Chapter 3

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female

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Trinity considered it a further indignity, on top of all the other indignities, that she had to cling to Radiance for dear life as the two of them flew through the air. She preferred to think of it that way - the two of them, flying - because it sounded better than ‘the superheroine had picked Trinity up in her arms, abducted her, and was now dragging her unceremoniously across the sky while she tried not to look down.’ Really, anything sounded better than that.

At first, she’d tried screaming, but Radiance’s golden, mind-controlling chain was still wrapped around her ankle, and it seemed that the command to ‘shut up’ extended to screaming, crying, whimpering, grumbling, and just about any other noise she could think of. Left without the ability to plead with, insult or annoy her captor, there was little for Trinity to do except try not to look down. Not that there was anything else for her to look at. She couldn’t see Radiance’s face, which was looking determinedly straight ahead as if she didn’t notice the ways her captive was squirming and clinging. Trinity couldn’t help but wonder what kind of expression the superheroine might have been wearing.

Mercifully, it was a short flight. To Trinity’s surprise, they headed not towards the inner city, but outwards, towards a sleepy industrial zone on the outskirts. Trinity flinched as they swept in low over the tops of warehouses, before eventually Radiance pitched backwards, wings stretching out to catch the air and bring them to a sudden halt. After an ominous pause, the two of them started falling from the sky, and for a horrifying moment Trinity was certain they were about to crash into the metal roof beneath them - before they instead plunged through an open skylight, and landed safely in the room underneath, Radiance’s powerful legs bending to absorb the shock.

Trinity couldn’t help it. She squeaked.

Radiance smirked at her, making her cheeks grow hot with embarrassment, before abruptly dropping her on the ground. Trinity winced. Like she wasn’t already bruised enough. Fortunately, she had her new surroundings to take her mind off the pain.

Such as they were, anyway. The room around them was decidedly spartan. It was clearly a smaller space carved out of a larger warehouse, with a set of large skylights above and single door, dead-bolted from the inside. There was also an adjacent bathroom - no door for that, though. Frankly, Trinity would have struggled to say more than that. There was a bed, a desk, a laptop, a TV, and a mini-fridge. It looked like an uninhabited student dorm, except for the fact that the bed was so clearly slept in. It wasn’t hard to tell what this place was: Radiance’s safehouse.

Trinity felt decidedly uneasy about that. The only way a superhero would ever show a villain their safehouse was if they never thought they were going to get a chance to tell anybody.

“You can talk now,” Radiance told her, after double-checking to make sure her chain was still in place. “Not too loud,” she added sharply.

At first, Trinity found she had nothing to stay. Her stomach was still churning from their sudden, entirely unexpected flight. And anyway, what could she say? Eventually, she settled on simply: “Fuck!”

For perhaps the first time ever, Radiance seemed faintly amused by her. “Nothing to say, for once?” she asked. “No wisecracks?”

“W-wisecracks?” Trinity spat incredulously. She was so far out of her depth she couldn’t even see the bottom. On some level, she was always prepared for the boring old ritual of being clapped in handcuffs and hauled off to jail. But this… “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“With me?”Radiance’s face immediately hardened again. “What’s wrong with me? No, Shimmer. Wrong question. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“I’m not the one who went fucking renegade, abducted a criminal - away from the cops, I might add - and flew across half the city to your atrocious little love nest.” Trinity wasn’t sure why she felt the need to defend herself.

“Yes, because that’s so much worse than what you just did!” Radiance retorted sarcastically. Trinity noted she didn’t correct her about this being a love nest. She’d really been hoping Radiance would correct her about this being a love nest. “So much worse than burning up thousands in charity money, just out of fucking spite.”

“Yeah, spite for Eleanor fucking Quinn!” Trinity exploded, as loudly as Radiance’s mind control would allow. “I’ve got no problem looking like a grade-A asshole if it means robbing that bitch of some satisfaction! Maybe you’re too busy with your head in the clouds to see what she’s done to this city, but I’m not! I know exactly what kind of person she is.”

“Yeah?” Radiance rounded on her dangerously, and Trinity was suddenly reminded of just how much stronger the tall, gold-clad superheroine was. She could rip Trinity in half if she pleased, and not even break a sweat. “Go on. Tell me. Tell me what kind of person Eleanor Quinn is.”

Trinity made herself take a deep breath, and look into Radiance’s hard, ice-blue eyes. “Forget it,” she said slowly. “Not like you’d ever listen.”

“That’s what I thought,” Radiance snarled. “You know nothing, Shimmer. Believe me, Eleanor Quinn has done more for this city than you could ever understand. I know her a lot better than you do. She’s made sacrifices. Not that you’d know anything about those. All you do is take. You go around, mess with people’s heads, and take whatever you want from them. It’s sickening. You’re a parasite.”

Trinity flinched. That stung. It really did. More than she cared to admit. More than anything, though, she was scared - scared of Radiance might do. She’d never seen such a composed hero go this far off the rails.

“That’s why I brought you here, in fact,” Radiance continued slowly, after taking a few, long moments to catch her breath. “To see if I can teach you a real lesson, for once. Villains like you just keep getting worse. The cops are useless. The justice system is even worse. Unless I do something about you, nothing will change. I need to fix this.”

Trinity’s concern only grew. “And how are you going to do that? Huh?” It was all she could do to put on a brave face.

She expected Radiance to continue with some obnoxious, self-righteous screed. What she didn’t expect was for uncertainty to flicker across the superhero’s face. “I… we… you will…”

She trailed off, and a grin returned to Trinity’s face. She might have still been up shit creek without a paddle, but seeing Radiance look so nervous was a victory all of its own. “You didn’t think this through, did you, hero?”

Radiance flashed Trinity a glare that would have killed most mere mortals. “Of course I did. I’m just not going to tell you my plans.”

“Uh huh,” Trinity snorted derisively, slowly clambering to her feet. Apparently Radiance wasn’t so perfect after all. She was a terrible liar. “Yeah. Bullshit. Let me take a better guess: you got mad, you flew off the handle, you ended up kidnapping me, and now you’re wondering what the fuck you’re going to do about it.”

“Nonsense,” Radiance retorted, but there was a little pink in her tanned cheeks. Enough for Trinity.

“So, how are you going to fix this mess?” Trinity pressed. She knew Radiance could break her head open like a watermelon if she was mad enough, but she figured getting the superheroine unbalanced was still her best bet. “Drop me off to the cops? I bet they’d have a few awkward questions. Better hope none of them are feeling chatty. You know how much people on social media love rumors about heroes behaving badly. But what else is there? It’s not like you can keep me locked up here forever, Radiance. Or were you just going to let me go? Nah. No way. Not your style.”

Reverse psychology. Trinity flattered herself a genius.

“Man, you really fucked this up.” Trinity got up real close to Radiance, grinning up at her. “All you had to do was bring me in by the book, and you couldn’t even do that. What would your precious Eleanor Quinn say? Honestly, it’s pretty gross of you to be lecturing me, when you’re-”

“Shut up.”

The angelic heroine’s words were ice-cold, and when she spoke, the golden chain connected to Trinity’s ankle glimmered and glowed. Trinity swore violently - internally, of course.

“That’s better.” Radiance breathed a sigh of relief. “God. Shimmer, you’re worse than I thought. I… you know, part of me was hoping that giving you a scare by flying you here would have been enough to give you some perspective. Make you reevaluate yourself a little. But no. You don’t regret a single thing, do you?”

Trinity met Radiance’s gaze defiantly. Fuck that.

Radiance’s eyes hardened too. “I didn’t think so. Not from the woman who burnt up charity money.” She sighed, steeling herself. “So be it. If you won’t learn your lesson like a decent human being, I’ll have to teach you like an animal.”

Before Trinity could process that outrageous comment, Radiance’s golden, mind-controlling chain vanished from around her ankle. She had only a fraction of a second to enjoy the freedom, however. An instant later, the chain reappeared in Radiance’s hand, and with a simple flick of her wrist, she fastened it around Trinity’s neck, its end forming into a tight-fitting, golden collar. Trinity instinctively reached up to paw at it, knowing full well the gesture was useless, eyes bulging furiously.

“There. A collar and leash.” Radiance giggled, and that alone only added to Trinity’s shock. She’d never heard of Radiance being anything other than deadly serious. “It makes you look kind of cute, honestly.”

Trinity blushed. “Fuck you,” she spat, and then blinked. So when the collar came off, commands got wiped. That was good to know.

Just as quickly, Radiance turned serious again. “Less cute. Now, strip.”

Trinity froze, and blushed a much deeper shade of red. Her hands were already twitching to obey the irresistible command, but she managed to bring them to a halt, even though it made her head throb. “What? What the fuck?”

“For now, you’re my dog,” Radiance told her firmly, without a hint of irony or insincerity. “A dumb, badly-trained dog who doesn’t know better than to piss in the street and chase after cars. That’s why I have to train you. And dogs don’t get to wear clothes. Now. Strip.”

Trinity tried to keep fighting it. She really did, even as the pain in her head grew so intense she felt as though she was going to black out. Her body was shaking, hands already clutching at her clothes, betraying her. She wanted to hold on. She wanted to keep Radiance out of her head. It felt like a test of wills, hers against the hero’s. But with the command repeated, its force was doubled, and Trinity soon found her strength crumbling.

With her vision swimming and tears forming in her eyes, Trinity let go. The rest was automatic. Her hands went to her collar, unzipping the hoodie jacket she’d been wearing and shrugging it off her shoulders. Next was her pants. Trinity always felt defenseless without her baggy, safely nondescript clothing, but being in Radiance’s presence was making her infinitely more nervous. As silly as it was under the circumstances, she felt almost bashful. Her body was soft. Curvy, even. She had hips that would have been indecent in some of the tight-fitting spandex costumes other supervillains favored, and she had a distinct, chubby layer of fat across her stomach. Radiance’s body, meanwhile, was like a finely-honed sword. If there was any mockery in Radiance’s eyes, though, Trinity couldn’t find it. The superhero was simply staring at her clinically and expectantly.

Trinity had been wondering, with no small amount of dread, if the command to strip included underwear. She quickly discovered that it did. Within moments, her bra and panties were efficiently removed and discarded. Radiance’s monstrous power gave her no time to brace herself for nudity, but once it had run its course, she was at least able to shrink and cover herself with her hands, preserving just a little modesty.

“Embarrassed?” Radiance asked. A slight, cruel smile had come to her face, as if she was enjoying Trinity’s speechless state. “I wonder if that’s a first, for a shameless monster like you. You should be embarrassed, Shimmer. You should be ashamed of what you’ve done. It’s my duty to teach you that feeling.”

“W-what?” Trinity couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It was as if Radiance had turned into some kind of dominatrix. Well. There had always been rumors, she supposed. All the other dyke villains would be delighted to hear that all their sordid little fantasies were that much closer to reality. Trinity just wished she was finding out under different circumstances. “Y-you’re crazy.”

“No. I just know how to treat people like you.” Radiance seemed to be warming to her role, something that concerned Trinity to no end. “Or at least, I’m learning. Now. Kneel.”

“F-fuck you!” Trinity laughed in disbelief, even as her legs almost gave out beneath her.

Radiance laughed too, cruelly. “As if you would ever be so lucky. Now, do I need to repeat myself?”

As little as Trinity wanted to give the superheroine the pleasure, she couldn’t find it in herself to endure another pointless headache. Gritting her teeth and trying her utmost to look defiant, she sank unsteadily to her knees. Right away, they started aching. She wasn’t used to being the one in this position.

“Oh, very good!” Radiance clapped her hands a couple of times mockingly. “See? That’s training. I’m glad we’re off to a good start.”

Trinity glared at her. With the way the white-winged valkyrie was talking, you could have been forgiven for thinking she was a villain, instead of a hero.

“But that’s getting ahead of ourselves a little,” Radiance mused. “You can stand up again. Truthfully, I just wanted to see the look on your face.”

Trinity kept glaring as she stood. She’d never before manifested laser beams from her eyes, but she was going to give it a damn good try.

“Now, come here,” Radiance ordered, turning her back on Trinity and walking over to the bed, letting the supervillain’s golden, enchanted leash trail along the ground behind her. “The essence of training is very simple. Positive and negative stimulus. Reward and punishment. Carrot and stick. You’ve been bad, so you get punished.”

“God,” Trinity groaned. “You heroes really love the sound of your own voices, don’t you?”

It was weak and cliche, she knew, but better than letting Radiance lecture her like a child without interruption.

“Bend over,” Radiance instructed, as Trinity followed her, helpless to disobey. “Here, in my lap. I’m going to spank you.”

At that, Trinity outright howled with laughter. It went beyond nervous disbelief. She didn’t disbelieve Radiance one bit. The costumed hero was deadly serious. Trinity was about to receive a spanking from the most adored hero in the city. What the fuck. Honestly, she wouldn’t have needed any mind control to convince her to adopt the position Radiance was describing. The heroine could have told her to do that anywhere, anytime, and even though she was no kind of submissive, she would have gone along with it, just to see what the fuck she was talking about. It seemed more humiliating to Radiance than to her, in all honesty.

That was how she felt until she felt the palm of Radiance’s hand connect with her ass.

Trinity had never been spanked before. It wasn’t her style. She’d spanked other girls, sure - sometimes, not even girls she’d mind controlled - but she’d never once been on the receiving end. Which meant she was entirely unprepared for how it felt.

The naked, helpless supervillain let out a weak, sharp yelp as Radiance delivered the first spank. She felt her ass shake for a moment with the impact, a sharp, stinging pain spreading across her skin. It didn’t hurt much. Not really. It was clear Radiance wasn’t using any of her superhuman strength. But it still stung, and part of why it stung so much is that Radiance was hurting her there. Her ass. Trinity had been woefully unprepared for just how intimate the contact was going to feel. The spank made her feel vulnerable and violated in a way nothing else had, not even Radiance’s collar. Trinity quickly managed to get her voice under control, but she was still left panting breathlessly, a blush spreading across her face.

In that moment, she knew she was in trouble.

“Not how you expected it to feel?” Radiance asked, smirking.

“S-shut up!” Trinity spat.

“C’mon,” Radiance wheedled. “It’s just a little spank. Nothing compared to what you’ve done to other people. What’s the matter? The big, bad supervillain can dish it out, but she can’t take it?”

“I… hey… that’s not…” Trinity started squirming in Radiance’s lap, as if trying to escape, but Radiance’s mind control held her there, turning her motions in futile little wriggles that accomplished nothing. “L-listen, you really need to- Ah!”

Radiance spanked her again. Caught off guard, Trinity let out another shameful whimper. It wasn’t fair. How was Radiance doing this? How was she making her feel so… so weak? It wasn’t right. She was a supervillain. Trinity didn’t care about ‘The Shimmer’ having a big, tough-girl reputation, but damn it, she was a criminal and she’d been in more than a few fights in her life. She should be able to stand up to this!

And yet she wasn’t, as she quickly discovered once Radiance started spanking her in earnest. At first, she did her best to settle into the rhythm of the blows, steeling herself before each one, biting down hard to make sure she didn’t give Radiance the satisfaction of hearing any more embarrassing noises out of her. Her strength, though, deserted her faster than she expected. Radiance’s blows weren’t hard, but they were constant, and it wasn’t long before her ass started to turn a bright, sore red, making each spank that followed more and more painful. Matters only got worse when Radiance started mixing up her pace, delivering a series of three quick spanks that had Trinity yowling, or letting her fingertips linger on Trinity’s tender ass for a moment, drawing out the seconds to the next spank in a way that had Trinity shivering and whimpering in anticipation.

Within minutes, she was reduced to little more than a quivering rag doll, letting out pained moans every single time Radiance laid hands on her.

It was the most humiliating experience of her life.

“That’s better!” Radiance said, audibly delighted. She giggled, her voice distinctly uneven in a way that sent a shiver down Trinity’s spine. She knew that voice. That excitement. She knew it because it had escaped her own lips many, many times before. Radiance wasn’t just a self-righteous prick. She was a dominant, and right now, she was riding a dominant high. Maybe the superheroine really was just a pervert.

“S-shut u-up!” Trinity repeated, unable to keep her voice even no matter how hard she tried.

“No,” Radiance retorted merrily. “You need to hear that more often. ‘No.’ You always get your own way, don’t you, Shimmer? Not anymore. Not with me.”

Trinity couldn’t quite figure out why that made her heart skip a beat.

“You know, you really do have a great ass for it,” Radiance commented, delivering another sharp slap to one of Trinity’s buttocks. “Speaking from experience. I wish you could see yourself. I’ll make sure you get a good look in the mirror afterwards. You’re turning nice and red. It’s gorgeous.”

Somehow, that made Trinity blush harder than anything before. She wanted to protest, but she couldn’t find the words. It wasn’t fair. What were you supposed to say to something like that?

“Not such a loudmouth now, huh?” Radiance paused for a few moments, and Trinity noticed the great heroine was breathing hard. From exertion? Or… “It looks like I was right. Punishment isn’t good enough. Not for the likes of you. You need humiliation. You need someone to come and make you feel small for a change.”

Her words made Trinity shiver. Radiance understood. She did feel small. She felt humiliated. She felt helpless. And mixed in with all those other feelings was a faint, but growing, wish: she was starting to wish she’d just stayed home that day.

“I want you to remember this moment,” Radiance continued. “I want you to think about it every time you even so much as consider using your powers on some innocent, upstanding civilian. I want you to know that this is going to be the cost. You won’t just have to deal with the law. You’ll be dealing with me, even if it means I have to put you over my knee like a disobedient child. Understood?”

Red. Everything was red. Trinity was seeing red. She was furious, she was weak, she was so humiliated. Her ass was red and raw from the spanking. And she couldn’t think. That was the worst part. She couldn’t compose her thoughts. She couldn’t spit out so much as a single sentence. Whenever she got close, Radiance’s hand was spanking her ass again, leaving her thoughts in turmoil and her mouth doing nothing but spouting pathetic groans. She couldn’t resist. There was nothing she could do. Why couldn’t she at least snarl and growl and say ‘fuck you’? What was happening to her?

And then she noticed it.

She was wet.

Mercifully, Radiance hadn’t seen the distinct, wet stain on her inner thighs. Trinity was keeping her thighs firmly pressed together, and it was only then that she realized it wasn’t just her ass that was burning red-hot. It was her pussy. When Radiance spanked her, it was like a little electric shock connected her ass to her pussy, making every part of her shiver and forcing all the air out of her lungs. She couldn’t tell if it was pleasure or pain. It felt like both. But she knew that whenever it happened, she couldn’t help but clench her thighs together tighter, and even that stimulation was driving her absolutely wild. She couldn’t control that either, no matter how hard she tried. It was a reflex.

Radiance was spanking her. And she was getting off on it.

Trinity started shaking her head madly. No. No, no, no. This couldn’t be happening. This wasn’t happening. There was no way. She wasn’t… she wasn’t like that! Trinity liked being the one in control. She always had. That was the point. Getting to win. Getting to have her way with someone. Her powers were perfect for it, and even when she didn’t use them, she was good at topping. There was such a deep, primal satisfaction that came from seeing someone else utterly helpless and bent to her will, be it with mind control, rope, or anything else. No other pleasure had ever compared to that.

Until now.

One of Trinity’s hands immediately flew to that damned golden chain around her neck, pawing at it ineffectually, hands shaking from the intensity of what she was feeling. What the hell was Radiance doing to her? She’d thought that Radiance’s power was merely to compel obedience. Clearly, it was something much, much worse. Radiance was messing with her head somehow. Forcing her to enjoy this treatment. Turning her into some kind of submissive. The thought made Trinity’s stomach tie itself in knots.

No. No way. She had to get out of here. She had to.

But she couldn’t.

“What’s the matter?” Radiance asked smugly, as Trinity started to thrash. “Had enough? Hurts, doesn’t it? Well, too bad. This is about teaching you a lesson. Take your medicine, Shimmer.”

And the spanks kept coming.

Breathing hard though she was, Radiance showed no signs of tiring or relenting. She was merciless. The tireless heroine of justice just kept raining down blows on Trinity’s ass. For the subdued supervillain, it was quickly becoming a very different kind of torture. Suddenly, she was more than happy to moan and whimper, no matter how much amusement Radiance took from it, just as long as her moans didn’t come out needy and desperate. She couldn’t let Radiance know how her body was responding. She couldn’t. She was sure now that Radiance was doing something to mess with her head, but she would never give her the satisfaction of knowing it had worked. As helpless as she was, she could still put up that much resistance.

It wasn’t easy, though. Each spank made it harder and harder for her to hold onto even the tiniest shred of dignity. It took all of Trinity’s strength not to throw up her hands in surrender and start grinding herself into Radiance’s lap. Only the thought of the twisted, sadistic look of glee that was sure to appear on her rival’s face held her back. She couldn’t stand that. She’d sooner die. But still, it was hard. She was used to being the one in control. No-one had ever treated her like this before. Superheroes didn’t have a lot of respect for villains, as a rule, but they usually still afforded them a certain level of dignity in defeat. Not anymore, apparently.

“S-stop!” Trinity whined. “Just stop already!”

“Begging?” Radiance asked coolly. “That’s good.”

“I… I’m not…” Trinity abandoned her denial once she realized how laughable it would sound. “Y-you’ve made your point! You… what are you even… what do you want from me?”

She hated how high-pitched and desperate her voice sounded, and she hated even more that Radiance dared to laugh at her for it. At least the superhero didn’t seem to understand exactly why she sounded so desperate. “So you can give it to me?” Radiance mocked. “Is that where you’re at, Shimmer? You’ll give me whatever I want?”

“F-fuck you!” Trinity howled, as Radiance spanked her again, pushing her dangerously close to the edge. She couldn’t let go of that little kernel of resistance, no matter what cost her. She was just going to try and figure out some way to hold on.

But why did it feel so fucking good?

Trinity couldn’t stop wracking her brains, trying to figure that out. It must have been something Radiance had done. But what? Radiance hadn’t told her it would feel good. She wasn’t even sure if Radiance could tell people what to feel, or just what to do. Was it simply an effect of her chain? Something it did to people all the time? Then, why had it never made Trinity feel this way before? It didn’t make sense. None of it made sense. Trinity didn’t like being spanked. She didn’t like being stripped and made to kneel. She liked being in control. She always had.

She knew that all her internal, mental gymnastics didn’t matter at all, compared to the fact that she was quickly approaching an incredible, masochistic orgasm.


Each spank now felt as intense as a thunderstorm. Radiance wasn’t punishing her any harder than before. It was simply that Trinity’s ass had become incredibly tender and sensitive, and her body was primed in torturous anticipation of each blow.


Trinity squeezed her thighs together reflexively, shivering at how wet they felt. Even that tiny bit of direct stimulation had her tingling everywhere. She’d never felt so sensitive. Fuck.


Trinity moaned. She’d long since given up trying to contain her voice, and even on being embarrassed about it. She was way past that now, just as she was way past trying not to squirm pathetically in Radiance’s lap. There was only one thought on her mind. One single piece of dignity she was trying to preserve. Don’t cum. Don’t cum. Don’t cum. Don’t c-


The red she saw each time Radiance spanked her was rapidly fading to white. Trinity caught herself biting her lip, and made herself stop. She didn’t want to look like some kind of pouting, blushing submissive. She wasn’t a masochist, damn it! She just… she needed Radiance to stop for a moment. Just a moment. She needed to catch her breath. Recover her composure. Yes, that was really all she-


Fuck. Fuck. Every time Radiance’s palm connected with her ass, her mind melted into a puddle. All her thoughts before that moment ceased to matter. All that mattered, all of a sudden, was the white-hot pleasure-pain currently roaring through her, making her cheeks burn with shame at how hard it made her cunt drip. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t-


Why wouldn’t Radiance just stop? Why did she have to be so relentless? Why did it have to make Trinity feel so good?





The moment that thought, that craving, crossed Trinity’s mind, she wanted to scream. Not like this. She couldn’t let her body betray her like this. But she couldn’t seem to help it, either. She was so close. So fucking close. All it would take is a little more. The helpless, humiliated supervillain could feel the dawning eclipse of pleasure in her mind, and she knew, somehow she knew, nothing else would even come close. She’d never felt anything like this.

And it was so fucking close.


What if she just let go? What if she just stopped trying to fight it?


Fuck. She might not have a choice. Her body needed this. She needed this.


Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck.


So close. Just a little more.


Yes! Yes. Now, Trinity’s moans really were coming out like screams. She didn’t care. It felt so good. She was so close. Just a little more. Just one more. Just-

“I think that’s enough.”

Trinity turned her head dumbly, Radiance’s voice only slowly penetrating the thick, masochistic mental fog that had descended around her. Enough? But she was so close…

“W-wha?” she babbled.

“You’ve had enough,” Radiance said, slowly catching her breath. “I can tell. I’m trying to punish you, Shimmer. Not break you.”

Trinity looked away again. More even than she hated Radiance, she hated how disappointed she felt in that moment. She cursed her pussy for being so damn sensitive. Traitor.

“So,” Radiance continued, levelly. There was something in her eyes that might have been guilt, or concern. “Learn your lesson yet.”

It took Trinity a long time to compose her answer. She put a great deal of thought into it, and made it as eloquent as she could muster.

“Go fuck yourself,” she spat.

Radiance sighed and cursed under her breath, eyes hardening once more. She stood up abruptly, tipping Trinity out of her lap and leaving the supervillain to collapse into a pile on the ground.

“Then, I guess you and I are in for a very long night.”

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