Friendly Rivalry

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female

A roller derby ace finds her rival suddenly eager to seduce her by unusual methods

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2021, do not repost without explicit permission

The air in the roller rink was hot and sweaty against Lim’s skin as she skated, as it always was after a long, hard-fought roller derby match. But, she knew, there was no time to rest yet. The match wasn’t over. And Lim was determined to score at least one more point over on her rival before the end.

With that goal fixed firmly in mind, Lim started pushing her already-tired body harder and harder, pounding her skates to the track and bringing herself up to a dizzying speed. She was the jammer - the member of her team, the Hennepin Harpies, with the role of scoring points by lapping the blockers on the opposite team, the Ramsey Renegades. She was already coming up on the opposing blockers, marked out in blue, and while they were in formation and operating as a tight-knit unit, Lim only had eyes for one of them: Gail. She and Gail had butted heads countless times, both in and out of the rink, and Lim was never going to pass up a chance to score herself some blocking rights.

Gail was watching her just as closely, and from the glint in her eyes, Lim could tell her rival was thinking the exact same thing. She shivered, adrenaline pounding through her veins. This was it. In her mind’s eye, she could picture exactly what she was going to do. It was going to be glorious.

Pushing herself to her absolute limit, Lim put on one last burst of speed. Gail and her fellow blockers responded immediately, lining up to mark her and block her path to victory. Lim made as if she was going straight for them, but then, at the last moment, weaved out sharply until her skates were pretty touching the outside line of the track. She was always quicker and more agile than people expected from someone her height; it was one of her greatest advantages. Gail, though, would never make such a rookie mistake. Like she’d seen it coming from a mile away, Gail mirrored her movement, before hunkering down, ready to block.

Lim kept up her speed, inching closer and closer and closer. The shouting and screaming from her teammates and opponents faded away into the background, until she was focused on Gail, and Gail alone. The two of them were on a collision course, and Lim knew Gail would never, ever blink. Not even when they were so close that Lim could feel Gail’s hot breath on her skin.

Lim winked at her rival.

Just before they made contact, Lim kicked back with one of her skates, sending her pirouetting towards the inside of the track. She laughed wildly with satisfaction at the final glimpse she caught of Gail’s face, the other woman’s eyes widening with surprise as she realized, belatedly, what Lim was trying to pull off. Lim wasn’t able to enjoy the moment, however. Not yet. All her focus was on keeping her balance. Only once she was able to set both skates firmly on the track again, was she able to let out a sigh of relief and a triumphant, smug giggle. The other blockers all unable to keep up, Lim sailed through the pack with ease, completing her lap of the defenders and scoring a masterful point for her team.


“…and that’s how I got you,” Lim - or E-Liminator, as was her full derby name - boasted, grinning, as she slammed back another shot, her arm resting easily on the bar.

Gail - Gail Satan - standing beside her, just shook her head. She was making a big show of seeming derisive and unimpressed, but Lim could see the competitive, frustrated, fiery glint in her eyes. “Pfft,” she scoffed. “Who do you think you’re kidding, Lim? That was luck, pure and simple.”

Lim laughed, enjoying the trash talk. To her, it was every bit as much fun as roller derby itself. As tradition dictated, after the end of the match, both teams had retired to a nearby bar to relax and have some fun - which, for Lim and Gail, meant huddling together to indulge in their classic post-game ritual.

“Whatever.” Lim grinned wolfishly, raising her voice to make herself heard over the din of the bar crown and the loud, pounding music. “I got you, and you know it. I won.”

Lim was on cloud nine. Her team had won, she’d scored an amazing point, the music was bopping, she was a little drunk, and she was bantering with Gail. Gail was the very person who had turned Lim on to the joys of roller derby in the first place, after Lim had picked her up for an Uber ride one day, and despite ending up on different teams in the same league, they’d formed an immediate, firm and highly competitive friendship. For all the trash talk, Lim was very grateful; being a trans girl Uber driver could be a pretty lonely life. Getting into roller derby had given her some much-needed friends - and a much-appreciated rival.

As many of their respective teammates had commented, the two of them made quite a pair, in all sorts of ways - including physically. Lim was tall, buff and athletic, and proud of it all. Gail was cis and a lot shorter, and distinctly curvier, with thick-rimmed glasses and a neat, straight haircut with cute bangs that lent her a nerdy charm, entirely at odds with her fierce attitude out on the rink. Despite the differences between them, they had formed a strong bond, although most of that manifested as ferocious determination to leave the other spinning on her ass every time they clashed on skates.

“Well… fine, whatever. You won,” Gail conceded, waving one hand in Lim’s direction while slamming a shot with the other.

Lim cocked an eyebrow. That was unusual. Normally, Gail would never, ever concede defeat. Being the best was like a religion to her, and whenever arguments about who was better came up between then, she was like a dog with a bone. “That right?”

“Right.” As Gail set down her shot glass on the bar counter, she looked up at Lim, and a huge, cunning grin, bigger than any Lim had ever seen, started to spread across her face. “But that doesn’t matter. I’m going to win next time - and next time means right here.”

“Here?” Lim laughed, gesturing around at the crowded, energetic bar. “We’re at a party, honey.”

“I know,” Gail replied, her voice full of unshakable confidence. “And I’m going to win.”

Lim just kept laughing. She hadn’t heard this particular gag before. “Yeah? So what does that mean, exactly?”

“It’s simple.” Somehow, Gail’s grin just kept getting wider and wider, as she enjoyed Lim’s perplexed expression. “The winner should get a prize, right? I’m gonna win, and that means you’re going to be my prize.”

For the first time, Lim’s voice faltered a little. “T-that’s not…” She swallowed awkwardly, struggling to regain her composure. Why did Gail have to be smirking at her like that? And why did it have to make her feel so fluttery inside? Unwillingly, she was reminded of the many times her teammates had jokingly - or not-so-jokingly - pointed out that her passion regarding Gail seemed to go a few steps beyond mere rivalry. “That’s not what I meant! And you know it.”

Gail giggled, and Lim’s frustration melted away. She couldn’t be mad at Gail when she looked so cute giggling. “Well… let’s see.” Lim’s rival tapped her finger on her chin, musing. “If we’re playing roller derby, and you knock me down on my knees, that’s a win for you, right? I remember you saying something like that when you were being a sore loser last week. So, if I get you down your knees tonight, that’d be a win for me.”

“A game, huh?” Gail’s talk of winning and losing was igniting a competitive spark inside Lim, despite how internally flustered she was by her rival’s suggestive words. She did her best to adopt her best, smuggest, most cocksure grin. “There’s no way you’re gonna beat me, Gail Satan. Doesn’t matter where we are, doesn’t matter what the game is. So, lay it on me. What are we playing? What are the rules?”

“I’m glad you’re so eager.” Gail’s eyes flashed with excitement, her grin razor-sharp. “Allow me to explain.”

Gail started talking. From the way her lips were moving, she was speaking quickly, but Lim could no longer make out what she was saying. Maddeningly, Gail had suddenly dropped her voice, leaving her explanation inaudible over the deafening roar of the crowd. Unwilling to admit any confusion, Lim tried to focus on reading Gail’s lips, but she was having a lot of trouble with it. Gail seemed to be speaking very theatrically, and the series of shots Lim had already thrown back had left her feeling more than a touch hazy. At best, she could pick up on a few, choice words, but she wasn’t confident she was reading those right. Why would Gail be talking about hypnosis? That couldn’t be right. Or could it? Lim had a vague memory of Gail mentioning something about taking some hypnosis classes, at one point.

“I can’t hear you!” Lim called out impatiently, after a few more seconds passed. “You gotta speak up, Gail.”

“Huh?” It seemed to take Gail a few moments to take Lim’s meaning, which was strange, given the knowing grin writ large across her pretty face. “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize. I think my throat is getting a bit worn out, I might not be able to.”

She didn’t sound hoarse, but Lim had no reason not to believe her. “Then, how are we gonna get all this straightened out?”

“You can totally hear me,” Gail assured her. “I think you just need to focus on a little harder, Lim.”

“What are you talking about?” Lim laughed, throwing up her hands. Gail was being so weird tonight.

“Just listen.” Gail was speaking quietly again, but a little louder than she had been before. Lim could hear her, but only just. It took every bit of her focus to make out Gail’s words. “You need to learn how to tune out some of this background noise. It’s not that hard. Let’s just take things one by one, OK?”

Lim nodded, even though she had no idea where this was going.

“Good.” Gail licked her lips. “First of all, the beat of the music. You can hear it, right?”

Lim nodded again. The thud, thud, thud of the bass was so loud it was making the whole bar vibrate.

“That’s good too,” Gail continued. She was speaking in a strange, rhythmic cadence Lim had never heard her use before. “It’s so loud in here, right? It’s hard to process. You can’t even hear yourself think. Fortunately, you don’t need to think, really. You don’t need to hear any of your own thoughts. You don’t need to process anything at all. Not when you’re focusing on the beat of the music. Because you can feel it, right? The bass is so very loud, so it sinks in nice and deep. You can feel it in your bones, I bet. You just need to really focus on it.”

Lim was beginning to feel like Gail was just rambling, and like she didn’t really have the patience for it. This wasn’t how she’d pictured herself enjoying the roller derby after-party. Still, she couldn’t help following along with what Gail was saying, and as she listened, she couldn’t help but do as Gail suggested. It didn’t hurt that Gail had such a pretty, sing-song voice. Lim found herself focusing on the music and on the beat - not on how it sounded, but on how it felt, resonating inside her body. As if by magic, the actual noise of the music seemed to fade away, until it was just a sensation, not a sound. A nice, deep, pleasant, rhythmic thumping; a pumping that seemed to echo Lim’s own heartbeat. It was more soothing than she’d expected, and now that the music had faded into the background of her mind, it was easier to hear what Gail was telling her.

“You’re doing it, right? That’s wonderful! I can tell.” Gail was still speaking in that unfamiliar, rhythmic cadence, and somehow, it seemed to keep perfect time with the beat of the music. The effect was eerily compelling. “Next, the voices. That’s the hard part right? There’s so many people here, all talking so much, all at once. How can you make out anything at all?”

To Lim, it felt like the din of the crowd was getting louder and louder as Gail spoke, threatening to drown out her rival completely. It was growing harder to pick out Gail’s voice amongst the cacophony. Lim couldn’t block it out. Little snippets of conversation kept slipping into her ears and catching her attention, a few words or some scattered phrases, sending her addled, hazy mind scrambling to try and understand what she was hearing. It was infuriating. The beat of the music, still pounding through her body, wasn’t helping either. Every single time, the bass’s dull thud seemed to hammer at her already-overtaxed brain, hammering into whatever few scattered pieces of coherence she had managed to pull together. Lim was starting to feel like she’d had far, far too much to drink, even though that didn’t make any sense. 

“It’s really hard, isn’t it?” Gail offered sympathetically, and Lim found herself nodding slowly. “I can tell. It’s so confusing. You always have to be careful in places like this. It can be so easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you’re already feeling a little hazy. A little slow. A little lost.”

Lim was starting to reconsider whether or not she’d had too much to drink. All of a sudden, her head was spinning like crazy. 

“You could even end up losing yourself, if you’re not careful,” Gail continued. “Oh, I know that sounds like a joke, but it isn’t. Not really. Do you ever realize how sometimes, your thoughts just sound like one more person speaking to you? When it’s so crowded and noisy like this, doesn’t it start to get hard to tell which voice is which? Which thoughts are which? It all gets mixed up, doesn’t it? There’s just so many words and noises and voices to pay attention to. It all eventually starts to sound like one, big, confusing mess, threatening to drown you in it.”

Lim was drowning. It had happened so fast it seemed almost inconceivable, but she was now struggling just to stay standing. She was lost. She was thinking about everything and nothing; about a hundred voices at once, and about the complete, confusing meaninglessness they all descended into. Amidst all of that, her own thoughts were silent, and she was left staring bleary-eyed at Gail in search of guidance.

“It’s OK,” Gail said soothingly. “It’s OK. We’ll figure it out. But you have to pay attention, remember. You have to pay attention, because I need to tell you the rules to our game, and that’s very important. But first, we need to make sure you can listen to me properly. I know that sounds so very hard right now, but there’s a little trick that’s going to make it nice and easy for you.”

Lim nodded. She was glad Gail was here to help. A dumb, lazy smile spread across her face. They’d get things all straightened out, and then she could go back to handing Gail her ass at whatever game they were supposed to be playing.

“It’s like this,” Gail explained. “You just need an anchor. You need one, specific thing to focus on, so you can push everything else out. Sounds simple, right? But it’s not as easy as it sounds. I’m sure if you tried something like that right now, in such a noisy place, you’d end up even more confused than you already are. That’s where the special trick comes in. See, you need to stop thinking.”

“S-stop… huh?” Lim murmured. To her, that was just as confusing as all the voices she was hearing. How would not thinking help anything? Didn’t she need to think about what she was focusing on?

“Trust me,” Gail assured her. She seemed ignorant of Lim’s distress; her grin was wider and more delighted than ever. “You see, it’s the thinking that’s the problem. Thinking always makes things more confusing, when you really think about it. You always end up with more questions, more thoughts. Don’t you think?”

Lim was left swaying from side to side, her head foggy. Gail was speaking faster and faster, her words compounding on each other, making things harder and harder to follow. It was all so overwhelming.

“It’s like… it’s like being out there on the track,” Gail continued. “When it gets intense, you stop thinking, right? You let your instincts take over. That way, everything’s nice and clear and simple. You have to focus on my words just like that. No thinking. Just listening. Can you do that, Lim? Remember, it’s just like being out on the track. And you love to win out there, right?”

Very, very slowly, Lim nodded. She couldn’t claim to fully understand everything that Gail was telling her, but she also couldn’t deny that her rival’s words made a certain amount of sense. When she was out on the track, thinking was always the enemy. Thinking got you overwhelmed. It got you confused. It made you slow. In the heat of the moment, there was never any time for thinking. Lim trusted her instincts, and she wanted to win. As difficult as it was through her confused haze, she tried to think back, to recapture that sense of thoughtlessness and mindlessness she had whenever she was playing roller derby. She couldn’t help but start to sigh as clarity took hold, and the dazzling cacophony of thoughts and noises filling her mind started to fade away - all except for Gail’s voice.

“Lim?” Gail ventured, after she’d fallen silent for a few moments. The curvy woman’s voice was filled with excitement. “Can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Even to Lim, it sounded like her own voice was coming from somewhere far, far away. She didn’t mind at all. She was feeling more and more relaxed with each passing second.

“Oh my god,” Gail murmured to herself, giggling. “OK. That’s amazing. Just keep following along with my words, OK?”

“Yes,” Lim repeated dully. In truth, she wanted nothing more than for Gail to keep talking. Her rival’s voice was like a lighthouse, giving her something to focus on, something to follow. With that fixed firmly in her mind, her confusion was gone, and she could enjoy nice, blissful, empty-headed clarity. As she settled into her new, relaxed, entranced mood, she found herself letting go of more and more of her own thoughts, until there was nothing left in her but Gail’s wonderfully soothing voice.

“Perfect.” Gail licked her lips. “You know… if we’re gonna play, I think we need to go somewhere else. This place is far too crowded. My apartment is just up the street. How does that sound?”

Lim smiled. Without thoughts, she had no reason to disagree. “Yes.”


The walk passed quickly. In fact, to Lim, it seemed to take no time at all. Gail kept whispering and murmuring to her, using that new, rhythmic, sing-song voice of hers, and whenever she did, Lim found herself becoming so delightfully fuzzy and hazy. She had no real sense of where she was, or where Gail was leading her. She couldn’t even tell what Gail was saying, because her words didn’t really matter. What mattered was her voice. She didn’t need to think about the words.

Before long, they were out of the cold, evening air, and they were somewhere warm and comfortable. Gail’s apartment. Numbly, Lim let Gail lead her over to sit on the couch. Her distant awareness that something about all of this was strange wasn’t enough to overcome how deeply good and relaxed she felt. She could have tried to rouse herself, but why? Why pierce the heavy, heady, warm veil that hung around her head? Letting Gail lead her on was the easiest thing in the world.

“Wow, you really are deep,” Gail mused, sitting next to Lim. “That’s not much fun. Here.” She tilted Lim’s head up by the chin, and snapped her fingers a few times in front of the entranced, amazonian girl’s face. “Up. Up. Up.”

Lim shivered uncomfortably. Gail’s snaps felt sharp, sharp enough to bring her, unwillingly, back to a higher state of wakefulness. “G-gail?” she murmured weakly. “W-what’s… where are we?”

“We’re at my place,” Gail told her. “We’re safe. We’re going to play a game, remember?”

“Oh… right,” Lim said sleepily. That sounded right. Then, her brow furrowed. “What, um, what game?”

“I’m glad you asked.” Gail was practically bouncing up and down with glee. Lim couldn’t puzzle out why. “Don’t worry. It’s something nice and simple and easy, especially for a big, strong girl like you.” Lim noticed Gail’s eyes roving over her frame, almost like her rival was ogling her body. “Let me explain.”

As Lim watched, Gail reached into her purse and produced something: an inch-thick strip of leather with a clasp at the end and a small, jingling bell attached at the middle. At first, Lim thought it was a cat’s collar, before she realized it was big enough to be a choker for a person. Gail held it up for her to admire.

“You’re going to stand up,” Gail explained. “And I’m going to sit here and jingle this bell for you a few times. If you stay standing, you win. If you don’t, I win.”

Lim stared at her stupidly. “What kind of game is that?”

“Oh, I promise, it’ll all make sense very soon.” Gail promised, giggling. “But… how about we make it a little more interesting. Let’s make a bet. If I win, you’ll be my nice, obedient little rink-rat from now on.”

Lim blinked, her cheeks burning at the prospect. Rink-rats were girls who got to skate for free, but only because they agreed to run all kinds of chores for the other skaters - cleaning, sweeping, fetching, maintenance, whatever was needed. The idea of being a rink-rat for her rival was beyond embarrassing, but that only served to ignite Lim’s competitive streak. “And if I win, you’ll be mine?”

“Sure,” Gail replied, amused. “But I’m not sure we need to worry about that. Ready to play?”

“Sure,” Lim echoed, and made to rise to her feet.

“Oh, wait, sorry, one more thing,” Gail added, though she didn’t seem like she’d actually forgotten anything. “I need to tell you all about the bell. Now, Lim, remember the bar? It’s time to focus.”

There was something different about the way Gail said ‘focus.’ In the span of a single instant, Lim was transported back to the bar, trapped in a visceral memory of how it had felt when she’d allowed herself to stop thinking, and focus on nothing but Gail’s voice. Her heart rate slowed and her breathing became deep as she slipped back into trance.

“Good,” Gail murmured. “Now…”

She bent forwards and craned her neck up, putting her lips at Lim’s ear, and Lim was too mindless to process any of the things Gail whispered to her.

“OK,” Gail said as she drew back. “Now you can stand.”

Lim rose unsteadily to her feet. She felt awfully hazy, but she was certain of one thing: she had to play Gail’s game, and she had to win.

“Ready?” Gail asked.

Lim nodded.

Gail rang the bell.

Instantly, Lim’s legs were threatening to give out beneath her. Her mind went blank and the room started spinning around her, and an all-encompassing heaviness draped itself across her body. The sound of the jingling bell kept on ringing and ringing in her ears, disorienting her and making her far more dizzy than she’d ever felt out on the track. It felt like the only way for her to get her balance was to let herself give in to the inexorable pull of gravity and sink downward, the only direction she could still remember, to her knees.

But she couldn’t. That would mean letting Gail win, and Lim wasn’t about to let her rival win.

Clenching her fists as hard as she could in her weakened, addled state, Lim focused every last bit of her remaining willpower on one task: standing firmly with both of her feet planted on the ground.

Gail cocked an eyebrow. “I’m a little impressed,” she commented. “Let’s try again.”

Before Lim could protest, Gail rang the bell for a second time.

Lim’s mind went blank again, except somehow, this blankness was even more complete and total than the first. Somehow, Gail kept showing her that there was always more of herself to lose and shed, always more thoughts to let go of. The emptiness inside herself was so dizzying, and it made the prospect of slumping to the ground even more appealing than before. The heaviness redoubled too; it was like lead weights had been strapped to all her limbs. Lim felt so unsteady. She felt as though planting both of her hands and knees firmly on the ground was the only way she was going to feel stable.

But still, she couldn’t let Gail win.

“W-wont… I won’t… lose,” Lim growled through clenched teeth, with immense difficulty. “Not… not to you!”

“We’ll see,” Gail smirked, and rang the bell for the third time.

To her own surprise, Lim moaned. She couldn’t help it. She felt so empty, and the emptiness felt so good. The jingling of the bell was like a massage, the slow, tinkling, metallic ringing echoing endless in her head, focusing her on her own mindlessness, just as Gail’s voice had focused her back in the bar. There was nothing else. There was just the sound of the bell. Lim closed her eyes helplessly, and felt the moment stretch into infinity as the bell rang and rang and rang, the sound seeming to come from everywhere around her all at once. She didn’t know where she was. She didn’t know who she was. She didn’t know which way was up or down, or down, or down, or down.


When Lim opened her eyes again, she was kneeling on the floor in front of Gail, defeated.

She’d lost.

The shit-eating, triumphant grin on Gail’s face made it extremely obvious just how pleased she was at her victory. She jingled the bell a few more times, plainly enjoying the way it made Lim gasp and squirm.

“I win,” Lim’s rival said. It was all she needed to say.

Lim looked down at the floor. She’d lost. She couldn’t believe she’d lost. When she thought about that, and about what it would mean, it filled her with so many complicated feelings it made her feel like her chest was going to explode. But there was something bothering her. Something was wrong about all this. About this game, about this night - about everything.

“You… you did something,” Lim said thickly.

Gail giggled. “Did I?”

“I… don’t…” Lim rested a palm on her own temple. Her head, so blissfully empty just moments ago, now felt full of dense cotton wool. “Then… now… I’m your…”

“My rink-rat.” Gail shivered at the prospect of her prize. “That’s right. From now on, you’re mine.”

“But… but…” Lim’s head went to roller derby, as strange as that seemed to her in the moment. If she was just a rink-rat, what did that mean for her team? For Gail’s team? For their rivalry? For them? She knew Gail had done something to her. She wasn’t sure what or how, but she knew Gail had done something. And if Gail could get into her head like that, did that mean their rivalry was over?

“Hey,” Gail said, in a voice that made Lim look up at her. She still sounded triumphant, but she also sounded just a little tender. As if sensing Lim’s thoughts, she explained: “Don’t worry. I’m not going to use my  little bell on you out on the rink. That would be just as boring for me as it would be for everyone else. I don’t want to beat your ass with hypnosis. I want to make you eat track, ‘cause I know I’m the best. But… I also want to have fun with you, Lim, and I think you want that too.”

Still on her knees, Lim squirmed desperately. How did she know?

“But,” Gail continued. “We can hash all that out later. For now, you’re my rink-rat, right?”

Lim kept squirming. It was more embarrassing than she knew how to handle, but it was the kind of embarrassment that made her cheeks burn pleasurably. Even though she knew Gail had been messing with her head, she couldn’t bring herself to deny the result. She’d lost, and Gail had won, and that meant she was Gail’s rink-rat. That was unquestionable.

“Y-y-yes,” she stammered, flustered.

“Good,” Gail purred. “Well, in that case, I think we need to get you a suitable uniform.”

She reached down beside herself where, folded up in a little pack, she had a nice, neat, frilly French maid’s outfit. Lim’s jaw dropped, even as she felt herself growing hot and hard between her legs. “F-fuck,” she moaned.

“A rink-rat is someone who does all the chores, right?” Gail pressed. “All the cleaning and the tidying, obeying everyone else’s little whims. Sounds just like a maid to me. So you’re basically my maid, Lim. You’re my maid, right?”

She rang the little bell for emphasis.

Lim’s head went blank for a moment, and she found herself agreeing. “Y-yes,” she half-whined, half-moaned. “I’m your m-maid.”

“And maids have uniforms,” Gail concluded. She was warming to the feeling of her own dominance, her voice becoming more and more assertive and irresistible with each passing word. Lim, meanwhile, kept melting over and over, leaving her helpless before Gail’s suggestions. “So put your uniform on.”

Once again, there was something strangely irresistible about Gail’s twisted logic. Lim felt as weak as a leaf caught on the breeze, unable to control herself as she rose unsteadily to her feet and started to strip off her clothes. As she peeled her tank top off over her head, she was intensely conscious of Gail’s eyes roving over her skin. Her rival was nakedly admiring her body, with fire in her eyes and a set of gleeful, purring noises to signal her approval. The way she was being eyed up made Lim blush deeper than ever before.

It was even worse when she was naked, and so Lim found herself rushing to obey Gail’s command to don the french maid outfit. As she started to put on the skirt, she thought the uniform wasn’t the right size for her, but she soon realized it was - it was just incredibly, shamelessly skimpy. The skirt barely made it half-way down her thighs, and the blouse was obscenely low-cut. It was far more revealing than anything she’d normally choose to wear. As she finished off the attire with the frilly thigh-highs and headdress, she felt unbelievably embarrassed, but Gail’s appreciative, lustful gaze kept her feeling as pleased as she did mortified.

“It’s even better than I imagined,” Gail purred. She was making no secret of the fact she was turned on by having Lim at her mercy. “But it’s not quite finished. There’s one more thing.”

“W-what is it?” Lim asked meekly. She could feel the maid uniform beginning to affect her. It wasn’t one of Gail’s tricks; the idea of being a maid had always been a secret fantasy of Lim’s and now it was becoming real, the temptation to slip into a deliriously submissive mindset was almost impossible to fight.

“You’re not just a maid,” Gail told her. “You’re my maid. Kneel.”

Lim knelt without thinking. It felt so good to obey her rival.

“You’re my maid, so I need to put this on you.”

Gail reached out, holding the bell choker in her hand, and slipping it around Lim’s neck, fastening it carefully there. Lim was left in shock. She’d been collared. She shivered for a moment at the thought, and when she did, the bell around her neck jingled and chimed, sending her spiraling into even deeper paroxysms of deep, entranced submission.

“Oh my god.” Gail was giggling in delighted, euphoric amusement. “You look incredible, Lim. It’s like a cat collar. It’s like you’re my cute little catgirl maid. Can you say ‘nya’ for me, Lim?”

Lim’s cheeks were burning hotter than any fire. It was like Gail had a secret hotline to her innermost fantasies. She couldn’t believe she was letting her rival get away with humiliating her this much. “S-s-shut up!” she whined unconvincingly.

“Come on!” Gail prompted eagerly, reaching down to flick the bell on Lim’s collar, making it ring. Lim’s eyes threatened to roll back into her head. “Nya?”

Giddy with submissive bliss as the bell’s entrancing noise echoed in her ears, Lim reached up with both hands to mime cat ears on her own head, a ditzy grin spreading over her features. “Nya!”

Gail’s laughter was uproarious, and as Lim’s mind returned to her, she couldn’t help but hide her face in her palms. Her embarrassment and excitement was driving every thought from her head except need.

“Aren’t you a good little catgirl?” Gail teased, making Lim shiver. “But… I don’t think we need that little bit of resistance. Maids just need to do what they’re told, right? And you’ve already agreed to be my rink-rat. To be my obedient maid. I think you might be getting a little too clever, Lim. Let’s fix that.”

“W-wha?” Lim whined blearily. Her mind was already so far gone.

“You see,” Gail began, with a massive, shit-eating grin on her face. “The bell wasn’t the only thing I was telling you about when I was whispering in your ear earlier.”

Gail snapped her fingers.

Lim giggled.

As she giggled, Lim felt herself getting dumb. There was no other word for it. Giggling felt like letting go, like releasing every single last thought remaining in her head. It left her mindless, but not like before. Before, with the bell, mindless had meant empty. Now, it meant floaty. Lim was on cloud nine. Being dumb felt incredible. Lim wanted nothing more than to keep giggling her thoughts away.

“Isn’t that better?” Gail gloated, eyes shining as she licked her lips. “My nice, dumb, pretty bimbo maid.”

“N-n-noooo,” Lim protested feebly, giggling, as Gail snapped her fingers a few more times. Each snapped plunged her deeper into throes of helpless, mindless, pleasurable giggles.

“Yes,” Gail insisted. “And now I have you nice and dumb, I think it’s time for me to put you to work. I’ve got something for you to clean up, maid.”

As if her tone didn’t make her meaning clear enough, Gail started shifting around on the couch, sliding out of her leggings before pulling her panties to one side. Lim could help but stare. Between her thick, soft thighs, it was clear that Gail’s pussy was dripping wet. Lim licked her lips.

“What are you waiting for?” Gail prompted. She was hastily tearing off her sweater and unclasping her bra, exposing her curvy body and incredible tits.

Lim didn’t hesitate. Giggling blissfully, lost to mindlessness and trance, she abandoned all remaining thoughts of dignity and pride and lunged forwards to service her beloved rival.


As morning dawned, Lim stirred, slowly waking to the awareness that she was in an unfamiliar bed. As she raised her bleary head, she noticed that she was wearing something that felt weird. She looked down at herself.

It was a maid outfit.

Memories of the night before came flooding back.

Lim immediately turned crimson, as her head filled the knowledge of all the incredible, embarrassing, amazing things Gail had made her do. It filled with questions too. What did this mean? What was dealing with Gail going to be like from now on? She had no idea.

“Hey,” came a sleepy voice from the other side of the bed.

Anxiously, Lim turned, to find herself face to face with Gail, her rival, who was looking at her with a warm smile on her face.

“Hey,” Lim echoed awkwardly. “I… um… listen… about last night… I don’t… um… you know… between us… I wouldn’t want this to, um, affect anything, or…”

“Shh,” Gail cut her off gently, still smiling. “I don’t want it to either. This can be whatever we want it to be. I just need you to promise me one thing.”

“What’s that?”

Gail grinned. “Next time we play, you better not let me win.”

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