Chapter 12

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2022, do not repost without explicit permission

“Trinity? Trinity! Where are you?”

The sound of Radiance’s voice froze Trinity on the spot. She’d figured Radiance would probably find her eventually, of course, but not this soon. She wasn’t ready yet.

She was very, very far from ready.

Trinity had just, for the first time since Radiance had brainwashed her to the side of the law, carried out a genuine feat of heroism - almost. She’d caught a criminal, but her attempts to do to Candace what Radiance had done to her weren’t going as planned. She’d been hoping to present Radiance with a reformed criminal and a grateful civilian, as proof of her capabilities as a hero. Maybe then, Radiance would recognize her as an equal and a partner superhero.

She wanted so, so badly to be a good girl.

Right now, though, all she had was a maddened Candace, desperate to seduce and please Trinity. Clearly, Trinity had done something wrong. Using her supernatural shimmer, she’d made Candace a little too obsessed with being a good girl, and without Radiance’s careful emphasis on law and wrongdoing to guide her, she’d ended up fixated on the sinful, sapphic desires that still lurked with Trinity.

Trinity was doing her best to resist the mind-controlled Candace’s seductions. But she was at her limit, and a moment of distractedness was all the girl needed.

“Trinity? I know you’re around here!”

When Trinity froze at the sound of Radiance’s voice, Candace was already pressed up against her, teasing out Trinity’s inhibitions through slow, gentle but insistent touches. She seized on the moment with glee, deftly unfastening part of Trinity’s hero costume and snaking her hand down into her panties. The moment she felt Candace’s fingertips against her cunt, Trinity started to cry out in pleasure. As embarrassing as it was, mind controlling Candace had been an incredible turn-on.

“Shh!” Candace urged, putting one of her hands over Trinity’s mouth. Even though she wanted to silence Trinity’s moans, their sound brought a satisfied grin to her face. “We don’t want to get interrupted too soon, do we?”

“I-I… u-um…”

Trinity had no idea what to say. She was feeling torn asunder between violently different emotions. She wanted Radiance to find her - to save her even. Deep down, she knew she was out of her depth. But… if Radiance found her like this, she would never give her any chance. She needed to figure out how she could salvage this. She needed more time.

And, of course, there was part of her that craved nothing more than giving in to Candace’s advances.

“God, you’re so wet,” Candace purred. “I knew you wanted this. See? I can make you feel good.”

Her eyes were manic. Every one of Trinity’s weak shivers and suppressed moans was, to her, proof that she was serving her one and only purpose: pleasing Trinity.

Trinity struggled to fight through the pleasurable fog that was enveloping her. “We… n-need,” she panted, “to… um… to go! Here… outside… it’s b-bad.”

Candace hesitated, and, for a moment, Trinity thought she might be about to back off. But then:

“I… can’t,” Candace decided. “I just can’t wait, Shimmer. I need this. You understand, right? I know you do. I can see it.”

Trinity made a sound of protest, but when Candace started rubbing her palm against the would-be hero’s cunt again, it turned into more of a needy, whining moan.

“Just tell me what you want,” Candace begged. “Are you a top? A bottom? What do you want me to do?”

Something about hearing that was unbelievably, desperately humiliating. Trinity was meant to be saving Candace from herself. Instead, she’d turned her into… this. How had it gone so wrong?

“I’ll just… I’ll take the lead,” Candace muttered to herself. “But you can tell me what to do if you want, OK? Or… or if you have any kinks? Just tell me.” Her voice was breathy, needy, fanatical. “You can use me however you want.”

Trinity moaned again. Her sex drive was betraying her. She couldn’t help it. The last couple of days had been nothing but teasing and torment for her. She needed sex. She needed release. And here Candace was, offering it to her, however she wanted it.

All while Trinity’s shimmer danced behind her eyes.

It was unbelievably fucking hot.

“Fuck,” Trinity panted, slumping back against the nearest wall. “Fuck.”

Candace seemed to take that as some kind of permission. Eyes gleaming, she used one hand to press Trinity yet further, making sure she was resting her weight against the wall, and then she sank to her knees. She pulled the folds of Trinity’s costume a little further apart until her sex was exposed, leaving Trinity to shiver at the sensation of the cold, evening air of Future City against her sensitive skin.

When she felt Candace’s tongue touch her cunt, she had to cover her own mouth not to scream.

It was immediately clear that this wasn’t Candace’s first experience eating pussy. She wasn’t wasting any time, either; there was no foreplay, no teasing. She was determined to get Trinity off. It was an all-consuming desire. It couldn’t wait. Trinity’s pleasure was her life’s meaning. She needed to feel like a good girl.

“S-slower!” Trinity pleaded, letting out as little of her voice as possible. Her body was so sensitive, and what Candace was doing to her was overwhelming.

As eager as the brainwashed girl was to please, there was no submissiveness to the way she was going down on Trinity. She wanted to please her, yes, but if Trinity was going to be so hesitant, she was willing to take the lead. She rested one hand on Trinity’s hip, using it to keep her pushed back firmly against the wall, and with the other, she reached up to grope and squeeze Trinity’s tits. Even through her costume, the sensation was intense.

There was nothing Trinity could do but moan.

She couldn’t believe how helpless she was. Trinity found herself moaning and writhing helplessly, but she couldn’t even bring herself to try and squirm free. She was simply unable to keep herself still as pleasure wracked her body. At any moment, she could use her power on Candace again. She could stop her. But… she couldn’t. She didn’t have the willpower.

She was weak.

Trinity knew that. She’d always known that. She didn’t really mind. People who cared about strength usually ended up dying real stupid when someone stronger came along. But this time was different. She was trying to be a superhero, and you needed to be strong to protect people. Radiance was proof of that.

Trinity couldn’t even defend herself against one horny, desperate girl with a skillful tongue.

“See?” Candace panted. She was out of breath, and her face was slick and wet. “Aren’t… I… good?”

The would-be hero could only moan and nod.

Hearing that made Candace twitch, almost as if she was having an orgasm. But it didn’t distract her from her task. She pushed her face back between Trinity’s thighs, pressing as close to her as she could and using her tongue to reach as deep inside her as possible. Trinity had to bite down on her own palm when the tip of Candace’s tongue started to curl, reaching all the way to her G-spot. She’d had some amazing head before, but the edge of humiliation and powerlessness was lending the ecstasy a sharp, wicked edge. It was just like how it had been with Radiance. Being this powerless drove her crazy.


Radiance was probably still nearby, and she was definitely still looking for Trinity. That fact hit Trinity like a thunderbolt. She couldn’t let Radiance see her like this. She just… couldn’t. Trinity renewed her struggles, trying to push Candace away from her, trying to catch even a single moment to breathe.

It was useless.

Trinity was slumped back against a wall, and thanks to Candace, her legs were jelly. She couldn’t stand. The feeble way she pushed at Candace wasn’t going to do a thing. The girl barely seemed to even notice. She was wholeheartedly devoted to Trinity’s cunt. All she did in response was cling to Trinity even tighter, stretching her hand around to cup and squeeze Trinity’s ass.

When she felt that, Trinity just went limp again. Her ass was still sensitive from the way Radiance had beaten her the day before, but now the pain felt more like pleasure. She was being overwhelmed.

“Are… are you gonna cum?” Candace demanded. Her eyes were unnervingly wide, and even as she asked, she kept licking Trinity’s pussy, kissing her outer lips and using her tongue to toy with Trinity’s clit.

“I… I… u-um… n-no!” Trinity tried to insist. The way she twitched a moment later made the lie obvious.

“Don’t hold back!” Candace told her. She kissed Trinity’s inner thigh with animalistic zeal. “C’mon. Cum.”

“No!” Trinity begged uselessly. “No, no, no!”

She couldn’t cum. She couldn’t. It would feel like defeat. It was just like with Radiance. She couldn’t allow herself to go over the edge. It was the ultimate proof that she was incapable of resisting herself. Incapable of fighting her own body, her own desires.

But she couldn’t stop.

Her body was betraying her. It was too tired, too sensitive, too overtaxed.

“N-n-no!” Trinity whimpered. Hearing how pathetic her own voice sounded made it even worse.

If mind-controlling Candace meant nothing more than using the girl to get off, how was she any better than she had been before?

It didn’t matter. She didn’t have a choice.

Trinity came.

Her orgasm felt like a dam breaking. It was a flood - not just between her legs, but across her whole body. Every last inch of her flesh was drowning in endorphins, and she felt each one of her muscles go totally limp as she released an unfathomable amount of tension. As shameful as it was, in the moment, Trinity was passed caring. Her head was empty. She saw white. Her moans were loud, even stifled by her hand, and as her orgasm went on they devolved into happy, giddy giggles.

But that wasn’t the end.

It wasn’t enough for Candace.

She was giggling too, as she felt Trinity’s body squeeze and spasm around her. But she didn’t stop; she kept sucking, kissing, licking, driving Trinity to even greater heights of mindless, helpless pleasure. There was a look of near-religious revelation on her face. She achieved her purpose. The purpose Trinity had given her. Now more than ever, she was convinced that this was what she was for: pleasing people.

Pleasing Trinity.

Right and wrong, the law - these meant nothing to her. Trinity had only told her to be a good girl and to follow the rules.

She knew Trinity wanted it.

How was she supposed to be satisfied with just once?

“H-hey,” Trinity said in a thick, heavy, shaky voice, once she was starting to recover. “W-what are you doing?”

Candace wasn’t stopping.

She was still licking Trinity’s cunt, just as eagerly as she had been before. She had backed off just a little, taking it slow for a moment, allowing Trinity’s pleasure to reduce to a simmer so that it could soon boil over once more. Her ardent kisses and the ravenous look on her stained, drenched face made it clear she was far from sated.

“You want more.” Candace’s words came out like a desperate prayer. “Right? You do. I bet you do. Look how fucking sensitive you are! There’s no way you’re done now. Not with just that.”

“I… what?”

In truth, Trinity couldn’t tell. She couldn’t even feel her fingers. Her mind was still foggy from the earth-shattering orgasm she’d just been hit with. But her body, in some small way, flushed and shivered in anticipation in response to Candace’s words.

That was all the encouragement the brainwashed girl needed.

When she pushed her tongue, eagerly, insistently, back into Trinity’s pussy, she was just as helpless as before. 

Trinity’s body was even more sensitive, almost painfully so. It was a little less needy, perhaps, but one orgasm after five minutes of having her cunt licked wasn’t even close to enough for the primal, carnal part of her mind that had been tormented without proper release for two long, long days. Her mind was even foggier and even more turbulent than before. Fighting was the furthest thing from her mind. She might as well have tried to tell herself to climb a mountain. She was so lost to pleasure that her hand slipped from her mouth, and her sharp moans pierced the night long and loud.

After that, it was only a couple of minutes before Radiance arrived.

When the superhero first appeared, Trinity wasn’t convinced she wasn’t hallucinating. After all, the alley around her kept spinning, and her vision was filled with bright, bursting stars. Amidst all the pleasure and all the shame, Radiance was like a vision. She was impossibly tall, impossibly bright, impossibly gallant- and heroic-looking. She was in the throes of her second orgasm, and she felt so feverish remembering her own name would have been a struggle.

But when Radiance spoke, the mortifying reality of her situation crashed back upon her like an ice-cold wave.

“Trinity!” Radiance cried. Her voice rang with gratitude as she rushed towards her. “Are you hurt? I heard- oh.”

The hero froze in her tracks when she got close enough to see exactly what was going on, and realized what the sounds she had been hearing truly were. She and Trinity shared an awful moment, staring at one another in recognition. Trinity felt ashamed that Radiance was seeing her like this. It made her evident failure as a true hero all the more undeniable. She couldn’t tell what Radiance was feeling. More than anything, she simply looked embarrassed.

“What… who…” Radiance began uncertainly. For a brief instant Trinity thought she was about to turn and leave, but instead she took a deep breath and gathered herself. “Trinity,” Radiance repeated. “God damn it, I’ve been looking for you all over the city. Who’s… this?”

She didn’t need to point. Candace, somehow, didn’t seem to have noticed Radiance. Or perhaps she simply didn’t care; it was impossible to tell.

“She, um…” Trinity tried to keep her voice even as she spoke - not that there was much point in trying to maintain her dignity. She tried to think of a good lie, but that was pointless. She couldn’t lie to Radiance about this.

She needed to be a good girl too.

“She was trying to steal from s-someone,” Trinity explained, her voice quivering when Candace turned her attention to her clit. “I stopped her.”

“You… stopped her?” Radiance asked skeptically.

A whiny little half-moan escaped Trinity’s lips. “I tried to help her,” she explained, in a slightly desperate voice. “Like how you h-helped me.”

Slowly, the color drained from Radiance’s face.

“Oh, god,” she breathed. “You… god, no, no, no! How could you?”

Her accusatory tone was like a slap. “I-it’s what you did to me!” Trinity whined.

Radiance flinched. “But you weren’t supposed to do it!” She raked a hand through her hair. The hero looked furious with herself. “I never meant… god. Fuck. This is so fucked.”

Trinity wanted to say something, but that came to her lips was another moan.

“Fuck,” Radiance spat, before taking another step towards Trinity. “Come on. Let’s go. I need to fix this.”

Now, Candace took notice. The heavily-brainwashed girl slumped to one side, finally giving Trinity some space to catch her breath. She looked up at the two costumed women, eyes shining, face slick with Trinity’s juices.

“What? No, you can’t!” she pleaded. “Please! It’s not enough yet.”

Radiance looked appalled. Trinity shrank away from the look in her eyes.

“God, Shimmer, what did you-” Radiance cut herself off, squeezing her eyes tight shut for a moment behind her domino mask. When she spoke again, her voice was heavy. “Never mind. I can’t really blame you, can I?”

Trinity didn’t know what to say. She didn’t even know what to feel.  She couldn’t help but be ashamed. But why, exactly? What exactly was she so ashamed of? Answering that question would have been like stepping into a labyrinth. Everything Radiance had done to her was still churning around in her head, settled atop all the memories of her old life. It was too hard to separate it all out.

Trinity knew she felt good.

She knew Candace was feeling good.

Maybe that wasn’t so bad?

It wasn’t exactly heroic.

But if she went with Radiance, it would all be over. She could see that from the resolve in the superhero’s eyes.

Trinity couldn’t stand that.

“Hey,” Candace piped up. She was looking intently at Radiance. “Hey, I know you. You’re Radiance, aren’t you? The angel of Future City?”

Radiance sighed a little. “Yes,” she replied. “I am. And this is all going to be OK. I promise.”

Candace nodded. “Yeah,” she said eagerly, licking her lips. “Why don’t you join us?”

As one, Trinity and Radiance blinked.

“You’re amazing,” Candace exclaimed, as a kind of explanation. “I want to make you feel good. Won’t you let me?”

Radiance seemed stunned by the proposition, and was slowly shaking her head. Trinity, though, had a very different reaction. Gears were starting to turn in her head.

If Radiance joined them, wouldn’t everything be perfect?

Trinity craved the opportunity to please and service her almost as much as Candace now did.

Moreover, if Radiance just gave in to her urges, they’d be the same. Trinity knew that, on some level, she wanted to. The way she’d treated Trinity proved it, and if that wasn’t proof enough, Trinity had seen a lustful glint in her eyes a dozen times or more in the past couple of days. Radiance was gay and horny and kinky - just like her.

And if even heroes of her caliber could succumb to their own urges, what was there to feel ashamed about?

Trinity knew how twisted her own logic sounded. But right now, it made just as much sense to her as anything else.

“No,” Radiance was saying to Candace. “Look, this doesn’t concern you. You’re just a civilian. I know she did something to your head and that’s making it difficult to think straight, but I promise, you don’t want to be caught up in this. Just run home, OK?”

Candace shook her head, and pouted.

Radiance frowned and looked to Trinity. “Tell her. Come on, you know this isn’t right?”

Slowly, though, Trinity shook her head too. “Maybe she’s right,” she suggested pleadingly. “Just join us, Radiance.”

“N-no!” Radiance recoiled. “How did you get this twisted, Shimmer? I already told you. We’re not doing that.”

“I know!” the former villain cried, frustrated. “But you can change that, can’t you? All you have to say is ‘yes’.”

Candace rose slowly to her feet. She and Trinity looked at Radiance together, presenting a united front. The superhero’s expression started to sour.

“Enough of this!” she snapped. “We’re going back, now. Whether you want to or not.”

Radiance took a couple of threatening steps forwards. Trinity didn’t back down. What would have been the point in running? She was past that. She wasn’t a villain running from a hero anymore.

She just needed to make Radiance realize that even heroes could have their vices.

“What about what you want,” Trinity countered. “Don’t you want us? Don’t you want… this?”

Trinity stretched herself up to her full height, and started to sway her hips a little from side to side, drawing attention to her body. The way her curves moved and flowed in that skin-tight costume of hers was magnetic, and she knew it. It was small enough to cling perfectly to every last little line of her form, fully exposing her soft and inviting her body was underneath. On her, Radiance’s old costume looked completely obscene. Normally, wearing something like that would have been mortifying. Now, Trinity knew it could be a weapon.

“No,” Radiance spat back. She didn’t sound very convincing. When Trinity raised an eyebrow and flashed a smile, she continued awkwardly: “I mean… that’s not the point.”

“Why not?” Trinity asked softly.

“Because… Because…” Radiance seemed to be having trouble meeting Trinity’s gaze. Her eyes were being drawn downward, to the villain’s gyrating hips. “Stop that!”

“Why?” Trinity asked again. She took a step forwards. “I thought you didn’t want this.”

Radiance shook her head like it was buzzing with flies. Trinity’s smile widened. No-one could have ignored the way she looked unless they were made of stone - and for all Radiance’s famed strength, she wasn’t. She was a lesbian. She had desires. Trinity had caught several glimpses of those. She could almost see the hunger in Radiance’s eyes. The front of Trinity’s hero costume was still unfastened, and her cunt, still dripping with wetness, was completely exposed.

She looked like a feast waiting to be eaten.

“I… I…” Radiance grunted. “Why are you making this so hard?” she spat.

She couldn’t take her eyes away from Trinity’s body. Trinity was starting to realize why. She had overcome Trinity’s rather hasty hypnotic suggestions - but not completely. Even Radiance, shaking them off without a trace took more than a few hours. As a result, a few treasonous little mantras were still bouncing around in her subconscious.

Even if it was against her will, Radiance liked seeing Trinity like this.

No. She loved it.

As twisted as it was, she thought Trinity looked pretty and heroic.

She thought she looked hot.

Probably, she had other, more lucid thoughts too. Trinity just needed to make sure those weren’t the ones she was listening to.

“I’ll go back with you afterwards,” Trinity whispered. “I promise. You just need to give me this. Give yourself this. Don’t you deserve it?”

Unconsciously, Radiance licked her dry lips. Trinity kept swinging her hips in a nice, soothing rhythm.

“No,” Radiance replied. Her voice was nowhere near as firm as it had been. “I’ve… haven’t I already fucked this up enough? I have to make it right, Trinity.”

“Then just say yes!” Trinity urged impatiently. “I deserve it too, don’t I?”

She could see how close Radiance was to breaking. She wanted that, for all kinds of reasons. Deep down, a lingering part of her, untouched by all the layers of mind control she’d experienced, was still salivating at the prospect of seeing the almighty Radiance sink into corruption.

“You made me like this, remember?” Trinity was now close enough to her to look up at Radiance with pleading eyes, trying to play on the woman’s guilt. “Why? Just to reject me? Was this all just one big punishment?”

“What?” Radiance looked both surprised and saddened. “N-no! No, of course not.”

“Then… please?” Trinity was close enough to reach out and touch her. “Please. Let me make you feel good. Let me give you what you need.”

Those urges, given to her by Radiance, burned as strongly as ever.

“Let me be a good girl for you,” she begged, putting all her heart into the request.

Radiance nodded slowly, her movement matching the rhythm of Trinity’s hips. When she spoke, her mouth sounded totally dry. “OK.”

Trinity’s eyes opened wide in elation. She couldn’t quite believe what she’d just heard. What Radiance did next, though, surprised her even more.

She reached out and rested a hand on Trinity’s head.

“You’re a good girl, Trinity,” Radiance told her, with odd warmth.

“W-what?” Trinity found herself shivering.

“You’re a good girl,” Radiance repeated quietly. “You did your best. I know that. You must have done. You really did your best. Good girl.”

Trinity let out a strained, high-pitched squeak. It was all she was capable of. Something about Radiance saying that had taken all the fight out of her. Her mind was quiet. Everything had been smothered.

“Come here,” Radiance beckoned, spreading her arms wide.

Without a single moment of thought or hesitation, Trinity allowed herself to fall forwards into Radiance’s arms, and drink in the warmth of her body. She had been cold. She hadn’t realized how cold it had been in the alley, with her clothes half-off. Not Radiance, though. She pulled Trinity into a hug, and her heat enveloped the smaller woman.

Trinity was so perfectly calm in that moment, she didn’t even flinch when Radiance summoned her golden shackle out of thin air, and placed it carefully around Trinity’s neck.

“Go to sleep,” she said.

And so, Trinity did.

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