Extra Tuition

Chapter 2

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #bimbofication #dom:female #f/f

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2021, do not repost without explicit permission

“Thank you so much for inviting us to your lovely home, Professor Tamaki,” said Eunji, as she stepped into her professor’s living room. “It was such a great idea to have our session here, instead of at school.”

“Oh, please,” Professor Tamaki replied, leading the way. “It’s nothing.” The woman, ten years Eunji’s senior, was nonetheless smiling happily at the praise, oblivious to the fact that it hadn’t really been her own idea at all.

She was equally oblivious to the wolfish grin on Eunji’s face as her student looked around her home with great interest. Professor Tamaki’s house was small, but felt more spacious than it might have thanks to the sparse, tasteful decor and the fact that she kept it fastidiously neat and tidy -  at least, until recently. She seemed to have been slipping a little. In particular, the stack of papers to be graded on her desk was much, much taller than she would once have tolerated. It was strange; despite Eunji taking so much work off her hands, Professor Tamaki always felt so foggy, and always had such difficulty focusing. She wasn’t worried, though. She knew that no matter what, Eunji would take care of things for her.

She trusted her favorite student implicitly.

“Come along, Miri,” the professor called out behind her, in a much sharper tone.

“Yes, professor!” replied the bubbly, blonde, bimbofied cheerleader, skipping after them. She was wearing her cheerleader uniform; she hardly ever seemed to wear anything else. Miri didn’t know why she’d been invited along, but she wasn’t really smart enough to care, or curious enough to ask. Docility had been one of the traits Professor Tamaki had most forcefully cultivated in the once-smart student over the course of her hypnotic conditioning.

Professor Tamaki was proud of what she’d been able to do to “Miranda”, which was why she was excited for the opportunity to show off her skills as a hypnotist through giving instruction to Eunji, her wonderful protégé.

It had been a few weeks since Eunji had turned the tables on her professor, hypnotizing her with her own induction and beginning to take control of her life - not that Professor Tamaki remembered any of that, of course. No, as far as she was concerned, she had simply decided of her own initiative to reveal her hypnotic schemes to Eunji, knowing that the brilliantly smart, nerdy girl would make for a perfect assistant. Her decision had, perhaps, been influenced by the slightly embarrassing crush Professor Tamaki had developed on Eunji, but she had reasoned that there was nothing wrong with that.

She didn’t remember Eunji using hypnosis to give her that crush, either.

Over those weeks, with Professor Tamaki’s help, Eunji had rapidly familiarized herself with the professor’s network of hypnotized pawns, taking stock of who they were and what they might be useful for. Eunji had proved herself adept at managing and handling them, something that Professor Tamaki was becoming more and more grateful for as she found herself becoming increasingly absent-minded and light-headed. Why, she hardly remembered the private study sessions she and Eunji had together! But she did know (because Eunji had told her as much) that she’d been teaching her student how to hypnotize people. Giving her a chance to put those lessons into practice was a natural next step, and so, here they all were. Professor Tamaki, the mentor, Eunji, her protégé, and Miri, a very, very convenient practice dummy.

“Why don’t you both make yourselves comfortable?” Professor Tamaki took a seat at her desk and gestured to a pair of other chairs.

“Yes, professor,” the two of them chorused, one voice sounding decidedly more air-headed than the other. As the two of them sat, Professor Tamaki clasped her hands, pleased.

“Now,” she began. “Shall we get started?”

It was really a question for Eunji, not Miri, and both of them knew it. “That sounds great, professor!” Eunji replied brightly. “Only, don’t you want to get a little more comfortable first?”

“What do you mean?”

“Aren’t you awfully hot dressed like that?” Eunji was smirking from ear to ear. “Maybe you should dress down a little.”

Professor Tamaki frowned, her head turning foggy in that way it always seemed to when Eunji said something that confused her. “I don’t think…” she looked down at herself.

She wasn’t hot at all. If anything, the opposite; over the past few weeks, Professor Tamaki had found herself wearing less and less. Her skirts had been growing shorter and her blouses skimpier, her teaching outfits falling well below her former standards of professionalism as she lost or threw out some of her older, stuffier clothes. Eunji had convinced her she didn’t need to be so uptight, and she was right, of course, but Professor Tamaki still wasn’t quite used to it yet. 

“No, no,” Eunji pressed, smiling confidently. “I think you’re definitely feeling a little too hot.”

The young student held her professor’s gaze for a few moments, until a strange, suffocating warmth started to settle over Professor Tamaki’s body, and she realized suddenly that Eunji was right. Still confused, she nonetheless smiled ruefully. She shouldn’t have been so surprised, she told herself. Eunji was always right, even about the oddest things.

“Oh…” Professor Tamaki murmured absently. “Yes, I suppose I am.”

She reached up and undid a couple of the buttons of her shirt, pulling it open and sighing with relief as the cool air hit her chest. The professor didn’t really notice how much cleavage she was now showing, especially given how tight her new blouses were around her ample tits.

“Perfect!” Eunji kept on smirking. “I think we’re all ready, professor.”

“Why don’t you call me ‘Nagisa’?” Professor Tamaki suggested, the idea suddenly coming to her. “Given our unique relationship, I think we can afford to be a little less formal. Don’t you?”

“I agree, Nagisa,” Eunji replied, knowing full well that wasn’t really her professor’s idea either.

Professor Tamaki blushed a little as Eunji said her name. She was embarrassed at seeming so girlish and flighty, but she couldn’t help the butterflies she got in her stomach at such a pretty, brilliant young girl saying her first name for the first time. Eunji was just so cute. She seemed a little geeky on the surface, short and demure, but her body was amazing, and the professor found her endlessly charming. “E-excellent.”

She turned her attention to Miri, who was perched perkily on the chair Professor Tamaki had indicated for her to sit in. She hadn’t been paying any attention to their conversation. She didn’t pay attention to much, unless Professor Tamaki expressly told her so.

“I know your studies in hypnosis with me have been going very well,” Professor Tamaki said to Eunji. “But there’s no substitute for practical experience. That’s where Miri here will come in. I think it’s high time you had a proper test subject. So, from now on, I’ll be entrusting her to your care. Consider her a pet, or an assistant, or whatever you like. Someone for you to hone your skills on.”

“Really?” Eunji feigned surprise, as Professor Tamaki acted out the suggestion Eunji had given her during their most recent ‘study session’. “She’ll be all mine? But isn’t she your PA?”

Professor Tamaki waved a hand dismissively. “I can do without. As long as you help to pick up the slack, of course.”

“Oh yes,” Eunji affirmed, still smirking. “You can leave everything to me, Nagisa.”

There were those butterflies in her stomach again. Professor Tamaki took a moment to calm herself. She didn’t want to end up doing something embarrassing in front of her crush.

“Here, take my pocket watch,” Professor Tamaki continued, offering it to Eunji once she was a little more compsoed, “and show me what you can do.”

“Gosh, Nagisa.” Eunji took the pocket watch, handling it carefully. “Are you sure? What if I’m not ready?”

Professor Tamaki’s heart skipped a beat. Eunji didn’t actually seem nervous, even if she sounded it, but that didn’t stop the brainwashed professor from being eager to offer comfort to the girl who she was hopelessly infatuated with.

“You’ll do fine,” Professor Tamaki assured her, as calmly as she could. “I’ll be right here to guide you.”

Eunji nodded, smiling, and the professor basked in her gratitude. “Let’s see… the first thing I should do is get the subject nice and relaxed. Isn’t that right?”

“Precisely!” Professor Tamaki replied brightly. Being so upbeat and encouraging didn’t come naturally to her, but she couldn’t help it. Not with her favorite student.

“Got it.” Eunji turned her attention to Miri, slumped in her chair, already half-brainless. “Miri, I want you to lean back. Take a few moments to settle yourself. Get nice and comfortable.”

Miri was already plenty relaxed, as always, but she nonetheless nodded and smiled agreeably. “Sure, Miss Eunji!”

When had she started calling Eunji that?

“Good.” Eunji was already slipping into her hypnotist voice, calming and low and melodious. Professor Tamaki couldn’t quite place when she’d heard it before - after all, this was Eunji’s first time doing hypnosis - but it felt familiar, somehow, and a lazy, broad smile came to her face as her student continued. “Doesn’t it feel nice, to take the weight off your feet, at the end of a long day? It’s really the most blissful thing in the world, I’m sure you’ll agree. That moment when you realize nothing matters anymore. You can set all your cares aside. All your thoughts. You can switch off. This is your time. Your time to relax. I’m just here to help with that.”

Professor Tamaki found herself nodding along, pleased and soothed. Eunji really was good at this. She expected nothing less of her protégé. Safe in the knowledge that her network would be in good hands as she started delegating more and more to Eunji, Professor Tamaki found it easy to sit back and simply enjoy the display Eunji was giving her. It was so nice to take the weight off her feet.

“Now, would you care to look at this?” Eunji lifted the professor’s pocket watch, dangling it by its chain in the air between her and Miri. It was easy for Professor Tamaki to see it too, and she was paying close attention to Eunji’s technique. “You know what this is, don’t you? It helps you relax.”

Miri nodded. “Helps me… relax…” the bimbofied cheerleader muttered. After so much hypnosis, the mere sight of the pocket watch was almost enough to bring her into trance all on its own.

“That’s right.” Eunji tilted her head to one side. “Hmm… what’s next, Nagisa?”

“What?” Professor Tamaki’s attention had lapsed a little, somehow, and given how relaxed she was, it took her a moment to stir herself. “Oh, um… you should capture the subject’s attention. Make sure they’re focused on you, and nothing else.”

“I see.” Eunji was facing Miri, but Professor Tamaki could still just about see the smirk on her face. It was a good look for a hypnotist. “Thank you.”

The watch started to swing and sway from side to side, just a little. It was captivating.

“Look at the watch,” Eunji instructed soothingly. “Watch the watch. Doesn’t that sound fun? Watch the watch. Isn’t that easy to remember? I’m sure it is. Maybe it’s just going around and around in your head. Watch the watch. Watch the watch. Watch the watch the watch. Isn’t that silly?”

Miri giggled, nodded slowly. Even Professor Tamaki found herself cracking a smile. It was a nice little touch.

“Watch the watch,” Eunji repeated. “Around and around, just like the hands on this watch. On and on. Tick, tick, tick. Watch the watch. Doesn’t it just feel like it could go around forever? But the more you think about that phrase, the more it seems to lose all its meaning, doesn’t it? Is it two words, or three? Which ‘watch’ is the watch, and which ‘watch’ is the watching, the watching of the watch? It’s so easy to lose track, isn’t it?”

Miri nodded again, and Professor Tamaki nodded too. Her head was a little foggy, and she was finding Eunji’s deft use of repetition and ambiguous wordplay quite confusing. Which… was wrong, wasn’t it? She was supposed to be the teacher, and Eunji the novice. But on the other hand, shouldn’t she be glad to have such a skillful apprentice? Professor Tamaki found herself slightly unbalanced by those questions, but with Eunji’s words still swimming in her head, it was impossible to focus on them.

“Nagisa?” An insistent note in Eunji’s voice caught Professor Tamaki’s attention. “How am I doing?”

The sleepy professor realized, suddenly, that her attention had wandered. She’d completely lost track of Eunji’s words. She’d just been puzzling over her own feelings, that silly mantra - watch the watch - bouncing around in her head. It was embarrassing. But at least she hadn’t actually fallen asleep. No, there was no chance of that. Her eyes were held open, locked to the swinging, silver pocket watch.

“Ah… you’re doing excellently, yes,” Professor Tamaki bluffed. Fortunately, Eunji didn’t seem to have noticed her distraction. She was plainly smirking at Miri, not the professor. All the same, though, Professor Tamaki was starting to feel oddly out of her depth. But… that didn’t make any sense. Did it?

“That’s wonderful.” Eunji laughed softly, just a little. She gestured towards Miri. “Do you think she’s focused enough?”

Professor Tamaki tried to look, though it was hard to refocus her gaze away from the watch. From what she could see, the poor, brainwashed cheerleader was already barely conscious. Her mouth was hanging open, her posture was slumped, and her eyes were hopelessly transfixed. It was very strange, watching one of her favorite pets slip under someone else’s power. There was a sense of wrongness to it that Professor Tamaki couldn’t quite shake, as much as she told herself it was all nothing to worry about. After all, Eunji was doing this for her. It was just as she’d planned.

Wasn’t it?

“I think she looks very focused, yes,” Professor Tamaki replied slowly, her voice quiet and distant. “Focused enough.”

“Hmm.” Eunji tilted her head, and appeared to be looking at Professor Tamaki out of the corner of her eye. “No, I think she needs a little more.” The professor was about to argue, when she added: “Just to make sure. It’s my first time, after all. I want to be extra-careful. I wouldn’t want to let you down.”

Professor Tamaki nodded, pacified by that explanation. It was comforting to hear that her student was nervous. That was the way it should be. She, the professor, was the confident one. She was the one in control.

“You’re getting a little confused, aren’t you?” Eunji continued, her voice effortlessly soft and compelling. “All those words. Watch, watch, watch. And the ticking, and the swinging. It’s all going in circles. It never stops. It’s so easy to get tied in knots, don’t you think?”

Without even realizing it, Professor Tamaki nodded.

“But it’s OK,” Eunji soothed. “It’s all OK. It’s OK to be confused. This is your time. Your time to relax. You don’t need to worry about figuring everything out right now. You can just let it all wash over you. You have that power. That control. It’s all yours. I’m sure knowing that feels good. Nice and safe, nice and secure. Nothing to worry about.”

The professor’s worries started to dissipate further and further as she half-listened to Eunji’s words. This was her home. Her plan. She was in control. Safe and secure.

“And because of that, it’s OK to let go,” Eunji explained. Listening to her truly was lovely. It was just like listening to music. Professor Tamaki felt like she could have listened forever. “Everyone needs to let go sometimes, don’t you think? No-one can figure everything out all at once. So, when you’re nice and safe like this, with me, you can just let go. Isn’t that a relaxing thought? Yes, good. So relaxed, watching the watch.”

One of the best things about training Eunji to be her protégé, Professor Tamaki mused, was how it gave her more time to herself. She had been so stressed before, managing everything all by herself. Now, she had more time to relax. More time at home, in her chair, like this, letting herself drift away.

“Nagisa?” Eunji giggled. “Oh yes. Looking very relaxed now. Totally ready for trance. Don’t you think?”

In truth, Professor Tamaki could barely see Miri’s face. Her vision was all blurred, and dark at the corners. Only her silver pocket watch, swinging at the center of her field of view, was still clear. Nonetheless, in an effort to please her student and her crush, the professor made herself look.

Miri looked desperately entranced. She looked like the kind of girl who was still clinging to consciousness by a single thread, and only because she hadn’t yet been told to completely let go. Her eyelids were slumping heavily, threatening to fall closed at each and every moment. When they twitched open, motivated by an irresistible urge to keep obeying Eunji, her eyes were utterly blank. Just looking at her made Professor Tamaki feel sleepy.

“Y… yes…” Professor Tamaki replied dreamily.

“Of course,” Eunji agreed. “She couldn’t resist. How could she? This is what happens when people stare at this pocket watch, Nagisa. When they listen to my induction. They go into trance for me. Of course they do! You’re a master hypnotist, aren’t you? And you’ve been guiding me. Helping me. How could Miri resist? How could anyone resist? I’m sure anyone listening would be just as hypnotized.”

Professor Tamaki nodded. Her thoughts were as slow as syrup, but that made perfect sense to her. She was so very skillful. How could anyone resist?

“They’d be just as sleepy. Just as helpless. Just as ready to slip into trance just as soon as I snap my fingers.”

The mesmerized professor nodded again.

Eunji held up her other hand. “Three… two… one… sleep!”

She snapped her fingers.

Professor Tamaki’s head fell to one side, and her eyes closed. She was gone. Hypnotized, yet again, by her own student.

Slowly and languidly, Eunji stood, carefully setting the pocket watch down on Professor Tamaki’s desk. She stretched out for a moment, and then reached down to stroke the professor’s cheek in a possessive gesture.

“It just keeps getting easier,” she mused, smirking to herself, now with naked arrogance and glee. “This is, what, the sixth or seventh time? And you still don’t remember a thing, do you?”

The entranced professor said nothing.

“Miri’s mine from now on,” Eunji told her. “All mine. And that means you won’t hypnotize her anymore. Understand? She belongs to me. You gave her to me yourself. You wouldn’t want to be rude and mess with my property.”

Once, even in trance, that command might have incited a little dazed resistance. Now, Professor Tamaki just nodded, a dumb, blissful smile on her face. She liked doing what Eunji told her. Anything Eunji told her.

“Perfect.” Eunji rubbed her hands together happily. “Now that that’s out of the way, I think it’s time to have a little fun. Don’t you agree, Nagisa?”

Her tone let the professor know she was expecting an answer. “Yes, Miss Eunji,” she replied blankly.

Eunji giggled again. “I love doing that.” She paced around the expansive front room of Professor Tamaki’s house for a moment, idly inspecting her pet’s possessions as she pondered all the different kinds of fun she could have. “Let’s see… oh, I know. Nagisa, tell me, why did you make Miri dress like that all the time? In her cheerleader uniform, I mean.”

“It’s… hot…” Professor Tamaki replied slowly, sifting through her own, clouded memories. “Like… like a cheerleader sex toy.”

“Makes sense to me!” Eunji agreed brightly. “That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it, Nagisa? A cheerleader sex toy wears a cheerleader outfit. A hypnotized girl in a cheerleader outfit is a cheerleader sex toy.”

Professor Tamaki nodded slowly, taking a moment to process and internalize that new truth.

“So,” Eunji continued, “with that in mind… Miri, Nagisa, take off your clothes.”

“Yes, Miss Eunji,” they both murmured, each sounding just as thoroughly hypnotized as the other.

As one, the cheerleader and the professor rose to their feet and began discarding their clothes. Miri had done it many times before and Professor Tamaki only a few, but neither one of them showed the slightest hint of shame or hesitation. Eunji sat back down, leaning back, relaxed, watching them undress. Within just a few moments, both of them were naked, standing a short distance apart with their arms hanging limply at their sides. It was clear Eunji enjoyed how the both looked; the blonde, incredibly curvy cheerleader, and the dark-haired, tall professor.

“Excellent,” Eunji said approvingly. “Now, Nagisa, go put on Miri’s uniform.”

Shocking though the request was, Professor Tamaki couldn’t even conceive of disobeying. She was far beyond that, her thoughts bent only towards dull, simple compliance. She walked across to the discarded cheerleader uniform next to Miri and started to put it on, first the crop top, and then the skirt. Thanks to Professor Tamaki’s brainwashing, the girl no longer bothered with underwear, most of the time. The miniskirt was a relatively good fit, although thanks to Professor Tamaki’s stature, it was even shorter on her than it was on her student. The top, though, was a different story. Professor Tamaki was much bustier than Miri, and it showed. She had to struggle to fit the top on over her breasts, and even once she managed it, the top threatened to ride up, or simply let her chest pop out completely. Not that either would have bothered her, of course. Not in the deep, all-consuming trance Eunji had drawn her into.

“Oh, fuck, that looks amazing,” Eunji purred, a smile dancing across her face. “Were you ever a cheerleader at school, Nagisa?”


“That’s a shame.” Eunji laughed. “You look like an older woman trying on an old uniform. It’s a good look.”

Professor Tamaki said nothing, but her cheeks grew a little heated. She was well-conditioned to enjoy her crush’s approval.

“Now,” her student continued. “Remember what I told you before, a moment ago?”

Professor Tamaki nodded. “A cheerleader sex toy wears a cheerleader outfit. A hypnotized girl in a cheerleader outfit is a cheerleader sex toy,” she intoned.

“That’s right! And you’re hypnotized, aren’t you? You’re in a cheerleader outfit, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Eunji.”

“So.” Eunji’s smile grew into a wide, shark-like grin. “What does that make you?”

The professor’s answer was immediate. “A cheerleader sex toy.”

“Very, very good!” Eunji praised. “I want you to remember that, Nagisa. I want you to keep that foremost in your mind as you wake up now… one… two… three…” She snapped her fingers again. “Awake!”

To Professor Tamaki, trying to wake herself up was akin to trying to drag herself out of quicksand. The trance clung to her, leaving her mind entrapped in dense cobwebs even as her eyes blinked rapidly, registering greater awareness. Where was she? What was going on? She could see Eunji sitting right there, and Eunji was… her student? Why didn’t that feel right? In the other chair was Miri, naked. Miri was a cheerleader, wasn’t she? It was so hard to think clearly, to remember even that much. And Professor Tamaki herself? She was-

The professor looked down at herself. She was wearing a cheerleader outfit.

With that single, simple observation, the bliss of certainty settled over her, bringing a happy, docile smile to her face. She remembered now. She was a cheerleader sex toy. Professor Tamaki felt very sure of that.

Having ascertained that much, she turned to Eunji and waved to her crush. “Hey, Eunji!” she said in a bright, airheaded voice. It felt natural to act that way, as a cheerleader, and she was more than a little pleased that the cute girl she had a crush on was here to see her in her uniform. 

“Hey.” Eunji giggled. “How are you doing?”

The answer supplied itself instantly. “Great!” Professor Tamaki replied energetically. A cheerleader should always be bouncy and bubbly. She remembered telling Miri as much.

“Wonderful.” Eunji lent forward, a look of pleasure and curiosity on her face. “And you’re a sex toy, right?”

“Well, duh!” Professor Tamaki exclaimed, gesturing to her clothes, voice unusually girly and expressive. “I’m wearing this outfit, aren’t I? Not just a sex toy, though! A cheerleader sex toy.”

“Ah, of course.” Eunji seemed to be having trouble suppressing her giggling. “How could I forget?”

Professor Tamaki nodded emphatically, before clasping her hands together behind her back and pressing her chest forward. She wanted to put her tits on display. That was what a cheerleader sex toy should do.

“OK, Miri,” Eunji said, suddenly turning to the other girl, still in trance. “Remember, you obey me from now on. And want you to wake up feeling very, very horny on a count of one… two… three!”

She snapped her fingers once more, and Miri was awake. The brainwashed student barely seemed to register her own nakedness, and her cheeks immediately flushed with potent arousal. Professor Tamaki wasn’t at all troubled by the display of Eunji’s hypnotic control. A cheerleader sex toy shouldn’t pay any mind to such things.

“Hey there, Miri.” Eunji reached over and rested a hand on Miri’s thigh, fingertips reaching to tease the lips of her pussy. The effect was immediate. Miri shuddered and moaned loudly. “You want someone to go down on you?”

“Mhm!” Miri nodded emphatically.

“Well then,” Eunji continued, looking back at Professor Tamaki significantly. “Good think we have a sex toy right here. Nagisa, why don’t you help Miri out?”

“Sure!” Professor Tamaki didn’t see anything wrong with that suggestion. She was a cheerleader sex toy. What else was she for? Eunji, though, quickly stopped her as she moved towards Miri’s chair.

“Wait, wait,” Eunji added hastily, grinning. “You’re not just a sex toy, right? You’re a cheerleader sex toy. So… give us a chant!”

Once again, the hypnotized professor didn’t hesitate. She didn’t know anything much at all about cheerleading routines, but that didn’t stop her from proudly posing in front of Eunji, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

“Gimme an S!” Professor Tamaki chanted, turning to one side and pressing her ass out behind her, whilst stretching her arms out in front to imitate the shape of the letter S.

“Gimme an E… um… I don’t know how to do an ‘E’.” Professor Tamaki giggled apologetically, and did a few jumping jacks to fill space. They sent her tits bouncing and jiggling obscenely.

“Gimme an… X!” The professor jumped once more, stretching her arms and legs out to the sides in an ‘X’ formation. That one last bounce was too much for Miri’s top, struggling to contain her heaving boobs. It slipped up over them, leaving her tits to jiggle all the more. Professor Tamaki did nothing but giggle stupidly. “Sex!” she finished.

Eunji clapped. She looked like she couldn’t believe her luck. “Wow!” she applauded. “Great job, professor!”

“Professor?” Professor Tamaki scratched her head. That felt weird.

“Are you a professor?”

That simple question put two sides of Nagisa Tamaki at war with each other. She was! She was a professor. That was one of the things of which she was most proud. But she didn’t look like a professor. She wasn’t acting like a professor. She was acting like a bimbofied cheerleader. Was that wrong? She had to be a professor, but she couldn’t keep Eunji’s words out of her head. A cheerleader sex toy wears a cheerleader outfit. After a moment of anxious confusion, Eunji’s conditioning fell back into place, and the quandary dissolved into nothing.

“I guess so!” Professor Tamaki replied brightly. “Nothing says a professor can’t be a cheerleader sex toy, right?”

Utterly oblivious to back-breaking contradictions that implied, Professor Tamaki knelt before Miri, sitting with her legs spread, and got ready to eat her student out.

At first, when she sank to her knees, there was something strange and dissonant about the feeling, about the knowledge that she was about to bury her face in Miri’s pussy. It wasn’t her first time going down on a girl, of course. But it was the first time it had felt like this: submissive, like she was providing a service. That strangeness and dissonance felt like a call to remember something. Wasn’t she supposed to be the one who sat, legs spread, waiting for a girl to pleasure her?

But then, at once, that worry was smothered by a soft, warm, satisfying glow. She was a cheerleader sex toy. She had to be. She was wearing the uniform. And that made it obvious what she was supposed to do.

Her hesitation banished, Professor Tamaki put her lips to Miri’s cunt and started worshiping.

She wasn’t slow or teasing, working the younger girl into a needy frenzy as she sometimes did when it pleased her to go down on a girl she’d hypnotized. That wouldn’t have felt right. Not for a sex toy like her. Instead, she simply buried her tongue inside Miri’s pussy and started working it inside her, pushing as deep as she could and lapping in quick, eager strokes. The more she ate Miri out, the more of that warm glow she felt. She was going to make a girl cum while wearing a cheerleader uniform. This was what she was for.

Miri’s appreciation was obvious. The girl moaned long and loud the moment Professor Tamaki started touching her, and she immediately made her need clear by putting a hand on the back of the professor’s head and using it to hold her firmly against her cunt. Normally, Professor Tamaki never would have tolerated such a domineering gesture towards her. Not from anyone. But here, in trance, it only felt right. She was a toy. A thing to be used. A way for other girls to get off. And she treated her toys like that all the time.

“F-fuck!” Miri cried, giggling between moans as the giddy euphoria of pleasure hit her addled bimbo brain. “P-professor! I had no idea you were so, mmf, like, good with your tongue.”

Professor Tamaki said nothing. She couldn’t. Her face was buried between her students legs, and held there by her hand. All she could do was keep licking fervently, snatching little breaths here and there when she could. She did, though, manage to look over to where Eunji was sitting out of the corner of her eye. She wanted to see if the girl she was crushing on was equally impressed with her skill.

And by the looks of it, she certainly was. Eunji was sitting forwards eagerly, held rapt by the performance. She was rubbing herself a little through her clothes, and her face was lit up with the glow of a true, dominant power-trip. Seeing her look so pleased only added to Professor Tamaki’s satisfaction. She wanted to make sure Eunji saw that she was the best, smartest, most capable cheerleader sex toy around. She had her pride as an educator, after all.

“I-I’m… close!” Miri panted, after a few more moments. Eunji’s hypnotic suggestion had already made her needy and sensitive, and Professor Tamaki was exploiting that eagerly. She quickly hastened her efforts, working her tongue even harder and reaching a hand up between Miri’s thighs to tease her swollen, throbbing clit.

That was all it took.

Miri screamed as she came, clenching her thighs together around Professor Tamaki’s head as she did. For the professor it was, somehow, just as much of a release - not sexual, but mental. She was a sex toy, and she’d made a girl cum. That was her purpose. The glow of satisfaction that had been growing within her became a blaze, spreading throughout her whole body and consuming each one of her thoughts. Once Miri went limp and let her legs fall apart, Professor Tamaki was left simply kneeling there, mindless, a dumb, pleased smile on her face.

She had slumped back into total trance.

Eunji took her time drinking in the spectacle of the breathless cheerleader who’d just had a mind-blowing orgasm, and the professor wearing her uniform, kneeling there with her student’s cum all over her face. She let out a laugh that was also something of a moan. The memory was sure to be something she’d savor.

“Nagisa,” Eunji said, standing up and approaching the professor, reaching down to tilt her head up towards her. “Can you hear me?”

“Yes,” Professor Tamaki replied blankly.

“Good.” Eunji licked her lips. “I want you to forget all about this. I don’t think you’re quite ready to be a full-time sex toy. Not just yet, anyway.”

“Yes, Miss Eunji.” The memories were already fading.

“Oh, but keep the outfit,” Eunji added. “Don’t worry about why you’re wearing it. Miri has others, and it just looks way too good on you for me to let you hand it back.”

“Yes, Miss Eunji.”

“Now, as far as you’ll remember, this all went perfectly,” Eunji continued. “You watched me hypnotize Miri, and you’re more confident than ever that you can trust me to handle everything for you.”

Professor Tamaki just nodded as her mind re-organized itself to match her student’s wishes.

“But also…” Eunji rubbed her chin thoughtfully, looking around at her professor’s home. “This is a great place, Nagisa. A lot nicer than the student dorm I’m living in. So… I want you to remember that you’ve always wanted me to move in with you.”

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