herself against Radiance’s chest, letting the amazonian heroine feel her own greater height and greater strength.

“What do you want me to do?” Trinity asked her submissively.

Radiance blinked. Her thoughts in turmoil, she was probably dumbstruck by the question. “What?”

Trinity smiled. Enthusiasm was bubbling inside her. She couldn’t wait. “Tell me what to do.”

The heroine’s eyes went wide, and even though she was shaking her head, her sharp intake of breath made it clear Trinity had hit the mark. “No… that’s…”

“What you want,” Trinity finished. “And it’s what I want. You need to be in control of something for a change. Total control. And you want it to be me. So. Tell me what to do.”

Radiance kept spluttering mute denials that were entirely undermined by the burning lust in her eyes. Keen to break down the last of her defenses, Trinity decided to do something just a little unfair. As Radiance watched, she let herself slide off the bed and down to the floor until she was kneeling in front of her captor. From that position, she looked up at Radiance, a placid smile on her face and a desperate, single-minded look in her eyes. She didn’t know quite how to push Radiance’s buttons perfectly, not yet, but she could take a pretty good guess, judging from what she’d seen and what she knew.

“Please,” she said, keeping her voice sweet but allowing a little submissive desperation to purr in her throat. “Tell me what to do, Sir.”

That proved to be the last straw. Using that title sent lightning through the hero. Radiance’s resistance melted away and, faced with her deepest desires come to life, she slipped effortlessly into dominance. The changes in her posture were small, but they sent shivers down Trinity’s spine. Radiance straightened her back and drew herself back, and she was no longer retreating from the brainwashed villain. Instead, she took a moment to calm herself and drink in the sight of her rival on her knees. As Radiance settled, she let her thighs open, spreading herself out languidly as her presence grew. Though she was silent for several long moments, Trinity didn’t press the issue.

She could tell she’d already won.

“Take your clothes off,” Radiance ordered.

Her voice was still quiet and a little breathy, but there was a new iron in it. It was clear that Radiance expected to be obeyed. She’d allowed herself to succumb to domspace, and now she was determined to reap the rewards.

Trinity sighed. This was perfect.

With an enthusiastic nod, Trinity reached over her head to start pulling off her top, but she was immediately stopped by Radiance’s hand reaching out to seize her jaw. As Radiance glared down at her, Trinity could do nothing but freeze and whimper.

“Use your voice,” Radiance warned.

“O-OK,” Trinity panted.

Radiance gave her a warning squeeze. “Yes, Sir.”

Trinity licked her lips breathlessly. “Yes, Sir.”

Radiance curtly nodded and released her, leaving Trinity to obey her command with fresh haste. As Trinity started undressing herself, she was filled with simmering pleasure. This was perfect. She was obeying Radiance. Radiance was telling her what to do. What she wanted. She was telling Trinity how to make her feel good. By obeying her, she was making Radiance feel good.

And she needed to make people feel good.

With each item of clothing she removed, she could feel Radiance’s eyes upon her. More than that, she could feel Radiance’s desire for her, and she could feel the way the superhero was basking in the sensation of the control she’d long craved. The feedback loop was potent. The more she obeyed, the more she gave herself to Radiance, the better Radiance would feel. And the better Radiance felt, the more satisfied Trinity was.

The brainwashed villain was determined to take it as far as it could possibly go.

“Good,” Radiance commented, as Trinity slipped out of her panties. There was no question of whether or not Radiance wanted her to remove all her clothes. Radiance wanted control. She wanted Trinity naked, exposed, vulnerable. And so that’s what Trinity would give her.

Radiance was ominously still as she inspected Trinity’s naked body. The brainwashed villain settled back into a kneeling position, legs parted slightly, displaying every part of herself. She no longer cared enough about her own modesty to feel embarrassed. Making Radiance feel good was more important. It was difficult to read Radiance’s expression as she drank in the slight of Trinity’s soft curves, her impressive tits and her visibly wet cunt, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that Radiance wanted her this way.

Trinity was determined to be a good girl.

Eventually, though, her knees started to ache from kneeling. She wasn’t used to holding that kind of position for so long. As she shifted to a sitting position, though, with her legs to one side, Radiance’s lips curled with displeasure.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

Trinity trembled a little, from nerves and excitement both. “My legs hurt,” she replied, adding belatedly: “Sir.”

Radiance’s face betrayed no sympathy. “So? I want you to kneel.”

“But, Sir, please-”

Now, Radiance’s mouth pulled itself into a cruel, arrogant smirk. “If it hurts, then hurt.”

Radiance’s look of gleeful dominance was more than enough reward to justify the ordeal. “Yes, Sir,” Trinity replied, and made herself kneel.

Kneeling in front of Radiance felt even better now that the hero had made her wishes clear. Trinity had never knelt like that before, and while the hypnotic impulses Radiance had given her made it impossible for her to be hesitant or apprehensive, she could still marvel at the new experience. She felt like a doll, or like a piece of art. She felt like every inch of her skin was something that existed for another’s pleasure. It was transformative. Even the pain felt good. It was what Radiance wanted. It was what made Radiance feel good. That was more important than anything. Trinity’s mind had completely warped itself around that one impulse. She felt so good she thought she might explode.

The wetness welling up from her slick cunt started to overspill, dripping on the floor.

After a minute or more had passed, Trinity realized that Radiance wasn’t just watching. She was waiting. She was letting Trinity’s anticipation build. She shivered. That was more than she could handle.

“Please, Sir,” Trinity begged. “Tell me what to do.”

Once, saying something like that would have been unimaginable, but now she was crashing deep into subspace. When Radiance smiled, her brainwashed mind bubbled with happy endorphins.

“First,” Radiance said. “You said ‘anything.’ What does that mean? No limits?”

Trinity didn’t even need to think about it. She shook her head. Making Radiance feel good was more important than anything. More important than food or air or water. “Anything, Sir,” she confirmed.

“Good.” Radiance nodded curtly. “Undress me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

As Trinity raised herself up to begin her task, she felt barely worthy of it. Like this, Radiance seemed even more formidable than usual. She exuded power and confidence, untainted by hesitation or self-recrimination. Trinity knew what was going on in her head. Domspace, made even more potent by the force of desires long denied. Trinity had found exactly the right way to weave her way through Radiance’s defenses and inhibitions. Now, the hero was doing whatever she wanted.

Just the thought of that brought a moan to Trinity’s lips.

Removing Radiance’s hero costume proved a slow and methodical process. After Trinity removed her boots and her cape, she discovered that the superhero’s armored bodysuit was held in place by half a dozen different sets of straps, all of which took time to unfasten. Radiance didn’t seem at all impatient with her, though, and so she took her time. Doing it slow felt right. It gave her time to appreciate the heroic splendor of Radiance’s costume, and the way it fitted to her magnificent body. Radiance really was hot, Trinity thought. She had the body of a demigoddess, with curves and muscles to leave any lesbian drooling. As high on endorphins as she was, Trinity couldn’t help admitting it to herself. She was incredibly attracted to the hero. She always had been.

Pulling the torso of Radiance’s suit away from her body exposed a plain, black sports bra, and underneath it, Radiance’s hard abs, covered with a sheen of sweat that made Trinity want to bury her face in her captor’s body. But she couldn’t. Not yet. Still, her mouth went dry as she unfastened Radiance’s belt. Doing that on her knees truly emphasized the role she’d slipped into - not that Trinity cared. She was feverish with need. Thoughts of dignity and pride were long gone.

She just needed to make Radiance feel good.

After removing her belt, Trinity was easily able to peel her thick leggings away from her sculpted legs, and just like that, she was staring at Radiance in her bra and panties and nothing more. The sight was gorgeous enough to stun her, but Radiance’s expectant gaze kept her focused on her task. She couldn’t help running her fingertips across the hero’s tanned, rich, olive skin as she slipped the straps of her sports bra over her shoulders. Radiance moved her arms a little to facilitate her efforts, but she didn’t help besides that. She just smirked at her. That was more than enough to drive Trinity crazy. She could tell she was making Radiance feel good. The way she slowly caressed Radiance as she undressed her and reverently placed each piece of her costume on the floor at her side as she removed it felt like worship.

It felt right.

Trinity didn’t care how badly her mind had been messed with. This was what she wanted. This was where she belonged.

Making Radiance feel good.

Serving her.

She hooked her fingers into the waistband of Radiance’s panties and slid them down over her legs, allowing her thumbs to run over her toned thigh muscles as she did. And just like that, Radiance was naked. Just like before, she seemed utterly at ease with her own nudity, effortlessly confident in the image her body projected. She deserved to be, Trinity thought. She looked every bit as regal as she was behaving.

With her task complete, Trinity rested back onto her knees and waited.

Radiance was purring with satisfaction at her performance. “Good girl,” she pronounced.

Trinity gasped and shuddered as she felt something like an orgasm hit her. It wasn’t physical. It was deeper than that. Until now, she hadn’t known how badly she needed to hear those words.

“T-thank you, Sir,” she managed to stammer.

Like the good girl she now was, Trinity would wait for Radiance to give her an order before making any assumptions about what was expected of her. But nonetheless, her gaze strayed down to one, obvious place.

Radiance’s pussy.

Seeing that the superhero just as wet as her was almost as good as being called a good girl. Trinity was in heaven.

But still, she needed more.

Trinity looked up at Radiance with huge, manic eyes. “Tell me what to do again, Sir,” she pleaded. “I need it. I need to make you feel good.”

Radiance seemed amused by seeing Trinity so desperate. That didn’t trouble the villain at all. Whatever made Radiance feel good. And the superhero was very clearly feeling good. It was obvious that she was being swept up in the moment, her desires and urges having been set ablaze like dry kindling.

“You know, you have a pretty sharp mouth,” Radiance commented. “Show me what else that tongue can do.”

As she heard that, Trinity was practically drooling. She’d never wanted anything more. Looming over her, naked, legs spread, Radiance looked like a king. Trinity wanted to service her so badly. Nothing else seemed to matter. Not her name. Not the fact that she’d been brainwashed. Nothing.

She just needed.

When Trinity bent forwards to plant her lips against Radiance’s cunt, though, the hero reached down and curled her hand into a fist in Trinity’s short hair, jerking her upwards. Trinity yelped, surprised, but the sharp pain was nothing compared to how it felt knowing that she was going to be pleasuring Radiance.

“Here first,” Radiance instructed, and used her grip on Trinity to force the girl’s face into her chest.

Trinity’s whining was immediately silenced as she found herself smothered by Radiance’s tits. They weren’t the most prominent of Radiance’s assets - not compared to her muscles and her ass, anyway - but they weren’t small either, and with Radiance using her considerable strength to hold Trinity in place, she quickly found that she couldn’t breathe. Trinity didn’t care. She just started planting worshipful kisses across Radiance’s skin, wherever she could. She wanted to make Radiance feel good. With her tongue, her lips, with whatever she could. She needed it.

Once Radiance was satisfied Trinity was doing what she wanted, the hero released her grip on her captive and lent back, stretching her arms out behind her so she could rest on the bed. Trinity raised herself further up on her knees in response, pressing close to the tall, muscular woman stretched out in front of her. She moved her lips to one of Radiance’s nipples, kissing and suckling until it was hard, and then moved to the other.

Radiance’s low, pleased moans were music to her ears.

Sensing Radiance’s wishes, Trinity started moving downward, planting passionate kisses across Radiance’s toned abs. As eager as she was to have her face planted in Radiance’s cunt, she took her time with it, making sure every part of Radiance’s torso received worship. She could tell Radiance wanted to feel like the goddess she was; all-powerful, all-important. She wanted to be adored, and so Trinity adored her.

She moved lower still, spreading Radiance’s legs with her hand so that she could start kissing her inner thighs, using her fingertips to trace and caress the muscular lines of her body as she did. When Trinity felt Radiance start to shiver and squirm, just a little, and heard her begin to pant, she could barely contain her joy. Her own pussy, still untouched, was dripping onto the floor beneath her. She was so excited to learn Radiance’s body. To discover all her most sensitive places, and to learn the ways she most enjoyed being pleasured.

She wanted to bring Radiance as much pleasure as possible.

That was what a good girl would do, wasn’t it?

Being a good girl was the most important thing in the world.

Those words were buzzing through her head, filling her with feverish excitement, as she finally brought her lips to Radiance’s slick, beautiful pussy.

Only to feel Radiance abruptly pushing her away.

Trinity looked up, shell-shocked, eyes like those of a wounded animal. The strange, twisted, disgusted expression on Radiance’s face tore her heart in half.

“No,” Trinity begged. “No, please! I need it!”

“No,” Radiance said, as firmly as she could when she was still panting with arousal. “We… no. We can’t. It isn’t right.”

“Who cares?” Trinity wailed. All of a sudden, her stomach was churning with nausea, and it was like someone had drenched her with ice water. “Please, Radiance! Please! I can make you feel good. I need to make you feel good!”

“No!” Radiance said, still more firmly. She looked away. Hearing the ardent fervor in Trinity’s voice was only sending her spiraling deeper into self-loathing.

“Please!” Trinity didn’t care how she sounded. She tried to crawl pitifully back towards Radiance. “I need it! You made me like this, remember? Let me have this!”

“Stop!” Radiance barked. She stood up. “I’m saying ‘no’, aren’t I? It’s a rule. A law.”

“Oh.” That put an end to Trinity’s tantrum. She slumped back on the floor, defeated. “Right.”

As much as she needed to make Radiance feel good, she needed to follow the rules too. That commandment, all but forgotten amidst her lust, was now burning in her brain. She couldn’t force herself on the hero. Radiance had said ‘no’, and that was the end of it.

Even Radiance couldn’t be unmoved by how wretched Trinity looked. “Sorry,” she muttered.

“I wanted it,” Trinity said quietly. “You wanted it too.”

“It wasn’t right.”

Apparently, there was nothing more to be said than that.

“At least let me have something,” Trinity said, after a long moment. “Let me go out there. Let me save people. That’s what you wanted, right? You wanted me to be good.”

She needed to fill the aching void inside of her. Trinity had a purpose now. A calling. If she couldn’t follow it, what was the point?

Radiance looked pained. “I… I don’t know, Trinity,” she replied. For once, she sounded so uncertain. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Not right now, at least. Maybe never. Maybe this was a really bad idea after all. I…”

She trailed off, but Trinity could sense where her thoughts were going.

Radiance was regretting what she’d done.

Radiance was going to try and undo the brainwashing.

If Radiance undid the brainwashing, Trinity wouldn’t care about making people feel good anymore.

She wouldn’t follow the rules.

Trinity couldn’t let that happen.

So, she used the only tool at her disposal to make sure it didn’t.

Before the superhero could react, Trinity gathered her power into her fists, making them blaze so bright with her shimmer the whole room was cast in purple light. Then, she surged forwards, seizing Radiance’s head between her hands.

“No,” Trinity told her, as she watched Radiance’s eyes change color and fill with sparks. “You’re going to let me be a hero.”

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