by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #doppelganger #f/f #magical_girl #pov:bottom #sub:female

Tsukino Moon, ever-victorious magical girl, has an encounter with a sinister doppelganger who uses dark powers to teach her the pleasures of defeat

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2023, do not repost without explicit permission

Tsukino Moon, the sworn protector of Minato City, had to fight to suppress a yawn as she walked through streets and alleys in search of the monster that had been attacking innocent people. She would always remember the lessons that had been drilled into her as a naive young magical girl, of course. She was the defender of everything light and good, and the enemy of everything dark and sinister. Evil lurked in every shadow, and it was her duty to remain ever-vigilant against all its perils. But, after all these years, that didn’t make her patrols any less boring. She had fought world-ending threat after world-ending threat, and she was still standing. One more little monster wasn’t much to worry about.

Still, it was hurting people, and that meant it had to be stopped. According to the reports she’d heard, the monster manifested as some kind of strange, malevolent doppelganger that preyed on all those who crossed its path. Tsukino wasn’t sure where to look for it, so she was just patrolling the streets and waiting for it to strike.

Or, perhaps, waiting to stumble across its lair.

Rounding a corner, Tsukino found herself facing a small alleyway that should not have been. It was darker than dark, and the deeper the magical girl peered, the more it seemed to collapse into something almost organic. The walls of the adjacent buildings became like solid shadows, illuminated only by odd, jagged crystals that reflected the night sky above into infinite shards of light. The impossible space reminded her of an open maw.

Creepy. But not, Tsukino decided, the creepiest she’d seen. She wasn’t afraid. Stepping forward, the magical girl raised her enchanted scepter and smiled as it glowed with a warm, familiar light, helping to keep the unnatural dark at bay. Over the years, she had learned to work her magical sailor outfit into a slightly more tasteful lolita dress, something slightly more appropriate for the physique she had grown into: toned, tough, and a little scarred. She kept the scepter the same, though, tacky as it was, with its big, pink, heart-shaped crystal. It was a nice reminder of things past.

She kept her old hairstyle, too. Twin, blonde buns on top of her head, and long, flowing pigtails behind. It was a signature look.

The deeper Tsukino went into the shadows, the darker and more encompassing they grew. She was no longer in an alley, but something like a cave. The sky above her was gone, as were all the lights of the city, but the cave remained dimly illuminated by the crystals that jutted from every surface. Tsukino was no longer sure it was the night sky that they reflected. They seemed to glow like they were filled with stars, but were tinted with a sinister, purple hue.

Perhaps this strange place - this pocket dimension - was like a spider’s web, Tsukino mused. She could easily imagine that civilians would find themselves hopelessly lost in the darkness, and become easy prey for the doppelgangers lurking within. Not her, though. She was far too strong for that.

“Oh? What do we have here? How interesting…”

Tsukino stiffened at the voice. It was uncomfortably familiar but it distorted slightly as it echoed throughout the strange, dark cave, and Tsukino couldn’t quite place it. She knew, though, that nothing good would sound so at-ease in a place like this.

“Stop!” she called out. “In the name of the light, show yourself!”

The only answer she received to her command was a resounding and mirthful laugh. “Oh? It’s you? That certainly is amusing.”

“Show yo-”

Tsukino’s lips froze when the other presence stepped closer, into the dim light. She recognized them at once, of course.

It was her.

Not really, of course. It couldn’t have been. It was a cheap, poor, mocking imitation, but the resemblance was still striking enough to give Tsukino a moment’s pause. The doppelganger, along with all its clothes, seemed to be made of the same shadowy substance as the rest of the cave; it was all night sky and shimmering purple. As unnatural as it looked, though, it was clearly meant to be Tsukino. The silhouette was unmistakable, and there was a telltale familiarity in how it moved and carried itself. Those similarities were all the more repugnant, given the equally marked differences between the doppelganger and Tsukino.

The doppelganger carried no weapon, but it was wearing what Tsukino could only think of as a whorish parody of her own magical girl outfit. It had the same ribbons, the same folds, and the same patterns, but it seemed to have been ripped to shreds in a way that had to be deliberately suggestive. The top barely covered her breasts, and the skirt had been cut so short it barely deserved to be called one. Everywhere, the outfit was raked with tears that let alluring flashes of soft, purple, corrupted skin show through. The only part of the outfit that had been in any way added to were the boots, which had metamorphosed into tall, impractical, fuck-me heels. This shadowy clone of Tsukino looked like something between a succubus and a streetwalker.

And the most unnerving thing of all was the too-wide grin, stretched across her otherwise featureless face.

Tsukino sniffed. She wasn’t impressed. “What are you, some kind of shapeshifter? Stealing people’s faces as you attack the innocent? If you expect this embarrassing display to unnerve me, you’re sorely mistaken. In the name of the light, I will punish you!”

As she spoke, Tsukino made a familiar gesture with her hands. As she did, the doppelganger, which had been slowly walking towards her, bent double in laughter.

“Oh my god! That’s how it looks? And those words… ah, the naivety is thrilling! It’s been so long.”

Tsukino scowled. She was in no mood to let a demon mock her. “Are those your last words, fiend?”

The doppelganger’s laughter died. “Last words? I hope not! Maybe instead I can correct a few of your misconceptions, hm? I’m not a shapeshifter. And I haven’t attacked anybody.”

“Ridiculous!” Tsukino pronounced. “I won’t be fooled by your lies.”

To her surprise, the doppelganger visibly cringed. “Ugh. So stuffy! I had forgotten how bad it was… well, tried to forget, anyway.” She laughed. “Tell me, do you truly think I’m dangerous?”

That sounded like a trick question if Tsukino had ever heard one, but she had to admit that she sensed nothing from the shadowy being in front of her. No power, no hidden weapon. Nothing. “You’re a monster.”

“Didn’t think so,” the doppelganger tittered. “Next question: what do you think this place is?” She gestured at the cave around them.

“Some kind of pocket dimension you created,” Tsukino guessed. She was growing tired of being spoken to like this. “A way for you to lure and trap your victims.”

“You’re so dead set on being wrong,” her doppelganger replied. “And I’m getting tired of it, so I’ll just tell you. You’ve got it backward. I didn’t create this place. It created me. Or summoned me, I should say. This cave, it’s like… a bubble of evil in the world. A bubble that went ‘pop’, leaving a scar on the face of reality. A rupture.”

“And it… what?” Despite herself, Tsukino wanted to understand. “Copies people?”

“Closer!” the doppelganger said approvingly. “But I said it summoned me, remember? I believe this cave is a rupture between realities. It manifests an alternative version of anyone who encounters it. The worst version, from across every timeline it can reach, made real and solid in living shadow. That’s why people keep getting attacked, I’m sure. Probably, the worst possible version of your average Joe is some kind of crazy, violet psycho.” She laughed mirthlessly. “We’ve both seen how far people can unravel under the right strain, I bet.”

“Then you’re…”

Tsukino had to remind herself to keep her guard up as she was drawn in by the doppelganger’s explanation. This, this irritating, disheveled woman, was the worst possible version of her? She could scarcely imagine what that might mean, but she knew it had to be bad news. In all her years fighting against evil, all manner of beings had tried to corrupt her and lure her to their side. Which of them was the worst? Queen Detaria? The Black Star Clan? Lady Galaxia? Tsukino dreaded to imagine the kind of dark powers promised to a version of herself that had succumbed to their evil. The divine powers of a magical girl, married to the boundless darkness of those devils? The strange thing was, though, that this doppelganger - this Shadow Tsukino - didn’t seem powerful at all. She seemed foolish and undignified. She had no weapon. She seemed weak. What did that mean?

Tsukino straightened her back and held up her scepter. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was her duty.

“Listen to me, fiend!” she cried, in the voice that had given hope to the hearts of thousands. “I don’t care what you are. I don’t care if you really are an alternate version of me. It won’t matter. I don’t care what dark bargains you made, or what corruptive powers you drew upon. It won’t be enough to triumph over my goodness, kindness, and love! In the name of the light, I vow to cast you down!”

Shadow Tsukino was just a few paces away from her now, but as Tsukino made her vow, the doppelganger threw back her head and laughed an odd, shrill laugh. “Powers? Bargains? Oh, you just don’t get it, do you? You can’t even imagine what I really am.”

“I told you,” Tsukino insisted. “It won’t matter what kind of evil deal you made, or who you made it w-”

Shadow Tsukino’s laugh rose in volume, cutting her off. “You don’t get it,” she retorted. “You don’t see. My other self, I’m not the version of you that fell. No, not at all. I know all the temptations you’ve faced and resisted, but I’m here to tell you that there’s something worse than all of that.”

“What?” Tsukino was tired of all this grandstanding.

The doppelganger’s next words sent a frigid chill down the magical girl’s spine. “I’m the version of you that lost.”

“What-” Tsukino paused - as much as anything, to reckon with the strange feeling that was racing through her body. “What does that mean?”

“You know.” Shadow Tsukino giggled. “I was weak. I was beaten. I wasn’t good enough. I lost.”

There it was again. That ominous shiver. “You’re lying,” Tsukino said quickly. “If I’d ever lost, I’d be dead.”

“Nuh-uh.” Shadow Tsukino leaned to one side and tilted her head, peering at Tsukino with a crafty expression. “You’re the one lying - to yourself, if that’s really what you believe. There are worse ways to lose. After I lost, all kinds of things came crawling out of the dark to use me.” She closed her eyes and started running her hands up and down her body, seemingly lost in the debauched memory. “Creatures with tentacles, tongues, claws, and all kinds of other wicked, wicked things to force inside of me.”

Tsukino took a step backward. She didn’t know how to handle this; those lewd, lusty words, coming out in her own voice. All those tears and rips in her doppelganger’s clothes suddenly made sense. They were evidence of how she’d been defiled - evidence she seemed to wear proudly. Had someone - or something - forced her to wear those heels? Or had it been her choice? Tsukino didn’t want to think about it.

“Y-you’re disgusting!” she cried. Her answer was yet more rich laughter, echoing unnervingly from cave walls that seemed to be getting further and further away.

I’m disgusting?” Shadow Tsukino mocked. “But I’m you.”

“Shut up.” Tsukino spat. She knew she was losing her cool, but she’d never faced anything quite like this before. “I’m nothing like you!”

“Oh, don’t be silly!” Shadow Tsukino chided. She took a step forwards. “Of course you are. You know, it would feel good for you too, if you lost.”

“Shut up!” Tsukino tried to steel herself. She couldn’t let this demon get under her skin. She couldn’t let herself forget that this place - whatever it really was - was her enemy. “You’re just trying to undermine me. I’ve heard it all before, from a thousand different evil mouths, and I’ve made them all eat those words. I’ve never lost. A pathetic husk like you won’t be the first to get the best of me!”

It felt good to hurl those words at the doppelganger, but Tsukino shuddered when Shadow Tsukino let out a faint moan at her abuse. Was there any depravity she wouldn’t sink to?

“We’ll see,” Shadow Tsukino purred. “But I’m not like the others. I know you, inside and out.” She licked her lips. Her tongue was longer than it should have been. “Do you remember our eighteenth birthday?”

Tsukino gripped her scepter so hard her knuckles started turning white. “Stop talking. Now.”

“My, my.” Shadow Tsukino put her hand over her mouth, even though her grin was far, far too wide to be covered. “I wonder if you already know what I’m about to say. See, I was going to remind you about when your friends - our friends - took us bungee jumping.”

“I don’t remember,” Tsukino insisted stiffly.

“Liar,” Shadow Tsukino shot back playfully. “You remember the feeling when you dropped perfectly. The fear. The tension in your stomach. The feeling of anticipation, combined with that sweet, sweet sense of weightlessness as the world rushed past you. We were this close to using our powers to stop ourselves in mid-air, weren’t we? The temptation was all but irresistible. It doesn’t matter how sure you are that the rope is going to pull you up short, it still feels like you’re going to hit the ground. But you held back. You let yourself surrender to the fall. That delicious surrender…”

“You’re just… just babbling!” Tsukino couldn’t hold back anymore. She lashed out. A bolt of pink sparks flew from the tips of her fingers - and missed. Her shadowy doppelganger danced effortlessly out of the way, and the pink light Tsukino had conjured faded into the distance.

“Tell me you don’t still think about it!” Suddenly, Shadow Tsukino was very, very close to her. Tsukino was stiff, ready to defend herself against whatever came - but there was no attack, only words. “The fall. The surrender. I know you do. I did, too. You think about it at night, when you’re alone. When you’re touching yourself. You wonder if that’s how it feels to lose. Tell me I’m wrong.”

“I…” Tsukino’s mouth was completely dry. The words wouldn’t come.

“It does.” Shadow Tsukino licked her lips again. The sound was wet. “Well, almost. The real thing is better. Better than you can imagine.” She arched her back, shivering rapturously. “The problem with falling is that you always hit the ground, sooner or later. But loss? Loss is forever. You can never forget it. It’s part of you. The shame… oh, it can last forever! No matter how far I fell, there was always a demon or monster ready to show me that I wasn’t at rock bottom. There was something worse. Something better.”

“W-what are you-” Tsukino was conscious of her heart beating very, very fast. The overwhelming desire she sensed from her doppelganger made her feel dizzy.

“It feels so awfully, wickedly good to lose,” Shadow Tsukino whispered. “But what about betraying? Just for the pleasure of it. Just because the dark side owns you now. Fuck, it’s good. Just as good as it is in your sordid little wet dreams.”

Images forced their way into Tsukino’s mind. She imagined herself betraying her friends and her comrades - betraying the very cause she’d always fought for. She imagined how they’d all look at her, with her proud magical outfit shredded, and a demon’s hot cum dripping from between her legs. Her knees turned weak.

“Once you let yourself taste defeat, you get addicted to it,” the doppelganger continued. “You lose and lose until your strength slips away from you. Just look at what happened to my body.” Tsukino looked down and realized what she was referring to. Shadow Tsukino was soft. She had curves. Somewhere along the way, she’d let herself go and allowed all of her hard, toned muscles to melt away. All those hours in the gym, gone to waste. She looked so sinfully weak. Tsukino couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to be that weak. “Then, even the most pathetic, worthless minions get to beat and mock and fuck you. I can’t even tell you how good that feels.”

The world around Tsukino was spinning, and she couldn’t tell if the cave was really moving or if it was all in her head. Shadow Tsukino was all but touching her. She could feel the warmth of the shadowy being’s body.

“But the best thing is when it gets made permanent,” Shadow Tsukino let out another small moan. “Isn’t that a delicious word? Permanent. I know that you think so too. Permanent, like this is.” Suddenly, before Tsukino could stop her, the doppelganger seized her wrist and forced Tsukino’s hand against her midriff, using it to push the tattered remnants of her clothes out of the way. Tsukino gasped at what she saw there: a shameful, erotic tattoo. It was in the shape of a florid, lurid heart, placed carefully right above her womb, with twin branches of ornamentation suggestive of ovaries flowing out from in. It glowed the same purple as the slit of the doppelganger’s grin. Shadow Tsukino moaned even louder as she started to rub her flesh into Tsukino’s hand. “With this tattoo, everyone who sees me knows. And their eyes burn the shame into my body over and over again.”

“G… gghh…” Whatever protest Tsukino had been about to make came out as a wordless, strangled sound. The words that came out of her doppelganger’s lips sounded like they were pouring from Tsukino’s most secret, shameful fantasies. She had no defense against it. Most confusing and disorienting of all was the certain knowledge that everything Shadow Tsukino was saying had to be true. She’d never told anyone about those fantasies, or about the bungee jumping.

“I knew you’d understand,” Shadow Tsukino purred. “See? See how good it feels?”

Abruptly, the doppelganger shoved Tsukino’s hand downward. Tsukino gasped as she felt her palm rubbing against the demonic being’s cunt. She was dripping wet and shivering from the pleasure of the touch.

“And,” Shadow Tsukino finished, “you could have this too.”

That final promise made Tsukino shiver just like her doppelganger.

“No,” she replied, with all the strength she had. She couldn’t face this. She couldn’t face wanting this. It was impossible. That was her shield. “I won’t. I can’t. I’ve… I’m too strong. I never lose.”

“I know,” Shadow Tsukino said. “I was too strong, too. Until I cheated.”

Tsukino’s eyes widened. Her concentration slipped, and suddenly her doppelganger was the one touching her; lips to ear, in the ghost of a kiss. “You can decide to lose, Tsukino.”

The magical girl twitched violently in response to that. Losing on purpose? That was the same as giving up, and that was the one thing she wasn’t allowed to do. Not her. She was a hero. She shook her head from side to side, but she couldn’t shake her shadow self off. “Never. N-never!”

“Shh,” Shadow Tsukino soothed. “Just listen. I’m not asking you to give up to me, my best self. I know you’d never do that. You don’t have to. When you decide to lose, it’s not really a decision. It’s… an intrusive thought.” The doppelganger was so close Tsukino could feel her breath on the side of her neck. She couldn’t see her face, but she could hear the widening grin in her voice. “A virus that I’m helping to infect you with. What if I pulled that punch? What if I raised my guard a little too slow? What if I couldn’t fight through the pain this time? The battles you fight are always on a knife’s edge. A split second of hesitation is all it takes. And just when you least suspect it, it’ll hit you. It’ll hold you back, as you ask yourself what you really, truly want deep down.”

“N-nooo,” Tsukino whined. The worst part was that she could picture it happening, exactly as her doppelganger said. The fantasy was weaving its way into reality.

“Yes,” Shadow Tsukino insisted, and giggled. “And that’s how you’ll lose.”

Tsukino’s head was spinning faster than it ever had before. She needed to get out of here. She was in terrible, terrible danger, even though the doppelganger had done almost nothing more than talk. Indecision and anxiety, though, paralyzed her. Where would she go? Which way was the way out of this maze of darkness? And what if it was already too late? How was she ever going to stop thinking about what she’d just heard?

“Oh, I just love seeing your eyes open to how good it can be.” The doppelganger kept laughing and laughing, the sound echoing over upon itself in the unfathomable cave. “It’s the closest to altruistic I get to be, these days. I spend most of my time wrapped up in… other pleasures. But maybe you need just one more small push, before you’re ready to let me into that pretty, pure little heart of yours.”

Shadow Tsukino pulled back a little, lips pursed. Then she lifted a hand in front of Tsukino’s face. Tsukino was looking at her with an expression of confusion and dread. She needed to get out. She needed to get out right now.

“Pay attention, magical girl,” Shadow Tsukino instructed. “In a few seconds, I’m gonna reach down and slip my hand into your panties, and start fingering your cunt. I’m going to taste that delicious, shameful wetness you’re trying not to think about. And you’re going to stop me, of course, because that’s what good guys do. But you’re going to be a little too slow.”

“I’ll punish you.” Tsukino hated how weak her voice sounded. She needed to get her strength back. She needed to be ready. She needed to win. Why did her muscles feel like jelly? “I’ll… I’ll…”

“Maybe you will,” her doppelganger whispered. She flexed the fingers on the hand she was holding up. “We’ll see if you’re fast enough - in just a few seconds.”

Tsukino did her best to make herself ready. She had to move, as soon as the doppelganger moved. But… why? “Stop playing games with me!”

“We’re both playing games, silly,” Shadow Tsukino purred. “You could have stopped me at any moment, right? But you didn’t. Even now, you could just push me away. Why aren’t you? Is it because you’re curious? How naughty! How sinful. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t matter. It’s just a little game, after all. No one will get hurt.”

“Shut up,” Tsukino muttered. It was so hard for her to concentrate on anything when her doppelganger kept talking and talking.

“But!” Shadow Tsukino kept flexing her fingers, one by one, in a slow, rhythmic pattern. Tsukino was staring at them as intently as she could. “You’ll know. You’ll always know. And won’t that knowing just burn inside you? So, maybe you’ll stop me. But then maybe you’ll never know, and perhaps that’s even worse. Because you really do want it, don’t you? Just like I did. Even if it’s just one little taste. Even if I tell you that that’s how it starts.”

“Just shut up already!” Tsukino yelled. And that was when her doppelganger moved.

Her hand darted down like a snake striking. In the blink of an eye, it was between Tsukino’s legs, exactly as she had promised. Tsukino made to stop her with a desperate, uncoordinated swipe, but she wasn’t fast enough.

A loud, needy gasp of pleasure escaped her throat when she felt Shadow Tsukino’s fingers inside her. Right on its heels came the giddy laughter of the doppelganger. She seemed to be growing even greater and darker the more confused Tsukino became.

“Too slow,” Shadow Tsukino said mockingly. “You lose. Now enjoy your penalty.”

Tsukino couldn’t keep her eyes open as her doppelganger curled her fingers inside her, reaching wickedly deep in a way that made her whole body throb with pleasure. She couldn’t look at herself. She tried not to hear herself moaning. The shame of it burned to it. It couldn’t be her making her sounds, or starting to grind her hips against her shadow self’s fingers.

“Isn’t it fun?” Shadow Tsukino whispered. “I know exactly where to touch you. I know how you touch yourself at night, and some of the places you haven’t figured out yet. Like…”

She pushed deeper still, moving her fingertips at a certain angle, and suddenly they hit a certain spot that was like the fuse of a firework. Tsukino’s eyes flew open and all she could see was white. She completely lost control of both her voice and her body. The magical girl felt like a puppet; like her doppelganger was playing her like a violin. Sex had never felt so good. Was this sex, or masturbation? It felt like something different. Something worse. But that only made it feel better. Shadow Tsukino’s laughter was everywhere, along with the slick, lewd sound of her fingers moving in and out of Tsukino’s cunt.

“I’m actually a little jealous. Even I’ve never been able to get fingered by my own alternate self. It must be exquisite. So:” The demon spoke slowly and sweetly, like she was savoring every word. “Is it everything you wanted?”

“N… nngghh…” Tsukino drooled. She was shaking her head from side to side.

“Let me guess.” Shadow Tsukino overrode her effortlessly. “You didn’t want this. You didn’t mean to lose. You did your best. Is that what you’re going to try and tell me?”

Tsukino struggled to nod. She’d given up trying to speak. Words were beyond her.

“It doesn’t matter, you silly, naive little thing,” Shadow Tsukino laughed. “What you say to me out loud doesn’t matter at all. What matters is what’s in your head. You know that you held back and hesitated. Or maybe you don’t know. Maybe you’re just wondering. Maybe you’ll spend hours and hours replaying that moment in your head, over and over, trying to figure out if there was a tiny little part of your brain that betrayed you. That doubt will come creeping up your spine, Tsukino, whenever you finger yourself and whenever you most need to be strong.”

“Nnnnooooooo!” Tsukino moaned. It was too much. Her thoughts felt like they were being boiled inside her skull. She’d already orgasmed, she’d thought, but the pleasure wouldn’t stop.

Shadow Tsukino howled her mirth in response to Tsukino’s screams of desperate pleasure. “I have to admit, I did tell just one little lie earlier. There is absolutely nothing altruistic about what I’m doing to you.” She put her lips right by Tsukino’s ear, and through all the bright stars and glowing crystals, Tsukino could see the doppelganger’s grin becoming even more twisted. “It’s just that seeing you all bright and perfect like that really, really pisses me off.”

Tsukino could barely make sense of her words. She was just squirming and cumming all over the doppelganger’s fingers. She didn’t look like a hero or a magical girl anymore. She looked soiled. Ruined.

“You’re much better this way,” Shadow Tsukino exclaimed brightly. “I think I could toy with you like this forever! But I really can’t. I need to let you go, so you can go out there and experience some real fun. Fortunately, this wonderful place offers me a way to come along for the ride, and keep providing you with lots and lots of encouragement.”

“W… w-wha… w-whu…” Tsukino babbled. She was still utterly overcome with pleasure. The shame of having been made so utterly, pathetically helpless burned between her legs even as her doppelganger removed her fingers.

“Don’t worry about it.” Shadow Tsukino put one of her hands on each side of Tsukino’s head and looked at her straight on. Tsukino could feel just how wet and sticky one of those hands was. “Now, open up!”

Tsukino was completely and totally unprepared for the way her doppelganger surged forwards and kissed her.

The kiss was hungry, and swept the magical girl into its embrace before she could stiffen herself or resist. Shadow Tsukino’s fiendish, snake-like tongue was in her mouth in her instant, and then her throat, pouring into her like liquid shadow. The incestuous pleasure of her shadow self’s lips against hers made Tsukino twitch anew, but her eyes widened in alarm when she realized that the doppelganger was, quite literally, melting into her. Shadow Tsukino’s form dissolved into wisps of fog, like she had never existed.

But instead of drifting away into the strange cave’s stagnant air, every part of her was trying desperately to merge with Tsukino’s body.

The glimmering shadow poured down her throat and her nose, into her ears, and even through her eyes. Tsukino choked and wretched on the unfathomable substance as it invaded her, clawing at the air itself to try and seize it, but it was no use. It slipped through her grasp like it was nothing, and then became as slippery as oil as it invaded her body. The worst part, though, was that the pleasure of the kiss didn’t fade. Shadow Tsukino’s lips were the last part of the demon to vanish, leaving only the sound of her fading laughter as proof she had ever existed.

Tsukino could still feel her, though. She could feel the doppelganger’s presence within her, burning and itching under her skin. She could sense its wicked, lustful thoughts simmering at the back of her mind, ready to fill her with fantasies and urges whenever she least needed them.

She was possessed. Infected.

Tsukino needed to get out of here, she decided. She needed to tell someone. She picked a direction and ran. It was so much easier to think without the doppelganger taunting her. She could get out and alert her allies. Maybe they could fix her. Maybe they could-


Abruptly, Tsukino found herself stepping out into the light of dawn. The dark above her head had been cleaved open, and the cave around her was shattering into nothingness. Tsukino blinked. What was going on? Had she-

Oh. Of course. She’d won.

Unfamiliar memories pushed their way to the forefront of her mind. Tsukino had gone into the cave, fought a monster, and won. Just like always. It was as simple as that.

So, why did it feel so wrong?

Tsukino looked down at herself. She was in a terrible state. Her magical girl outfit was soiled and crumpled, her body was burning with heat, and her cheek and thighs were slick with some kind of strange, sticky substance that smelled of sex.

Tsukino frowned. It must have been one hell of an ugly battle. More and more, she seemed to remember it that way. The newly-forming memories didn’t sit right in her head, but she was struggling to figure out why she should be questioning them.

Soon, her attention turned to something more pressing: she was feeling really, really pent up.

It was time to go home, Tsukino decided. Clearly, she’d been fighting all night. It was time to go home and rest - and perhaps take some personal time to blow off some steam.

The magical girl started walking, completely oblivious to the strange, purple, glowing rings around her eyes.

She would go home, jerk off, and be back on patrol in no time.

Tsukino squeezed her legs together. Deep in her heart, she knew exactly what was going to happen the next time she ran into a monster.

She was going to lose.

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