Extra Tuition

Valentine's Day Special

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #bimbofication #dom:female #f/f

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2022, do not repost without explicit permission

“Oh, um… attention, everyone!” Professor Nagisa Tamaki called out belatedly, after the bell had already rang and her students had already begun packing up their things. “On your way out, please, like, bring your group project reports to me for grading. Thank you!”

There were nods from around the lecture theater, along with more than a few rueful smiles and giggles. Professor Tamaki’s students had long since become accustomed to her ditziness. In fact, it was the reason most of them were there. In the months since the professor’s infamous change of heart, her philosophy classes had become known for being a ticket to an easy A, along with offering bountiful opportunities for extra credit.

Those who weren’t there for that were mostly there so that they could enjoy staring at her.

Professor Tamaki didn’t mind any of it. Why would she?

She was perfectly content with her life.

Stepping aside and allowing her favorite student, Eunji, to take over control of her network of hypnotized pawns had gone better than she ever could have hoped. She was far less stressed now, and living together with Eunji had been a dream. Professor Tamaki loved doting on Eunji, giving her everything she ever asked for and humoring each and every idea or suggestion she presented. Sometimes she wondered if it was strange for her, a dominant, to be so devoted to another, but that was how it was when you were in love.

Wasn’t it?

Professor Tamaki could always reassure herself with the knowledge that Eunji did as much for her as she did for Eunji. She helped her keep things organized and, most importantly, hypnotized her whenever she needed it. Now that she was more relaxed, the professor had found herself growing increasingly scatterbrained and ditzy. She didn’t really mind - it was better than being constantly stressed and uptight, like her former self - but still, Eunji’s regular hypnosis sessions with her were something she was perpetually grateful for. Eunji said they’d help keep her focused on what really mattered.

It never occurred to Professor Tamaki to doubt her, or to wonder whether or not the hypnosis was a pretext for anything sinister. She trusted Eunji completely.

A huge, dumb grin came to the young professor’s face as she saw her favorite student and adored, live-in assistant approaching her desk, but she cocked her head to one side when she noticed that Eunji was acting a little strangely.

Normally, Eunji was a beacon of confidence - entirely justified, to Professor Tamaki’s mind, by her intelligence, her skill as a hypnotist, and her looks. Now, though, she looked anything but confident. The short, curvaceous girl was blushing furiously, and she kept adjusting her hair or her clothes with her hands, and seemed unable to help staring straight at the floor. For a moment, Professor Tamaki was puzzled. But it all started to make sense when Eunji’s companion, her partner for the group project, said something to her,  causing Eunji to blush an even deeper shade of red and let out an uncharacteristic, girlish giggle.

Professor Tamaki’s smile grew even wider. She could tell exactly what was going on. Eunji had a crush.

On Mia Johansen.

In some ways, it wasn’t exactly a surprise. Mia Johansen was, by a large margin, the most popular lesbian on campus. Tall, athletic and pretty, as the star striker of the college’s women’s soccer team, she’d managed to bring in dozens - if not hundreds - of new, female spectators to all the team’s games. Most of them were just there to admire how Mia looked with a faint sheen of sweet across her brow or dripping from her sculpted thighs, or to admire the way her long, auburn hair streaked out behind her in the wind as she ran. Everyone who looked at her once agreed she was beautiful, and everyone who looked at her twice started finding her in their fantasies after they noticed the way her amazing ass, honed by hours of squats, stretched her soccer shorts tight, or the way her large, pert breasts heaved under her shirt when she was breathing hard.

Her looks had won Mia dozens of lesbian admirers, although her piercing, ice-blue eyes left most of them too afraid to actually approach her or ask her out. But she was no ice queen. As much as anything else, she was famed for her natural charisma and warmth. Just as much as her athletic skills, that was the secret to her success on the soccer team. Around her, other girls were like moths to a flame. Even Professor Tamaki wasn’t immune to her charms. Before she’d decided to allow Eunji to take over, Mia had been on her shortlist of girls to hypnotize. She was a little surprised that Eunji hadn’t attempted that. But once the bimbofied professor saw just how tongue-tied Eunji was around her crush, it started to make far more sense.

“Hey, professor!” Mia greeted her warmly, as she made her way to the front of the room and handed her a small stack of paper. Professor Tamaki shivered as she noted the way the soccer player stood several inches taller than even her own considerable stature.

“Thank you, Mia,” the professor replied, taking her and Eunji’s project report. “I’ll, like, look forward to reading it.”

Even a cursory glance showed that, unlike most the other reports, theirs was very thorough. Most of Professor Tamaki’s students took advantage of her laid-back attitude to coast on the bare minimum amount of work, and didn’t bother writing any more than was absolutely necessary. That suited Professor Tamaki just fine. Reading lots of long, boring, dense homework papers would only have given her a headache.

“You should thank Eunji, not me,” Mia replied, laughing and rubbing the back of her head. “She did most of the work! She’s really smart.”

It was probably true. Mia clearly wasn’t stupid, but she wasn’t the academic type either. She was probably here for an easy A she needed to maintain her sports scholarship. At the compliment, though, Eunji turned bright red and squeaked like a boiling teapot. “T-t-thank you!” she stuttered.

Mia seemed oblivious to how flustered the smaller girl was. Professor Tamaki grinned. Seeing her beloved student acting like a besotted schoolgirl was so cute.

“So, Eunji,” Professor Tamaki said, winking. “How was Mia as a partner?”

Eunji looked like a deer in headlights, something almost miraculous for the accomplished hypnotist. “S-she was amazing!” Eunji blurted out, and then looked horrified. “I mean, um… she was, y’know… fine. No! Not fine.” Mia tilted her head, looking faintly amused. “I-I mean, not not-fine!” Eunji corrected herself. “She was… good! Yes. That’s it. She was good. She was very… good.”

Mia giggled, and gave Eunji a friendly pat on the shoulder. “Thank you,” she replied.

Looking utterly mortified with herself, Eunji backed away and fled out of the room.

Professor Tamaki frowned. This was hopeless. Eunji was never going to get anywhere with Mia if she could barely string a sentence together in her presence. As cute as it was, it was no good for either flirting or hypnosis. It was such a shame. The two of them would have been cute together, and Professor Tamaki wanted nothing more than to see Eunji get everything she desired. As she dwelt on that thought, a plan started to form in her head, and a smile started to spread across her face.

“Mia,” she said abruptly. “Could you stay back for a few minutes? I, like, need to speak with you about something.”

“Oh.” Mia looked surprised. She checked her phone. “Sorry, professor, I actually have soccer practice right now. End of classes, you know?”

“After that?”

“Well…” Mia yawned as she thought. “It’s already getting late, and coach said we’re in for an extra-long session. Would tomorrow be fine? I wouldn’t want to keep you here after dark.”

Professor Tamaki’s smile widened. “Oh, don’t worry. This evening will be perfect. Just drop by my office once you’re done with practice.”

“OK!” Mia agreed.

Professor Tamaki could hardly contain her glee. This was going to be perfect.

Now, she knew exactly what she was going to get for Eunji for Valentine’s Day.


By the time Professor Tamaki heard Mia knock at the door to her office, it was already late into the evening. The professor had been waiting for hours, although she’d been doing her best to use the time well and grade some of today’s reports. Unfortunately, she was having trouble reading for more than a few pages before her head started clouding over. Perhaps she needed to ask Eunji to hypnotize her again.

“Come in!”

As Mia entered, Professor Tamaki was pleased to note that she looked exhausted. Hours of soccer practice after a full day of classes had clearly taken their toll. The tall, auburn-haired girl’s eyelids were drooping, and she hadn’t bothered to change out of her soccer uniform.

“Sorry I’m so late, professor,” Mia said, with as much energy as she could muster.

“It’s no problem,” Professor Tamaki replied, smiling. “Please, have a seat.”

She gestured towards her couch, and Mia immediately slumped onto it. She looked grateful for the chance to take the weight off her feet.

“So, what’s up?” Mia asked. “Was there some kind of problem with the project report?”

“No, not at all.” It was true. Her and Eunji’s was probably the best the class had produced. Professor Tamaki would have gladly let Eunji forgo any and all work, but Eunji insisted on studying and learning properly. The professor admired how hard-working she was. “I just wanted to, like, talk about you, and how you’re doing in school.”

“Oh.” Mia blinked, worried. “Am… I doing something wrong?”

“It’s not that.”

Professor Tamaki stood from behind her desk and moved to sit on the couch next to Mia. It was gratifying that, as she did, she could see Mia’s eyes glancing down to drink in the sight of the professor’s impressive cleavage. It was good to know the student wasn’t immune to her charms. With the college’s administration thoroughly hypnotized and eating out of the palm of her hand, Professor Tamaki had taken to wearing more unprofessional outfits than ever before. Her skirt was so short it barely deserved to be called one, and the blouse she was wearing was deliberately far too small, leaving her lacy push-up bra on display and her tits threatening to pop out of her clothes. Very deliberately, Professor Tamaki had made herself look like a teacher out of a cheap porn video. She liked being that way. Showing skin made her feel hot, and most importantly, she knew Eunji adored her new look.

Evidently, all in all it was too much for a lesbian like Mia Johansen to be completely unmoved by.

“I just wanted to, like, check on you,” Professor Tamaki lied, making her voice soft and soothing. “The welfare of my students is totally my highest priority. I’m worried about you, Mia. Being the soccer team’s star player is a lot of pressure, right? And there’s, like, your grades to worry about too. Not to mention your social life. You seem like you’re running yourself ragged all the time.”

“Huh.” Mia seemed surprised, and took a moment to think. “Well, maybe a little?” she conceded. “But I’m on top of it.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear that,” Professor Tamaki purred. “But all the same, it’s important to be careful, isn’t it? You don’t want to overtax yourself. Mia, you really need to make sure you’re being mindful of just how tired you are.”

“I appreciate the concern, professor,” Mia replied, shifting in her seat. “But I’m fine, I think.”

“I’m sure, I’m sure,” Professor Tamaki agreed. “But you can, like, see why I might be worried, can’t you? All these long days, all those games, all this practice. Just look at you right now. Mia, you can barely keep your eyes open!”

The athletic girl blushed, faintly embarrassed. “Well… it’s just been a long day.”

Professor Tamaki tilted her head. “Did you get enough sleep last night?”

“U-um,” Mia looked away, and laughed awkwardly. “I guess I was staying up late to finish my portion of the report.”

The professor tutted at her. “Mia, you, like, really must remember how important it is to get some proper rest!”

Mia seemed embarrassed. “Yes, professor.”

“I’m not scolding you,” Professor Tamaki assured her gently. She had the student exactly as she wanted her, feeling vulnerable and deeply aware of her own fatigue. “I’m just trying to make sure you’re being careful. Being mindful of how much energy you’re using up.”

“Yes, professor.”

“You know, sometimes all you really need to do is take a moment to center yourself.” Professor Tamaki kept inching closer to the student, gradually softening her voice until it was little more than a whisper that required all of Mia’s attention to hear. “It’s, like, basically meditation. Closing your eyes. Taking a few deep breaths. Letting yourself get in tune with your own body. You should try it.”

“Um… sure.” Under Professor Tamaki’s expectant gaze, Mia let her eyes fall closed, and her chest started to rise and fall more noticeable as her breathing slowed. The student herself was barely aware of the way she was already unconsciously letting herself sink back into the comfortable couch.

Professor Tamaki noticed every little thing about her body language, however. For all that Eunji had done to her mind, her abilities and instincts as a hypnotist were completely undiminished. She no longer bothered to take advantage of them very often, but at a time like this, when it was all for Eunji’s sake, she was more than capable of exploiting such a perfect opportunity.

“See?” the professor pressed. “Doesn’t that feel nice?”

“Yeah…” Mia’s voice was already turning slightly dreamy. With her eyes closed, she couldn’t keep her exhaustion from washing over her. “I guess it does.”

“Good.” Professor Tamaki was grinning from ear to ear. She might have given her pocket watch to Eunji, but she could easily hypnotize a girl like Mia without it. “Now, keep breathing. Focus on your body. I’m sure you know how important it is to be aware of what’s going on with your body. Notice how it feels. How heavy it is. How you feel weighed down by all this stress and work. Can’t you just notice how weary every little muscle feels?”

“Yeah…” Mia repeated. “Yeah, wow…”

Her breath turned into a long sigh, the sound filled with exhaustion.


“With your eyes closed, you can’t help but sink into it, can you?” Professor Tamaki whispered to her. “It’s just like when you close your eyes and fall into bed at night. The sleepiness and heaviness that clings to you is a subconscious reflex. Your body knows you need rest. You need sleep. It’s irresistible, really.”

“I-I guess… um… w-what?” Mia’s confused objection dissolved into a yawn. Unwittingly, she was shifting and settling in her seat, making herself more comfortable - and more susceptible.

“Don’t worry about it,” Professor Tamaki soothed. “Just, like, keep breathing. Doesn’t that feel nice? It’s good to take a moment to focus on your breathing, sometimes. Letting the air sweep into your body and fill your lungs can be so refreshing, can’t it? It makes it so much easier to relax. So much easier to focus. I’m sure you know that, as a soccer player.”

Mia nodded softly, though she didn’t reply. She was too busy taking in slow, full, measured breaths.

“Maybe you do that on the pitch,” the professor continued. “Before an important kick. You breathe. You focus. Maybe you do, maybe not. Maybe you realize it, maybe not. But I bet you do. I bet there’s a moment where you breathe deep and it’s like the whole world shrinks to the only two things that matter: you, and the ball.”

Another nod.

“I knew it,” Professor Tamaki agreed. “I’m sure you can imagine that moment so very vividly. Just as I’m sure you can imagine yourself slipping back into that state of mind right now, as we speak. Maybe you can feel everything slowing down, like time itself is stretching around you. Maybe, if you’d like, you can let all the distractions buzzing around in your mind fade away.”

“I… uh…” For just a moment, Mia’s brow furrowed, but once a second or two had passed her confusion faded, dragged down into the dark corners of her subconscious by exhaustion.

“Only, this time, all you’re focusing on is how tired you are,” Professor Tamaki continued, once her subject was nice and placid. “That’s your whole world now. It must be so hard to think about anything else. It must be impossible to keep that exhaustion at bay, especially when you’re all settled like this, eyes closed, listening to my nice, soothing voice.”

Mia nodded, very slowly.

“You poor thing.” Professor Tamaki reached out and ran her fingertips through Mia’s hair, and enjoyed the way the hypnotized girl barely even shivered. “So very sleepy. You’ve tired yourself out so much. You can’t even think anymore, can you?”

Mia just kept nodding. Her willpower was ebbing away.

“But that’s OK,” the professor added, idly twirling the tall girl’s auburn hair around her fingers. “You don’t need to think right now. Just listen. Only listen.”

Faint relief passed over Mia’s features. The poor girl really was so tired.

And it made her such easy prey.

For all that Professor Tamaki had dumbed down in recent months, once she found her hypnotic rhythm, the words flowed out of her like a song. A girl like Mia was putty in her hands.

Soon, she would be putty in Eunji’s.

“So tired,” the professor repeated, putting her lips next to Mia’s ear. “So stressed too, I’m sure. All those commitments. Work, school, friends. Look what it’s doing to you, Mia. You’re so heavy. So weak. You can barely move. You poor thing. It must be so nice to let someone else do all the thinking for a change.”

A weak mewl was Mia’s only answer.

“Focus on me,” Professor Tamaki encouraged. “Make my voice your whole world, Mia. Doesn’t that sound nice? My voice is the only thing you need to focus on. The only thing you need to think about. I can take care of everything else. Just listen. Just let my voice sink into you, just like how you’re sinking into a nice, deep trance.”

Mia was completely still, except for the slow, barely-perceptible rise and fall of her chest, and a faint flickering behind her eyelids. She was lost to hypnosis.

“Now, imagine,” Professor Tamaki pressed, no longer needing to keep her glee and excitement from seeping into her voice. “Imagine you could let some of those burdens go, Mia. Wouldn’t it be nice to set a few things aside? To give up on them? You’re so tired, so overtaxed. There’s no shame in giving up, every now and then. Just imagine how easy it would be. Imagine if you were less tired. Imagine your body growing light and floaty and warm, as you have more time to just sink into nice, gentle relaxation.”

The sigh that left Mia’s parted lips was filled with sleepy longing.

“I’m going to help you with that,” the professor told her. “You can trust me. I’m your teacher. You can trust me to guide you. I’ll help you let go. Is that what you want, Mia?”

It took the hypnotized girl a long time to muster the strength to speak. “Y-yeah,” she breathed. She sounded eager. That was good.

But Professor Tamaki wanted to give her another push. “What do you say?” she chided, giggling to herself a little.

“Yes please, professor,” Mia replied, almost automatically.

The professor nodded. “Good. Now, like, what should you set aside? Not your friends, of course. You love your friends, and you have so many friends. They need you.”

Mia nodded in wholehearted agreement at that.

“And you can’t give up on the team, of course,” she added. “They’re your whole life! You’re the ace of the soccer team. Nothing’s more important to you than that.”

Another nod.

“So,” Professor Tamaki concluded, “you’re going to have to give up on being smart.”

At that, Mia shifted a little and let out a few murmured, incoherent, confused protests.

“I know, I know,” the professor soothed. “You wanted to pass all your classes. You wanted to get decent grades. But imagine how nice it would feel to just give up on all that. Imagine how nice it would feel to be dumb.”

Mia shifted again, perhaps trying to rouse herself, but a gentle hand stroking across her scalp had her tumbling hopelessly back down into a deep, suggestive trance.

“No-one expects anything of dumb girls,” Professor Tamaki whispered to her, giggling to herself. “No-one expects you to have good grades. No-one expects you to know anything. No-one expects you to show up on time, or do your homework. All you have to do is play soccer, kiss girls, and look pretty. Doesn’t that sound absolutely perfect?”

“I… I…” Mia answered distantly. She sounded conflicted.

“Let me show you. I want you to imagine a little dial in your head. A little circular dial. Can you do that, Mia?” Mia nodded. “And this dial measures how smart you are! It’s marked with numbers around the edge, one to ten. Ten would be as smart as you can be, and one would be totally dumb. Your personal maximum and minimum. Right now, well…” Professor Tamaki giggled to herself. “Since you’re so very exhausted, it’s probably only an eight or so. Understand?”

“Yes,” Mia replied slowly.

“Good.” Professor Tamaki was giggling from ear to ear. This was going to be fun. “Now, let’s play a little game. When I snap my fingers, you’re going to wake up for me, but when you do, you’re going to imagine that dial in your head ticking down by a number. Understand?”


“And since that dial measures how smart you are, when the dial goes down, that means you’re getting dumber. Doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” Mia repeated again, after a short pause.

“Good girl. And when I snap my fingers again, you can let yourself sink back all the way down into sleep for me. Got that?” When Mia nodded again, Professor Tamaki found herself shivering with excitement. She giggled. “Wonderful. Perfect. Let’s get started.”


Mia’s eyes blinked open, and she turned her head to look around blearily. She blushed a little when she noticed how close to her Professor Tamaki was.


“How do you feel, Mia?” Professor Tamaki asked.

“Like… um… my head… it’s…” A bashful little smile came over the girl’s face, “fuzzy.”

“I bet,” the professor giggled, and snapped her fingers again.

Immediately, Mia slumped backwards into the couch as she tumbled back down into trance. Professor Tamaki was right there to guide her, stroking her head and whispering soothing mantras into her ear.

“Good girl, good girl,” she whispered. “Back down. Back to sleep. No more thoughts. No more work.”

Mia barely made a sound.

“Remember the dial,” Professor Tamaki encouraged. “Ticking down. Each snap, it ticks down another number. Each snap makes a little more intelligence drain out of your pretty little head. OK?”

She snapped her fingers.

“W-wha?” Mia groaned, as she opened her eyes once more. They were vacant and glassy, and this time, when she looked around, she started giggling to herself. “Woah… I feel, like…”

“Good,” Professor Tamaki finished for her. “Right?”

“Yeah.” Mia giggled again.

“See?” Professor Tamaki giggled along with her. “Being dumb feels really good.” She dropped her voice to a conspiratorial faux-whisper. “I’d know.”

The rapidly dumbing-down soccer player, convinced this was all nothing more than her own, vivid imagination, was practically helpless from giggling.

“So being even dumber would feel even better,” the professor concluded. “Right?”

Mia’s giggling turned slightly nervous. “Well, like, I guess,” she conceded. “But, um…”


Mia’s eyes slammed shut once more, and all the emotion drained for her face as hypnosis once again took hold of her. But Professor Tamaki gave her no more than a couple of seconds to center herself.

“Remember the dial, Mia. Numbers ticking down, brain ticking away. And…”


This time, as Mia awoke, she simply pressed herself up against Professor Tamaki’s body, nuzzling her like a sleepy kitten. The professor was thrilled. The poor girl was too dumb to question what was going on.

“Dumber and dumber,” Professor Tamaki told her. “Doesn’t it feel good?”

She watched as Mia’s face briefly contorted into a look of concern before she snapped her fingers once more, and all that vanished from her features.

“Each snap making you less intelligent,” the professor reminded her. “Each snap turning that dial a little more. And again…”


“See?” she said. “Way better.”

“What? Um… yeah!” Mia agreed. She now sounded every bit as ditzy as she looked. “Like… wow. You know?”

Professor Tamaki nodded. “Much better this way,” she continued. “Much better as a nice, dumb soccer-playing jock.”

Mia giggled as the professor reached over and started running her fingertips adoringly over her sculpted biceps and toned thighs.

“I’m sure you spend, like, way too much time in the gym to use that silly little brain of yours,” the professor teased.

“Oh my god! Like, stop!” Mia replied, giddily and playfully. With so much of her mind drained away, she was capable of nothing more than acting like a dim-witted schoolgirl.

“And I guess a cute girl like you probably does most of her thinking down here instead,” Professor Tamaki whispered, licking her lips as she slid her hand between Mia’s legs and pressed her fingertips against her panties.

“Noooooo,” Mia whined insincerely. She squirmed, as if struggling, but pulled herself closer to the professor at the same time. Her mind was soup, and in her relaxed, bimbofied state, without any inhibitions, she quickly started to get wet from the professor’s touch.

“Dumb girls have more fun,” Professor Tamaki told her, gently rubbing Mia’s pussy to help work her into a dumb, horny, floaty haze. “You like being dumb, right?”

“Y-yeah,” Mia moaned. She was utterly helpless to resist what the professor was doing to her body and mind.

“Dumb girls have more fun,” the professor repeated. “Say it, Mia.”

“D-dumb girls have more fun,” Mia whined. She was bucking her hips, trying to push her cunt against Professor Tamaki’s palm.


“Dumb girls have more fun,” Mia echoed. Professor Tamaki knew perfectly well what was happening in Mia’s hypnotized mind. Those words were echoing through her, taking hold of her.


“Dumb girls have more fun.”


“Dumb girls have more fun!” Mia chanted, her voice filled with desperate eagerness. “Dumb girls have more fun! Dumb girls have more fun! Dumb girls have more fun!”

“Good girl,” Professor Tamaki simpered, as Mia continued wordlessly mouthing her new mantra. “You sound, like, so smart right now.” She giggled at her own joke. “So. How would you like to stay dumb forever, Mia?”

With her head full of nothing but pleasure and the professor’s brainwashing, Mia could only nod eagerly. “Y-yes!”

Professor Tamaki snapped her fingers one last time.

Mia immediately went limp, as a little more of her intelligence dripped out of her mind, and that last suggestion was left searing itself into what remained of her thoughts.

“Now,” Professor Tamaki said to the hypnotized girl. “We have a few more days until Valentine’s, so you’re going to come here to my office every day so I can reinforce your conditioning. And then I’m going to give you to a girl who can show you just how much fun being dumb can be.”


“So, what’s going on, Nagisa?” Eunji asked, amused. The two of them were walking into the bedroom of Professor Tamaki’s house - which was now Eunji’s house - and Professor Tamaki was standing behind her with her hands over Eunji’s eyes, gently nudging her in the right direction.

“No peeking!” Professor Tamaki insisted, giggling. In truth, she was feeling very nervous. She really, really hoped Eunji liked her present.

“A Valentine’s Day gift?” Eunji guessed. “Nagisa, really, you shouldn’t have. I didn’t even get dressed up!”

It was true. Eunji was wearing nothing more than a t-shirt and some jeans, although to Professor Tamaki, she looked breathtaking no matter what.

“My favorite student deserves a treat!” Professor Tamaki insisted firmly. The thoroughly-brainwashed woman wanted nothing but the best for Eunji, and the thought of her owner grinning and blushing at the sight of her new toy made her heart skip a beat. Once they were in position, the professor took a deep breath. “OK. You can look!”

She took her hands away from Eunji’s face, and watched with bated breath as Eunji’s expression lit up with amazement.

Standing in front of them was Mia, but it was Mia as Eunji had never seen her before. The soccer star was standing bolt upright in the middle of the bedroom, and from the characteristic blank expression on her face, it was very obvious she was in a trance. But that wasn’t nearly as shocking as what she was wearing. Mia was dressed up in a set of lingerie that Professor Tamaki had picked out for her, just for this occasion. The frilly, pink-and-white bra and panties made for quite the contrast with Mia’s athletic body and her usual, tomboyish appearance, but they certainly showed off her amazing tits and the jaw-dropping ass that all those hours of running up and down a soccer pitch had produced.

And that wasn’t at all. Wrapped nearly around her body and each of her limbs was a length of pink ribbon, tied off with a neat, flowery bow in various places. Mia looked exactly like a present, ready to be unwrapped. To drive that point home, Professor Tamaki had instructed her to pose with her hands lifted up in front of her chest, held together in the shape of a heart.

Professor Tamaki looked at Eunji, hoping to gauge her owner’s reaction. Eunji was silent, even as her jaw was opening and closing rhythmically. She was obviously lost for words.

“Happy Valentine’s Day?” Professor Tamaki ventured.

Her words seemed to rouse the younger woman. Eunji started, and then turned completely red. She made as if to cover herself self-consciously with her arms.

“O-oh my god,” Eunji breathed. She let out an anxious noise that was halfway between a giggle and a snort. “M-Mia Johansen? I… she… while I’m like this? I knew I should have dressed up!”

She seemed every bit as nervous and flighty as she had done when Professor Tamaki had first seen her with Mia. For a few, awful seconds, the professor was worried she’d made a mistake. But then, Eunji seemed to calm herself, and stared at Mia intently.

“Wait. Wait, is she…”

A hint of eagerness and excitement was creeping its way into Eunji’s voice. Professor Tamaki started to smile.

“Hypnotized?” she replied. “Yeah. Completely.”

“Oh my god.” Eunji clapped her hands over her face. “Oh my god!”

Professor Tamaki couldn’t contain herself any longer. “Do you like it?”

“I love it!” Eunji shrieked.

The professor immediately dissolved into relieved, giddy giggling, and threw her arms around Eunji in a huge hug.

“I could never have…” Eunji breathed, still astonished by what she was seeing. “I mean, god, I’ve thought about it, but around her I’m just so…”

“I know,” Professor Tamaki replied. “But now look.”

She disentangled herself from Eunji, walked up to Mia, and snapped her fingers in front of her face.

At once, Mia came to life. The athletic girl blinked her eyes a few times, and then, as she caught sight of Mia, she started giggling.

“Um, like, hi!” Mia said bashfully, giggling. She reached up to start twirling her hair, and turned her torso from side to side in a way that made her tits jiggle. “Eunji, your place is, like, soooo cool!”

Eunji’s eyes started shining, and the smile on her face started to grow wider and more predatory. “She’s-”

“Dumb?” Professor Tamaki finished for her. “Yes. Very.”

In just a few moments, a complete transformation came over Eunji. All of the schoolgirlish nervousness melted away, replaced by the icy confidence that she always displayed whenever she was hypnotizing somebody.

Eunji Hwang might not have known how to handle Mia Johansen, but she knew exactly how to handle a hypnotized, bimbofied plaything.

“Hi yourself,” Eunji said smoothly, stepping close to Mia. “You’re dumb now, huh?” She reached out and started idly tracing the lines of Mia’s muscles.

“Yeah,” Mia giggled. “Professor Tamaki showed me how! I, like, love it. Dumb girls have more fun.”

“They certainly do,” Eunji purred. “And did she show you how dumb girls think?”

“Um, ye- ah!” Mia broke off and let out a sharp moan when Eunji slipped her hand into her pink, frilly panties and started rubbing her pussy.

“Yeah?” Eunji prompted.

“D-dumb girls t-think with their c-cunt,” Mia eventually managed. Her words were peppered with giggles and moans, as Eunji’s skillful fingertips left her bimbofied mind bubbling with pleasure and endorphins.

“That’s right,” Eunji purred, satisfied. “I see Professor Tamaki taught you very well.”

Eager for more praise, Professor Tamaki pressed herself up against Eunji.

“Thank you!” the older woman giggled. “It was, like, really fun. I fractionated her, and made her lose intelligence every time I snapped my fingers.”

Eunji flashed her a deeply amused look. “You did, huh?” she commented. “And where did you get an idea like that, I wonder?”

Professor Tamaki tilted her head. “Huh?”

Eunji lifted a hand, and snapped her fingers. And with that, the world around Professor Tamaki faded into dark fog.


As she looked down at Nagisa Tamaki, Eunji couldn’t keep the warm, full, affectionate smile from her face. Now that she was thoroughly brainwashed, the once-strict professor really was cute - especially when she still thought she was in control. Usually, Eunji was happy to let her continue indulging that fantasy. Professor Tamaki was hopelessly infatuated with her, after all, and constantly eager to please. But now and then, Eunji liked to flex the total power she held over her.

“Thank you, Nagisa,” Eunji said. “This truly was a lovely Valentine’s Day gift.”

“Um… like… you’re… uh… welcome?”

After eventually managing to string her barely-coherent reply together, Professor Tamaki let out a brainless giggle followed by a weak gurgle. She was kneeling on the floor in front of her bed, on which Eunij was perched. She was looking up at her owner, her eyes blank and glassy, and a thin trail of drool was leaking from the corner of her mouth, matching the wetness that was visible on her inner thighs.

Eunji had been careful to erase all trace of the ‘snap’ trigger from Professor Tamaki’s conscious memory, but it seemed that some remnant had made its way into her subconscious, becoming her idea for how to hypnotize Mia. It was an amusing turn of events. And now, after snapping her fingers over and over again, Eunji had her old and new toys kneeling beside one another, both of them just as totally hypnotized and bimbofied as one another.

They made quite a pair. In particular, having Mia under Eunji’s thumb like this was a dream come true. She’d often had fantasies about hypnotizing the tall, athletic, popular girl, but something about her had robbed Eunji of the confidence she’d need to make an attempt. But seeing her like this, wrapped up in ribbons and dressed in sexy lingerie, was even better than it had been in her daydreams. She was practically salivating at the thought of all the ways she could put Mia’s flexibility and athleticism to good use. She made a delightful contrast with Professor Tamaki, whose older, more mature body was left constantly on display by the fashion choices Eunji had made for her. The two of them, kneeling together, looked like characters out of lesbian porn - a horny caricature of a college professor, perhaps, and the naughty student she was about to discipline.

Perhaps Eunji would have to make them play out that scenario someday, she mused. But for now, it was time for her to truly enjoy her present.

Eunji stood and quickly slipped out of both her jeans and her panties. Once she sat back down on the bed, she let her legs fall apart. Both Professor Tamaki’s and Mia’s eyes were instantly drawn to the sight of her pussy. At a simple nod from Eunji, the two of them shifted forwards and pushed their faces between Eunji’s thighs.

“H-happy Valentine’s Day!” Eunji moaned, as she felt both of their tongues lapping at her wet, sensitive cunt.

It was sure to be the best one she’d ever had.

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